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  1. That's the main problem with general people on the street and WW's origin.....I'll bet you 100 bucks Beyonce has no idea about WW's origin or what the character is about other than the fact that she's a strong female character that plays with the boys. 90 percent of women on the street probably have no idea that she's Amazonian or the Greek God stuff in her background. That's my only issue here.......I really don't have a problem with Beyonce.....its just her quote.......it really doesn't make sense and you can tell that she has no idea about the source material. Side Note.......there is NO WAY Megan Fox could pull off WW......have you seen her acting?? No way she could carry a franchise that big on her pretty little shoulders. She's hot yeah (and a comic fan)........but that's about it.
  2. It would be nice if they had more than just Hooded CC's warming the pegs. I really wish I could take advantage of this sale.
  3. Yeah, it sucks though cause I only need like 2 I really don't want or need 10 cases.....I wish they would sell them individually through Hasbro. I may take a look at the Protech ones.
  4. Probably because they never really put 2 females in the same packaging.....at least with boy themed lines. They think that with 2 females in the same pack....they won't sell. I just like that they are something different.......I like all things GI Joe.....and these are cool enough to pick up some of the sets.....I'm only gonna go for the characters I like.....but they are different and cool enough for me to pick up a couple sets. If only they could make an exclusive or something of these little guys from the "Once upon a Joe" episode.......Combat Hero ShipShape, Frog-Face, De Duke, and Leatherhead....How cool would that be? Breath Mint! Candy Mint! Breath Mint!!
  5. HTS still has them in stock.....they still won't ship for a while but still.
  6. I'm all over Wave 2........I'll probably get this whole wave. I saw Wave 1 the other day finally in the store and passed. But I like every character in Wave 2.
  7. Yeah, you know I really don't post anywhere else on the net' except here......everyone is friendly and helpful for the most part......I go to Hisstank pretty much just for their front page news. I've posted a couple times but its just not the same......too many threads.....TNI is one stop shopping for the most part.
  8. It really just needs to be read.......I was the same way after seeing the Trailer for the first time. I've always read comics.......I was 10 when I really got my first actual comic book that I really remember having. That was 1991.......I always heard about Watchmen and saw stuff about it....but never really picked it up until the movie stuff started coming around. "Oh its the greatest this and that" I just decided to read the thing..........I wasn't disappointed but I did realize that it was something for THAT time period.(80's New York for example should be a character in itself, Pre-Giuliani) From what I understand there really wasn't anything up until that time with that tone in comics.........taking a Grown-Up/Political look at comic book characters. It really is hard to describe......it really just needs to be read.....but people looking for general super-hero fare may be disappointed. It's not that at all.........its a complex look into the "heroes" and their minds and what makes them do what they do. Anyone else think that there is going to be a backlash when this thing comes out?? With the general public......I don't think it will do bad at the box-office....I just think that Fan-Boys alone won't be able to push this enough for a smash hit.....plus some of its material is a little harsh. I gotta a feeling some parents will mistakenly take their kids to it too...........and be very surprised.
  9. Alley Viper and Shockwave.........Nuff Said. I'm hoping they will keep their original schemes and weapons.......great news though.
  10. WOW.......they all look awesome........I wants that Artic Hiss BAD. Also, like I said before I've never gotten my hands on a Stinger before. I will be ALL OVER these. Strato-Viper looks great too........ @jump#
  11. Just checked the order status and it says they are due to ship today.....10/17. I don't know whats up with that but thats cool if its true.....its also showing partially shipped?? Crazy.......plus there is some crazyness with my paypal account. I've paid through paypal with both of these orders (its incredibly easy).......and unless I'm wrong Hasbro hasn't charged me the full amount......there is like a 2-3 dollar difference for what the orders are and what they are showing in Paypal. I'm gonna call them later.......weird?
  12. How do you track these things......every package I've gotten from HTS has given me a tracking number, but I can't actually see the tracking status until its delivered to me. Kinda defeats the point you know? Sign in and check your Order Status and the tracking number will be listed under each item Shipping Option: Standard Date Shipped: 10/15/2008 Tracking #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enter the number on fedex.com I didn't know this info was available either, until I read posts about it recently Yeah, I know........but everytime I've ordered packages from them I've tried to track the stuff and it always says "no data" or "no information" something along those lines.....it never gives me the info I want. HTS says my stuff has shipped.....I've even waited a couple days and still nothing.
