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  1. Certainly looks real, has a red missile loaded in it and everything. Maybe the 80-whenever-it-was model slightly retooled?
  2. Is Oppo Rancisis even in Ep II? Can he even hold that lightsaber?
  3. Ok, let's see... Best: Booster X-10: Even with a lame name and lack of neck articulation, he's Laserbeak and awesome. High Score 300: (or whatever the hell his name is) He's a 360 controller! (Almost) He's a gorilla! Plus I really want to get that Blue Booster repaint, slap a Con symbol on him, paint ape controller purple, and bam! Beast Box and Squalk Talk 2007! Leader Brawl: I love robots with firepower, and Brawl has everything. Except a lot of leg movement, but I can forgive that. The Protoforms (Prime and Starscream): I think they're both nifty and I love the amount of articulation put into them. I wish I could afford the Fusion Cluster versions. Also, I think someone could totally repaint these two (SS at least) into new Pretenders, if they could be clever and make shells to fit them. Jin can probably do it. The voyager Starscream mold (including Thundercracker): It's clunky and weird looking, but it's grown on me. I like the second headsculpt on the G1 SS and Thundercracker better than the movie version, but now I want to repaint the original into Waspyscream. Blackout: Way cooler than I had expected him to be. He's really evil looking and without his rotor backpack, he's pretty nimble. Barricade: He's not as good as the rest of my best choices, he has shovel hands and I hate his extendo-fist gimmick, but he has his charms. He looks like an evil beetle (the insect, not the car) and the vehicle mode is slick. My favorite part of him though is keeping his head retracted in the hood and poking Frenzy's head out of the grill to make it look like he's piloting Barricade like a mech! Worst: Bonecrusher: God, what a let-down. Coolest looking robot in the trailers, wicked awesome vehicle mode, he looked good. Sucks that his arms have half the vehicle's rear end just hanging from them and that he has weird arm articulation. Ironhide: The only non-Real Gear Autobot I own, he too seemed to have lots of potential. Dark and evil-looking for an Autobot, giant cannons that combine into one (with a nifty firing gimmick no less.) But he has almost no paint aps and his hip articulation is weird, his lack of waist joint doesn't help. I just stopped fiddling with him after a day or so, he's just not that fun. Deluxe Brawl: He looks cool, but the well-known shoulder peg issues make it a pain to pose him if you couldn't be bothered to fix it. Cool tank mode but that's about it. As for what I'm still searching for, it's pretty much just Top Kick until the next wave of deluxes.
  4. Maybe not exactly to scale, but not enough that you'd notice. He's pretty huge.
  5. I own all those damn things too... Damn
  6. Mostly the Target right next door to my work, also a Target Greatlands a bit further away which sometimes yields get finds (the only place I've seen wave 2 movie deluxes to date, and only one Payload and one Final Battle Jazz.) Sometimes the nearby Kmart gets stuff in way before the other local stores too. Oddly enough, the nearest Walmart never has anything. All they had the last time I was there was there for TFs were a bunch of those bump-n-go style movie figures, the ones that just sort of pop up as they go, I forget the name of that damn subline. And the nearest TRU never has anything worth the trip over there, the same stuff as elsewhere but a few dollars more expensive.
  7. So you can recreate one of the stupidest scenes in the movie, finally! For when the "naked little boy peeing" fountain just isn't tasteless enough!
  8. Those Vintage mold Snow Troopers? I'm gonna need a couple of these for them and the AT-STs...
  9. Again: some of the toys are cool looking (I like Lugnut more and more) but god, I hate that animation style. I was scrolling down the page thinking "Well, this might not be so bad..", then I came to the shots of the humans. Gah, so terrible...
  10. I found one at Target today and bought it remembering how folks talked about it being rare, thinking somebody on here might need him. So I guess if you need him, let me know.
  11. I think if we gave her a short, tousled hairdo, Jessica Alba would be a great Lady J. And a foxy one too, rowr.
  12. Yeah, he is pretty damn awesome. The sound effects drive me nuts, but otherwise I love him. He has so many weapons! And I always like it when figures have individually articulated fingers.
  13. It's not like you can make realistic G1 Dinobots anyway since the idea of the T-Rex walking upright and dragging its tail on the ground is no more and the brontosaurus wasn't a real dinosaur anyways. I mean, besides the fact that they are giant metal dinosaurs...
