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  1. I know this is the MOTU forum.....but I'm really nervous about the Ghostbusters stuff......its been so long that they have had any type of merchandise for people of that fan base to buy. Plus, action figure collectors like myself that are big fans of the movie that want to get their hands on this stuff. The way Mattel handles most of their lines.......doesn't bode well for the Ghostbusters figures. Don't say that Ghostbusters doesn't have a big enough fan base cause it does.....and these figures are going to attract everyday collectors too.
  2. @usa@ I second that..........for all the talk of Duke arms and crotches.....the 25th/Modern line is or was pretty awesome. I just hope it comes back in some form after the movie line. You know what else is cool......I can somewhat have a complete Joe collection.....there are some pieces that I'm missing but I'll get them eventually. RAH on the other hand may take me another 5 years to complete.....(and I'm sure I'll never have everything) But with this line it gives collectors a chance at things like completing a whole line. Bravo Hasbro.........(I'm sure this will have like 5 reply's cause its a positive thread) but I ain't afraid to say it. (Once or twice @cool@ ) I don't think one collector in this forum can deny the coolness of finding these figures in the aisle again (packaging and all) and not feeling like you're 10 years old again.
  3. That Alley-Viper is PERFECT!!!!! Also......how cool is it that his grappling gun is detachable from his backpack. How many times as a kid did I imagine that it shot out anyway. Awesome!!!
  4. To be honest, I was more excited about this than the live-action movie. Its cool that its just going to be released in its entireity.....I hate mini-episode things. I'm looking forward to the 25th and my DVR will be set!!!!!
  5. I'm all about that BBQ.......still wish he was Slaughters Marauders BBQ but what can you do? Cool that we are getting him though......in a more "camo" style paint job. That Firefly is cool too......
  6. Only if I get her in a 2-pack with a female Snake-Eyes.............. @smilepunch@ No, but seriously........I wouldn't really care....as long as its a cool figure. They made a female Doc a couple years back for the convention exclusive....it was all good..... so why not?
  7. You can't use Watchmen as an example........they marketed it like an action movie......and its not. I know a lot of people went thinking they were going to get X-men and got a 2 and a half hour movie deconstructing the super-hero mind. Watchmen was pretty deep.......and I think it went over a lot of peoples heads. The fact that it was loyal to the book didn't hurt its box-office.......it was the story/movie in general. A lot of people didn't "Get" it. I had to tell a couple people I worked with to not take their kids to it......."My kids like superheros, they should like it" I was like NOOOOOOO!!! The general public was more concerned with Doc Manhattan's blue thingy than anything.
  8. Is it the end of the world that he looks like this?.....No. Will I still see the movie?.....Yes. Is it my right as an American to have an opinion on something even if it differs from yours. Yes........ Its crap..........I don't like it. Its simple. My expectations are WAY LOW......for this movie. So maybe I will be presently surprised if ONE thing is cool in it. Does it seem like they used the 1997 handbook on how to make comic/sci-fi/toy properties into a movie........yeah, but I'll still see it. I'll still buy RAH Joes off ebay and at shows......I'll get the rest of the 25th/Modern era stuff(Which initially was only supposed to be a couple waves, Thanks Hasbro)......and buy some GI Joe t-shirts here and there. I'll still be a GI Joe fan........its not the end of the world. I'm kinda tired of bitching about it to be honest..........maybe I'm just past the point of disappointment........who knows........ Yo Joe!!!! @usa@
  9. You're right......and only one of them was good. @smilepunch@ Oh and that CC is crap........that's all I really needed to say.
  10. I like it too........I don't need the gameplay to be as complex as algebra when it comes to a wrestling game. I had a ton of fun yesterday on my day off playing it all day. I just wish there was a little more to the game........like a title run option or something. It seems pretty bare bones.....the Tour Mode is cool, but too short IMO. I haven't messed around online yet........still learning the moves before I take my chances on the big stage. Anyone know if you can use your created legends online? I'm pretty sure you can I just didn't look into it too much. Its a shame there isn't going to be DLC for it.......I wish I could get some different attire for some of these guys.......in the create-a-legend mode there are different outfits for Shawn, Bret, and some others but they aren't available for everyday play. Also, noticed you can create Tatanka, Lex Luger (Flag uniform), Macho, El Gigante, and some others. Through the create-a-legend option..........I'm gonna try and make a makeshift Randy the Ram too!!!
