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  1. Does Sinestro have a mask? Do you have scans from Toyfare? No mask for Sinestro. Hal looks to be constipated and John Stewart and Sinestro look like they have been hitting the steroids way to much. Tomar looks about the same as the image we saw from Toy Fair. Hal, Sinestro and Tomar seem to have 1 open hand and 1 closed fist, Guy and John have 2 closed hands. Sorry I don't think we are allowed to post scanned images from TF but I am sure images will show up online pretty soon.
  2. That is very cool. The only thing I would recommend is if you made a hole in the wall and turn that cannon around so it's pointing outside.
  3. Hope they look better than the ones in the walmart 5-pack because those look horrible.
  4. OMG, I just saw all 5 of these in Toy Fare magazine and they all SUCK!!! Guy is actually the best looking of the bunch. Sinestro's head is way to small for the body they used. Looks like that guy who gets his head shrunk at then end of Bettlejuice. Hall looks like crap as well and the paint apps are terrible. I won't have to worry about finding these thankfully.
  5. Just read how Hasbro canceled the latest wave of ROC Alpha vehicles and that the line has been completely canceled in the UK. The stuff at Toy Fair was just the same stuff shown at last years con. Hell this forum is a ghost town the movie bombed. Seems like Hasbro has finally succeeded where Cobra always failed and has killed GIJoe.
  6. Yeah. I am not to familiar with him but he looks pretty cool.
  7. Some guy on Matty's Facebook page posted these images from the art show. The new figure they showed is of Optic who is from the New Adventures and the hint for the other was Keldor.
  8. Anything but movie stuff. I am so tired of seeing that stuff clog up shelves around here, even on clearance it doesn't seem to move.
  9. I know it is a proto, but it looks like crap IMO.
  10. Loved the story hated the special effects. I give it a C+ overall.
  11. The above statements only perpetuate the negative view other sites have towards the current TNI community, and it's disappointing to see the amount of name-calling of individuals on this thread. Whether it's due to frustration, resentment, or ignorance, I can't tell, but it sucks to see the amount of hate here. This is totally uncalled-for. The fact is, Jay chose to specifically call out AFi and Julius Marx with that statement. Just because he wasn't named, doesn't mean everyone knew exactly who he was referring to. That was really an unnecessary part of the article. Don, you and I have been friends for a long time. I would think that you would know by now that it's actually "AFi" and "Julius", but I knew who you meant. As a mod here, you represent the opinions and attitudes of TNI and it's honestly disappointing to see you backing up the insinuations that Julius received anything through dishonest methods. That was surprising to me. Despite you mentioning that you think he is "okay", the overall tone of the above speaks otherwise. To state things like "he is not the most beloved member of the collector community (despite what he thinks)" and "many people think he is so far up Mattel’s back side it’s not even funny" does nothing more than to add to the negativity surrounding this discussion. If it's not pertinent to the topic, then, as you said above, why bring him into this argument and attack his character? I can't comment on the agendas of other posters and their behavior, but I can tell you that if I complained about the AFi dig, it would not have changed the content. The ownership here has been very negative towards AFi and Julius, for reasons I don't understand, but are obvious when reading the article. Why else would there be assumed and unsubstantiated claims made in what is supposed to be a "news article". It makes it look like Jay and TNI is 'officially' calling out both AFi and Fwoosh for no other reason than to be petty and jealous. That's not a good thing. There is no reason for the AFi and Fwoosh digs in the piece, and as a member of the staff here, I'm surprised you were comfortable with the way the article was written. All it does is get the fans riled up, and this thread is a result of that. The article could have easily been written without those elements. I am a member of AFi, but also a member of TNI, Fwoosh, CriticalMess, the .Org, YoJoe, JBL, HISS, JoeCustoms, and many others. I have been a contributing member of the TNI/ADC board for seven years, made many friends here, and have enjoyed some awesome discussions here. This board is a key cog of the online toy community machine. So why do we all get wrapped up in all this community in-fighting so easily? There's really no need for it. We are all here for the same reasons. Yes, the Mattel SDCC Gleek issue is terrible, and has created a lot of anger and frustration, but I dislike seeing that anger turned around and spread to the various communities and individuals. There's no need for the TNI vs Fwoosh vs AFI vs whoever garbage. That will go nowhere. No one will "win". Instead, we will be territorial, and miserable, and petty. That takes the fun right out of the hobby. Don't fuel the fires. Don't respond with emotion. You will be more respected for providing a thoughtful response versus a defensive, angry comment. We all have our loyalties and opinions, and we need to respect that. And most importantly, respect each other. First don't you work for AFI? I'm pretty sure I've seen you write a blog over there. Second the little communities that you say frown upon TNI as you put it, all stemmed originally from RTM which has spent years trying to bash TNI. What's the one guys name who used to work at RTM and now works at AFI, Toy Otter? I can remember more than once where that guy has tried to bash this site, so please save the can't we all just get along speeches. Seems to me TNI has grown over the years and become successful while those sites didn't and so that is where the bitterness stems from. TNI has probably done more for the collecting community over the years than all those sites put together. Regardless of that, the reality is that these are competing websites who compete for traffic and ad revenue. It's like saying Fox News, MSNBC and CNN should all hug and kiss each other. They take digs at one another all the time. I don't think Jay misstated anything in his report and if it caused and uproar over there maybe its cause people are still pissed over what Marx did by dangling images of a very sought after figure and then told everyone he was the only one getting it.
  12. Mattel screwed fans over yet again from the get go with the Gleeks just like they've done many times in the past and they will keep on doing it cause they can. Collectors have to get that plastic crack and Mattel and Hasbro are basically the only companies left to give it to them, and just like any junkie they will keep going to the dealer and paying them more money for their drugs cause they can't stop even when they know they should. What MOTUC cost $100 now, that sucks. Where do I pay?
  13. Sounds like the guy who has all the money invested in this train wreck is trying to do some damage control if you ask me.
  14. LOL, I can see the headlines now, Hollywood succeeds where Cobra failed and destroys GIJoe.
  15. you and every other cry baby who #$#@# and moan about GIJOE being too 'different' *rolls eyes* I can handle different. Transformers was different and I liked that movie. This just looks like crap.
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