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  1. I'm speaking strictly about the main topic, not distribution, QC issues, etc, I'm talking based on sculpt, articulation. character selection & scale. IMO, the DCUC in just a little over 13 months is very close to being the greatest superhero action figure line ever! TB held that title for a few yrs, but their oversaturation of Spidey/Wolvy/Ironman/Hulk figures really started to wear thin after a while. Many, many more deserving MU characters got the shaft due to TB wanting to do so many multiple versions of the big 4. From 2002 till now, where the heck are Gladiator & other members of the Imperial Guard, Hyperion & the rest of the Squadron Supreme, the rest of Alpha Flight, Ironman's awesome vilians rogue gallery, Avengers such as Starfox, Quasar, Swordsman, Mockingbird, US Agent? Where are Thor's enemies such as Ulik, Kurse, BAF Surtur, frost Giants? All those could have been done if not for the army of variant, SpiderIroncaphulks that were thrown out in almost every single wave or every other wave. The huge exclusion of major MU villians asides from Spiderman enemies really Pissed me off, it's like those were the only villians that rated to be done. ML sculpts were very well done for the most part, but they really dropped the ball by using puny body sculpts on characters that rated to be a bit bigger sculpts such as Hawkeye, Vision, Taskmaster, characters that are 6'3 230lbs & built like Cap, got spiderman type sculpts!? The vast majority of their females are on the ugly side & were as tall as the male characters that are 6+ in the comics. Funny how now that Hasbro does some females in a smaller more accurate scale, people complain they are too tiny. Bishop was too big as was Beast, So TB was not always perfect in the scale dept either. Hasbro made an aweful Hercules even worse by making him to tall as well & now they have started to make figs that are supposed to be 6 inches tall, look 5 1/2 tall, puny with pin sized heads. Tarantula for example. C'mon people, I loved & collected SP back in the 80s as well, but to say those 5-6 POA figs are still better than the DCUC line is laughable. Sure they came with vehicles, playsets, but back then those things were affordable, today they probably wouldn't be. IMO, the 4HM are among the best sculpters in the business & I'm so grateful they are the ones doing the DC line. To me their sculpts look like they jumped off the pages, with their vibrant colors, attention to costume details & for the vast part, great scale compatability. Much as it irrated me to have Shrimpestro. Oversized Lobo, slightly on the small size Captain Cold & I guess, for most people, a too tiny kid Flash, they have done a great job in keeping the line very scale compatible. The POA Imo is perfect, no need for every single finger/toe, half foot to be articulated, just made the figure look wonky marionettes & as time passed, hard to stay standing. Who here can easily stand their Angel fig with his wings on as easy as the wave 6 Hawkman? The " kids by this line " card is so played out, it's not funny! I am a father of 3 kids aged 14-11-10 & if it wasn't for me being a MU/DCU fanatic of comics/toys/cartoons & indoctrinating them in my passion/love for my hobby collection of superhero characters, they would know very, very little about the DC/MU. That is why they love & enjoy the hobby as much as I do. If the parents of some kids are not MU/DCU fans, have never collected in their lives a single DC/MU toy, watched the toons or read the comics, then chances are high their kids won't be into collecting ML/DCUC either due to having grown up w/o that as a part of their lives. IMO, the people buying ML/DCUC are the ones that grew up playing with their MEGOs, Superpowers, Secret Wars figs & watched " The challenge of the Superfriends", & read/collected comics as youngsters themselves. Kids who have a dad or mom that grew up on these characters will be more into it than kids whose parents could give a flying doodoo about superheroes & always thought they were above that. Every single time I go down the action figure Isles & have seen the ML/DCUC figs on the pegs, I have never seen a kid under 18 looking at them, it's me & a few other over 25+ guys checking them out, so to say these are "a kids line" is a crock of BS cuz what kids know who the heck Killer Moth & Ultraman are unless their parents have indoctrinated them withthe knowledge & love for the MU/DCU characters via cartoons/tys/comics. I got my 11yr old son the DCU encyclopedia for X-mas & he loves it! Just in the past 3 months his knowledge of the DCU has improved by leaps & bounds & he will tell me that he hopes that obscure characters such as Calanderman, Clock King( the one with a clock as a face) get made in the DCUC line. The DCUC line is great cuz it's not afraid to make an obscure character in every wave such as KM, Gentleman Ghost & the 80s Vigilante whom I'm so stoked about cuz I knew he'd never get made in the SuperwonderGLBats centric DCD line which btw, DCUC has already surpassed in just 13 months. DCUC has already done 80% of the greatest JLA era ever, the satellte team, only 3 core members to go, EM, Zee & Jonn' Jonzz & all 3 will be done within the next 4-6 waves IMO. The JSA is already 7 strong & the TT are coming along nicely. In 10yrs, DCD has never come close to giving us an entire team roster of any era that was scale compatible! I'm pretty sure that once this line fully gets all the kinks out & establishes itself as an even bigger hit than it already is with collectors, Mattel will give the 4Hm the greenlight to start making a few more different sized buck bodies so not all the male characters will be the same exact hgt. I have no prob with a 6'0 character sharing a body sculpt with a 6'2 maybe even 6'3 character but someone with a more slender /smaller build like Nightwing who's 5'10-11 180lbs in the comics should not be as buff as Bats who's 6'2 225lbs. We are now into wave 9 of this series & how many different Batman figures have they done? Just the crimestopper Bats in wave 1 plus the variant in the upcoming clayface 2 pack! DCD can't go 2 waves w/o shoving in another figure of Bats! We finally got a DCUC Supes in wave 6. Just my 2 centavos, but IMO, the DCUC line will go down as the best superhero related action figure line ever!