  11. ......and if he was still wrestling in 10 years everyone would be screaming "Just retire already" the same way we do with Hogan, Flair, and every other old washed up in the ring childhood hero. Its a shame that he's not in the ring anymore...........but I don't blame him one bit for doing what he did. John Cena is an awful actor too.........The Marine was a fun throwback to 80's action movies but Cena was pretty bad in it.
  12. I think it was about a month ago.........but Hogan touched on this in an interview about "The Wrestler" He said that the reason that The Rock has had so much success is that he distanced himself from wrestling. Its kind of frowned upon in Hollywood.....to be connected to pro wrestling, he said that that was the reason that himself and other wrestlers that have tried the jump have failed......because they couldn't leave the ring. The Rock has done that.........and has had a film career. Once again, I don't think its his color as much as he has LEFT wrestling. I think that has more to do with it than anything else. I also think Cena is full of crap........try and do a movie without the WWE machine and then I'll give you some credit. Another good example of this is with Mickey Rourke........and the whole Jericho/Wrestlemania thing......once his agents got a hold of it, the deal was off......cause it wouldn't be good for his career to be seen at Wrestlemania. (which to me doesn't make sense, but image wise I guess??) I don't know the full story with that but that's what it seemed like.
  13. I can't wait either.........the game has everyone that should be in there.With the exception of Macho. Its a shame I can't make a run at the tag titles as the Mega-Powers!!!! Granted, there could have been others included but I think they did damn well with what we have......... Luckily, I'm off tomorrow.......so most of my day will be playing online and with the actual game itself. I'm hoping its pretty easy to get online matches......Street Fighter 4 is terrible....sometimes it takes forever for you to find someone to fight. There is a bunch of videos over at www.ign.com.........showing everything from the game. I'm hyped....probably gonna watch some old Wrestlemania dvd's tonite too.
  14. Yeah, this is just over Faker too.........I can just imagine the crap that's going to get started over Hordak when he goes on sale.
  15. I respectfully disagree, but I would like to know some examples as to why you think this way. Its not like The Rock is huge with African-Americans or anything.......I don't get your reasoning for your opinion??? He's not doing Tyler Perry movies...... I think the just went about it WAY better than other wrestlers.......While his movies won't win Oscars.....he did make some pretty fun action movies so far. The Rock- The Rundown, Walking Tall, Grid-Iron Gang, The Game Plan, DOOM, Southland Tales, Be Cool. Hogan-Suburban Commando, The Nanny, No Holds Barred, Santa with Muscles, Secret Agent Club, (Which was in $5 bins.....my friend picked it up to see how bad it was....it was bad).....not to mention the cinematic classic 3 Ninjas: High Noon..........all awful movies. (Rocky III is his lone stand-out) Piper- They Live, Hell Comes to Frogtown, (I tried to find more on IMDB, but the titles are so obscure its a joke) He has a cult following for the first 2 I named but that's it. I don't think his ethnicity has anything to do with it........he's good looking and has made somewhat decent movies. I brought in a bunch of wrestling DvD's the last time I was at work......(Coast Guard, my schedule is that of a fireman I sleep at work and we watch a lot of movies after the workday) Some of the women I work with saw us watching The Rock DvD.........they were like "Oh man, its the Rock, he's hot....I don't usually watch wrestling but I love the Rock" Also, Stacy Keibler is just a hot POA.....which are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. You have to have something else than just good looks in Hollywood, unless you're Megan Fox. (Which her time is slowly ticking.........) I don't think it has anything to do with his ethnicity.........just good career moves. Also, your never going to be right on the internet......but for the sake of the topic.......debate away!!!!
  16. I don't want to have a MOTU line with just Mer-man and Stratos........and to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't want spaghetti without sauce......if all they sold at the grocery store was pasta and no sauce there would be a bunch of people not eating spaghetti. (He-man and Skelly are the sauce, Beast-man is the garlic bread, and Faker and Stratos are the pasta.) @smilepunch@ The same applies here........it seems like all the people with Mattel on this thread has all the figures they wanted, while the others that missed out are the ones that are salty. Would you feel the same way if you somehow missed out on Faker?? Its funny cause I had a reply a little over a month ago about this happening with Stratos and saying that it could become a monthly thing......and could make collecting this line an expensive mess. (For some of us) Everyone was like "I doubt Stratos will sell out in 24 hours." granted, he didn't but it didn't mean that others weren't going to.
