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  1. If you deliver pizza part time, friday nights and weekends are the way to go. Bigger tips, but sometimes its risky especially when you have to go into projects.
  2. I think the real question here is why were action figures and other toys ever created? @loll@
  3. I've seen this. Its intresting to speculate BUT its hard to believe they managed to keep the code intact (If there was ever such a code that is) through numerous translations from hebrew (Old testement) to latin and finally to english. So yeah, its questionable IMO. Shakespeare's works is rumored to be riddled with some code also. But whose to say right? Im still trying to figure out the Da Vinci Code @loll@
  4. Back on track, I'm sad to say that there were never any dragons or dinosaurs ever found in my homeland (Philippines) EVER @grumpy@ Apparently we were still submerged deep in the ocean when all the good stuff was happening all over the world like dinosaurs.
  5. Corned beef hash!! Yeah that stuff you gotta fry til its crispy!! I havent had it in a while though
  6. To say it has diecast content is not too far from the truth. I'd say less than 5%. The Swing bars, Lerx, and the landing gear (and the screws ofcourse). Thats pretty much it. Its significantly lighter than the 1/48.
  7. It might be the monosodium gulamate, the flavor enchancer (MSG). Alot of people have the same symptoms you have, including myself when eating foods with MSG. Sodium Nitrate as preservative may also cause this. Most Chinese fast food/take out places have MSG, you can ask them to omit it. Just read the ingredients in processed foods (canned foods, hot dogs, cold cuts etc) before you eat them.
  8. ANYTHING is good when it's fried to a crisp, though! Spam's pretty gross, in my opinion. If you think thats gross try corned beef from a can. Sometimes if your lucky you'd find arteries and veins still. @loll@
  9. For those enquiring minds who really want to know.... Spam Haiku and Spam FAQ
  10. Back in my drinking and puking years, my friends used to have large cardboard boxes lined with a garbage bag for each of us. Not only was she great for not letting us leave drunk, but she also let us crash at her place and gave us each a "puke box"!! @loll@ I guess she was tired cleaning up after us. I will niether confirm nor deny that this happened to "me" @hmmm@
  11. Personally I like it. Its a great substitute for bacon or ham in the morning. I think most people hate it cause they've been eating it straight out of the can (which is gross IMO) Try frying it up til its crispy, chop it up and mix it with an omelette, add it to your home made fried rice. Its very versitile. They also have low sodium, turkey and smoked flavored now. So spam isnt so bad.
  12. Yeah I guess its like comparing chimps and gorillas when you talk about Polar bears and Grizzlies. Besides the 2 species having different mating seasons they also found out the offspring is capable of reproducing. Which is odd because successful breedings of two species usually begets sterile offspring. they shot and killed this one didnt they? Thats sad if they did. They recently shot and killed a bear here in northern jersey which is creating an uproar with the humane society. they could of just tranquilized it IMO.
  13. Something worse than that.. How about having to really go, pulling down your pants then realizing too late that the the toilet seat is down and your sitting on your own "mud"!!! @loll@
  14. Happened to me a few times...... I have 3 more to add to this though. Have the surgery to remove the toe-nai and the nurse misses withe needle and stabs you in your big toe knuckle. Then after the put the acid on the nail edges (on both feet) Tells you that a certain sid will not be a problem, But later that side becomes the worst one yet. The best one.... (I was younger when this happened) while waiting to get the nail removed, the doc gave me a sedative to calm me due to the fact that I could hardly stand becuase of the pain. I got the nail removed and went home. The sedative still affecting me, I got home, laid on the couch..... And my sister decided to take advantage of the situation by telling me that god called and if i didn't call back i would go to hell. If I had a choice I'd have all my toe-nails removed, then again I'll look strange in sandals and at the beach. People have no idea how painfull ingrowns are. I think its worse than a toothache. @grumpy@
  15. The way I was raised was totally opposite the way I raise my kids. We had our share of belts, spankings, wooden spoons and plenty of verbal abuse. I wanted to break that chain and promised myself even way before I got married that I would never ever do the same to my kids. As an adult I understood why most of the time I was hit and I talked to my parents about this. And it wasnt easy for them to deny. They took out their frustrations in life out on us when we were young. Bad day at work? Smack!! Arguement with mom? smack!!! (no explanation on why we were hit) Then to top things off they'd tell us we're all good for nothing and will never amount to anything. So yeah, I have issues in life and it took a long time for me to get over it. What Im trying to say is kids who were smacked, hit or whatever for disciplinary reasons will grow up and do the same to their kids... IMHO
  16. Having gone to a podiatrist to have a real deep in-grown toe-nail removed THEN coming home and having everyone in your household "accidentally" step on your freshly sutured toe!! Including the dog!!! @grumpy@ How's that?
