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  1. I have a Terrordrome that is badly in need of some TLC.......I should take it to "American Restoration" on TLC and see what they could do with it.......I've never seen them turn anyone away....
  2. Holy crap.......it looks like Quick-Kick comes with a "Frozen Fudgy Bar" ........awesome. I will be getting as many of the figures that I can.......the playsets I'm "meh" about but the mini-figures are too cute to pass up.
  3. I'd rather have more "Combat Heroes".........but I will probably pick up some of the figures just to have some pieces for my collection......do they sell figure packs or do you have to buy the playsets? (Transformers line)
  4. I went to the Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend........I have never met Larry Hama in person and when I saw he was on the guest list he was my first and only real mission for this particular comic-con. I got in the door fairly early.....I thought I was the 1st person to his booth on Sunday morning. I'm pretty sure I was......so I had brought GI Joe #1 and #2 for him to sign (I didn't know what his signing rules were?? so thats what I came with) Talked to him for a bit and saw that he was doing sketches....he signed both of my books right away and we talked Joe for like 5 minutes....I asked him for a sketch and he said he would try to get to it but he was really backed up from the day before and he had to leave the Con an hour early to catch a train........so I put my name down anyway...I was number 38....I asked him if he could do Barbecue.....he laughed and then told me that he named Barbecue after one of his Ex-girlfriends...she was named Gabriel....I thought that was funny and he said he would try to get to it......I told him I would be back in a couple hours. I didn't come back for 5 hours.......I didn't want to "bother" him if you know what I mean.........meanwhile I saw that Herb Trimpe was going to be signing at the Hero Initiative booth from 1-2.....ran over there and was 3rd in line.....he signed both my books and did a Snake-Eyes headshot sketch for me (the other 2 guys got Wolverine, I told him Snake-Eyes......he paused for a second and I said "I know its been awhile??" and he said "I know Snake-eyes!" and hooked me up with a pretty cool headshot. So I got GI Joe #1-2 signed by the writer and artist.....pretty good huh? So I go back to Larry's booth around 3......he's only on #33 on his list...with an hour to go............I was pretty mad at the situation not at Larry....ended up talking to some other Joe fans watching him knock out a pretty awesome Scrap-Iron sketch....the guy asked me what I asked for I told him and he told me he requested a "Breaker" we laughed because we both wanted kinda random Joes......not Snake-Eyes or Shipwreck......but anyway talked to the guy for like 10 minutes about watching Larry draw and Joe in general.......I finally asked Larry if he was even going to get to my #38 named after his Ex......he told me "Probably not, I'm really sorry" so there were still 4-5 or so sketches not picked up yet....he said "If these guys don't show at 4 these are open though" so I was like "I still have a chance at a Hama sketch!" walked away for a little......came back at 4 and the "Breaker" guy was standing there and Larry said "Well I'm off" I was like "Whoa!, is that Snake-Eyes still available!?" and the "Breaker" guy just laughed and was like "I've been waiting here to poach that for a half hour" hahahaha, and I looked at Larry and was like "But he got his sketch, you couldn't even get to mine!" (Respectfully, I wasn't a jerk) and Larry just kinda shrugged and the other guy just laughed at me......I walked away dejected........and mad at the other nerd....... Just kinda put a bad taste in my mouth.......I'm not mad at Larry or anything.....the guy was knocking out awesome sketches for 20 bucks.......just wish he could've gotten to mine......all and all the day was well....picked up a complete Stretcher, Motor-Viper, Snow Serpent, and Dodger complete and in good condition...but the Hama sketch still eludes me.......
  5. I've seriously considered it.........but I can't get over the fact that I have to pay to be able to buy these.......the club almost got me with the subscription...but just on principle alone....I don't need them.
