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  1. What really gets me is that Hasbro has done something fairly similar with the Star Wars line this year as well. There has been product released in 2008 for that line, but they've really backloaded distribution with the bulk of the new stuff coming out July-December. I don't collect Joes or any other Hasbro stuff, but I'd be interested to know if they're doing the same thing with those as well. I really am happy with what appears to be a marked increase in quality based on the pics we've seen, but I don't think it's unreasonable to be a little frustrated with all this stuff coming out at once instead of being spread out more. Obviously it sucks to drop all that money at once, but I see distribution being a big problem as well. Hasbro basically had this same problem with Star Wars last year as well. The first half of the year was behind schedule and then about 6 waves came out from August to December. The result was that a couple of those waves got lousy distribution and were next to impossible to find at retail. There's only so much shelf space available and stores will only order so much at a time.
  2. I'm thinking there's no danger of this preselling out any time soon so I'd advise waiting. HTS pretty frequently has coupon codes for free shipping and 10-25% off. There's a 20% off one available now, but that only saves you $2 and shipping will cost over $4. Since this thing doesn't come out until October I'm going to wait for the next code. Rebelscum.com has a thread devoted to this in their forums if you want to keep an eye out. They get posted there pretty regularly.
  3. I sort of hope there aren't any more troop builders in this round. At $20 a two-pack it's going to be pretty expensive to buy multiples of these, especially with the crap load of other waves coming out in the same 4 month period. If you bought 1 of each of the 2-pack and every figure from the Hulk waves and the Walmart and Target waves it would be $400 before tax. Add variants, the HTS exclusive Sunfire, the various Iron Man, Hulk, and Spidey stuff that's coming out and the fact that a lot of us will have to pay more than retail for the exclusive waves since some stores won't get them and the rest will be swarmed by scalper filth and you're looking at over $500 worth of Legends during the holiday shopping season. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the troops, but I'm not happy with Hasbro for dropping all of this on us at once in such a short period of time. This would've been about the perfect amount of product if it were spread throughout the whole year instead. I'm hoping that they'll wait until wave 3 of the 2-packs to hit us with more troops. Right now I'm hoping that the remaining packs are more repacked junk like Reed and Ben. That'll be more money I can spend on Hand/Shield and Kree/Skrull packs.
  4. I'm thinking the smart thing will be to wait until HTS gets them and there's a 20% off coupon code going around. They've been pretty good about keeping ML in stock there for the most part. That's how I plan to afford a little more troop building with the 2-packs.
  5. nagauthier

    I Wonder?

    I'm not entirely sure about that logic. My understanding of retailer exclusives was that the manufacturer makes more money off the product because the retailer pays them a higher premium for having the exclusive. I get where you're coming from with the arguments about Hasbro wanting to make the retailers happy and keep the line going, but it would probably make more business sense for them to just let the line die and focus on other products than to give Walmart and Target bargain basement deals on exclusive lines.
  6. The thing that gets me is just how out of hand the inflation has gotten. I'd expect a little inflation with rising fuel and material costs, but this is over a 100% mark-up from TB Legends. That is unnaceptable to me. $12-$13 per figure for this wave I could swallow, but at $20 each I think they're experimenting to find out just how much they can sucker us into paying.
  7. I wouldn't get your hopes up for the exclusive to be less. Heck, I wouldn't get your hopes up to even get it if you go to SDCC judging by the number they're supposed to have. That thing will sell out in the first few hours of the first day.
  8. So it looks like we've got confirmation that the Foom Hulk figures will be $19.99 each. I was pissed enough about the initial $15.99 reports, but now it looks like I'm actually going to have to resign myself to never having Foom. I just can't justify paying that much for a bunch of Hulks that I don't want.
  9. Yeah, ask them why they don't just cut out the middle man and stick their entire stock of the Walmart and Target waves on e-bay themselves.
  10. I'm hoping the BAF is just Red Hulk. A few more pics are up, looks like Black Costume Wolvie is an ML6 repaint. Good call on that one, it's definitely the best Wolvie sculpt to date.
  11. I guess that's the best way to look at it. And I suppose with gas creeping towards $4 a gallon you might even break even on paying a little more plus shipping considering all the trips to the store and coming up empty handed. Still, it pisses me off on general principle that I'll have to pay more for something I should be able to get at retail.
