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  1. Ergh, I knew I shoulda checked the one over on Cobb in Marietta today.....only checked Hiram. Maybe they will have some tomorrow over there. It's close. Just gotta grab a classic Aquaman and Firestorm before they're gobbled up. Hopefully the rest will be plentiful.
  2. Thanks for the info. Don't feel bad about not finding a Tom Jane Punisher fig. I only saw it at Suncoast video one time and didn't get it. I wish I had though. I do have one of those little wind up thing that Toy Biz put out using the 1/6th sculpts with little bodies. I bought that and the Bullseye one, so I can probably mod those to use as 1/6th figs. Kinda cool they had a Colin Ferrell sculpt that never got used for a full figure.
  3. Where'd you get an iron on skull patch? I'd like to get one for a Punisher kitbash. Looks pretty good, even though I've never liked that headsculpt. I'd probably go with a Jane before the first issue Frank.
  4. I usually check the one on Cobb, near Best Buy. They rarely have anything.....
  5. Which Target? The one next to the closed down Comp USA?
  6. They're actually made by Medicom and released here in the US by Sideshow Toys. It's a company based in Japan, which is why they are so much more expensive. You have to see them in person though to appreciate them. They also did an X3 Wolvierine that looked pretty dead on to Hugh Jackman. Way better than those Marvel Studios 12" figs from a few years ago. Just way more expensive.
  7. Cmdr, what Captain Atom is that? Is that the McG version? Doesn't look too much like it.
  8. I sorta made one using a 12" Gung Ho Joe figure that came out a few years ago. You'd have to look back for it, maybe even eBay. I am actually gonna make a 12" custom someday when I can get around to it. They apparently had one planned because when they released all those motorized "big heads" about a year ago, they had Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Punisher and a Colin Farrell Bullseye! I believe it was designed for a Marvel Studios fig that never got made. I have one and I am gonna stick it on a 12" fig body and "kitbash" the costume together. Shouldn't be difficult because I have tons of gear being a 12" customizer already.
  9. You should probably do a search on evilBay for local sellers selling complete sets of Marvel Legends. You'll probably find them all there. Unless it is a comic shop guy who is doing alot of price tagging right now. I used to be a store manager also for KBtoys back years ago. My former boss used to have a list of dealers in the area to do what everyone else has said. If we got a big Hot Wheels shipment, I was supposed to call these people. I threw that list in the trash. First come, first serve. Unless I knew you were a dealer. Then I ousted the jerks and called security when they got mouthy. One HW scumbag dealer hung around the employee doors eyeballing the boxes we were bringing in from a shipment. We got into it and I ended up throwing him out too. It gave me a little satisfaction getting these guys all hot and bothered when I upper handed them. Probably not too many employees do that. Anyone who doesn't believe they got alot in, they probably got quite a few cases. Don't forget where KBs put all there money......closeouts. Toy Biz is practically giving away all of their Marvel stock so KBs took all of it I am sure. Smart move. Too bad all I need is variant FO2's.
  10. I am about to start on my ideal version of the JLA. It will consist of my favs from the Perez era, and the Hughes era. I am using my HUSH Batman as the centerpiece for scale comparison. I already have the latest Power Girl to go along with him. Now here is my dilemma. I have been looking over the AR Justice Wonder Woman and the JLA boxset Wonder Woman. Which would be more ideal for size? I like the Ross WW, but it looks very out of place. Most of the pics I have seen of everyone's collections, they are using the boxset style WW (I know she was released as a JLA fig too, right?) What is everyone's opinion? Does anyone have straight on comparison shots? Thanks....
  11. I bought it.....couldn't resist. Looks rather cool to me. Here's some comparison pics with some Icons.
  12. Someone had made a custom Mandarin using a TB LOTR Council Elrond body.....that's probably what I'll do, if I can find one still. Elrond's dress was part of the figure, not a separate piece.
  13. When I was there at 5 yesterday there was 2 W/S packs and one P/J pack left. Probably gone by now. That's ok Dreda, I've found variants like 4 times now. I really don't need anymore......lol.
  14. Ah, so you are the one who took all those figs! Haha.....I was there around 5 tonight, and saw all the pilfered boxes. I knew there were variants the way the boxes looked. Thank God a collector got them and not a dealer. Did you grab the FO2s also? I saw the remnants, but no variant IM/Mandarin. None of either version actually. Gonna check my local TRU for them this weekend, hopefully will find at least that one. I don't even care about the rest.....the Punisher fig looked pretty horrible up close. And the S/W set looked bleak. Saves me money.......
