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  1. Hi there. So now that I'm back into the swing of customizing/painting, I thought I'd turn my attention to a couple of Joe figures I thought needed some attentions and luvz. Most of these guys rule and really don't need work, but I think a little TLC can really bring out the best. First on my (short) list was Zartan. Oh, Zartan. How you raised such a stir, you made ppl actually claim they LIKED metal belly shirts, you made ppl gasp at your fashion choice of a Cobra symbol. I for one loved this mold. People claimed he didn't have the old school tank top thing going on, but he does...he's just got the black shirt on underneath it. I like the Cobra symbol. He's a Cobra agent. I like the skull on the belt, the head mold is flawless victory. Then we get to my problem.....the paint job. Sigh. I hated the drab green/gray. No details were painted. I didn't like the black cobra symbol. Not to mention my Zartan looked a little inbred with his eyes looking two different directions. And I always liked the cool iridescent blueish stickers in the armor of the V1. I wanted to recapture that. Since I loved the mold, I saw no reason to part-swap, just a little paint work... I STILL need to go in and continue to perfect the lines on the leg armor, and he's still curing so I don't want to over-pose him, but overall I think it works and is a large improvement with the V1 flair. Any feedback would be great. Peace
  2. I really love both the V1 and the DTC Hiss. The rest I couldnt care less about. I thing the DTC is very underrated. I love the look and the troop carrier aspect! ps ball joint knees and elbows don't suck
  3. I'm doing a Classics Trailbreaker as we speak. I think you'll be surprised.
  4. I think I'll do a Beachcomber out of him, but as is I think he'd make a far better Decepticon. A. Military vehicle. B. S7 disguise like Barricade, evil and tricky. C. Nasty looking claws. D. Segmented Eyes. Turn all the blue to red, change out the symbol and I think it's a MUCH better Decepticon....
  5. sorry pal, you said V-Max and i think 99% of us would agree he shouldn't be in the picture @smilepunch@ The ONLY thing I could think of for the VM figure was that it actually IS Serpentor but his cloned body is degenerating and getting F'd up. That's pretty sad. It's the best idea I could come up with and I'm STILL not using it. I've got VM in a tank in Mindbender's lair. He's a botched clone. That's it. @l@
  6. OK, first off I really don't think '89 took place in the 40's, Pooda. It was in this Tim Burton fantasy land, which doesn't seem to be based in any specific time frame. Yes, it used alot of older looking cars, some ppl were wearing older looking hats, and we saw newspapers, but I never got the idea that it was the 40's, just that Burton was taking elements from the older comics and bringing in some of them visually. The animated series used older cars and styles as well, but I think that was to be able to give the episodes the feel that they were earlier stories in Batman's history. But again, not the 40's, just using visual elements to make it distinct and to keep them from seeming too modern. Just my take, but I don't recall any evidence to back up '89 taking place in the 40's.
  7. Hands down, no contest for me, Bale. While at the time I loved Keaton's take, bringing the darkness into the character, I never bought him as Batman. He just wasn't a physical looking guy at all. I'll always love the first Batman film, but now it's mainly nostalgia, as I don't much care for the dark-fairly tale Tim Burton Gotham. HOWEVER, Bale makes Bruce feel like an actual PERSON. That's very hard to do with Batman, ppl wanna make him a psycho, tortured, conflicted, at times even schizophrenic. Batman Begins made Bruce seem very real, and he can totally pull off both personas. Being a Batman fan from as far back as 1978, I'm not sure why anyone WOULDN'T pick begins as the best film yet....I anticipate awesome and win from Dark Night. Oh, and someone said the Batmobile from Batman was the best....I disagree, it needed a frakkin grappling hook launcher just to make RIGHT TURNS... And let's see, don't forget Bruce flying the Batwing down a crowded Gotham street with full machine guns blazing....OR blowing up the entire factory...no telling who was in there....
  8. Made me wanna work out. For the first time ever. Seriously.
  9. Hi there. I know most of you guys around here don't much know me as much as you once might have, but I have a feeling you'll see alot more of me. A few months ago I lost who I would consider to be my best friend, James Matt Ashe to cancer at the young age of 33. I miss him alot, and I was able to offer his wife what I considered to be a fair amount for his Joes; she was going to sell them to offset some bills. I was always more of a Transformers guy, but I always had a small Joe display to represent. I wanted to be able to let his vision and collection live on, because I loved going over there and seeing it. It reminds me of him and he had some great, imaginative displays and awesome customs. So, as I'm unpacking it and organizing it, I thought I'd snap some pics before it's all together. I've added some 25th Anny stuff in as well. Here goes: COBRA!!! Crimson Guard: Street Fight!!! Mindbender's Lair:
  10. Well, D, there's a few different Neos, mainly blues and greys. Couple o' really dark ones. I'm in the process of getting it all together. TNI was my original toy hangout so I think I will give ya'll firsties.
