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  1. I'm from Delaware and I'm interested in going to this but I hope there will be a good amount of GI Joe collectors there. I went to WizardWorld in Philly this past year and was really upset with the lack of vendors selling GI Joe goods. I used to clean up at WW in Philly.....there used to be a good amount of guys selling Joes.....this year I think I saw maybe 3 vendors that had Joes of any kind. The only Joe item I walked away with was the "Defense of Cobra Island" set. The guy didn't even have the "Assault" set.... Some guys just had a bin with incomplete Joes.....I mean there was a decent amount of 25th stuff....(but I have all of that).....RAH was almost no where to be found. Basically I don't want to drive up there and it be nothing but Transformers stuff....with a little of Joe thrown in.
  2. Wow, just like the topic I started yesterday......I had no idea about any of this stuff! I knew we were getting a Low-Light...but that was really about it. I really like that Snake-Eyes, that Astronaut/Bomb Disposal looking figure is really cool. Heavy weapons Destro is a must pick-up......I'm really liking where this line is going.....its a shame that its going to end for "Renegades".
  3. Yeah, I don't know about Storm Shadow.....the same thing with that Snake-Eyes from Wave 2.
  4. I really hadn't given POC any of my attention until recently. I saw the pics when it was first announced, but to be honest I didn't click on all the thumbnails. I think I looked at Beachhead and was really happy, then looked at Duke and was like "Meh." I really liked the new cardbacks and was just happy to finally see the movie line go away. I was lucky enough to snag an Alley-Viper and CC when I first saw them and really didn't pay much attention to the other figures in the wave. "I don't need another Snow-Job" was what I said to myself. But I found the wave 2 figures in Target last week and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. I picked up Dusty, Arctic Destro, Zartan, and the Jungle Viper. I'm a Destro guy so he was an automatic pick-up. The Jungle Viper was too cool in person to not pick-up....I was skeptical when I first saw some of the initial pics of him......but he's damn cool when you open him up. Dusty is pretty cool too......although he could use some more accessories. Zartan is the only one I have yet to open, but the figure looks great and all the goodies inside with him look great too. I went back the next night to Wal-Mart because they still had some of Wave 1 warming the pegs. I got Beachhead, Snake-Eyes and Snow Job.....passed on Firefly (reminds me of Wraith too much, thats not Firefly to me, or even a updated one)Snow Job is really cool when you open him up and get him "all geared up" His accessories really make him......Same with Beachhead....the guy comes with a bunch of weapons and fins. Snake-Eyes is pretty standard, but I needed one for my POC shelf. I'm probably gonna snag Recondo when I get a chance. I don't know why I didn't. But I'm glad to see Hasbro start giving us some cool accessories to make these figures even better. I know when I was little playing with RAH figures....the accessories sometimes made a mediocore figure a great one. POC kinda snuck up on me as a Joe collector.......kinda nice to be pleasantly surprised.
  5. I've been on the fence for a while now with joining the club.....The Dial-Tone just might get me to fork over my money. I really like the idea of being able to "complete" a Joe line. This is a reason I was so mad over the Slaughter fiasco. But I always liked Dial-Tone.....I'm probably going to wait until I see some pictures before I make my final decision. I tell ya what though.....he better come with his signature backpack. #US1#
  6. Yeah, its out of control.....for a character that most of Joe fans supposedly loathe. I did pretty much the same thing. He was up then gone......I didn't really have a problem with either of the last 2 exclusives. PDD Destro and CC.... (I didn't even try for that ROC Destro).
  7. How about a Pythona figure??? I think it's crazy that we still haven't gotten her in one form or another. Whether it be RAH or the 25th line.....I think she's due.
  8. So I recently just moved into a bigger place with plenty of room for showing off my goods. (Joes) Anyway.....I have stuff all over the floor in the Office/Joe room. Since I have all this room now I was going to display my Joes by line....RAH separate from JvC and so on. Previously, everything had been just displayed together. They were split up Joe/Cobra before. So I have a tub full of JvC/VvV/Spytroops stuff and it really annoys the crap out of me.....some of the figures are downright fugly......Maybe I've just grown in the past 5 years or so from when I first started picking up the stuff.....or the 25th/Modern era stuff is SOOOO above and beyond what JvC only wished it could have been. The bottom line is every time I look in that JvC/Spytroops/VvV tub I want to throw it in the dumpster..... Even some of the TRU exclusives from that time are pretty ugly.....
