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  1. I don't mind the fact that Dial-Tone is a woman......what bothers me is that the figure is kinda crappy. Reminds me of something we would get from Spytroops.
  2. I have just as much RAH as the next guy.......but I really like the 25th/Modern line. I've only really liked one or two of the sets in the last 4-5 years or so........(MARS set, and Crimson set) Dreadnoks, and Headhunters didn't really do it for me....... so I'm just excited to get a version of the Crimson set for a decent price......not 400 plus dollars.......or who knows what its going for on ebay now.
  3. I think its a great opportunity for newer fans to get into the collectors club........I didn't have an opportunity to get the original Crimson Strike Team a couple years back and now I will have that chance to go with the newer line. I'm excited for it.
  4. agree completely... another thing though that i'm noticing already... they're doing the same thing all the super hero movies are doing... cramming as many characters as they can into as little amount of time as possible. its not really as noticable though since that's kinda what we want i guess. if it were meant for another audience they would be completely lost by the end of the first episode... Well, that could come back to haunt this incarnation. Its biggest flaw is that its set-up in such a way ( so far) as to require a viewer to have a prior knowledge of GIJOE. If a viewer is familiar enough, the cartoons are accessible--if not, then there's not a whole lot to clue people in to who is who and what is what--especially of the instalments are viewed one at a time, over a period of time. Part of the problem with creating a new version of something is that you have to re-introduce it all over again. This does not take pains to do that, it jumps right in and assumes you know who the characters are. That can be a good thing though, depending on how its written later on. Watchmen was written like this as a film--but there is a lot of debate as to how accessible the film was. I just hope its not a problem for this show. I don't think they're trying to cram too many characters into the plot. Yes, it's true that us "fans" are going to know who the characters in the background are, even without dialogue, but that isn't going to distract from the new (unfamiliar) viewers of this G.I.Joe cartoon. I'm glad they're not TRYING to focus on EVERY character in EVERY scene, and just giving ample time to the core characters in the plot. We've have an advantage in our knowledge, but that's not a distraction for the novice. I'd hate it if they WERE spending too much time introducing each character and giving them all lines and screen time and everybody saying each others names 5 times over like the comic books did. Flint had some dialogue and I don't believe they even mentioned him by name did they? Still worked for me and I bet a non fan wouldn't even care. The Joe's are obviously a team..that's demonstrated by their presence on the FLAGG, a BIG aircraft carrier, and most the Joes were on it, so the large presence of Joe team members standing around in the briefing room was appropriate and without need of introduction of them and I don't think of it as a "cramming" stunt. There's no reason to have to "clue people in" on the minutia of 25 years worth of G.I.Joe canon. I like the pace so far and don't think it missing elements in establishing the good guys, the bad guys and what the plot will be.....stop Cobra! If I wasn't ALREADY a G.I.Joe fan, this would be the kind of thing that would MAKE me one! Characters can all be seen but not immediately established and given screen time or full introduction until later episodes (like most tv programs with large ensembles) so I'm hoping it does so well they need to make more and give us that time in which to see each Joe in action and each Cobra baddie in action and so on. Couldn't agree more......showed it to some guys at work. "Cool" was the popular response of the night........we don't need everything always drawn out in crayon for us. You know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.........thats really all you need to know. I don't need to know the commissioning date of the Flagg or anything that in depth.......Plus, I'm not a huge Snake-eyes fan or anything (over-rated IMO) But that sequence with him on the island was cool as hell...........and the Cobra Trooper trying to take him out, its like he knew he was done but was gonna at least try to shoot him down. Plus, I like how fast the stuff moves........they hit us, the Joes waste no time looking for them or trying to hit them back.
  5. Nevermind, found a link that finally worked.........WOW!!! Great Stuff.......I can't wait for more!!!! Great GI Joe stuff.........the theme and tone is spot on. I saw the first one and was way more excited than I was when I first saw the movie trailer. MORE RESOLUTE!!!! @rambo@
  6. Urgghhhh.........I'm standing duty this weekend, go figure on government computers I can't get the adultswim website. We have internet access but its filtered somewhat.......no youtube or anything like that. Pretty lame........I have to wait until Monday. Maybeeeee I can run home tomorrow or something........ @grumpy@
  7. Awesome......didn't really show anything.(all fast action shots) but still cool as hell. Already too much Snake-Eyes. But still cool overall.........can't wait. I have Directv and was trying to DVR the individual episodes.....but its only showing the hour long "movie" on the 24th or 25th (can't remember the date).
  8. @usa@ I second that..........for all the talk of Duke arms and crotches.....the 25th/Modern line is or was pretty awesome. I just hope it comes back in some form after the movie line. You know what else is cool......I can somewhat have a complete Joe collection.....there are some pieces that I'm missing but I'll get them eventually. RAH on the other hand may take me another 5 years to complete.....(and I'm sure I'll never have everything) But with this line it gives collectors a chance at things like completing a whole line. Bravo Hasbro.........(I'm sure this will have like 5 reply's cause its a positive thread) but I ain't afraid to say it. (Once or twice @cool@ ) I don't think one collector in this forum can deny the coolness of finding these figures in the aisle again (packaging and all) and not feeling like you're 10 years old again.