  11. Hi there. So, as it turns out, I have inherited a rather large Joe collection. Alot of it I'm going to keep, alot it I'm not. For example, I don't like Neo Vipers, so I'm going to have a lot of those, as well as tons of figures and vehicles, but I'm not sure I want to go through the effort of Ebay. Does anyone have any suggestions on good alternatives for large lots? Thanks for any tips. Also, sorry if this doesn't belong in here, figured more Joe fans would see it in here.
  12. Yeah, I found wave 3 at a store TWICE but still no wave two....I REALLY need that Dreadnok pack....I have an extra CG/Scar pack if anyone has a Dreadnok pack....
  13. Holy crap! I love those videos! Awesome! What's funny though is that although it brings back amazing nostalgia and I'd crap my pants if I saw that in a store today, that TRU shot makes it look like Joe isn't selling at all.
  14. Yeah, I could totally see a hummer as the new Thunder Machine. Just imagine what ol' Thrasher and the boys would do to it! I see a serious custom coming up soon.....give me a few weeks.....I think I can make this happen!
  15. OK. Let me break it down for ya. The next leader of the autobots was Prime's choice. Now we all know the story is based around Hot Rod becoming Rodimus. Keep in mind this movie was written for kids, so obvious foreshadowing is used. When Hot Rod picks up the falling Matrix, it gives off the glow. This is just dramatic foreshadowing for what's to come. It's also saying that the Matrix matches well with Hot Rod. I think that him becoming Rodimus wasn't just him putting the Matrix in his chest, he powered up like that because the Matrix was in power-up mode and he was there to be the avatar. UM was still able to hold the Matrix in his chest. I saw nothing in that movie that made me think that getting the Matrix powered you up, the show insinuated that to gain it's wisdom you have to sort of robot-meditate and learn from it, it wasn't an immediate uber-power-up. I doubt that Hot Rod could've held it when Prime died, and if so I don't think it would've powered him up like that.
  16. I like the idea that Joker is the only one laughing at his jokes, a sane person wouldn't think they are funny, but HE does.
  17. NEW SCULPT TOMAX AND XAMOT FTW!!!!!!! I've wanted a truly awesome Zartan, Destro and Twins since well, ALWAYS. Now I can have all of them! THANK YOU HASBRO! All this makes the pathetic VvV seem even more so...... #US1#
  18. I disagree; I think the VvV Dr. Mindbender had fantastic glasses, I always see that figure and wish they would've made Baroness' glasses look that good. Nice custom work, btw. I don't care for the head, but the body looks great.
  19. It looks great, but let me give you one suggestion to REALLY maximize it. I've always felt that particular rubber Serpentor helmet looked silly. Especially those fangs. Now, you did a great job painting it, it no longer looks all cheap and crappy, but why don't you get some nail clippers or an exacto and trim off those dull, fake looking fangs and replace them with either the ends off of a couple toothpicks, or the tips of some nails? You could paint either one white, or you could even leave the nail tips silver! Either way they'd look really sharp and more menacing than those white stubs. Don't get me wrong; The custom looks fantastic! Just thought I'd add in that one suggestion. Great work!
  20. Synch; you are insane. I have no idea what you are even saying half the dang time. I mean, nuthin' personal....just....sheesh
  21. Actually I'll be one of the few to disagree here. Sure, the figure isn't perfect, I'd change the hands and make the glasses smaller, but other than that, really looking at the past history of female action figures I really like this Baroness alot. Even the mighty Toy Biz never really got the female figure down 100%.
  22. The original Zartan was one of my holy grail figures as a kid. I nearly exploded when I found him with my grandmother that day. Zartan was easily one of my favorite Cobras. I really do have to go with this one on looks, though. The original halter top looked really...umm...well, let's just say effiminite. And not to mention he's allergic to the sun in the show. He really doesn't look intimidating in the original version. Although I probably will paint the pupils. And really, those are some totally unflattering pics. I'd like to see a gallery posed dynamically with good lighting.
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