  17. No its not, there are other ways besides this or corporal punishment. I take it your not a parent? Give an example. What would you do in a situation like this? Well Im not going to say Im an expert at being the perfect parent and besides every child has his/her own personality.... but yeah Im game... If the my child started throwing a temper tantrum in public, during dinner, church, etc.. what would I do? It was something my mother taught me and it works 99.9% most of the time... Calmly take your child (kicking and screaming) to the rest room and have him/her look at themselves in the mirror and they will stop and start laughing. In turn their smile will calm you down too. Once you have their attention, you talk to them (in baby talk if you have to) and ask them whats wrong. It could be anything from a dirty diaper or theyre just sleepy and just be annoyed at the unfamiliar surroundings. The key thing is not to be selfish and tend to the need of the child. Because they know no better and they look to you for comfort or help. Slapping the kid on his ass or throwing cold water in his face may get you fast results, but its rude and very UNLOVING. Kids are little people too and they deserve the respect theyre due. Plus public humiliation would be a no-no for me. Kids are a blank slate and they absorb things like a sponge between the ages of 1-8. I think its pretty bad for their self image and really lowers their ego doing something like that. So yeah I think we did a good job with our daughter. We had our ups and downs with her growing up, but we're confident letting her go out into the world (she's going off to college in a couple of months) knowing that she knows we'll always be there for her. And as God as my witness, I never once had to have to lay a hand on her or verbally abused her and she turned out pretty ok.
  18. No its not, there are other ways besides this or corporal punishment. I take it your not a parent?
  19. Well Im not one for conspiracy theories or want not, but pandemics are more likely to happen than meteors, comets or whatever. Not that I want to start an arguement here, I just wanted to know the general feelings and opinions about this topic. And I guess I got my reply. Ignorance may be bliss to some, but arrogance is the real mind killer here. I tell you this much though, If the bird flu ever becomes a real serious threat here.. I'm really going to miss KFC. "Dont get caught with your pants down..." Colonel Harland David Sanders
  20. I used to have a water bottle to spray my dog when she was a puppy.. when she didnt behave or when she went and done her business where she wasnt supposed to. My dog is now 9 human years old and cowers over the sound of running water, the hose and spray bottles. Granted this is the humane way to discipline animals, I dont think its proper for children. First of all its humiliating for the child. Secondly I think its borderline abuse. It may have been funny at the moment, but think about its reprecussions on a developing mind of a child? I'm a father of two, a boy (1) and a girl(18). Sure they had tantrums like you wouldnt believe, but It never came to a point that I'd even mildly disciplined them in "that" way. Good or bad parenting? Who's to say? You raise your kids the way you want, but to splash them with cold water to "shock" them is just plain mean and selfish IMHO.
  21. I'm really beginning to lose patience with this series. Every episode leading to more mystery upon more mysteries. I hope micheal buys it soon, I never did like his character.
  22. Thats funny.. I always stop by the nerf gun section everytime at TRU and I'm always checking out the "Maverick". Good to know Im not the only one here intrested in these. I was beginning to think I was weird. @loll@
  23. @loll@ no siree. Its a geniuine 1/6 (12 inch) figure, fully articulated (and most of the armor doesnt interfere with the articulation I'm told.)
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