  2. Classic Martian Manhunter will happen guys, be patient. They can't put all the A-B listers in the 1st 12 waves! Then all they'll have left for the next 3 yrs are C-D-Etc listers that no one outside us comic geeks has ever heard of, then they'll stagnate on the pegs & the line will die. They have to spread the A-listers througout the entire run of the line to keep both comic & none comic fans coming back for more.
  3. Well, the fact that they're fighting emotionless, 20ft giant hunter/killer robots & an android who's sole purpose for existance is to destroy the JL, doesn't help. @wink@
  4. I wouldn't be so quick to shoot down this walmart list as bogus. I remember last yr's leaked DCUC list was pretty spot on, only had some characters put in the wrong waves & they were only wrong on Beastboy & maybe one other character, they even had Mothman listed as Charaxes in wave 6. I would hope that the John Stewart/Katma Tui wave includes Kilowog as the C&C & includes the shark as the villian of the wave.
  5. I say we wait till we see nice, clear, pics of the actual finished product cuz this is obviously a rush job they put together at the last minute for the pic, which is a grainy, TF pic taken of the page. The U symbol looks pasted on, so that tends to make the fig look bad. I'm sure the finished product will look 100x better than the initial pic shows. I will say this, if Mattel & the 4HM are making Ultraman, the rest of the CSA will not be far behind. Just the fact that they made Alexander Luthor, Earth 3's only hero, shows how serious they are about making any DCU character, no matter how obscure. In just 1yr, Mattel/4HM's DCUC line has made many characters that for over 10yrs, DCD lacked the cojones to do, cuz all they thought we wanted was tons of SuperBats in every single wave! My only complaint with the line is the usual one, bad distribution to the retailers, but I place blame on the retailers cuz I'm sure Mattel is shipping out the merchandise, they have no control once their product leaves their hands, at least I don't think they do.
  6. I want Brad Pitt to play John Stewart when they get around to doing a live action GL movie!
  7. This was a very cost effective wave for Mattel & the 4HM to do for Walmart whom if you all remember, was not on board with carrying this line when it was 1st announced. Now that they see what a hit it is, they want a piece of the pie & insist on a Walmart only exclusive & as of wave 2, jumped on board the DCUC bandwagon. Now I don't know if Walmart asked for these specific characters ( Doubt it, since all these execs know is Superbats) or Mattel/4HM said, "Freak it, let's give em charatcers that we can easily make out of the existing body parts & buck bodies we already have." Only retooling done would be for the heads, maybe forearms. Black Manta's body was probably used for BL, as was Atom, Clark Kent was used for Riddler, Amazo was probably a Reddy body, new Forearms. Eradicator was a Red/Blue supes body sculpt. Only brand new sculpt was the Awesome Mettalo. Cheap looking wave? Maybe, but if it looks that way, it's Mattel's/4HM way of sticking it to Walmart for not having confidence in the line from the get go. Just my 2 cents.
  8. No, giant...I mean Hawkman's mask doesn't come off. Why anyone is still buying the DCD Incredible H..I mean Hawkman, when the greatest , comic accurate , in scale, multi articulated version of Hawkman is coming out in Dec via the superior DCUC line, is beyond me! IMO, MOC collectors are living in denail with their "these MOC DCD figs are gonna make me rich some day" mentality. With the far superior versions that the 4HM are cranking out of figures that DCD has made, the value is gonna go down. Also, considering that the DCD line is only 10 yrs old, you guys are gonna be collecting SS by the time these MOC DCD figs are worth any real value. It's like the old 90's TB 5'' Marvel figures line, with the creation of the ML 6'' line in 2002, the MOC value of the 90s line has plummeted so fast, it'd make your head spin! I see them on ebay going for like $5 MOC & much less loose. Open up your figs people, let em breath, play with em, pose them, recreate the COIE or Secret wars! Toys were meant to be played with, not left in the package to be sold when you're tight in the pockets.
