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  1. I got everyone except for Wraith.......at 6.99 a figure thats 34.95 for 5 figures....that are 6.84 or so in the store. I think shipping was like 5 something. It was 41 dollars and some change.....a little over 6 dollars for shipping........with gas the way it is. I'm figuring I just saved money........plus I don't have to worry about the disappointment of going into the store and seeing nothing on the pegs.
  2. Its a shame that he will never be on Raw or WWE tv again.......cause then the WWE would get 10 minutes of my time. Its really sad that Bret got taken for granted during the 90's in the WWF. After Hogan when I was younger I was all Hitman........Even when Stone Cold got his big push....I was still a Bret Hart fan.....I really didn't like him as a heel, it didn't really suit him. (they even say this on the Bret DvD) Then I was mad at him for going to WcW.......he's still my all time fav though........he really seems to be honest too....not really shying away from telling people how he feels.
  3. I'm liking what I'm hearing so far....but why does GI Joe always have second rate art? The artwork always looks shoddy.....Scarlett looks awful. Why is it no Joe artist can draw a woman correctly?
  4. Cutter........I'm really pissed at the laziness on Hasbro's part with not giving him a new head. Among other things.....but Cutter stings a little more than others.
  5. Why? Did I miss when that one became hard-to-find? There's two of them at my local WM right now! Anyway, I've never seen the Target vehicles, Bazooka, Snow Serpent, BAT... I think that's about it. Just found a black variant Destro the other day. Picked him up to trade, but haven't had a chance to cobble together and post my have/want list yet. I've only seen that set once........its funny how distribution works. #US1#
  6. Yeah, I've pretty much seen everything too, except for the stuff just hitting......I owned a Yellow Stalker for a while and I put it on ebay for some extra Christmas money last year. I'm kicking myself now.......from a completest standpoint. I passed on the Duke/Red Star set.......and kicking myself for that too.
  7. Wave 1 Flint.......I never saw one until I finally got a loose one on ebay for 15 bucks.
  8. I'm near Green Bay in WI.(stationed here in the Coast Guard).....and I haven't had a problem seeing any of them in the stores. I've seen every wave more than once.
  9. Really??? First off I was very nice to the woman.....I wasn't a prick or anything, I thanked her when I walked away. Plus, I've been to that TRU more than enough in the last month to see that there was just enough room for 2 new sets(Wave 1 is still clogging the shelves).......there wasn't any more room on the shelf. When I was there a week earlier Wave 1 was still the way it was when I came back on the day of this incident......but with 2 Destro packs. (that were filling up the rest of the shelf.) My thinking was usually when someone stocks they put out what they can fit on the shelf.......Most of the time a person isn't going to make sure there is one of each on the shelf......they crack open a case and fit out what they can. I was thinking that the Destro sets maybe were the first ones out of the case......"Oh we can only fit 2 out.......looks like the rest is backstock" That was my thinking.......that's where I was coming from. Sorry I'm not complaining about crotches........
  10. I couldn't agree more Tom..........Plus, we have Barbeque people.......if we got him we have a good chance of seeing anyone Joe wise. (Barbeque was a childhood fav of mine......but I was shocked and ecstatic when I first saw that they were releasing him in the 25th line) If we got BBQ.....we can get anyone. Plus, I'm getting a BBQ Combat Hero in one of the later waves......I get a Mighty Mugg and my head might just explode. @iwin@
  11. I wasn't necessarily talking about Black Friday.....or Christmas shopping in particular. I was just talking about the amount of product we are going to be getting in a short time. With no real break in between waves.
  12. I LIKE YOUR STYLE. : ) Tom Ninja Force was cooler than peanut butter and jelly when I was 12.......Dojo was pretty lame though. I would take those guys in a heartbeat.
  13. I went into TRU the other day looking for Joe stuff like usual. I saw that they had the new Joe Ranking sets in......but the only ones that they had in stock was the Destro/IG set. There was a good amount of stock from the first wave of sets on the shelf too......about 3 Duke/Hawk/Grunt sets and 3 CC/Trooper sets and 2 IG/Destro sets. I looked for like 10 minutes for a sales associate. (I should have known better, but every once and a while you do get someone who cares @wink@ ) So I finally find someone in the baby section and ask her first if they keep any stock in the back? Usually I find out real quick if someone is lazy or not with that question. She said yes.....so I thought their might be hope. I asked her if there was a chance that they had the other 2 sets in the back, or if there was a way she could check. She checks the system and tells me there are 14 on the floor, then she asks me if there was any more on the shelf? I say 8 including the one in my hand......"Well it says they are discontinued in the system and that there is 14 on the floor so this is all we have" Kind of said it with an attitude too........I said.... well where are the other 6 then? "They are on the floor" she tells me. There was no overstock on the top of the aisles either.......I looked everywhere. Is it possible a Joe collector would by up all the other sets and leave the army-builder set there? Weird.
