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  1. I still have 7 at the Target nearest my house..........they are still at 31.48. Still waiting for them to go down again........ @rambo@ I don't remember them taking so long to mark stuff down last year. I'll check back this weekend.
  2. Well it says that its Walt Disney Video that is producing the DvD's and Disney owns the rights to the 90's X-men, 90's Spider-man, Iron Man, Spidey and his Amazing Friends and a bunch of other Marvel animation. I'm pretty confident that they are finally the cartoons coming out......hopefully at least. Here's another link.........X-men Vol. 1
  3. Was over at Amazon today and noticed a pre-order up for the 90's X-men cartoon that so many of us grew up watching religiously!!!!! April 28th gives us Vol. 1 and 2!!!!! Somehow the news of this hasn't gotten out anywhere really..........I haven't heard anything about it. Disney finally got its head out of its arse.........Hopefully the 90's Spidey isn't far behind............ " Listen to me you egg sucking piece of gutter trash!" wolverine2.gif I can't wait!!!!! http://www.amazon.com/Marvel-X-Men-1-2pc/d...9338&sr=1-2
  4. There are a couple sites around the net that have new GI Joe movie posters up. I don't know what the rules are around here anymore about mentioning other sites. But they are up on MySpace.....I think that's the official website that has them. MySpace isn't a toy website so I hope this is okay to link. Here's a link to the page http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseact...logID=466636202 Kinda lame..........still not liking the all black.....Baroness looks the same as the Joes.
  5. Its funny that a lot of people (including myself) were bashing Mattel saying "Too many He-man's and Skeletor's on the pegs"........ Now there aren't enough of the things.
  6. If he makes it out........I have a bad feeling that the Muggs are going to go the way of the Combat Heroes. 2 waves and that's it. @hmmm@ I hope that's not a custom.....looks pretty official, but I have seen some really cool Mugg customs online....so who knows. Edit- Nevermind, he's confirmed I guess he's in the new issue of Toyfare. Like I said though....if he makes it out.
  7. That BAT is AMAZING........awesome re-paint. I'm kinda liking this set........I'll pick it up.
  8. Actually Robbie, I had you in mind when I started this thread. I KNEW you'd agree with me. (lol) I too love the new Snow Job and Torpedo. And I love the first Version 2 Snake Eyes. They actually took my favorite version of my favorite character and improved upon the original design; they gave him combat boots this time and more realistic webgear. The only minor complaints I might have are the fact that he needs to be jet black with slightly lighter gray highlights like the original used to be, and he should have come with the sword that the DVD pack version has. Other than that, perfection. And this is a figure that shares a body construction with at least half a dozen other figures. I just wish they'd fix the few flawed figures in the line. I won't go into which ones those might be. We've all done that to death. Yeah, Barbeque is the man......I know he gets a lot of crap for being "worthless" as a firefighter. But he was always heavy in my JoeVerse as a kid. Always ready to defend his place on the team too...... @smash@ Now all I need is a Slaughter Marauders BBQ and a Mighty Mugg and I can call it a good life. I just got my Combat Hero BBQ the other day.......great stuff. Back to topic.......You know looking at my figures again the other day, I gotta say that Croc Master is another figure that kinda surprised me with being such a cool update. The air tank and Crocodile with opening mouth......... @cool@
  9. I know he's already been mentioned a couple times here but to be honest........ Barbeque. Not just the fact that he's a great underrated sculpt.....but the fact that they actually MADE him in the line. I've been pleasantly surprised with the number of characters we've gotten so far.........Quick-Kick, Airbourne, Bazooka, Falcon, Blowtorch, Copperhead, Doc. Barbeque is one of my favorite characters.......and I was pleasantly surprised that we even got him at all.