  9. The opening in the first "Blade" was awesome......the set-up and the finish. Awesome.... The end of the 1st Ninja Turtles movie.....taking on the whole Foot Clan and Shredder on the roof. Great Stuff (highly underrated comic-movie too)Mikey- "At what point did we....lose control here?" Transformers 2- This whole movie is a mess....except for some of the fight scenes. The opening sequence with the Air Force dropping Prime out of the C-130.....he transforms in the air; hits the ground running and then transforms again. Then deals with that Decepticon... Pure awesomeness!!! Too bad the rest of the movie was awful....with a couple exceptions.
  10. I wanted to see this SO bad when I first saw the trailer......it wasn't playing anywhere near me. (mainly big cities) I couldn't wait for the DvD to come out and I had to order it from Amazon. I couldn't find it anywhere. I watched it and thought it was AWESOME! It was funny as hell and has some good action in it.....I wish it got a little more publicity though. It's a great spoof movie....way better than any of that "Disaster Movie" and "Superhero Movie" crap.
  11. I snagged this set a while back at Shopko for like 12.99....I couldn't believe it when I did. I had always wanted to pick it up but the 50 dollar price tag was just too much at the time. It really was a great show for the times..... I know comic fans and kids these days are spoiled.....but I remember when this, the Batman movies and the Superman movies were all us geeks had when it came to live-action stuff. I remember begging my Mom to stay up and watch it......she usually let me. I was around 10 when the show was on......
  12. I hope he has a 25th/Modern era cardback........I'm liking him although he does look kinda weak.....Sarge should have some more definition. I'm looking forward to him though......I'm really not set on either version either. As long as I get one I'll be happy.
  13. This figure is all kinds of awesome........160 bucks is still a bit much for me to jump in head first though. I may just pick up a couple of these eventually to supplement my 3 3/4 inch collection. That face is just straight pissyness.....Beachhead is the loveable a-hole of the Joe team. That's pretty much the vibe I've always gotten from the character. These are really starting to tempt my wallet into opening though.......I have a feeling when we eventually see that Scarlett......I'm gonna be ordering a couple of these.
  14. They have put the SDCC exclusives on HTS the following Monday the past 3 years. I got PDD Destro and Business Suit CC fairly easily. I passed on that horrid Destro this year.....but I will be ALL FOR a new 25th style Sarge!!! I watched "Arise, Serpentor, Arise" the other day randomly. I was like "Why do we not have a new style Sgt. Slaughter" If he comes with the Triple T .....my head will explode. I know he won't come with the Triple T......he'll just have to share with my RAH Sarge. "At Ease Disease!!!!"
  15. I LOVE the new cardbacks!!! That Alley-Viper is awesome as well.....Jungle-Viper has a lot going on but looks like a cool figure to display. Arctic Destro is great looking too......That Beachhead figure could be the best version of the character EVER. "That's top secret swabby!" I like the chase Cobra Commander for some reason.....maybe is the metallic mask or something....he just looks way better than the version we got with the movie figures. "Tech-Ninja" Snake-Eyes or whatever that thing is....is kinda lame. I'm liking the Snake-eyes with Timber though.....but I don't really need another one. (I always say that and always end up buying another one)
  16. I'm really liking the Cobra set......kinda lame that all the Joes have the same legs. I saw close up pics over at the Collectors Club website. Scarlett's face is kinda fugly.....but I'm gonna be buying both of these sets. Cool that we are getting Stalker though.
  17. They somehow appeared at my Target too......and in the clearance aisle. Mine were marked down to 12.48 though. I wasn't really impressed with it.....even for 12 bucks.