  14. I was just wondering how you guys plan to deal with the holiday rush of Joe stuff that will be hitting in the next month or so.........I know I've spent like 150 bucks in the last week alone. The 2 "Conditions" packs, The new TRU Ranking Sets and other TRU sets, DvD sets from HTS. It doesn't seem like its going to get any better.......it seems like there is going to be a ton of product coming out before X-mas GI Joe wise.......at least 2-3 waves of figures plus vehicles, Mighty Muggs, Combat Heroes. It seems like a lot of stuff at one time. I'm pretty much not into the Combat Heroes....but some I will pick up just cause they are some of my favorite characters. I'm the same way with the Muggs. I was somewhat glad that HTS sold out so quickly of Wave 10......so I can get a break for a week or so. Not that I can't afford it, I just feel a little bad when I blow way to much at one time. I'm not complaining I'm somewhat happily dreading all of this stuff at once. If that makes sense.
  15. He won't ship until 11/03.....so they are probably going to get more in of the rest of them soon. I really wish they would get a good amount of stock in, I mean I usually don't have a problem finding stuff in the store but it would be nice to have the hunt over with. Especially with gas being what it is.
  16. Let the wait begin.......... @afroman@
  17. True......you know when I typed my last reply I knew someone was going to bring up Star Wars.....they were the first movie figures for the most part and in some way did lend a hand to the GI Joe we know and love being created. I was talking about Superman Returns, Spidey 3, X-men figures, some Batman stuff.........IMO those are just some examples of sucky movie figures. I wasn't a big fan of the Indy line either........I don't know why so many people liked them that much.....maybe cause they wanted something Indy figure wise for so long anything would have been good. (looking back I was the same way with JvC)
  18. For the most part movie figures generally suck big time.............when compared to the regular figures of the property they are based off of. Some of TDK stuff has been a little better.....with the movie masters line but still.......they usually suck and clog toy aisles for years. Will GI Joe be any different.........it remains to be seen.....but I'm not holding my breath. You might as well go get those Shield figures from the Hulk movie figures......cause all the Joes will be in black outfits with no individual traits whatsoever. Lame.......
  19. Yeah, that Fall20 code is doing something different everytime I put stuff into my cart.......I ordered the 2 DvD sets last nite and it was still like 39.96 or something after shipping. I got the sets for 15.99 a piece with like 7 dollars shipping......but this morning I went and put a Sharc in the cart just for kicks and used the code and it was only 11.99 with no shipping. @grumpy@ .........Its weird......I mean I still got the sets at or around the same price I would have in the store without guzzling gas hunting for these things.....so I can't complain. But it is weird.......I also did this with the protective cases and with them alone the code didn't work at all. But I can complain about how they have their site set up.......every morning when I get to work I check my e-mails and usually hit up a couple news sites and Hasbros site.......I always use the sub-categories mainly 25th Joes......I know the figures are now "Modern" era or whatever......but still.........I would have had the whole new wave if it wasn't for the trickery of "GI Joe" vs "GI Joe 25 Anniversary" sub-categories.
  20. That would be great if they are giving us another shot at getting a V.1 Flint.....I know he's in a filler wave that should be hitting anytime but still.......its funny cause there is a ton of Tiger Force Flints warming the pegs here. PP Viper would be cool though.......
  21. I'm not overly excited for this wave.....but I'm not going to sell my Joes either......its a pass wave. I'm pretty psyched about the IG/Viper pack. I've seen a lot of Vipers warming the pegs though.....IG's on the other hand......different story entirely......I've only seen the IG/Destro pack once. I was hoping for a Deep 6 V.2 though.......I know he's not in that issue as V.2 but it still would have been cool......that TRU one is cheap.
  22. @loll@ @loll@ ...........thats true. But you know that WWII propaganda film from Rocketeer(Where the Nazis fly to Washington and burn it down)...scared the crap out of me when I was younger.
  23. I thought GI Joe the when I first saw this........it looks like a Cobra Claw. It is pretty cool.......
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