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  1. MAAAANNNNN, I'm up late and happened to check out the forums and saw this topic and decided to jump on. Back in 2002 when the JvC line was JUST starting up I found this cool little forum called "American Dream Comics" and I totally owe my early Joe collecting years (buying back my childhood) to this forum and the guys that were around here back then. Seriously, I LEARNED so much from this forum...now 14 years later what started as "Aw man GI Joe is back!" is now a whole room dedicated in my house to the franchise. I've mostly moved on to Facebook and Twitter in the last 4 years or so....slowly moving away from the forums. I still check TNI everyday for toy news......but the fact that there hasn't been much news over the last couple years hasn't helped either. Those days were great though....this forum was bumping back then.
  2. Nova is up for pre-order on Amazon right now for $21.99....available on the 17th of July.
  3. Yeah, I went to 2 Wal-marts yesterday and saw those GOTG middle aisle displays.......I saw 5 Nova's yesterday......FIVE of them.....these things are going to be everywhere in the next week me-thinks.
  4. "Go, Go, Go it's....!!!!!" COBRA!!!!! I'm liking Cross Country....but not for 45 bucks......its a cool figure....I just want to know what the price is on that Snow Havoc? Then maybe they'll have my attention.....
  5. No, no, no, no.......I liked Nolan's "Bat-verse" for what it was.......but lets move on. Caught DKR on HBO the other night again.....watched most of it. (I have it on blu too, but nothing else was on, had to watch) its pretty boring IMO. It doesn't stand up to multiple viewings......I think he caught lightning in a bottle with TDK......that and Ledger was brilliant....(which no one saw coming) I'm still not really happy about the was DC is approaching Batman v. Superman anyway......starting with the title "Batman VS. Superman" kinda bugs me......why do they have to be enemies...or fighting each other?? Not that they haven't in the past.....but I really have no faith in DC and WB capturing this the same way the books have done their relationship so well over the years. Whenever they have fought in the past there was a reason for them coming to blows over stuff.....not just a misunderstanding or whatever stupid reason they'll have them in this movie. also for the record I have no problem with Affleck as Bats......i don't trust WB and DC when it comes to their movies.......MOS was great eye-candy and had some really cool parts but it was "all jacked up on MT. DEW!!!" way too much.
  6. UGGGHHH.....lame. Spent 200 bucks on one back in July...I had a feeling that we would never see it released. I'm kinda surprised that its still available but from what I've seen on ebay its not really going for much more than $150. The hype is completely gone for this thing too......the word is out too. Its been front page on most Joe sites for most of the day.
  7. I got my Night-Viper yesterday in the mail with Jinx and Blind-Master.........the Night-Viper is a thing of beauty.......seriously. Great figure.....
  8. Thats crazy......just got a notification that my Night-Viper/Jinx/ Blind-master have shipped from HTS......so who knows when THOSE figures will hit retail?
  9. I stopped at 4 Walgreen's while out the other day.....all but one had a Wave 1 Roadblock and a Red Ninja/Zartan......only 1 actually had a Ultimate Roadblock......and that was all that was sitting on the peg. I already have these from BBTS....but I would like another Cobra Ninja Soldier....trooper thing.
  10. DD is one of those movies that kinda got a bad rap over the years....but I remember when it was released most people liked it from what I remember......
  11. Awesome man! I downloaded it.....sounds really good and the beats are NICE!! Loving the Biggie samples too.....plus the Joe lyrics are funny and flow together really well. "Rank and File" is unreal.....that "Joe beat" sample is serious.....
  12. I'm hoping to start seeing these in the mail soon?
  13. That idiot needs a chill pill. Yeah, she was pretty angry........I wanted to tell her that I know you have other stock because I know the case ratios and there is no way that you just got Mo-Larr and 10 Vigo's in......granted they could have sold the other stock....but this particular BL has the smallest toy section I've ever seen....its pretty much half and aisle and stuff is crammed in where ever.
  14. Whats up? So in the last couple weeks I kinda abandoned the MOTUC BL hunt...because I couldn't find anything anymore.......no trace whatsoever at any of the BL's by me. However last night I went into the one BL by me that didn't get ANY MOTUC when they first hit and they actually randomly had the MO-Larr and some Ghostbusters stuff....but that was it. I even asked 3 different employee's if they had anymore in the back......1 said angrily "Whatever's out is out!" and the second was much nicer " We have no toy back stock" .
  15. I didn't get one either....but I did snag a couple other figures I needed when I pre-ordered the other 3. I picked up Retaliation Snake-Eyes and Joe Colton......I got Snake-eyes in the mail yesterday and my invoice had all the figures on it and it stated that the figures will ship separately or as they come available.
  16. Hama's sketches were hit and miss......they were all pretty good...but you can tell who he loves to draw....most of his Snake-eyes ones were pretty awesome and in depth.....they were all full torso shots too, pretty much ended at the knees.....Trimpe was at an ACTOR signing (the charity for down and out comic creators) and he was just charging a donation for one of his sketches. I have a Jim Lee Batman that he did for me awhile back......its just a headshot but its still one of my prized possessions......he whipped it up in like 2 seconds.....anybody that goes to Cons and doesn't hit up artist alley is really missing out.....this past Philly I met Joe Del Beato who did a lot of the card art for the 90's Joe trading card set....he had a ton of sketches from his 90's GI Joe work......