  12. Retailers pay Hasbro a bigger chunk of change for exclusives. They like them because it gets people into the store who they figure will buy other things while they strike out looking for the figures.
  13. At least the 2-packs aren't exclusive. Should be easy enough to get them from HTS if stores don't stock enough. And I'm guessing that blond head by Forge is Clint Barton and got put there by mistake instead of by Ronin.
  14. This is infuriating. I would rather they cancelled the damn line than make two separate exclusive waves. I will NEVER see the Walmart or Target waves in the wild. I think all the hotwheels scalper filth in the country just had spontaneous erections.
  15. I'm as stoked as everyone else about Forge, but that FF set is going to warm the heck out of the pegs. Not loving the repacks mixes in with the new stuff. At least they put them together so we didn't have to eat them in order to get other new figures.
  16. While I prefer Marvel over DC ten times over and I loved the 90's X-Men series, I have to give my vote to BTAS. It really captured the darkness and the tone of what Batman is all about in every way. Great writing, great stylized animation, and a great score. And I do think that if this was posted in a more general fanboy message board instead of a Marvel-centric one that BTAS would be winning in a landslide instead of clocking in at a close 2nd. And it does seem odd to include it in this poll at all. Sure it's pretty clearly the best DC cartoon that has ever been done, but there have been plenty of others that were also solid. Seems odd to just pick one to throw in with the Marvel stuff.
  17. I've got probably 90% of all the Marvel figures Toybiz put out in the 90's. Still have most of them on display a couple of shelves below my ML too.
  18. it not true. they do this every year. and i feel sorry for the people who fall for it. i should know i did last year. I fell for crap like this a couple years in a row when I first started posting on toy collecting boards a few years ago. Ever since then April 1st is my single least favorite day to go on-line. I get that some April Fools' pranks are funny but I see NO humor in trying to convince people that something they would really like is going to happen and then laughing at them. That's not being funny, it's being a douchebag.
  19. Why I even bother coming to message boards on April 1st is beyond me. The whole internet may as well shut down today because of all the crap people will post. There never has been, and never will be and legitimate news about new figures posted on 4/1. Period.
  20. That sounds suspiciously like either a packaging error or some scalper filth tampering with the package to make it look like a variant.
  21. I picked him up at Target yesterday and he does appear to be shortpacked. There were tons of both red and gold Iron Man versions, but only one each of Monger, Mark 1, and Mark 2.
  22. I've got mixed feelings about a scale change. On one hand I'd hate it because I'm not starting over from scratch with a new scale, regardless of how the figures look. They could be absolutely perfect and I still wouldn't touch them. Why spend hundreds, maybe thousands on a new scale for characters I've already cashed out for big time over the last several years in six inch? I'd be out. Period. On the other hand, while there are characters I'd still like to see made in ML, the majority of the major players have been covered pretty well at this point, so it wouldn't be a total bummer for me to save a couple hundred a year by calling it a day. I'm still collecting Star Wars and Hasblow has been seriously overkilling that line in terms of quantity of new product the last couple years so it would be nice to be able to cut back spending in other areas of my collecting to compensate.
  23. This is a tough one for me. I don't have too many gripes about any of the BAFs, so most of them would be my favorite Hasbro stuff so far, but even the single figures I like are still lacking in some ways. Doom from the FF wave, for example, is a great sculpt but the lack of paint wash still keeps him from being a perfect figure. I'm really hoping the Iron Man movie figures are evidence that Hasbro is listening to us because those are really the closest they've come to Toybiz quality so far. Crossing my fingers that ML4 has been delayed so long because they're taking the time to do the thing proper this time around.
  24. I picket up the Target exclusive Iron Man today. Both my Targets had about 10 each. I'm sure it'll be easy to get pretty soon. I really want the Walmart one but I checked 3 different Walmarts and none of them had any Iron Man stuff yet. I also picked up Iron Man mark 1, mark 2, and Iron Monger at Target. Haven't decided whether I'm going to pick up the removeable armor or regular version of mark 3. I also scored an Icons Doom at Meijer today on clearance for $9. I was really shocked to see it since the only Icons that made it to clearance at most Meijers were Thor and Wolverine. Must've been found in the back and stuck out recently.
  25. I picked up the Target exclusive today but struck out looking for the Walmart one at 3 different stores.
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