  6. I've been noticing that Jinx is topping out around 30 bucks since the SDCC has come and gone......she's the cheapest exclusive on the secondary market from what I remember....she fell pretty quickly after the HTS sale. I'm just wondering if there just wasn't the "Want" for this character....or are fans finally taking a stand and not paying ridiculous second market prices for the exclusives? Even Shockwave seems to be going for under $100......did no one REALLY want either of these? If "Retaliation" had come out on time do you think there would have been more of an market for her? (Jinx)
  7. I was always under the impression that the threats in GB 1-2 started in NYC and were a global threat if the GB didn't stop them early on....... Also I understand from a point of view that "Bill Murray is a dick because I want something and he's not giving it to me!!" but I always got from his interviews is that he wanted to do it right or not at all. I agree with him in some ways.....what update or re-imagining has worked recently.....everything is turned upside down and it's "kinda like" what we remember except it isn't Everyone wanted a new Indy forever!! We got one and it was "Crystal Skull" a movie that is pretty much hated on and made fun of universally. (Mutt Williams anyone?) I have a feeling the same will be for GB.....Murray isn't totally against it....he showed up at the Spike Movie awards a couple years ago in full GB gear and he also allowed GB as a property to get merchandising rights....all those Mattel figures wouldn't have been possible without Murray (Video game too) If the script isn't good it isn't good......plus Ackroyd has been REALLY successful the last couple years right?? The last thing Harold Ramis wrote was "Year One" which was awfully unfunny and lame. I just think they are trying too hard.....and when the nostalgia of the music and the proton streams go away all you will have is a crappy movie that is trying too hard to play to our fond memories. I want more GB too....but I'm also very realistic....I also want more TMNT but I would rather have nothing then the new movie and ideas coming from Micheal Bay......be careful what you ask for my friends.
  8. Never said Ghostbusters wasn't awesome...... Also I always got the impression that Bill Murray was kinda "over it" you know, just kinda bored with acting overall. The dude doesn't need to make anymore movies.....and he had pretty good reasons in the past for not going along with GB3. Also I'm pretty sure ladies didn't go see GB 1 and 2 to see a shirtless Dan Ackroyd or Harold Ramis dancing about, all those actors above are just playing bad versions of themselves now......
  9. Also if there is one SNL alum/current member I can't stand that they really seem to be pushing lately is Jason Sudekis, just doesn't really do anything for me. Ed Helms is pretty annoying too...... I wouldn't mind Donald Faison as the "black guy"......but Kenan Thompson would be the worst possible scenario, seconded by Tracy Morgan. Honorable Mention for "black dude"- Donald Glover from "Community" dudes awesome and is a nerd in his own way.....pretty funny too if you've ever seen "Community"
  10. There are just some franchises that were better in "that time" Ghostbusters was 80's gold.......we really wanted another Indy too right? We saw where that got us......
  11. I really have no desire to see a Ghostbusters movie with any of these actors...... Seth Rogan Steve Carrell Andy Samberg Will Ferrell Owen Wilson Vince Vaughn Ben Stiller Sarah Silverman ( she's awful!!! Was never funny to me) John C. Riley Jonah Hill Or.......wait for it!!!! Channing Tatum!!! Its sad but these are pretty much your comedic box office draws these days....i'm pretty sure that at least 1 or 2 of the people on the above list will be in it.
  12. No it can't.......will it make money? Probably.......but it won't be good
  13. I can't believe the amount of people saying $35 is not that much for a figure......I can't believe people are paying 15 and change for the new Marvel Legends!! Collecting toys is getting out of hand, I'm mainly a Joe collector and those are nearing 15 bucks these days (with no improvements!!) I mainly came to this thread for the business aspect of it....if you guys continue to buy them what's stopping them from raising the price next year? I've been keeping my eye on this line from the start.....I wanted to collect it when it started but the prices were too much IMO at the start.....much less $35 not including shipping. Tell Mattel to stuff it for once......they'll make it seem like you (fans) killed the line. Most of the figures are made anyway right? We as fans need to take back our hobby......stop paying outrageous prices for stuff.
  14. Congrats man... It looks like everything is sold out just as quick... What got re-listed?... I was late to the party... Everything was back up.........for a good 5-10 minutes too.....Shockwave was the 1st to sell out, then the Variant Jinx, followed by Red Jinx. I was sitting on my couch watching NFL Network...picked up my phone hit refresh on HTS and everything was in-stock....ran upstairs to my computer and quickly ordered everything....even got the X-Force set for my buddy. No problems or anything....awesome!!! Only thing that sucks is now I have a 40 dollar Jinx coming in the mail from ebay from yesterdays "hate" purchase.........lame.