  15. I think almost everyone in GA has found those variants now. I wonder if we got all the variants while the other states got none. It seems like it.
  16. You guys in GA are gonna hate me (and probably other parts of the country will hate me too) but I found another full set of variants at my local TRU today. I went to the Douglasville TRU by Arbor Mall looking for the HoM boxset, and there looking right at me was a silver Moon Knight! I looked behind him and saw a Destroyer! This time I picked up a Destroyer for myself (traded away the other two I had) and picked up a Marvel, MK, and SW for trade fodder. I figured a dealer/scalper would get to it first before I could post, so I am gonna put them up for trade. I may be able to get those FO2 variants because I really want that Mandarin. So that makes three times that I know of that there were complete sets of ML15 variants. These are proving easier to get than the ML9 variants. Get out there and start looking people!
  17. I am sure there are alot of scalpers here locally......went to a toy show last year in Atlanta off of 85 and there were tons of guys there trying to sell ML. I asked about a few figs here and there, and this one guy really ticked me off. He was trying to sell me a Absorbing Man for $35, with the KBtoys sticker on still saying $7.99. He was also trying to sell loose figs with no accessories for about $8 a piece. I wanted to donkey punch that guy. I can't stand the scalpers.
  18. I know of a few Fwooshers from the local area also......about 5-6 I believe. Most are around the Marietta area as a point of reference as we all hit about the same stores.
  19. Raiden

    Wasp variant

    From the side of the part, I can see what looks like an ear.
  20. It was at the brand new Walmart off of Barrett Pkwy and Powder Springs road.....just opened on November 8th. Grand opening they had waves 11, 12, and 15 fully stocked. I got there at night and finished my normal figs of wave 15. I saw no variants of any ML then. Then this past Monday, my wife went by to make an order for a birthday cake for her friend (which when we tried to pick it up tonight, they f'ed it all up, never order a cake from that Walmart) she called me at home to tell me they had those figs apparently freshly stocked. Right down the road where I live, apparently they also had variants recently....at the Hiram Superwalmart off of 92. So, variants are appearing all around these parts. I live in the middle of Powder Springs, Hiram and Douglasville for those tracking. Tonight, they still had all normal figs from wave 15, except for Spider Woman. They had two Wasps, but normal versions. Also they had a Taskmaster and a Scarlet Witch if anyone needed those. I do hope all the real collectors made it to those figs, or at least some kids who thought they looked really cool. I do wish I coulda bought them all, and at least sold them here first come first serve. As it were, both Destroyer variants went up for grabs so I could nab me some older variants I was never able to get, like a blonde BW MOC. Of course after looking at it for awhile I thought it would be nice to have one too.....so maybe if I am lucky I will see one again, but I ain't holdin' my breath. And yes Doom Saber, I am that same Raiden. I've been at Nitetek since it's inception. Still there too. Siccx is around here occasionally. Hope that answers everyone's questions.........so I wonder how many of us have actually seen the others and not even known it??
  21. Haven't talked about this here yet.......my wonderful wife was shopping at Walmart yesterday, and called me to tell me they had lot of Marvel Legends Modok wave figs in........and asked me which ones I needed. I told her none, unless she can find me a black and white Spider Woman. She then tells me "Ok, got her, who else?". I almost crapped my pants. Cool! I then ask for a white haired Captain Marvel........and then she tells me she saw two of them. What??? I ask her how many of the Spider Woman variants she saw and she replies "a few". After a few minutes, I find out they have almost three full sets of VARIANTS sitting on the shelves at our newest local Walmart. Nevertheless, I have her get me a full set of variants, plus an extra Destroyer for a trade, and she still walked away leaving a bunch of them on the pegs. Has anyone ever seen something like that all in one day?!? ML9 variants were plentiful but this is a little different. Did I just miss that topic here? And don't be that guy who is gonna say "I would have bought all of them". That's not how I roll......I know of at least one other collector who was able to get a variant himself. Anyone who doubts it, I can take a picture of my two (soon to be none) Destroyers. Both are actually going out for a trade.
  22. The more people that quit, the less trouble I will have finding the figs I want. Please, by all means quit.
  23. I hate to say it, but it looks like my 55-year old aunt Irene. Except for the skunk stripe. She covers that up. :/
  24. Is that Joe Mad artwork? Is this new? When was this and what issue??
  25. Which ones in the Atlanta area are you guys hitting? I've been hitting them all and have found nothing so far. I work in Marietta during the week and if they came in, it was Saturday. It figures too.
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