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  1. I want that LJ too........lame. Seriously, the stuff that is available at these con's piss me off. Toy collecting is so frustrating......
  2. Yeah but how many chances are you gonna get? With two movies under your belt, both so-so at BEST. Any superhero movie would reboot at this point...after a long hiatus. But GI Joe isn't superheroes--they don't have that popularity to begin with--and I don't know if I see them getting many more chances. Sigh. The Rock was good as Roadblock and the movie gave me some hope because there WAS actual good characterization right at the beginning with RB and Duke playing video games and shooting the cupcake. Then it all got messed up.... Also people said a "Thor" movie could never work.........and it did.
  3. Yeah but how many chances are you gonna get? With two movies under your belt, both so-so at BEST. Any superhero movie would reboot at this point...after a long hiatus. But GI Joe isn't superheroes--they don't have that popularity to begin with--and I don't know if I see them getting many more chances. Sigh. The Rock was good as Roadblock and the movie gave me some hope because there WAS actual good characterization right at the beginning with RB and Duke playing video games and shooting the cupcake. Then it all got messed up.... Seriously, how many "Resident Evil" movies are there?? They keep pumping out those awful things......they still have faith in the brand somewhat.....these movies don't have to win Oscars to get sequels......on the topic of them "Getting it right" who knows?? Plus, if it makes money we are going to get more......
  4. I mean I didn't really have any problem with the GI Joe universe part of the movie........it was just the movie itself I have some issues with.
  5. There wasn't any time for any explaining in this movie! It felt way too rushed in parts.....and it seemed like they tried to cram everything they could into the 90 minutes they had. I pretty sure Blind Master was just there to provide some exposition.......one of the downfalls of a live action Snake-eyes is that he pretty much needs someone on screen with him when he's there by himself to explain whats going on. I think this is Jon Chu's second movie?? You could tell......from pacing to overall storytelling......the movie never lets you breathe......its almost like "action, action, action, some dialogue, action, action, action......" It plays like a super long highlight reel......almost like a top twenty "GI Joe action countdown" type thing......I think this is why the trailer rocked so hard when we first saw it. His "money shot" directing style is great......but he needs to get the story and heart part down. Seriously, there was WAY too much going on........Joes attacking, back to Washington, back to Cobra, Arashikage "pimped out fat pad" training sequence, Joes attacking, Cobra again, Washington DC, Joes on the run, Cobra again, DC again, ninja mountain, Joes, Cobra, ninjas........its a mess.......we don't get any time with any of the characters....... There are seeds of a good Joe franchise here.......it just needs to be found. Side note- I thought the Rock was great as Roadblock.......he was the Joe that was most fleshed out as a character.....he rapped a little, talked about making it home in time for "Top Chef" , he really seemed like he was into the character......
  6. It was still fun.......there were some parts that had me smile in the film......I don't want people to think I'm flaming the thing.....its 10 times better than ROC...
  7. You know......overall I would probably give it a 6 out of 10 stars.........as a live-action movie. This includes story, pacing, and overall quality of the film......not as a GI Joe fan but as a 31 year old man seeing it with his wife. It kinda frustrated me overall........and most of it was from the story point of it....the whole thing seemed rushed to me. The movie really needed another 30 minutes to flesh some stuff out.....and I thought there was too much stuff going on at once many times. Plus, we've seen the same images and videos over and over for the last year now. In the beginning I feel like they were trying to push the Duke-Roadblock friendship waaaayyy too much.....I was like "We get it, these guys are supposed to be really close friends!!!" It felt like forced bro-mance......to the expense of Lady Jaye and Flints characters. Zartan was a little too over the top as the President.....Jon Pryce probably had a great time playing him...he looked like he was having fun but I wish he was a little more sinister and not so much circus showman. Cobra Commander was pretty good this time though.....not too many complaints there... No real character depth to anybody except Roadblock and a little back-story on Lady Jaye but NONE on Flint whatsoever......"He's a Joe and a hot-head" and his name is Flint.....pretty much it. Also Jinx is Stormy's cousin and thats pretty much it.....also she's british for some reason??? I really liked Firefly, Roadblock character overall, really liked Palicki as Lady Jaye, the mountain scene was awesome but we've seen too much of it already in trailers and TV spots. I think its a good starting point for the Joe franchise going forward......kinda a re-boot without completely starting over, hopefully it does well enough to warrant a 3rd film and to keep going in the right direction.....they are getting warmer to what I think will be an awesome GI Joe movie/world. Honestly, if I was 13-14 years old and saw this movie my head would probably explode.....I think kids are going to be really into it....but as an adult it was cool but didn't hit me in the heart the way the Marvel films do......but Marvel is on another level....and I feel its not fair to compare the 2. Bottom line- if the movie gets kids into GI Joe.......great job. oh yeah, it was still 100 times better than any Transformers movie......so we still got that going for us.....:-)
  8. The Spytroops/JvC era was okay overall.....we got some really cool figures and some that were pretty awful. Something I also remember about this time was the total lack of accessories for some of these guys.......seriously some of the figures only came with a helmet and gun. Also while some of the proportions on the figures were messed up I really liked some of the designs...... Blowtorch- His proportions are all jacked up but I really liked his re-design and his color scheme.... Sand-Viper- I bought a ton of these back in the day.....but his accessories sucked hard.....the Komodo Dragon he came with was cool but thats about it. Dart- always liked this character and figure......solid overall. Blackout/Barrell Roll- thought the idea of brothers on opposite sides was pretty cool......both figures were pretty solid too. (side note.....anyone else miss the GI Joe TCG? I thought it was pretty fun and wish it would come back) But yeah, I was digging around in some older stuff the other day and picked up a JvC Snow Serpent.......and just shook my head.....Really?
