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  1. I'm going to see it opening day, for all the negativity that is coming with the movie......when all is said and done. Its still a GI Joe MOVIE!!!!(no matter how bad it is) Kinda like watching an accident too, I really want to see how bad it is...........I'm sure I'll flame it later and hate some stuff about it but as a fan of the property I'm a little excited to see it. I'm really not happy about most of the stuff I've heard and seen; but I'll still give it my opening day support.
  2. I picked up the movie novelization the other day in Target.........and yes, its going to be as bad as everyone thinks it will be. I was pretty pissed off after 10 minutes of flipping through it and what I read (as a Joe fan). I'm just talking story wise and some of the stuff I read about the characters and their history with each other.....lame. Plus, The Rock, Armageddon, and the original Bad Boys were pretty solid action flicks........they are usually named in the positive when someone is talking about Bay.
  3. I've been fighting with this for a while now......I have a DvD player from like 1999 and it still works perfectly.....but I'm curious if I should get a Blu-ray or just get a 1080p upconvert DvD player. I would only buy Blu-Rays that are visually awesome, something like Spidey or Watchmen next month. It really doesn't seem worth it.
  4. Another thing is that Bay has never been shy of flying the flag in any of his movies........we definitly would have gotten the slow-motion Duke raising the flag or the Joes walking in front of the flag shot. @usa@
  5. Theres no one You had the King of Rock and the King of Pop Basically like the Babe Ruth's of the music world But in the music world?........ who knows when something like this on the scale of Micheal or Elvis will ever happen again I really don't think too many people will be broken up when the Jonas Bros. eventually kick the bucket. @smilepunch@ John Norris on MTV made a good point the other day.........he said that he is kind of the last real music "SuperStar" and it probably won't happen again, no one since MJ has made that type of impact on the music scene. With music the way it is today........I'm a big hip-hop fan and the last CD I bought was Eminem's new one.......so I can't say I haven't bought a cd in a while but other than that cd it has been a while.
  6. I hope this doesn't go negative.....so just hear me out. I was watching TF2:ROTF the other day in the theatre.....and if anyone was paying close attention to the cut military scenes that he filmed for the movie. The scene when the 2 hover crafts are landing and just the overall feel of the military in that movie. I was wishing that he got GI Joe instead of Transformers.......it just had a total badass tone to it. Even the NEST team seemed way more badass than anything I've gotten from the GI Joe team in the trailers. I know this is a coulda, woulda, shoulda post.......but anyone else see where I'm coming from. In a couple of those desert scenes I was imagining Vipers instead of Decepticons......and Joes running around with green shirts.
  7. Yeah, the night of his death it was all his videos in their entirety....and part of Friday. "Remember the time" with Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson......its been forever since I've seen that video.
  8. It was on the 1996 MTV video music awards that I really saw KISS for the first time; they closed the show and I was instantly a fan. I was 15....went out and started buying some of their stuff. I was really late but c'mon.......I've been a member of the Army ever since. I saw them in 2003 with Aerosmith in Jersey and the tickets were worth every penny. They put on a SHOW........I love the Kissology DvD sets......they get shafted by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame every year too.
  9. Ahhhhh, I just remembered the Super Bowl half-time show he did......when he just stood there like a statue for like 3 minutes. Plus, it was pretty cool to see videos on MTV again the last couple days.......it took MJ to get them back on....it was all MJ all nite.
  10. Some of my favorite MJ moments...... The Smooth Criminal scenes in "MoonWalker" when he outdances all the gangsters.....when he goes near the pool table and grabs the cue ball and crushes it in his hand, then blows the dust in the guys face. Great Stuff......also Joe Pesci as Mr. Big. Michael Jordan with MJ in the Jam video.........I was like 12-13 years old in 92...I played the "Dangerous" tape in my walkman (yes, walkman) until it broke. Seeing Thriller on MTV scared the crap out of me as a youngin.......but I still liked to watch it. I remember watching MTV waiting for it to come on. Whenever he had a new video it was huge and everyone was talking about it. Also, I think everyone has tried to Moonwalk at some point in their life.....if you say you haven't; you're lying. I know a part of us being toy collectors has something to do with us wanting to reconnect with our childhood and a simpler/worry free time, when everything was fun. To be honest MJ kinda goes a little with that.....I saw a lot of people saying a piece of their childhood died the other day......I kinda feel the same way. Also, there is a funny sketch on Robot Chicken a while back that had the old MJ abducted by aliens and the new "weird" MJ was an imposter....and the old MJ comes back to Earth and defeats the imposter in a dance off. I remember being like "If only it were true" All the crazy stuff aside.......MJ was awesome and probably the last true "Superstar" all around.
  11. You know.......Bay doesn't really deserve the crap that he gets for most of his movies. Especially Transformers........he made a pretty good movie overall. Now I'm primarily a GI Joe guy......but The Transformers have always been interesting to me. I would always pay attention to Transformers stuff.........never really had any, bought some here and there. I'm telling you guys it could be WAYYYY worse......just look at the crapfest that the GI Joe fans are going to get in August......I mean I can see what you're saying about the designs of the robots (not super close to the line, doesn't bother me as much)......but is that you're only real beef with Bay and his Transmovies??? Plus, unless they totally re-boot the series, which I doubt........you're not going to see different robot designs. I think this is going to be bad for the franchise overall......the third movie almost never does well after a change of director.
  12. You know when you get down to it.........it just looks like a crap movie. Someone said a while back that the movie could be titled "Stealth Ops" and no would know the difference. (other than the names of the characters) My theory for the Accelerator suits being terrible is that we had Iron Man last summer........been there done that. The idea that this thing is scoring so low on test screenings is a scary thought, but I'm not surprised. Stephen Sommers+rushed script due to writers strike+actors that really don't seem to enthusiastic about the movie itself+bad cgi= awful movie. I could go on forever about this stuff........I'm just hoping we can get a re-boot in a couple years. On a positive note........the movie toys will probably be on clearance quick enough.