  9. That Alley-Viper is PERFECT!!!!! Also......how cool is it that his grappling gun is detachable from his backpack. How many times as a kid did I imagine that it shot out anyway. Awesome!!!
  10. To be honest, I was more excited about this than the live-action movie. Its cool that its just going to be released in its entireity.....I hate mini-episode things. I'm looking forward to the 25th and my DVR will be set!!!!!
  11. I'm all about that BBQ.......still wish he was Slaughters Marauders BBQ but what can you do? Cool that we are getting him though......in a more "camo" style paint job. That Firefly is cool too......
  12. Only if I get her in a 2-pack with a female Snake-Eyes.............. @smilepunch@ No, but seriously........I wouldn't really care....as long as its a cool figure. They made a female Doc a couple years back for the convention exclusive....it was all good..... so why not?
  13. You can't use Watchmen as an example........they marketed it like an action movie......and its not. I know a lot of people went thinking they were going to get X-men and got a 2 and a half hour movie deconstructing the super-hero mind. Watchmen was pretty deep.......and I think it went over a lot of peoples heads. The fact that it was loyal to the book didn't hurt its box-office.......it was the story/movie in general. A lot of people didn't "Get" it. I had to tell a couple people I worked with to not take their kids to it......."My kids like superheros, they should like it" I was like NOOOOOOO!!! The general public was more concerned with Doc Manhattan's blue thingy than anything.
  14. Is it the end of the world that he looks like this?.....No. Will I still see the movie?.....Yes. Is it my right as an American to have an opinion on something even if it differs from yours. Yes........ Its crap..........I don't like it. Its simple. My expectations are WAY LOW......for this movie. So maybe I will be presently surprised if ONE thing is cool in it. Does it seem like they used the 1997 handbook on how to make comic/sci-fi/toy properties into a movie........yeah, but I'll still see it. I'll still buy RAH Joes off ebay and at shows......I'll get the rest of the 25th/Modern era stuff(Which initially was only supposed to be a couple waves, Thanks Hasbro)......and buy some GI Joe t-shirts here and there. I'll still be a GI Joe fan........its not the end of the world. I'm kinda tired of bitching about it to be honest..........maybe I'm just past the point of disappointment........who knows........ Yo Joe!!!! @usa@
  15. You're right......and only one of them was good. @smilepunch@ Oh and that CC is crap........that's all I really needed to say.
  16. I'm still jealous of your Jim Lee Snake-Eyes sketch............
  17. Same here! Same here! I'm just hoping that the packaging is somewhat the same, which will probably not be the case. They will have some snazzy new cover for the set or some cool new special features and I will be tempted to buy the seasons all over again. This is good news though.......it really bugged the hell out of me that Rhino never completed the series. While all my Transformer friends had the whole series.
  18. I'm pretty excited for this..........I was a Transformers fan as a kid, had some toys but wasn't a huge fan by any means. GI Joe and MOTU.....were the 1-2 with Transformers playing for 3rd place. When I got into buying back my chiildhood in 2002 I picked up some Transformers stuff......but gradually concentrated on GI Joe. I love the Transformers though......almost picked up the Rhino sets but figured they would be around and passed (Stupid!!! Glad I picked up the Joe sets though, whew!! if only they finished the series) I'm all over this........and I'm loving the retro style packaging!!!
  19. Here's the link...........kinda cool, kinda lame. Have to see him talking and stuff. Cool that he looks like that, but it doesn't really translate well IMO. Some movie websites around the net have the pic. Destro Mask........
  20. I was just wondering what we have to look forward too when it comes to the remaining releases for the 25th/Modern era line is put on hold for the movie stuff. Cobra Island 7 packs Stinger/Artic Hiss vehicle wave Mighty Muggs???? Hall of Heroes stuff........ I'm hoping some more of those best of 80's packs will be starting to hit soon........I was just thinking about this cause I was looking at stuff that I need to still pick up......before the movie stuff takes over the toy aisles.
  21. You know.......these things are so awesomely detailed that they almost look real. Another little thing.........they look real world enough to be prototypes for what a real GI Joe movie could look like. In that second pic with CC and the troops and Storm Shadow......you're telling me that those designs wouldn't have worked just as well. They look pretty creepy all together like that. Great figures.........
  22. No, I'm fairly sure the movie will still suck hard.........I was just going to pick up a couple figures to keep MOC just for the sake of my Joe collection. I collect everything Joe for the most part..........I even have some Sigma 6 figures.......I'm still not a big fan but I picked up a couple to give them a chance. Most of the figures are pretty crappy though.........save a few. I still would rather have Modern era stuff.........
  23. I really wanted nothing to do with the movie figures........I was gonna get a couple just to have in my collection. That trench coat Snake-Eyes is too freakin cool!!!!! (Page 2 of the pics) Shipwreck looks really good too.
  24. I'm pretty sure they will come with accessories......at least they better cause some of those figures are in desperate need of accessories. Something is not sitting right with me about that Alley-Viper.........maybe the brown on the boots......hmmmmmm. Cool that he has his colors though.
  25. Somehow no one has mentioned the "Snake Fries" Mr. Potato Head...........that thing is unreal.
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