  15. AHHHHHHHHH I just got everything!!! Awesome!!!!
  16. Yeah, I'm not mad at anyone that picked up any of the exclusives today......thats awesome that you could get some small victory against the toy gods. I can't really complain because besides Jinx/Shockwave and Slaughter...I've gotten every other SDCC exclusive the day they were available on HTS.....never really had any issue with it....some slowness with the site when ordering but thats really it. This is because in the past I've gone to great lengths to get them......sitting at the computer from 6 in the morning until Zarana and Starscream were listed last year is a perfect example of this. (hitting refresh a million times) I'm in the military so I can kinda take leave whenever I want for the most part........this also helps me be able to sit at my computer at home and just wait. I even took leave the past 2 days to stay on the website to see when they would be listed.........This morning I had to run into work for some stuff real quick......had my phone and my buddy looking for me as back-up.......and the transit from me leaving work this morning to getting home is what got me......I hit refresh on my phone like 10-15 minutes from my house at a stop light....nothing......pull in my driveway......get out of the car.....hit refresh on my iphone and see "SOLD OUT" on everything while standing at my doorstep......."NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" is what I yelled as I dropped to my knees...(thats not what really happened, more like a 30 year old man cussing a toy company and comic-con and the business ethics of his hobby as he walks in the door) Even though I've gotten everything in the past it still doesn't make it cool for Hasbro/Mattel or whoever to do what they do.......the whole idea of the "SDCC Exclusive" is moronic in its own right anyway.......lets make something only available to one coast of the entire country year after year......at least the JoeCon moves around and you have a chance of it coming close to where you live once. I bought a Jinx off ebay today around 12:45.......mostly because I wanted to grab her before she went up.....just in case.....40 bucks shipped......lame. I'll probably never own a Shockwave now either.....I'm not paying more than a 100 for him....and that would be on a good day. (I know the SDCC exclusives sell out and Hasbro probably doesn't care, I wouldn't.....but it still doesn't make it right) At lease give us nerds a day.......so we have some what of a chance......not the marathon waiting game until you put them up. Nerd Rant over..........Sincerely, Bob Digital.......
  17. I was checking on my iPhone too, had something "real life" to do that took 20 minutes and got owned by Hasbro.....guess Jinx is a bad luck lady. My buddy that was keeping tabs on stuff too (he wanted the X-Force set) we were looking out for each other, got called into work right around the same time, I noticed everything was up and gone......texted him and he was like "WHAT!!!??" He stepped away to get dressed real quick for work. They must've been up and down quick.....people are saying they sold out in 4 minutes.....nuts
  18. I sat by the freakin computer the past 2 days, one of which was a day taken off from work for this specifically, I had one thing to do today and guess what time that was at.........when they were put up......awful
  19. You can meet him.....the only thing is that its going to be expensive. Got a picture with him last year at Baltimore and it was a weird experience. I think my buddies and I paid about 40 bucks a piece for a picture of the 3 of us with Stan. We stood in line for about 2 hours and they just move you in like cattle. When we got to the room that Stan was in there was the tough guys with "Staff" t-shirts telling us all these instructions before we went into the room. "Do not touch Stan, Do not shake Stan's hand, take your picture and move on!" The 3 of us walked into the room he was sitting on a chair he kinda looked back and said "Hi guys" and we posed around him while they took like 3 pictures and they pushed us out. It was a bizarre experience........because they basically could've put a cardboard cutout there and it would have been the same thing. Everything is super-controlled......if you expect him to sign anything you need to buy one of the VIP packages that were like around 200 bucks I think?? I'm glad that I "met" him and got a picture with him but it was bizarre to say the least. He does walk around the floor a little but he's old and usually has an entourage around him.......
  20. True, if you could hook up a fellow collector is would be greatly appreciated, i would be willing to trade too if I had something you needed?
  21. Shockwave seems to be topping out around 100 bucks.....both exclusives seem to be down price wise on ebay.......I just lost a Jinx auction for 35 bucks....the red one (my highest bid was 32 bucks) haven't seen any reports of either being sold out yet. Anyone know or can confirm?
  22. She's not going for too much on ebay right now.......topping out around 40 bucks for the red one. In fact there are a bunch of "buy it now' auctions at 40 bucks(some with free shipping).....I'm tempted to just pick her up to just to be done with it. Zarana was going for almost over 60 at this point last year.
  23. I'm just curious as to why everyone is all about that Hit and Run? The boxset one is pretty good....there are plenty of other figures (new characters) that haven't been updated and released yet?
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