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  1. I think this was a pretty cool promotion.......plus you can either get one of the Joes or you can put your own info on them. I thought it was a pretty cool tie in......anybody redeem them yet?
  2. You know, I was thinking about this around a month ago......i was watching "Toy Hunter" and he was talking about finding some really older 60's toys and he was making an offer to a guy for a older piece and he said "The demand just isn't there anymore....most of the collectors are dead or are not around anymore" It made me think about the ROOM full of toys I have dedicated to a line that was last at its heyday in the 80's.......in 20 years is there going to be a huge market for original 80's Joe figures? Its hard enough these days to find Joes at the last couple Cons I've gone too.......I'm starting to see the 90's invasion my friends.....there was an awful lot of Power Rangers at the last Con I went too. I don't collect for the money or value in my collection but if I ever wanted to get anything back from it I feel like they are losing value as the years go by.....not the other way around. I'm 32 and have been married 2 years now.....(been with my wife for 6) and when will it end? I don't think I'm done collecting toys....but it has been on my mind more than ever lately as well....its just too damn frustrating anymore......seriously. Plus, the prices are getting insane for some stuff......
  3. Alllll right I shipped too.....I'm getting my Eaglehawk w/my Ultimate Wave........can't wait.....an awesome friend of mine hooked me up w/Marvel Legends Angel and I have to tell myself he's the last Archangel I need to own....but the new ML's look tasty too.... Yeah, I can't take the chance on missing the 90's Jim Lee Jean Grey at retail.....I hardly ever seen ML's in the wild anymore and I honestly don't feel like hunting for them anymore. Same thing with Joes......its super frustrating anymore.
  4. Yup, I got my notification that they came in today. The next Marvel Legends wave came in too.....my "Pile of Loot" is shipping!!!
  5. I also happened to call HTS customer services line while all this was going on......I didn't expect the woman I spoke to to know about the exclusives in depth.....but I asked her if she knew if the GI Joe/Transformers exclusive would be up....and she told me that all she was told was that that particular exclusive would not be available. I asked her about the Joe club getting it and she had no idea what the Joe club was.....and I believed her. She just answers phones......but she told me that all she was briefed to tell people was that it wouldn't be available.
  6. Of course the club is going to say a "limited number" the exclusives were limited in the 1st place. We're never going to hear from Hasbro on this issue anyway so it's all a crap shoot.... But the timing is fishy.....the exclusives went up....then like 15-20 minutes after the news of the Lawsuit and the club Lotto were announced almost simultaneously.....I had HTS up, Hisstank.com, and TNI forums....all at the same time on my computer, I'm pretty sure that the club got the remaining stock....
  7. Draven- yeah, I don't get how the club can sell the remaining stock?? Unless its kinda like selling it on eBay?? I'm assuming that's why the club got them in the 1st place....it was probably a quick dump-off for Hasbro...and I'm assuming HG can't touch the Joe Club?
  8. Yeah, because they're aren't already like 50 exclusives the club gets a year already.......the SDCC exclusive was the only one that was fair game across the board for everybody......not anymore. Even if it changes with the HG Lawsuit....I still don't like where its going in the future.
  9. LJ- do you know if this was the 1st and only shipment this Big Lots got in? I still want to know if stores are going to get more in at all?
  10. This is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.........after sitting on my computer all freaking day JUST for this stupid exclusive (which I know was my own choice) they say thing the exclusive WASN'T even going to be available to buy!!???? I also think its hilarious that the story about the lawsuit and the lotto from the club happened to break like 25 minutes after the HTS exclusives went up??? Seriously........WTF???!!! So when did Harmony Gold slap Hasbro with this suit?? Monday after the Con? This thing has been announced for over a month now.....maybe longer?? Plus, don't get me started about the Joe Club.......I have a fairly decent sized collection.....and am a pretty big Joe fan....I've been on this forum for over 10 years now....and I can afford everything the club puts out but I don't buy the stuff on PRINCIPLE alone. I'm not paying 40 dollars so I can have the RIGHT to buy more overpriced stuff. (I like their stuff sometimes too, seriously I have been tempted, they still might get me....because of the lack of "Good" Joe figures at retail) I'm in the military.......I live on the east coast....I can't get off to go to SDCC for a weekend......I've always been able to get the exclusives the day after on HTS. I have the other 2 sets......I'm sure other people do too......they won't be able to complete their 3 "Crossover" sets either. Collecting toys is BEYOND frustrating sometimes.......and this is another example. Somebody messed up here.......also how does the club get to sell them for $150? Only thing I can think of is that Hasbro sold them quickly to the club to make a profit so they weren't stuck with them......... I ended up getting one off ebay.......but now I hope the guy still ships it.