  18. Yeah, I was thinking about that when I was first playing it.....imagine if you were taking out Snow Serpents on the Snowy levels....or Alley-Vipers in South America.....and whatever Joe you picked determined what weapon set you have. It would be cool.....but we'll never see anything like that. Its a shame..... @grumpy@
  19. I wish I was where you are! I haven't seen any of the "Best of the 80's" sets anywhere!!! I'm not even really mad about the figures....I just want a completed MASS Device. If you can still find some.....Hook a brother up!!! I've been to 3-5 TJ's and Marshall's in the past 4 months and have found nothing but "The Revenge of Cobra"/Wave 1 sets.
  20. Due to the limited release of the "Best of the 80's" DvD set, is there any way that we will be able to get the last part of the MASS Device? I still have a uncompleted MASS Device and I don't have Destro's phone number? @lol@
  21. 1. Inglourious Basterds- Great movie.....the bar/basement scene was great and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. I really liked this movie....even more was the unexpected revenge plot with the girl. 2. Star Trek- I really wasn't a big fan after I saw it in the theater....I liked it but I wasn't dying to see it again. When it came out on DvD I picked it up and was happy that I did......the second time I watched it I REALLY liked it. 3. Watchmen- I don't know what people were looking for with this movie.....for the most part its the pages of the comic on film.....and us nerds for the most part were STILL unhappy! I wasn't.....I think it was way over the general movie-goers head. You would really only enjoy the story in Watchmen if you're a comic fan.....not your average comic fan that still thinks having the Number 1# issue of whatever is going to put your kid through college someday. You need to have an understanding of the Genre to really appreciate this....... 4. GI Joe: ROC- I know I'm going to get crap for this one.....but you know what? This was a FUN movie and if I was 12 would have been dying to see it again. Is that so bad??? It gave me what Transformers 2 didn't......a fun story that reminded me why I love GI Joe. Granted, there was some stuff that was terrible from a Joe fans POV......but stuff like Snake-Eyes dropping out of the plane dropping Neo-Vipers made it all break-even. (Ripcord wasn't all that bad too) 5. Up - I actually got choked up while I was watching this movie....the way Carl sat around missing his wife and the way he thought that they wasted their time together....only to find in the back of the scrapbook that their life was the adventure......great stuff. If this movie doesn't win something it will be a crime. 6. The Hangover- I can't believe that no one has mentioned this yet, if you haven't seen it you need too. I still haven't seen "The Hurt Locker" I'm dying to see it.....and I'm pissed that its STILL not out on DvD yet....I gotta wait until the 15th of Jan. Avatar was pretty good too.......the machines, the creatures, the planet of Pandora. Awesome!
  22. I don't see what the big deal is with "District 9" either. I wasn't really wowed or anything when I saw it. I think it was a combination of a somewhat original take on aliens coming to earth, and the fact that the budget was ridiculously low. Some of the stuff made no sense or was never explained......somehow their fuel can change humans into Prawns. I really don't get what all the hype was about.....I did like it...but I don't get why it is so hyped up. Are we that starved at the movies for original stories....that anything that is close to that is "A 10!" or "4 Stars!".
  23. That Scarlett looks very DangerGirlish......kinda reminds me of Abby Chase. Great work though.
  24. Its not Winter Warfare or anything, but I'm stationed in Northern Wisconsin in the Coast Guard. In the winter months our boats are pulled but we still do Ice Rescue. (Due to all the Ice Fisherman up here) It gets pretty cold up here (30 below with the wind chill sometimes) Anyway, when I first got up here they sent me to Ice Rescue school in Michigan.....we have to get in the water to pull people out......(We're way more prepared than any fire department) We're not just pulling dogs out of the Ice......we prepare for the worst. Anyway, the gear we have to wear is out of control......its like 15 pounds of extra stuff we have to put on to go onto the Ice. Granted, we can jump in freezing water and sit for hours at a time. Every year they make us wear MORE stuff.....its for our own safety but still. I'm sure the Army and Marines have similar suits.....
  25. The interviews with some of the guys behind "Resolute" from Hasbro was pretty cool. I liked the fact that they really tried to aim it solely at collectors and older fans. They also mention that they want a 30 minute "Resolute" cartoon......but they sounded like fans when they said it. (Like it wasn't going to happen, but would be cool if it did). "Resolute" was better in a complete viewing(Still waaaayyy too much Snake-eyes though)......Now I want some more "Resolute" styled figures....C'mon Hasbro!!
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