  17. Yeah, I've met a bunch of wrestlers and quasi-celebrities at cons......and you can always tell when they really don't care and are just going through the paces.....my 10-15 minutes with Slaughter let me know he really loved being a part of the property and respects it. He had a big smile when I came up to him with my Joe stuff......he was a little hunched over but he's still a mountain of a man......I'm 6' 1" just to give you some scale to Slaughters height.......plus his hand is bigger than my head....
  18. The demand for that set would be outrageous........seriously....I can't even imagine.
  19. I'd like to read that story bro!! I'd love to meet Rod Whigham, IMHO, the best GI JOE artist there ever was!!! Everyone looked how they were supposed to, each Joe was different!! I saw Hama at last years Baltimore Comic-Con........I went on Sunday and was one of the 1st people in the door......I went directly to where his table was and talked to him/shook his hand/"Huge Joe fan" and all that crap. He was doing sketches when I walked up to the table.....plus he had like 5-10 sitting on his table. He told me he would put me on his list......and the ones on the table were from the day before. I'm a big Barbecue fan....one of my personal favorite characters.....so I asked if he could do a Barbecue sketch....he laughed and said "Sure, did you know that I named him after one of my ex-girlfriends?" "I dated a girl named Gabriel a long time ago" ......which I thought was hilarious. So he put me on his list......I think I was number 36-37 or something like that....but the list carried over from the day before....I think he was on sketch 25 or something like that when I talked to him. I'm not one to really kiss ass....because I'm sure he's heard every fricken GI Joe story under the moon.....I did tell him that I'm sure GI Joe had some influence on me joining the military.......anyway......so I left his table to hit the rest of the con. Throughout the day I kept running past his booth......he was there some of the time....walking away other times.......so about an hour out of the Con ending I ran by his booth and saw that he was only on like #34 on his sketch list.......and he had like 2 sketches left on the table....one was a Scrap-Iron and the other was a pretty sweet Commando Snake-eyes.....I asked him "I guess you're not going to get to #37 huh" and he kinda laughed and said "probably not" and then I asked "If no one comes to claim either of these by shows end can I snag one of these?" He said "Sure".......so I walk away for a little and come back.....and some dude was there just hanging around his booth for like the last 30 minutes.......I was near his booth but I didn't want to hover you know? Plus I figured Larry knew I wanted a sketch.....would hook me up with one for not being able to get to the one I requested right?? So I go back to the booth like 10 minutes before the show ends......I ask "So is that Snake-eyes still up for grabs?" Larry goes "No, its his" and points to the guy that was standing at his booth for the past 30 minutes......who mind you...already got a sketch earlier in the day from him!!!! I was respectful but I said "Really?! You couldn't get to mine and I waited and even asked you if I could get one since you couldn't get to my Barbecue and he already has one from you?!!" Here I was hoping the comic/Joe God that Hama is....would have been like "No, you already have one and he's been by my booth 4-5 times today, its only fair" but he didn't he was taking 25 bucks from the other Joe nerd while I was asking what I said above......Hama just shrugged his shoulders and made sure he had 25 bucks in his hand and walked out. Other Joe nerd just laughed in my face............ I did get a Snake-eyes from Herb Trimpe at that same show.....and he was a million times more personable than Hama......I did get Joe #1 signed by both of them though......
  20. Heres a quick shot of my room/office...... Ray Park even tried to draw a make shift Arashikage symbol on it.....pretty funny. His sig in on the other side.......plus that isn't everything I own in the above pic....a lot of my collection is stored on my attic....thats just what I can display neatly.
  21. So I follow @gijoemovie on twitter.......they've been giving away prize packs the last couple weeks for the dvd release I guess.....well you guys know how Ray Park threw out the first pitch (dressed as Snake-eyes) at the Oakland "A"s game the day the Retaliation dvd came out? Well they tweeted the other day "Show us why you are the biggest Gi Joe fan for a chance to win this prize pack" Which included a Retaliation HISS tank, a hat, a copy of the blu-ray, and the ball he threw out signed by Park. I sent a pic of my collection and said "This prize pack will make a good addition to my collection" .......and I won it! It came yesterday....pretty cool little collector's item IMO.
  22. Nevermind.....it must've been a pre-authorization or something....
  23. Anyone else get charged for the Jinx/Night Viper/Hard Master wave on HTS yet? I was the other day? Could they be shipping early?
  24. Got mine yesterday........finally had a chance to rip them open today. They all look awesome.......really great figures here. Flint, Roadblock, and even Channing Duke are all pretty cool. Tons of weapons.......these are the figures I wanted when the line first launched. The one mystery to me is still "Budo"........seriously WTF is up with this figure? He doesn't really fit in anywhere?
  25. Yeah, the extended cut seemed less rushed in parts........just the way some of the scenes were cut together. I seemed to enjoy it more at home then I did at the theater.
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