  9. For all you guys hollering about the 20 dollar price tag......Where have you been? Marvel Legends have been close to 20 bucks since they came back.....some with no accessories at all. (they are dropping the BAF pieces too) 3 3/4 inch Joes are close to 10 bucks too.....makes sense that they double the price. MOTU classics are OVER 20 bucks.....collecting toys isn't getting cheaper fellas......just saying....and these WILL sell. This is pretty much why I only buy vintage GI Joes anymore.....I pick up some stuff here and there but other than that I'm pretty much done on principle alone....these SW figures intrigue me though.....I might pick a couple up.
  10. I'm pretty much against 12" figures........they feel too much like dolls to me.....just a personal preference....but this Snake-eyes looks freaking bad-ass.....and I was actually tempted to break my "one rule".
  11. Yeah, they do......and thats the reason why I display my Joe eras separate. Even the JvC and Spytroops figures look different enough next to each other......but I display them together, its not as big a difference between RAH and JvC/Spytroops style.....25th and POC are pretty much the same.....except for some of the more futuristic looking figures.
  12. Haven't been on here for a little due to the holidays and found it funny that no one was posting who they got in the mail. All you had to do was go to ebay......there is a ton of Jinx and Dice auctions....I've known who the 1st 2 were for awhile now....not that I was looking, I was just on ebay shopping for Joes like I usually do....saw a bunch of auctions.
  13. You must've picked up 2 of the older TPB's.....I almost fell for it too, DC re-released the entire Knightfall and Knightquest runs in new TBP's right around the time Dark Knight Rises came out.....they were pretty cheap on Amazon when I picked them up this past summer.
  14. They look like a bad 90's Image or Wildstorm team............awful.
  15. I have a Terrordrome that is badly in need of some TLC.......I should take it to "American Restoration" on TLC and see what they could do with it.......I've never seen them turn anyone away....
  16. Holy crap.......it looks like Quick-Kick comes with a "Frozen Fudgy Bar" ........awesome. I will be getting as many of the figures that I can.......the playsets I'm "meh" about but the mini-figures are too cute to pass up.
  17. I'd rather have more "Combat Heroes".........but I will probably pick up some of the figures just to have some pieces for my collection......do they sell figure packs or do you have to buy the playsets? (Transformers line)
  18. I went to the Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend........I have never met Larry Hama in person and when I saw he was on the guest list he was my first and only real mission for this particular comic-con. I got in the door fairly early.....I thought I was the 1st person to his booth on Sunday morning. I'm pretty sure I was......so I had brought GI Joe #1 and #2 for him to sign (I didn't know what his signing rules were?? so thats what I came with) Talked to him for a bit and saw that he was doing sketches....he signed both of my books right away and we talked Joe for like 5 minutes....I asked him for a sketch and he said he would try to get to it but he was really backed up from the day before and he had to leave the Con an hour early to catch a train........so I put my name down anyway...I was number 38....I asked him if he could do Barbecue.....he laughed and then told me that he named Barbecue after one of his Ex-girlfriends...she was named Gabriel....I thought that was funny and he said he would try to get to it......I told him I would be back in a couple hours. I didn't come back for 5 hours.......I didn't want to "bother" him if you know what I mean.........meanwhile I saw that Herb Trimpe was going to be signing at the Hero Initiative booth from 1-2.....ran over there and was 3rd in line.....he signed both my books and did a Snake-Eyes headshot sketch for me (the other 2 guys got Wolverine, I told him Snake-Eyes......he paused for a second and I said "I know its been awhile??" and he said "I know Snake-eyes!" and hooked me up with a pretty cool headshot. So I got GI Joe #1-2 signed by the writer and artist.....pretty good huh? So I go back to Larry's booth around 3......he's only on #33 on his list...with an hour to go............I was pretty mad at the situation not at Larry....ended up talking to some other Joe fans watching him knock out a pretty awesome Scrap-Iron sketch....the guy asked me what I asked for I told him and he told me he requested a "Breaker" we laughed because we both wanted kinda random Joes......not Snake-Eyes or Shipwreck......but anyway talked to the guy for like 10 minutes about watching Larry draw and Joe in general.......I finally asked Larry if he was even going to get to my #38 named after his Ex......he told me "Probably not, I'm really sorry" so there were still 4-5 or so sketches not picked up yet....he said "If these guys don't show at 4 these are open though" so I was like "I still have a chance at a Hama sketch!" walked away for a little......came back at 4 and the "Breaker" guy was standing there and Larry said "Well I'm off" I was like "Whoa!, is that Snake-Eyes still available!?" and the "Breaker" guy just laughed and was like "I've been waiting here to poach that for a half hour" hahahaha, and I looked at Larry and was like "But he got his sketch, you couldn't even get to mine!" (Respectfully, I wasn't a jerk) and Larry just kinda shrugged and the other guy just laughed at me......I walked away dejected........and mad at the other nerd....... Just kinda put a bad taste in my mouth.......I'm not mad at Larry or anything.....the guy was knocking out awesome sketches for 20 bucks.......just wish he could've gotten to mine......all and all the day was well....picked up a complete Stretcher, Motor-Viper, Snow Serpent, and Dodger complete and in good condition...but the Hama sketch still eludes me.......