  10. They are still 31.48 at the Target by me.......and there is still 7 of them. I'm stationed up in Northeast, WI in a town with 9,000 people. (Population almost triples in the summer) I'm still waiting for these bad boys to go down again. I don't really have anything to worry about with other toy hunters here.......everyone else is more worried about hunting and ice fishing. It is a change from the East coast......toy hunting wise. I would probably get one for 27......but I'm hoping they drop it further due to the fact is was 31 bucks from the first markdown.
  11. I really wish this movie would get a nationwide release.......... @hmmm@
  12. Another funny thing is that it kinda shows that they are paying attention to what's being said on the internet. At least with rumors and all, Johnny Depp/Riddler.....and Jolie as Catwoman. Pretty cool stuff.........
  13. Well they could still make them modeled after the designs in the movie.......it worked with Indy/Star Wars/Transformers. All of those movies had Combat Heroe themed figures.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised......I posted a while back about Wave 1 warming the pegs. Its a shame but I really didn't think they were going to do well anyway, with no cartoon to help push them. They are overpriced though..........I got most of wave 2 from HTS. I don't think one set has sold from the Target by my house. I have a feeling the same thing will happen with the Mighty Muggs. Joe collectors just like our 3 3/4 figures.......and thats it for the most part. @lol@
  15. The Target by me still has them at 31.48. They have been at that since after Christmas......still waiting for them to go down one more time. There is still 7 of them on the shelves........
  16. You know someone earlier compared the Vipers to being somewhat like Marines..........in their mentality. The Vipers being the Cobra equivalent of the Marines..........I can totally see that for some reason.
  17. Apparently, that unmasked Viper is Mercer......... some pics of the file cards have been added. Supposedly, he's "undercover"...........kinda cool though, but I would rather have a Mercer figure than a Mercer/Hawk lookalike thing.
  18. I was hunting down some Ultimate Battle Packs today in the mess that is Target's toy section. Checking to see if they had been marked down again..........and I found this end cap about two aisles down from the action figure aisle with a bunch of randomness on it. Transformers Classics, DCU Classics, and a ton of Star Wars, and GI Joe Muggs. I saw that the Marvel Muggs were on sale for 8.99 and I wondered if they all were......and sure enough I got them on sale for 8.99. They are pretty cool and different.......I know there is a lot of hatred for these things on here but I like them and they look pretty cool and unique in the box. So be on the look out if you're interested. My bad if this is old news. #US1#
  19. I can hear Vince's head explode........ Actually, this is an excellent idea, because it would solve the dilemma of a Pro Wrestlers union which has been talked about for years now. I completely agree...........but Vince would loose a good amount of control. He doesn't like loosing control. It doesn't really help that they made the shift to "Sports Entertainment" either.......it would be a great debate to watch though.
  20. It probably doesn't help that the director of the movie was talking about how wrestlers should be members of the Screen Actors Guild, and should be afforded all the protections of being a member. Here's an excerpt.......from Darren Aronofsky. It was in Newsday. I can hear Vince's head explode........
  21. I totally see what everyone is saying........and I agree that the wave sucks hard. But if you're trying to complete your collection......you're assed out. I'm not a total completist.......I'll be passing on Torch, Tripwire....cause I have them already. But I want Cobra Diver, PP CG, and Ninja Viper.
  22. They are 33 Dollars and some change at the Target by me.........there is 7 of them there. I'm waiting for them to drop one more time. Around 20 bucks and I'm there.
  23. Wave 12 was the crappiest wave of the last year. That's all you need to know. Crappiest wave.......yet I have been unable to find the things. They were sold out on HTS forever......they recently went back in stock. I really want the PP Crimson Guard....thats really it.
  24. Cobra Mountain was originally the Geonosis playset.........it was in stores and everything, then they recycled and re-painted it and slapped JvC on it. I'm very skeptical with the movie stuff.........I'm gonna wait and see until I pass judgement. But the movie looks to be a Bizarro version of GI Joe on the whole. Who knows what this stuff will look like? Everything looks pretty bad to me so far..........that Black Scrap-Iron looks cool though.
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