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  1. Im down for the strike!! @firedevil@ My daughter is going out with a korean guy and I dont like him lolz @smilepunch@ (that was a joke folks, calm down). I just heard on the news if their missles actually worked hawaii wouldnt be ready at all to launch counter-measures. Something to ponder about...
  2. I added you Hey Deb!! are there any Toy R Us Stores near you? I dying to get Some Dr Who figures and stuff!! @smilepunch@ --Arnold
  3. @grumpy@ What a wonderful world we live in @hmmm@
  4. It says something about Ultraman (I think) lolz sorry Blackmada...didnt mean to hijack your thread... Back on topic.. Whatever you do, just make sure your physically, pyschologically and spiritually healthy before going into this field... It WILL take alot out of you if your not ready.
  5. ummmm...that's my "niece".... uh?... ditto. and by "niece" i hope you dont mean "deceiving looks and really 13" do you? cuz ill prolly vomit. LoLz!! @loll@ She'll be flattered to hear that.. She's 21 years old, 5'7" and used to model alot for car shows and anime stuff. She's a full fledge Registered Nurse. We asians just age reaalllly...slooooooow.
  6. I just picked up Wonderwoman and Superman from this series and its sculpts are on the spot from the New Frontier Art. I found wonderwoman to be a little out of scale to the rest of the figures (she's a bit more meatier Lolz) Becareful removing her sword from the packaging, as the handle broke right off( with the peg). She comes with the said sword, sheild, golden lasso and alternate "helmeted" head. Her skirt is made of the same soft vinyl material as superman's cape so it doesnt hinder her hip articulation at all. If they release a series 2, I hope they would make: Martian Manhunter, Batman and Robin, Aquaman, Flash and the Spectre... Cant wait for the movie to come out and I hope they dont cut down on the violence just like it was in the graphic novel...
  7. No.. Not by choice anyways @hmmm@
  8. Found Primus today at Toys R Us in Elizabeth NJ. Im happy with it. Which is a good thing cuz I was sooooo brooding about how bad (IMO) the Alt Prime I got was yesterday... No Unicron head, but thats ok.. Thing is, I havent put batteries in it yet.. (Looks at portable alarm clock) Quoted from Madman1366 First, he is very impressive looking in his bot mode. He will definitely look great on your shelf posed with Unicron. All the paint and various other details are really nice too. Now for a few of the downsides. Most of what I see as flaws are in the arms. For one, the forearms are VERY bulky which could get in the way of doing some poses. There is only one rotating point at the lower elbow joint. If there was another one up the arm more closer to the shoulder then I think it would have made an improvement. Second is the hands. They don't rotate at all and his fingers are just FREAKISHLY long. I agree with you totally on this.. Still, I was surpised that he has an articulated ratcheting waist.
  9. Thanks for the pics, nice. I just got alt prime myself today... alot things bug me about this figure...Lack of rachet joints, its/he's really flimsy and loose...Nothing really locks in place in bot mode. Really disappointing.
  10. Ive been doing this since I started collecting Action figures. But I do it for 2 reasons. One ofcourse is to rotate whatever figures I have every 3 months or so (packing them up in plastic containers) and the other is to keep them as clean and dust free as possible.
  11. Wow!! Its worth that much now? Yeah same here... I got 2 of these once they came out. One to open ands one to keep MOC.. In all honesty for that much money I'd rather pick up hot toys 1/6 figures~~
  12. Lolz.. Just turn down the volume before you enter my myspace... Its a little loud @loll@
  13. I didnt like the pilot episode. His potrayal of Blade IMO was weak and he got his @ss kicked waaaay too much. And when did blade ever have a space between his teeth!? Vampires now have anti-garlic and anti-silver serum?!?!? Lolz!! Ok, maybe I was a little too harsh. I'll stick around for a couple more episodes. The previews for next week's show looked alright....
  14. I Love Billie Piper.. Im really going to be sad when she goes. (?) **see rumor below** Anways.. Back on topic somewhat... I've been watching the recent episodes out of sequence (doesnt really matter cuz most are self contained) and without giving too much away..I have to say "School Reunion" (with the return of Sarah Jane and K-9!!) and "Tooth and Claw" were my favourite episodes to date. Hopefully Sci-Fi Channel will re-broadcast season 2 in the states so everyone can appreciate these recent shows. One thing I have noticed is that cinema-photography has much improved. Lots of panaramic shots, great use of angles and lighting give the recent episodes a movie theatre quality IMO... Scroll down for Rumor... Writers and Producers (one in the same? Lolz) stated that theyre considering changing the good Doctor into a female in his next regeneration... And Billie Piper is very much intrested in the prospect.. We'll see.
  15. Thanks!! I havent seen that one yet... Man, these fan based amateur movies really put hollywood to shame. Imagine what they can do with a bigger budget.. even with unknown actors they still make it look great... Superman is really built solid like he's supposed to be.. They should of made grayson nightwing though IMO.
  16. That was hilarious!!! @loll@ Hey, could happen... all it takes is a dollar... Love Batman.. Ever see that short with BAtman/alien/predator? check it out here just incase you havent seen it.
  17. I just finished watching "Rise of the Cybermen" and its continuation "Age of steel". Though Im not really happy with David Tennant as the new doctor who, they were really good episodes.. Its intresting to note that these arent the orginal cybermen from the old series but one borne out of a alternate universe. Theyre really cool looking and remind me alot of Ironman... They will also appear in the season finale "Doomsday". I have no details on this upcoming episode but Im guessing the doctor will be caught in the middle of some kind of war (with the new daleks? lolz! hopefull thinking) Sadly, this will also be last episode for Billie Piper/Rose. See here. Too bad, I actually watch doctor who just to see her. The 12 inch Action figure looks nice as well!!!
  18. JUst when I thought it was safe to seal up the wallet. I hate/love you Hot toys!!!! @hmmm@
  19. Well, when two people get together, they do something that makes them feel good and the end result can sometimes lead to having a baby!! I dont remember god being there??? @hmmm@ Being with my current wife and having (making) a baby with her was the most religious experience I ever had in my life!! Yes, thats the first time I ever saw stars!! @loll@
  20. Tthanks!! I was thinking the same thing actually, yeah metal/diecast would of been nice. Im eagerly awaiting your pics of celtic predator if you can... take your time with it though. Putting it together was fun but the instructions are a little vague, even though theyre in english. And as for displaying it? I find getting something new and ready to display (or play with lolz) inspires me to make room. And this figure definitely commands you to make space for it.
  21. Here's mine... sorry for the crappy quality... here's more..I wanted to take pics during assembly but my camera died...and Im not willing to take this figure apart because everything pretty much "snapped" into place. (might break)
  22. I just finished putting together my scar predator. I was gonna take pics during its assembly process then my battery died on the digi-cam. I have to say this is one of the best action figures I ever had. From sculpt, articulation and accessories... everything is perfect. It definitely has that museum quality feel to it. Putting it together was fun too... Im gonna do my finances now and see if I can pick up the celtic predator...in the mean time, Im charging my camera If you have to pick up one action figure this year, get this one (or the celtic predator) Definitely "the" if not one of the best figures of the 2006!!
  23. So when is the official release of this line?
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