  19. I've seriously considered it.........but I can't get over the fact that I have to pay to be able to buy these.......the club almost got me with the subscription...but just on principle alone....I don't need them.
  20. I've been noticing that Jinx is topping out around 30 bucks since the SDCC has come and gone......she's the cheapest exclusive on the secondary market from what I remember....she fell pretty quickly after the HTS sale. I'm just wondering if there just wasn't the "Want" for this character....or are fans finally taking a stand and not paying ridiculous second market prices for the exclusives? Even Shockwave seems to be going for under $100......did no one REALLY want either of these? If "Retaliation" had come out on time do you think there would have been more of an market for her? (Jinx)
  21. Congrats man... It looks like everything is sold out just as quick... What got re-listed?... I was late to the party... Everything was back up.........for a good 5-10 minutes too.....Shockwave was the 1st to sell out, then the Variant Jinx, followed by Red Jinx. I was sitting on my couch watching NFL Network...picked up my phone hit refresh on HTS and everything was in-stock....ran upstairs to my computer and quickly ordered everything....even got the X-Force set for my buddy. No problems or anything....awesome!!! Only thing that sucks is now I have a 40 dollar Jinx coming in the mail from ebay from yesterdays "hate" purchase.........lame.
  22. AHHHHHHHHH I just got everything!!! Awesome!!!!
  23. Yeah, I'm not mad at anyone that picked up any of the exclusives today......thats awesome that you could get some small victory against the toy gods. I can't really complain because besides Jinx/Shockwave and Slaughter...I've gotten every other SDCC exclusive the day they were available on HTS.....never really had any issue with it....some slowness with the site when ordering but thats really it. This is because in the past I've gone to great lengths to get them......sitting at the computer from 6 in the morning until Zarana and Starscream were listed last year is a perfect example of this. (hitting refresh a million times) I'm in the military so I can kinda take leave whenever I want for the most part........this also helps me be able to sit at my computer at home and just wait. I even took leave the past 2 days to stay on the website to see when they would be listed.........This morning I had to run into work for some stuff real quick......had my phone and my buddy looking for me as back-up.......and the transit from me leaving work this morning to getting home is what got me......I hit refresh on my phone like 10-15 minutes from my house at a stop light....nothing......pull in my driveway......get out of the car.....hit refresh on my iphone and see "SOLD OUT" on everything while standing at my doorstep......."NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" is what I yelled as I dropped to my knees...(thats not what really happened, more like a 30 year old man cussing a toy company and comic-con and the business ethics of his hobby as he walks in the door) Even though I've gotten everything in the past it still doesn't make it cool for Hasbro/Mattel or whoever to do what they do.......the whole idea of the "SDCC Exclusive" is moronic in its own right anyway.......lets make something only available to one coast of the entire country year after year......at least the JoeCon moves around and you have a chance of it coming close to where you live once. I bought a Jinx off ebay today around 12:45.......mostly because I wanted to grab her before she went up.....just in case.....40 bucks shipped......lame. I'll probably never own a Shockwave now either.....I'm not paying more than a 100 for him....and that would be on a good day. (I know the SDCC exclusives sell out and Hasbro probably doesn't care, I wouldn't.....but it still doesn't make it right) At lease give us nerds a day.......so we have some what of a chance......not the marathon waiting game until you put them up. Nerd Rant over..........Sincerely, Bob Digital.......
  24. I was checking on my iPhone too, had something "real life" to do that took 20 minutes and got owned by Hasbro.....guess Jinx is a bad luck lady. My buddy that was keeping tabs on stuff too (he wanted the X-Force set) we were looking out for each other, got called into work right around the same time, I noticed everything was up and gone......texted him and he was like "WHAT!!!??" He stepped away to get dressed real quick for work. They must've been up and down quick.....people are saying they sold out in 4 minutes.....nuts
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