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  1. Looks like Windu's squad just got a new class of trooper.
  2. It's infuriating that they're just stylized enough to look out of place with the rest of my clones. Don't get me wrong, the designs are cool, but I can't afford to start a second army of animated clones.
  3. You'd also think he'd have another lightsaber color. Granted, he's only in one panel at the very end without his lightsaber drawn, but red is really associated with the Sith.
  4. But they DID say they planned combiners in the line. So why include one that doesn't have that feature? I don't know, but he's not one of them.
  5. Earth mode Megatron from Animated and whoever that cargo plane Decepticon is, I always forget his name. Uhh... that might be it.
  6. I really don't understand the appeal of these things.
  7. I'm glad they're putting out a new Durge (since I missed the first non-cartoon styled one) but I would have really preferred that he had an interchangeable hand in place of the giant claw one. I know that's how he looks in that issue, but still.
  8. That center wing better fold down and under like in the cartoon or I'm getting one. Also, since when did the V-19 become a shuttle?
  9. Meh, I'll probably pass on all of these. The Autobots look nice for the most part, but I'm more of a Decepticon fan and they don't look so hot. Galvatron should be bigger for one, he's deluxe class isn't he? Needs to be bigger. Also, he reminds me of my first thoughts of Armada Megatron: looks really cool in the promotional imagery, but when you actually play with him, he lets you down. Obviously, I can't know that for sure but I don't like the look of that claw hand. Concerning Onslaught: don't like the colors, don't like his giant shield that just sits on his roof, don't like that he's not a combiner (He's not guys, ok? If he were, they would have told us by now, let it go. Actually, I'm fairly certain they already told us he wasn't.)
  10. Boring and ugly. I mean, I know the Nemesis Prime color scheme gets used all the time so a newer, jazzier scheme for an evil Optimus was needed, but mostly purple? With green headlights?
  11. That looks really nice, a little undersized, but what vehicle isn't? I'll probably need at least two, plus a new shelf to hold my rapidly expanding clone/Imperial motor pool...
  12. Like I said in the comment I left in that article; why would a salvage company use a low rider truck with a bed cover and spoiler? It would make more sense to repaint Towline for that purpose. Stealth BB is nothing but class however.
  13. I still don't like those little diamond pieces that hang off him in vehicle mode, but robot mode is nice.
  14. I have G1 style Starscream and Thundercracker myself, but I think most of the repaints are so-so. Some of the repaints actually look better than the first scheme in my opinion, like Rachet; some are god-awful, like Salvage or Jungle Bonecrusher. Of the upcoming ones, only Cliffjumper and Stealth BB interest me; Cliffjumper because I think the mold looks way better in red, Stealth Bumblebee because he looks eviiilll. And he should have been!
  15. Once in the theatre and never again. What a god-awful movie that was...
  16. I was pretty bad a few years ago in college; where I made a little money with a work study job and had nothing better to spend it on than TFs. I bought everything, whether it was a good mold or not, I got everything. I didn't really notice it at the time, but now I look at my Armada collection and wonder why I have three or four repaints of the same mold.
  17. Well, I'm going by the fact that it says and not just "fans attending Jedi-Con in general." So maybe it's exclusive to the con and not so much Germany, but unless you're coughing up a plane ticket to Germany or already live there, it might as well be. Though it does say that fans there will see the debut and not that it will only be there precisely, I sure hope it makes it over here, I loves me Shadow Troopers...
  18. "Shadow Troopers 2-pack Debuts at Jedi-Con" (Mod Edit) Son of a... Awesome exclusive, but damn you Germany! I'll never be able to afford one of those off eBay.
  19. Yeah, it could be the larger Octuptarra droid I suppose, maybe a better articulated, transformation capable vulture, a better crab droid? Commerce guild tank droid? That's probably too big, I just want one of those. Actually, looking at the scale comparison on Wookiepedia, the larget Octuptarra droid is HUGE, so probably not him.
  20. I suppose it's a cybertronian hover tank or space ship or something, who knows Actually it kind of looks like something that someone left floating in a toilet at work the other day. Sorry guys I'm just not getting it. After seeing many of the past Megatrons (especially movie Megs) slammed for bad alt modes I'm just not getting how ANYONE is liking this. Over the years I've been on the boards all I've heard is bashing about lousy alt modes, bad proportions, goofy looking heads and faces, figures being too fat or too skinny, etc..etc... And these animated figures to me seem to be a collective work of just about everything anyone has ever hated about TF's and suddenly it's drool-o-rama. You've got a TF so fat it looks E-Prime look anorexic. People love him. You've got plenty with oddly proportioned bodies and SKINNY waists. People love them. Very odd looking alt modes to say the least. People love them. I've yet to see a non-goofy looking head and face. People love them. I guess a whole bunch of wrongs do equal a right apparently. Who knew??? No, I'm with you man, most everything in Animated so far looks silly. I really only have interest in that big cargo plane Decepticon whose name I forget and maybe Blitzwing. I actually had the same reaction looking at Megs alt mode pics on Tfans earlier, like "What the hell is that supposed to be?" He has no real defining characteristic to his alt mode that tells you what it is. It could fly, it could hover, it could be an electric shaver.
  21. Nice, Bane's armor does come off. Last I had heard, it was just the helmet that was removeable. He's a cool character, but I think the Orbalisk armor is stupid looking. And didn't earlier shots have Mandalore with his cloak/cape thing? If not, that's totally lame, he still looks pretty awesome, but I like the look his cape gives him.
  22. Touche Still, they oughta make a new mold. If the 98 mold gets released a third time in the future and it wasn't a fan's choice repack dealie, renew my objections!
  23. They should have just made a new mold for the Dark Trooper anyway, it's been since 98 since we last got one so it's not like they just made the mold a year ago and want to get more use out of it (though I'm sure that and the desire to make it on the cheap is part of it.) And it's the fan's number 1 choice, we probably won't see this character get made again for at least another ten years, why not just give us a super-articulated and less chubby version with a gun that's more accurate. Actually, with the rate Hasbro is running out of movie characters to do and the amount of EU they're getting into, we'll probably get a new Dark Trooper in a couple years and all kick ourselves for buying this one again. Not that I'm complaining about more EU stuff, I love EU.
  24. Yeah, they're not all that uncommon either: I've seen three or four, as opposed to say figures like Revan, which I've only ever seen once. I have the 98 version, he's not really impressive.
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