  13. I picked up the Vamp and Skyhawk for 7.48 a piece.....everything was 50% off at my Target. The Resolute packs were 12.48 and Mighty Muggs were 5.48 or something. Somehow the Combat Heroes weren't on sale though....I still need some of those little guys.
  14. I was just looking around over at Hasbrotoyshop.com and noticed that they are now selling troop builder sets......8 packs of the Para-Viper, PP Crimson Guard, Bazooka Trooper, and PP Officer for 49.99. Kinda cool if you are looking to army build any of these guys. Sorry if its old news but I didn't see any topics about it. Just a heads up.....
  15. All I know is I'm more excited for GI Joe Monopoly than I am for this movie. #US1# The cool RAH related merchandise has me more excited than anything I've seen from this film...........also no Baroness accent........FAIL.
  16. Jack Daniels as well. Paramount wants us all to be alcoholics! I thought the nods to the drinks were cool and made the bar scene more "Earthly" if that makes sense. Uhura ordered drinks that were obviously named after stuff from all over the galaxy.....I thought it was a cool little nod to humans......because she was ordering that stuff while she was right next to a pretty ugly alien. I mean beer has been around forever........I'm pretty sure it would last another 200 years. Budweiser, maybe not.......but its not crazy. I mean they are humans.....when you go to a bar you ask for a Bud, Coors, Miller Lite, or something.......not just "Generic Beer #3" On the other hand........I'm not going to pretend to be a Star Trek geek.....I'm a GI Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, DC geek. I know the basics and I've watched some Trek in my day.......(mostly TNG....but I'm more familiar than the average person in Trek) I don't get all the love for this movie......I finally saw it today and it felt very rushed.........the plot was kinda lame......and stuff was just all over the place. A dozen or so Starships getting their ass handed to them by a Romulan mining vessel??? Shields don't exist......(unless Nero knew the older frequencies and was able to shoot right through them). The Kobayashi Maru scene was WAY over the top. Kirk was almost asking to get caught. The cast was excellent.........I mean the movie wasn't bad.....I'm just surprised that its not getting flamed more than it is by Star Trek fans. All the positivity on the internet is a little weird.......
  17. I've gotten flamed for this before, but I think there is a mentality that you're not allowed to make a patriotic US war movie at any point in history after World War II. Everything set in the eras from Vietnam to the present is about incompetent and corrupt military leaders and politicians, and the only "heroes" are those who spend the whole movie philosophizing about pacifism, free will and the "real" meaning of freedom and liberty. I hear ya brother! I've been blasted, beat down and flamed for my political retrospectives on G.I.Joe as well. You're okay to offer up WHY something about G.I.Joe might not be popular, or go over so well, with the International community, and why it's necessary to make concessions in the mythos of G.I.Joe to accommodate the political sensitivities of the worlds view towards American politics or our military, because it's just "good business sense" as well as being PC, but should you DARE to challenge those reasons...you're just stirring up political arguments and nobody wants to hear it. Taking the concept of A REAL AMERICAN HERO out of G.I.JOE for political reasons, is like taking COWBOYS & INDIANS out of a Western....for political reasons. Wow, totally agree with everything above.
  18. No, my friend from what i've read on the old internet........she's just as screwed up as the rest of them. (Origin wise that is) She's the only one with an all black outfit originally.......that's why she looks "normal."
  19. I'm the same way.........Still not loving it......but it does look a little better. Nothing will change the fact CC still looks terrible. I still think Transformers 2 will own the summer though.
  20. Wow, thats awful and creepy looking........I can see it being just as ridiculous with the chrome added. So sad...... I don't know what Hasbro is trying to accomplish with these exclusives......I can see the Destro one, but what are they trying to do with the 12 inch Baroness???? I like RAH....thats what started me as a collector, that's what I had as a kid........I really do not like the 12 inch stuff. I respect it.....for what it is......but I have never had any kind of urge to pick up 12 inch stuff. From what I've seen a lot of other collectors feel the same way, (that are exclusively being 3 3/4 inch collectors) Doesn't Hasbro know their fans??? The movie was based off the 80's line for the reason of targeting the 25-30 year olds that grew up with it, so they change the scale for a exclusive, Bizarre. For a company that has been hitting home runs for the last 6-12 months it really doesn't make sense??
  21. Just as good as the rest.........cool to see some Ice-Vipers in the beginning too. At least they looked like Ice-Vipers???
  22. While it is awesome.........we've already had 2 episodes with the Snake-eyes and Storm Shadow thing. (counting ep. 5) VvV and Spytroops were also somewhat devoted to their rivalry.......kinda sick of seeing it to be honest. This is somewhat aimed at fans......so I was hoping to not have any of that (Wolverine/Snake-eyes thing) Granted, the kids love ninja's.......but I was hoping to have more team oriented stuff, not so much "Snake-eyes is the ultimate badass once again" (although ep. 2 was cool.) I'm kinda torn............ You know where Wolverine overshadows the rest of the X-men, and is almost always the focal point at some point.......Snake-Eyes is the same thing sometimes. I don't want to get flamed by the Arashikage brotherhood or anything.......I like it but 2 out of the 5 episodes are devoted to Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow for the most part.......if you can see where I'm coming from.
  23. It's different continuity...........so its not really that big a deal, at least that's how I look at it. Also, someone may want to post spoiler stuff for those that didn't watch it yet. Good stuff..........I'll wait to post stuff until more people see it. If this upsets you I would hate to see you when the movie hits in August........ @smilepunch@
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