  17. I'm still jealous of your Jim Lee Snake-Eyes sketch............
  18. Ultimately it does intrinsically belong to the fans to support a line, they're a business and without constant customers they will fold, so of course the burden falls primarily on the fans to support it otherwise you'll just have a bunch of figures sitting on shelves made by a company which does cost them money. Yet, they never make the figures easy enough to find for the people who gladly want to give them there hard earned money. I'm thinking most Mattel employees are just juicing us collectors........like the mafia. They create false hype to get more money out of us using the scalper theory. @loll@ I'm glad I forgot about this line........I wanted to get into it but I got interested too late and I'm not playing this game again........it was too frustrating back in 2003-04. Once again there is an online empty peg.............lame!!! I believe it has worked so far, not only have fans been giving their hard earn money but these figs have been selling out with each release. Personally I think Mattel would prefer an online empty peg than online peg warmers, which fans were complaining about during the 200X line. What people were complaining about with the 200X line was availability of secondary characters......not peg warming. Yeah, there was a ton of He-man's and Skellys on the pegs but it was the fact that those were the only characters collectors saw when they went into to the store........the secondary characters were in short supply.......thus making collecting the line hard. At the same time this created a scalpers dream line.........with secondary characters going for crazy amounts of money on ebay and at shows. But the main problem here was AVAILABILITY..........people can't collect what isn't in stock. I've paid attention to this somewhat right around the time He-man sold out.......I was thinking about getting into the line and then I saw what they were doing with He-man and Beast-man......pulling some to get the hype up. Yeah, it kind of worked but at the same time it also let every scalper in the country aware of the money that could be made. Right now there are about 80 Faker auctions on ebay alone.......with a handful being from the original MOTU line. They still haven't given a concrete answer if and when He-man and Skeletor will be back in stock......I'm already 4 figures behind with no idea if the past figures will be offered again and how. (If I wanted to start up)
  19. Ultimately it does intrinsically belong to the fans to support a line, they're a business and without constant customers they will fold, so of course the burden falls primarily on the fans to support it otherwise you'll just have a bunch of figures sitting on shelves made by a company which does cost them money. Yet, they never make the figures easy enough to find for the people who gladly want to give them there hard earned money. I'm thinking most Mattel employees are just juicing us collectors........like the mafia. They create false hype to get more money out of us using the scalper theory. @loll@ I'm glad I forgot about this line........I wanted to get into it but I got interested too late and I'm not playing this game again........it was too frustrating back in 2003-04. Once again there is an online empty peg.............lame!!!
  20. Same here! Same here! I'm just hoping that the packaging is somewhat the same, which will probably not be the case. They will have some snazzy new cover for the set or some cool new special features and I will be tempted to buy the seasons all over again. This is good news though.......it really bugged the hell out of me that Rhino never completed the series. While all my Transformer friends had the whole series.
  21. I'm pretty excited for this..........I was a Transformers fan as a kid, had some toys but wasn't a huge fan by any means. GI Joe and MOTU.....were the 1-2 with Transformers playing for 3rd place. When I got into buying back my chiildhood in 2002 I picked up some Transformers stuff......but gradually concentrated on GI Joe. I love the Transformers though......almost picked up the Rhino sets but figured they would be around and passed (Stupid!!! Glad I picked up the Joe sets though, whew!! if only they finished the series) I'm all over this........and I'm loving the retro style packaging!!!
  22. Here's the link...........kinda cool, kinda lame. Have to see him talking and stuff. Cool that he looks like that, but it doesn't really translate well IMO. Some movie websites around the net have the pic. Destro Mask........
  23. I was just browsing around on the internet looking at random stuff........and decided to hit up TMNT.com. To see if there was any news or stuff...........and what do I find.........a page size advertisement for all 4 movies in a set on Blu-Ray coming in August 2009!!!! Sweetness.......plus the packaging has old school Turtles art on it. Check it out..........(sorry if this is old news) http://tmnt.warnerbros.com/
  24. I was just wondering what we have to look forward too when it comes to the remaining releases for the 25th/Modern era line is put on hold for the movie stuff. Cobra Island 7 packs Stinger/Artic Hiss vehicle wave Mighty Muggs???? Hall of Heroes stuff........ I'm hoping some more of those best of 80's packs will be starting to hit soon........I was just thinking about this cause I was looking at stuff that I need to still pick up......before the movie stuff takes over the toy aisles.
  25. That Savage/Hart v. Flair/ Micheals match looks to be something epic..........never seen it before. I have most of these already from other sets though.
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