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  1. i went to wal-mart and saw some of the 30th anniversary figs and saw a sgt staker w/ a steel brigage lable. the back of the card has a sgt stalker filecard and it was sealed in the packaged and not opened and swaped w/ another fig. did quality control in china goofed up and let it slip on by, is it worth getting graded, is it a rare find, have any of you came across anything like this or similar to this, should i put it on ebay to see what kind of price i can fetch for it check out the pic below and let me know what you guys think of this
  2. Ok, lets grow up. I'd have to admit those topics were childish and immature. But that is all in the past now. I've changed my ways now, I just want to collect and discuss about GI joe in peace w/ all the other members here on TNI. So lets start over, I managed to find 4 resolute cobra troopers today at a family dollar store today for $3.00 each So i guess the scalpers come and go, I can't and we can't control what somebody does in his or hers life. If they wan't to scalp so let them do it, If people want to buy marked up joes from scalpers then let them do it, because after all its there money anyway. From now on I'm just going to focus on me. Thats right, me being myself. And to answer my Topic question I searched ebay and found this: click the bottom link http://cgi.ebay.com/Gi-Joe-POC-Wolf-Hound-White-Out-Cobra-H-I-S-S-V5-Lot-/120591021899?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c13c8f74b So I guess the scalpers are getting an early start, so if your intersted go ahead and make a bid.
  3. yeah I know, that is too funny, I saw the same thing at my local Target and I laughed all the way out the store. I just I hope Hasbro can redeem themselves w/ the Pursuit of Cobra line, and so far it looks promising and I'm impressed. I already found the Wolf Hound at my local Toys r us yesterday, now bring on the rest.
  4. It's been awile sense I posted here. I stopped collecting for a while because I thought the movie stuff was going to be the future of GI joe. But then when Hasbro showed off the Pursuit of Cobra Line they sold me on again. I guess they finally answered my wishes. The good news is that this new POC line looks really awesome. I just hope Hasbro dosen't pull the plug on it. But the bad news is that it also attracts scalpers. I already found the Wolf Hound at a Toys r us in my area but I didn't see the Hiss v5 or the wave 1 figs. My guess is the scalpers beat me to them. I was wondering if were all going to be competing w/ the scalpers again in the POC line just like we did in the 25th line. Because I think the scalpers didn't really scalp up the movie line, because I see the movie line stuff everywere, I even saw it a Target on the endcaps on clearance for $0.88 cents thats right $0.88 cents. What Hasbro needs to do is bump up production and make enough to go around in the first place so we all can get ahold of it. I just hope it sells well so the stores can order more cases. I just hope it doesn't be like the 25th line were a store will only order 1 or 2 cases. Then what we have here is a bad case of Supply and Demand but in are case it would be a Demand and Supply. Or is the scalpers are just going to be after the rare stuff like store exclusives, variants, army builders and figures that you only get 1 in every case or 1 in every 3 cases. Because, I already heard that in wave 1, the Cobra Commander is going to be really really hard to find and the Alley Viper also because he's a troop builder. And if the scalpers find out the info about this and then when they get ahold of the figs, then WATCH-OUT. E-bay is going to become Evil again.
  5. That thing is a POS which stands for, P I E C E O F S H I T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This new GI joe rise of cobra line of toys is garbage. I saw all of these figures just warming the shelves saturday at toys r us. For starters they are way overpriced Second, they look like crap. And also some of the molds for the vehicles look very familiar. Does the Rise of cobra ATV look like the Venom Striker from the Spy Troops and the Valor vs Venom line. I think this line is going to fail. But maybe Hasbro is Targeting kids w/ this line not collectors. But I will just stick w/ the variants and the exclusive that come out within this line. But me for one will not be wasting my money on this garbage. Hasbro give me 25th or die.
  7. you mean not even the scalpers scalped up the combat heros eithier.
  8. Man, I don't get it. Why didn't Hasbro Included the Vipers w/ the fixed wrist. This is just plain stupid. And then to top that all off there are still single carded Vipers still warming the pegs. So Hasbro should have known that us collectors bitched and fussed about those viper funky wrist and thats why most pf us didn't army build him. But what really gets me is then why did they released a Viper w/ the retooled wrist in the new upcoming GI Joe Cobra 5pack. Now if that Viper w/ the retooled wrist was the Vipers in this set then I would have been all over this set, but no, Hasbro had to fu-k it up. And then they want us too shell out $25.00 for this crap. SHAME ON YOU HASBRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. None. These lines need to burn in the depths of HELL!!!!!!! Because, they don't belong on this planet.
  10. Yes, its true that people can spend there money on what they want and how they want because after all, its there money. But the part I don't understand is the crazy insane prices some people would spend on joes. Like the Target Exclusive Rattler that sold for $1000.00 on ebay. Now if this buyer wanted to pay out the ass for an Rattler why didn't he get it from Brian's Toys or some other ebay auction because Brian's Toys sales it for $69.99 and I've seen plenty of other ebay auctions that sale the Target Exclusive Rattle for hundreds less than $1000.00. Now you tell me, A Target Exclusive Rattler is not worth $1000.00 when these things are still warming the shelves in Target and has decided to put them on clearence. Hey, not even the original 1985 Rattler goes for that much even in its sealed box. It kinda makes me want to start a scalping business if people are spending that kinda money on joes. Its like going fishing you put the bait out there and sooner or later some sucker will give into it and when he bites it, thats when you reel him in. Some people just don't have a brain. Wait, they do have a brain they just don't know how to use it.
  11. lldjslim

    Target Sale

    It was $44.09 at the Target here, but I'll wait some more, I'm pretty sure it will hit that below $30.00 mark. Because thats one thing that I like about Target, when they really want to get rid of something they will put it on clearance quick.
  12. A sound/action attack Night Raven. Kind of reminds me of the Thunderwing back in the crappy Valor vs. Venom day. Oh, I'm so excited. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not.
  13. I just couldn't belive it. I went to Target this morning and there it was, I saw it w/ my very own eyes, the Target Exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack on clearance for $44.09. And they had 3 of them on the shelf along w/ 4 jets on clearence also for $17.49. I'm sure probably, within a week or two it will probably retail less than that and thats when I will pick up another one. Now if you live overseas, then I can understand why you would have to use ebay and pay a little more than retail for the exclusives, but if you live in the USA which most of us do, then there is just know excuse. You see, thats why I can't see how some idiots paid over $200.00+ dollars for this thing when all they had to do is just wait. I mean what is it when it comes to GI Joe, its like idiots don't care what the price is they just gotta have now. And having it now means your gonna pay the price for it now which will be over 4times the retail price. Idiots Just be patient thats all. But no!!, everbody panics and then quickly runs to there precious BBTS, ebay or Brian's toys and then droppeds hundrends more than what it retails for in the store. Just like that sucker who paid $1000.00 for that Target Exclusive Cobra Rattler, I sill can't get over that one, that dummy could have gotten many other things w/ that money instead of some cheap ass plastic made in china toy which is still sold in Target today. I think the reason why some people are impatient when it comes to joes is that when something first comes out they have fear that they will never find it. But I say if you wait you will find it. PS I have up 4 sale a "YELLOW STALKER" thats right I said it, a YELLOW STALKER. I will let it go for $2000.00. That price is right up yous alley you shouldn't have a problem w/ that. Because after all you pay over $500.00+ for pimp daddy Destros, Roddy Roddy Pipers and other varients. So I say $2000.00 is a steal. Sucker!!!!!!!!!!!
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