  13. How do you track these things......every package I've gotten from HTS has given me a tracking number, but I can't actually see the tracking status until its delivered to me. Kinda defeats the point you know?
  14. Doesn't Hasbro own the toy rights to Indiana Jones........well there was Indiana Jones lego's and an Indiana Jones Lego game. I know its an outside property but still........
  15. I think its because he was looking for someone and the Crystal Skulls were part of the search I know in The Last Crusade he was looking for hi father but the Holy Grail is a huge prize compared to a Crystal Skull Plus, it seemed like Indy himself at the diner was kinda skeptical about the Crystal Skulls and their power. Like he didn't really believe in them himself.
  16. Na, I knew you were being friendly.......but some people around here take stuff way too seriously. I know some people really want MASK stuff around here.....I just didn't want someone to take offense to me not wanting too much MASK stuff in the Joe line. I'm not crying about it I'm just saying........its cool here and there but.........well you saw my earlier post. Its all good dude........
  17. Ummm.......I was also doing some MASK research.....had some of the stuff as a kid but the memories aren't there like they are with GI Joe/MOTU/Transformers.....and found this on Youtube. All I gotta say is WOW.
  18. I'm not hating on the MASK brand itself........I just don't get it........I'm all for bringing MASK back but just not at the expense of some cool Joe stuff. That's all I'm saying.......I don't care if its here or there....like you said. But I just don't want it keeping us from getting other cool Joe stuff. Here comes someone saying "How will it keep us from getting cool Joe stuff" I just don't want a ton of MASK stuff taking over GI Joe......I know that's not what's happening but down the line is how I'm talking. I wouldn't mind Extreme, VvV, JvC, or even Sigma 6......cause its encompassing all aspects of GI Joe....MASK is MASK.
  19. I agree with what everyone is saying.......but why do so many people want MASK with their GI Joe. I don't get it......why not just ask for MASK to come back by itself??
  20. You know......After I left the theater the night I saw KOTCS.....I was kinda confused. I really didn't know what to think. I was kinda disappointed in a way, I wasn't fully hating the movie but I was kinda just like "Really??" I just watched it again when I got the DvD and it did feel a little more like an Indy movie and to be honest I liked it better the second time. The only thing that still stood out was the clean look of the movie........it looked to polished. Even when Indy and Mutt get to Peru and are walking around talking about college and stuff......it looked like a backlot set.....fake. The green screen backgrounds are very noticeable in some scenes........Damn Lucas... But all and all I liked it better the second time I watched it. Plus, unless you are a HUGE Indy fan the single disc DvD should be fine......all that is on the 2-disc set is some Galleries and animatics.
  21. Yeah, that's fine with me.......my card won't be charged until they ship. I probably wouldn't find them in the store until then anyway.....maybe even after. It's just good to know that I have them ordered.......at least you have an exact date with HTS.
  22. I picked up everyone except Matt Trakker.......(Awful). I used the 10% discount....which is better than nothing. My mind is now at ease......I don't really have to Joe hunt for the next couple months.....Comic Packs is all I really need. I already have the other 2 new DvD sets........ Stress Free collecting.........who woulda thought??? @wink@
  23. It's just the Skyhawk. Copyright law strikes again! I knew that I was just wondering what the paint scheme was looking like.
  24. You know that would be really cool if they made figures that could fit into the Arctic environment squad. I'm betting the HISS will be white with a blue tinted cockpit cover or something like that. But yeah.....a HISS driver with that Arctic Tele-Viper torso would be sweet. Arctic stuff is always cool.....no pun intended. Pretty excited about the Stinger too.....that's one vehicle that I've always wanted that I haven't gotten my hands on yet. What did the "Ghost Hawk" look like.......I can't remember anyone got a link to a pic?
  25. Wraith is somehow back in stock........but still won't ship until 11/03. All the others will ship in one business day.... Kinda pisses me off cause I could've gotten the whole wave and not worried about Wraith. I wonder whats going on with this figure??? Why is he delayed more than the others. Weird.....but I'm not paying the shipping for one figure.
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