  11. I picked one up on eBay, I have a feeling the price on this thing is going to skyrocket.....
  12. I officially hate the Joe Club.........that is all.
  13. What I'm really wondering is if this is just a one off for each Big Lots......if anybody's store gets a re-stock let us know? I'm curious if they will get anymore in?
  14. Here's some pics....sorry if they load too big
  15. Yeah, I met Trimpe last year at the Baltimore Comic-Con......I asked him for a Snake-eyes sketch, and it seemed like it took him a minute....I was like "You remember Snake-eyes right?" (Everybody in line wanted Wolverines from him) I think I threw him for a loop......but he whipped up a pretty cool Snake-eyes sketch for me after he said "Of course I remember Snake-eyes" it was pretty funny. Both were a million times better than my Larry Hama experience.....but thats a story for another day.
  16. I found them today at 2 of the Big Lots by me........funny thing is I only snagged about 1 of each. The girl that rang me up asked me "You want these?" I was like "yeah, you can only get them online and its funny that you got them in here..." I quickly back tracked and said "They're not really special or anything, like not worth a ton of money or anything" (I was wearing a GI Joe shirt, so I assume she knew I was a collector) she said "Yeah, I just put them out like an hour ago" My buddy went back later that afternoon like 3 hours later to pick some up.......we were both on the fence about picking up ALL of the characters....there was about 10-15 figures left when I previously bought mine......only there was none left in the store and another woman that worked there said they never had them in-stock.....now either she has no idea what she's talking about or something is up at this store?? Or someone could have came in and snagged the rest.....but I doubt it..... There was no Snout Spout or Grayskull at either of the 2 I went to today....just pretty much what everyone else is finding
  17. They made Supes TOO powerful in MOS.......how the hell is Batman going to share the screen with that? I'm not really excited for this......WB still hasn't shown me that they really know what they are doing yet. They can't get out of their own way.....I liked PARTS of MOS.......I'm about as hyped for this as I get for any FOX Marvel film anymore......."We'll see"
  18. So I saw on Facebook that the one and only Sgt. Slaughter was making an appearance at the Delaware State Fair with the National Guard. I'm in Delaware so I made the 45 minute drive to the fair pretty much just for the Sarge.....and it was awesome. He signed my copy of GI Joe the movie and my GI Joe: Ultimate Guide.....he talked to me for a good 10 minutes about Joe and took some pics with me....thing is I wore my Cobra Commander shirt and after the 1st pic we took....he threw me in the "Cobra Clutch" saying "and this is for wearing a Cobra shirt" "YO JOE!!!" in full on Slaughter voice....it was awesome. I've always been a big Slaughter fan....but I know some fans aren't too hot on him as a character...but he obviously loves being a Joe and was all about it.
  19. Uggghhh, sometimes these store exclusives piss me off......I also want the steelbook from Wal-Mart. Why can't everything be in one edition.
  20. I wish this thing would just come out already......
  21. I picked it up.......I never had the original so its pretty cool to get one at a decent price.
  22. People keep paying for it.......thats whats up....they keep falling for Mattel's ways.
  23. Anybody else think they made him TOO powerful in MOS.....I mean what can hurt him.....that final battle was pretty rough with Zod. I mean even in the "Animated Series" he was taken out in different ways....I think they made him a little TOO invincible? They pretty much leveled Metropolis in this one....where do they go next? I mean? What will the stakes be in the second one?
  24. I mean you can't over analyze too much.....I could say it was a stupid movie because aliens don't exist in the "real world' and I walked out at the beginning!!!!! But there were WAY too many plot holes in this thing......one that really bothered me that I haven't really seen mentioned anywhere else yet is......Why the hell was he in Alaska in the first place???? There was no reference to him knowing about that Kryptonion ship AT ALL before he "found" it.......he conveniently happens to go to Alaska after college...(or whatever, we never got a sense of time) and finds out about some random ship?? Then the Superman suit just happens to be there???? (Granted the ship could have a suit making facility on it, but still) Plus, you're telling me Kryptonion tech didn't change in 200,000 years??? Sigh....I give up.....even thinking about that stuff is making my head hurt......I think the action in the movie and the fact that we haven't seen Supes on screen like this before is blinding a lot of people.....but most of the same people that loved MOS probably loved the Transformer movies too. overall Action- A+++ Story- C
  25. The 60's Batman show is stuck in licensing hell......WB owns the rights to Batman/DC comics/etc....and 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the 60's Batman show.(it was also originally aired on ABC)...so its a total mess. Around a year ago WB FINALLY got back or obtained licensing rights to the show.....this is also another reason why we still do not have the show on dvd at all. Plus, getting it on dvd is going to be next to impossible....figuring out who gets a cut of what. We're lucky to be getting anything honestly.....
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