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  1. Found them here in Missouri on sunday along with all three of the new battle packs. They where gone when I went back this morning.
  2. Everyone has mentioned the book, comic, game and toys. What everyone forgets (and the part I find most amusing) is that there was a soundtrack CD for SOTE. Cus... you know... a book really needs a musical soundtrack. @loll@ Anyway... The book was good and worth reading. The game was okay. I have the toys and see no need for any of the figures to be revisited... but I would like to see Guri and an SA Coruscant Guard get made.
  3. And here I was thinking that I would get to sleep in after finaly finding the Death Star Gunner last week. RATS!!!
  4. Aku Inu


    This guy is not very posable so he would not be a good choice. I am not sure his legs spread out any more than the bike. I like the figure though on the bike. Yeah, the legs are force posed like this: http://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?image=/...bikectfront.jpg The Tank Gunner body would be a better choice, but I sitll think that this guy would fit more or less. I will have to pull mine out of the display and try. I guess if you wanted it to be and Episode II clone you could always take the helmet from this guy (or an Episode II Evolutions clone) and put it on the Tank Gunner. I wish they would make an SA clone like this guy. I love all the removable parts.
  5. Aku Inu


    What about this guy: http://www.rebelscum.com/sw03cwclonetrooperbike.asp Seems like he would fit on a Dewback.
  6. Found Mad Jack, Stealth Venom and one of the Spideys at a Target in St Joseph MO a week ago. Still have not seen Shocker or the HoM Spidey.
  7. Here only two stores stocked the X-Men line. One of our two Wal Marts and our only Target. Bad news for me is that Wal Mart has clearanced what they had of this line and eliminated its peg space. So that effectively chops my chances of finding these by half. Just hope Target gets a decent amount of wave 3.
  8. I was thinking of doing this but I just don't have enough of the holograms to do it and there is no way I am going to buy a figure just for the hologram.
  9. Checked again this weekend and they where morked down to $25. I'll check again next week.
  10. Nice! Now where is Cosmic Spidey?
  11. Here the two packs are still full price. They do have Punisher and Doc Ock on clearance for $5 each.
  12. I would love to see the Tri-Sentinel: http://www.marvel.com/universe/Tri-Sentinel Of course the number of pieces it would take to build that thing make it out of the question for Hasbro. If they did do the Tri-Sentinel they would HAVE to have Cosmic Spider-Man and Nova in that wave.
  13. $28 down form $29 here as well. Monsters and Young Avengers both. They still have about five of each. I will continue to pass and hope they get marked down more. I'm still just baffled that they think a dollar mark down would make a difference. I mean... do they think someone was looking at that set and thinking "If only this was a dollar cheaper... if only." Reminds me of last summer when the had a Star Wars vehicle marked down a buck... and it looked like it had been opened. Maybe they are just trying to get the fence sitters to buy them with the thought that if they are in clearance they will not be there long.
  14. I just saw an old add for the Republic Commando video game and it had all four of the commandos in all white just like yours. Looks really good. I was thinking of doing the same when the Commandos box set comes in (need to do something with the extra Scorch ). EDIT: I think this the art that was used for the ad I was talking about: http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/original-art/r..._a_1024x768.jpg The all white looks really good on them.
  15. That is what I meant. Yeah, it is just a case of mistaken identity. I may be wrong but I don't think Fordo was ever named till that issue of Star Wars Insider with the clone guide. Deviss was named as some point before that as I remember hearing his name before that issue came out. Thire was a name that was floating around when the movie came out but he is never named in the movie itself so people started to speculate that the Red Clone Commander (now known to be Diviss) was Thire. I think that they also thought that the Red ARC Trooper in the Clone Wars toon (now known to be Fordo) was the same character as the Red Clone Commander and that he and just gotten new armor. As it turned all three where different characters.
  16. EVERY imperial?? You mean not just troopers but the Admirals and Moffs as well?? I can see it now: Grand Moff Tarkin replaced with Grand Moff Fett. I will personally be petitioning for all of the imperials to be replaced with Jar-Jars (and not just Gungans... but they all have to be Jar Jar). @loll@
  17. Ahh... cool. Where was he named and have they shown his troops or numbered his legion? The Red Clone Commander was named in some EU source... I remember hearing that it was in one ot the online comics on starwars.com as part of Hypserspace. I am not a member of Hyperspace so I can't say for sure. He was defiantly named in the Star Wars Insider issue with the clone guide. Oh don't get me wrong... I like the figure. I will totally buy him and it is very likely that he will be used as Commander Appo in my display. Heck... I'm sure I will buy two so I can have one MOC to go with my other MOC Clone Commanders. I just wanted to throw it out there as a little FYI.
  18. Blue Bacara, Green Clone Commander and the Evolutions Gray Clone Commander have all yet to be named. They where all just invented by Hasbro and have yet to be given names in the Expanded Universe (to the best of my knowledge). Commander Thire it the commander of the Shocktroopers: http://www.starwars.com/databank/character...hire/index.html When the movie came out A LOT of people where wrongly identifying the Red Clone Commander form the ROTS toy line as Thire. I remember... cus I took some flack for saying that Thire was the Shocktrooper Commander. Oh... and just a little FYI: the figure that is being released as Commander Appo is inaccurate. Commander Appo looks just like all the other members of the 501st.
  19. Very good work! True... but maybe Marvel Select will make a few of these.
  20. My major gripe with these is that they are being release as part of the Expanded Universe 2-pack line... and I think that these hardly count as EU. here is a picture of this Jabba straight form the comics: http://www.ccp.com/%7Emayfair/starwars/Comic4-Jabba.jpg
  21. Dang.... Exar Kun, Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo where my top three on that list... and they all ended up near (or at) the bottom.
  22. I would imagine the free trial will work like the Netflix 2 week free trial. When you sign up they will take your credit card and if you have not cancled your account after 2 weeks they will automatically charge you. I need to rent that one. I saw the first two episodes and didn't like it enough to tune in each week. Maybe I will like it more now.
  23. Video stores around here are really bad about tv shows too. It's one of the reasons I went to Netflix.
  24. Works for me. I like this because I have started to wait for the TV shows to hit DVD before I watch them anyway. I'm not saying I would buy them... but I'll rent 'em from Netflix for sure.
  25. It's the same here in NW Missouri.
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