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  1. Who else got the feeling all 12 figures are going to be lame repaint with no new parts representing new or international character and the secret 13th figure they won't reveal will be a a previously unreleased in 25th style classic character figure with new parts. It's either that or they want us to believe that so we subscribe and we get a 13th lame figure. Either way I fell the fandom is going to be angry.
  2. Oh and by the way. This is the most intelligent thread EVER. Instead of arguing on repaints we argue on actual social issues founded on values and believes. So Maybe the editorial is wrong but he has a right to share his thoughts like the rest of us. The thread shows people joining either side on the matter and bringing (for the most part) valid, smart and interesting arguments and questions to defend their believes in the matter. No just : It's so Neon:)
  3. Totally agree he was likeable unlike mudflap and skids. And yes they did say a few words about it at the end of the first one. I miss him and that's my point. Why they they have to kill the black dude. Wait, hold on something just crossed my mind. What if Jazz would have been around with Bumblebee in ROTF instead of the twins. MMm might have been a chance I like that movie then.
  4. In the first movie, there is a line that struck me as racist. It has bugged me since I saw the movie 2 years ago. It's at the beginning when the military are in the plane and they discuss what are they going to do when they get home. One of the character is latin and starts speaking in spanish to which William Lennox (Josh Duhamel) respond something like " We are in the U.S. army here. Speak english." Might be nothing, but to me it felt like "Now that you live in the United States forget your culture and replace it with our own." Seeing how the films seems to idolize the US army and Bush era way of thinking reinforce my personal believes that that line was meant that way. I'm from Québec, so I know about forgetting our culture and history. We are not as pride as the Americans. It's a trait I admire in their culture, when it's not taken too far. In our province, the topic of immigrant culture Vs. our own is a hot one. We have tried to accommodate every immigrant's culture, sometimes at the sacrifice of our own way of life. We are still trying to find a balance, so i understand how some people might feel about outside culture "invading"; for a lack of better term; their own. However such comments do not have it's place in a toy oriented movie. I wasn't offended by Mudflap and Skid. Okay I was but not on the racial level. They were just two Jar Jar Binks for the price of one. But then again Jar Jar was also considered a racist stereotype. I digress. THe point is when the subject of those character being racist came up, that line from the film immediately poped back in my head. It's just hints for now. Michael Bay never said he hated or disrespected black people, but it's all those little things. One person mentioned that Jazz was also a black stereotype in the first film and he was a "cool cat". And he quickly died with very little mourning from his friends and no mention of how he die fighting bravely in the second movie. He is all but forgotten. So you see if you take all those clue there might be something there. Something even M.Bay doesn't realize himself. Or it might be nothing but it might still be worth mentioning.
  5. I could tell you how I have fund childhood memories of G.I.Joe. How I remember her building the Rattler at 6AM on the morning after Christmas and how I broke the £¢!¬ landing gears in 5 seconds. How I love the new resolute cartoon and how I only had one single issue of the comic growing up but cherished it with all my heart (It was my granpa who randomly bought me all my comics as a child). Let's face it, we all have such memories. Heck I could come up with a story about a friend who was saved by those PSA's. But I'm going to try something different and tell you what it means for me to rediscover the original cartoon. WTF. Seriously it's 1 part violence that would never make it on TV today and 1 part complete disrepect for children's intelligent and it's GREAT. Mutt beating the crap out of Junkyard, Low light saying a gun is a better solution, Snake-Eyes pummeling Cobra's right in the face. WOW. Cobra Commander makes Dr. Evil look like a serious threat. I could go on but I hve to stop. YO JOE!
  6. yeah i always wanted those. I would hate it if it was a con exclusive. But a store exclusive would be cool or better, the shortpacked figure of an assortmen. How about ... -Norman Osborn -Harry Osborn -Flash Thompson -Gwen Stacy (TB actually did her in 5 inch) -J.Jonah Jameson -Rick Jones -Foggy Nelson -Karen Page -Betty Banner -General Thunderbolt Ross -Jarvis -Donald Blake -Marlo Jones -Happy Hogan -Pepper Potts I know it's a long list but there's is many I left out especially in the Spider-Man Mytho.
  7. I have a hard time deciding between the voyager and leader movie Prime. I like the voyager more because the windows are not blocked by an electronic gimmick, but I'm a scale freak and I've never seen the Voyager version up close. I'd appreciate any comment u guys have.