  14. I found Brawl at the Target next to my work tonight. Totally spent $40 I should have been saving on him but he's worth it. Sound effects drove me nuts so I took out the batteries but other than that, he is a large impressive war machine. Also saw the newest exclusive Cybertron/Energon repaints, but that was it for new stuff.
  15. I see the same thing, the Target near me has been out of deluxes, megas and leaders and has only a smattering of real-gear and those exclusive basics. Plenty of blasters, voice changers, titaniums, unleashed, cyber-slammers, etc, etc, etc however.
  16. I'mma need two of these packs, one to crew my ARC Gunship, the other to crew my ARC, uh, ARC. Except the ARC needs three pilots, damn...
  17. Personally I think this set is awesome and can't wait until it is released. Couple questions on the ARC Troopers though; can anyone tell if they are the Clone Wars sculpts or the new comic pack Alpha sculpt? Also, are they supposed to be a couple of the Null ARCs or some characters we haven't been introduced to yet?
  18. Well, I have three of my friends giving me caps whenever they get a soda and I pick caps out of the recycling bin at my work, so it's slightly better. Plus I get a soda to drink with my lunch everyday at work anyway, so why not try to win something.
  19. Yeah because, y'know, like how they changed all the robots for that feature film, and since so many thought they sucked, they don't know HOW it could be any good @rolleye@ I recall that same kind of rhetoric posted through the past TWO YEARS in regards to the TF movie. How, because they strayed "so far" from what made TF, TF, that the movie would utterly suck and be a flop. I can understand dislike of the aesthetic style and how its reflected in the toys, but honestly, it is FAR to early to say "it will suck" since people have said the same thing about every major change in TF in the last DECADE. I still stand by my opinion that the movie sucked. Whether or not it was a huge success isn't the point. I was one of the guys who went from hating the new designs to liking them and I still do. It wasn't the TF designs that I disliked about the movie, it was most everything else. I own a lot of movie toys because they appeal to me for the same reason a lot of TFs and toys in general do; I like the aesthetic design and I like to fiddle with things (also I'm an artist with a penchant for sculpting, so I appreciate them on that level too.) You can feel however you want about the new show, but from everything we've seen and heard I have decided that I don't like it. I hated Teen Titans, I don't like the super powered angle (and G1 abilities were abilities described in pseudo-science, not actually super powers like Superman), I don't like the human super villain angle (and before you bring that argument up, The Mechanic or whatever his name was in the Marvel comics was an incredibly lame character) and I don't like the Decepticons being more in the background. Furthermore, I haven't been shouting "It will suck!" about every new direction they have taken in the past. I liked both the show and toys from BM, which most people hate. I liked the gimmicks like Minicons and Cyber Keys, which a lot of people hate. I even liked the look of the TFs in animation in Armada, Energon and Cybertron, it was just the rest of the aspects of the shows that were childish and stupid. So I'm not somebody who pisses and moans every time something gets changed, I just don't think this will be a good show. Am I biased by my personal opinion? Sure I am, but don't lump me in with the type of fans who are presently crying over the fact that that supposed upcoming Ironhide repaint isn't red just because I think a highly stylized, overly kiddified, dumbed down cartoon in that horrible American-show-trying-to-look-like-Anime style isn't the best idea for the franchise. And really, why do you think it's going to be so awesome then if it obviously doesn't suck?
  20. I bashed the show from day one and will continue to do so; even if the show doesn't suck (which, frankly, with what we've seen so far, I don't know how it can't), it's not appealing to me personally. But then I haven't enjoyed a TF show since BW, but I still bought the toys. I have no interest in the Autobots here, but like I said, I am digging the Decepticons. I like Blitzwing's chunky tank mode, hehehehe...
  21. Welllll.....that might change my opinion depending on how he looks. I still don't love it though.
  22. I was gonna say something like that. "The Seacon set fans have been clamoring for for years is finally available! At TCC! For a mere $400! You can thank us by just throwing your money in the hole!"
  23. The Decepticons are pretty cool looking, in a kind of almost urban vinyl sense. I'm not really fond of Soundwave being a box on wheels and having a giant guitar, but Blitzwing, Starscream and Lugnut are cool looking. I still won't watch the show, but that has never stopped me from getting the toys before.
  24. Seriously, I always checked my email after midnight after entering codes to see if I was notified. Now I guess I just have to wait in suspense. On the other hand, I have entered 77 codes to date and literally 70 have been on Pepsi Prime, so I can hope that I did win and just haven't received him yet.
  25. Alright! Maybe I won something after all, or at least I have false hope for a few more days...
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