  8. Specialty shop get their toys usually through diamond distributing, who themselves get them through hasbro USA. TRU and other major retailer will be getting the single pack before christmas (October) and the five pack after until further notice. Last year everybody got the Hasbro Marvel stuff before 2008. oh and yeah I have an inside source... me. Okay, I'm going to assume you are not with a retailer then..........might I fish ya for a peice of info? The Walmart 12" Adventure Team GIJOES are rumoured to be coming to Canadian Walmarts too. I asked a insider at Hasbro ( Derryl Depreist) and he said they were, but others have asked Hasbro Canada and gotten a negatory. Don't need to divulge where you are. Would you know anything about the Walmart Joes, and if so, are the bound for release up North here? You seem to have better source then me. I'm actually with retailer but I do get info if you ask the right persons the right questions. Eck you get a lot of info if you just look as a retailer.
  9. Specialty shop get their toys usually through diamond distributing, who themselves get them through hasbro USA. TRU and other major retailer will be getting the single pack before christmas (October) and the five pack after until further notice. Last year everybody got the Hasbro Marvel stuff before 2008. oh and yeah I have an inside source... me.
  10. I need to be quick and discreet here cause I don<t know how much of this I am actually allowed to say but they are coming in fall, but only the single pack. The five packs will only be available in early 2008.
  11. Forgot Silver Sable and Tombstone.
  12. How about Carrion, Shriek and Doppleganger + good guys Cloak and Dagger to make Maximum Carnage complete. Oh and vermine would be nice. As for those already stated, Puma, Prowler, Classic Beetle, Cardiac, Hammerhead, Chameleon, Sin Eater and Tarantula are on my list.
  13. wow toad is more love than he ever had. Oh and turquoise I have a Juggernaut for you if u want. Ready 2 sell or trade. Because Rerelease+Hasbro=Rerelease+BAF piece=2x the same figure for most= Bad idea
  14. -ball joint head and left shoulder -swivel forearms, left bicep and calves -double jointed knees and left elbow -up and down neck, toes, left middle fingers and right shoulder -up and down plus side to side feet -t-crotch and it came with a breakable water tower
  15. First of all, I didn't need Marvel to confirm that. My storeroom confirmed it in May. Two, Transformers did not hurt Spidey sales. They were not selling before any TFmovie toys came out. Scale had indeed alot to do with poor sales. Loosing the collector market, and even kids and parents who either wants bigger figures or actually care about scale since they already bought a bunch of spidey 6" figuresover the last few year. The only figure I sold well is the black costume spidey. My Origins Venom sold pretty well when SM3 came out. Finally if any toy line is hurting sales it's Cars. I still sale 200 of these a week.
  16. Totally agree. It even took me a few minutes to figure out who they rehashed. Still can't figure it for Marvel Girl. By the way, I think that if you don't like the Cable, at least is worth it.
  17. October you say, maybe here in Canada we'll get them in December...2008:( Only one report of sighting for serie 2 and even specialty shops don't have them. My chain dosen't have any orders placed. And serie One is warming the pegs.
  18. Wow I'm suprised and pleased by the answers. Someone on a Joe thread admitted to playing with his 25th anniversary figure himself. Glad to see I'm not the only collector who thinks toys are meant to be played with.
  19. I can imagine Bumblebee lubricating on you right now.... @smilepunch@ That comment just help me support my opinion.
  20. It's 30$CAN so I decided not to buy it. So no pic, maybe on the other thread about it.
  21. By the way 1-Movie tickets prices are higher each year. That's how they beat records each year. Try and find attendance statistics. You'll see what I'm talking about. 2-Too many blockbusters this year for anyone to claim to be THE p movie of the summer.
  22. ln that case let me be the first. That movie is awful. It full of corny moments, forced comic relief (i.e. S7 tank top, Frenzy screaming like he's having an orgasm when he's making the download ), plots that are going nowhere(i.e the hackers) plot holes and quick fix and stupid decisions (i.e let's hide the allspark in the city to increase collateral damage) I'll stop here, but I must admit that as a fan it was great to see those characters come to life in live action but even there they could have developed the Transformers more as characters and concentrate less on the humans. On my ticket it was written "Transformers" not "Stupid American Humans Fighting Giant Generic Robots". U R Welcome
  23. First,VH, that's Black Widow not Scarlett. Secondly, at the beginning of the thread people were complaining about repaints, but the original 16 figures used what? 5 different molds. I mean Clutch and Rock`n'Roll had the exact same head. Anyway, they are wearing UMIFORMS so repaint makes sense and is cheaper for Hasbro. If down the line it means I pay less and/or I get more characters made, I'm more than cool with it.
  24. I'll let you know what I can if they pop-up in the system soon. As of now still nothing and my Hasbro rep hasn't heard anything about those. Hasbro Canada seems to limit Joe toys since the war in Afghanistan.
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