  9. OK, 1st off, to all you "I want Apache Chief & wonder twins" fans, get this straight, the Mattel DCUC line is 99% dedicated to giving us comic acurate versions of characters in the DCU with an occasional fig based on the WB owned cartoons such as Batman the animated series & Batman beyond. So kiss your Apache chief/wonder twins goodbye, they will not be made in the DCUC line! They are true comic fans themselves & are commited to giving us collectors not only the popular A-listers, but B & C & with Killer Moth in wave 7, even D-listers! If all some of you want is the popular A-listers like SuperwonderBats, DCDDirect is your line! Another sign that Mattel isn't DCDirect, this wave includes "ZERO" Superbats related characters whatsover! DCD doesn't have the gonads to release a wave that doesn't include a Superbat related character! 2nd, It's total BS that most of the figs in wave 8 have been done before! DCDirect has NEVER in it's 10 yrs of existance, done a figure of Gentleman Ghost, Adrain Chase "aka" Vigilante, Giganta, Parademons, either version nor Commander/Citizen Steel! And the Hawkgirl & Dr Fates that they have done, are blown away by the 4HM DCUC versions! If you don't know about certain characters, I suggest you visit this site for all the DCU info you will ever need: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_DC_Comics_characters IMO, this line is the greatest 6 inch scale superhero line ever created! And the scary thing is , it's only entering it's 2nd yr of a 5yr contract! Yes, the biggest strike against it is the inability for some of us seeing these in the stores due to inconsitent distribution, but this isn't the 80's, There are tons of online stores that sell the entire wave & you can pre-order it. So the " I can't find these in stores " excuse, doesn't fly so well. Plus, with the price of gas nowadays, why do you wanna waste $$ on gas driving all over town looking for these when you can order them online & they get mailed to your front door? Another grandslam by the 4HM & Mattel!
  10. Very much so. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is in complete denial. Problem is that they still wanna stick with a larger scale as to keep their line seperate from the Mattel DCUC line, which IMO, is a big mistake cuz if these were in the 6-6.25 scale, I'd snap up a few, but the almost 7 inch scale is a no sell for me. I admit a few of these look like they'll make for great custom fodder!
  11. While I am a huge fan of both, I have to go with my namesake, here's a site totally devoted to the mad titan & I pasted a link that will give anyone interested in Thanos powers,& abilities, all the info they need to know. http://www.corvusonline.net/thanos/powers.html
  12. I may be wrong, but it seems that Aquaman is the only one with ankle & ..gasp....waist articulation?
  13. There's a KB's at the mall in San Antonio, can't recall the name of the mall, I was there a few weeks ago.
  14. Prior to Mattel's DCSH line, DCD was the only game in town when it came to us DCU fans getting our 6'' scale action figure fix, so of course, I had no choice but to buy DCD figs, but I always bought just those figs that were as close to scale compatibility with each other as possible. DCD has truly dropped the ball in the scale dept & seems to have moved to the 7" scale these last couple of yrs & deprived themselves of alot more of my $$ due to that alone. I hated seeing a great Balent Catwoman fig towering over all the male heroes, or the cookie cutter McGuiness line that used the same exact freaking body for everyone. The only artist inspired line of figs I ever bought from DCD was the Jim Lee "HUSH" line, I think everyone bought that line! However, being the scale nazi that I am, I soon grew tired of seeing all the scale screwups DCD kept on commiting with just about every single line they came out with, plus the endless Superbats figs in every wave. I also am not a huge fan of the artist inspired lines. I found myself cherry picking & buying only 2-3 figs a yr & by 05/06, I bought my last 2 DCD figs in OMAC & IC Powergirl. DCD is overpriced at $16.99 around my neck of the woods. The limited amount of articulation, especially their stubborn refusal to add simple waist articulation, also killed my enthusiasum for the line. I collect "action" figures, not statues, and IMO, that's what the DCD line is, they have maybe a few more POA than McFarlane toys. I guess, for those of you that are MOC fans, or don't care for a good amount of poseabilty or scale, then DCD is your line, DCSH/DCUC has been a dream come true for this long time DCU fan. Mattel & the 4HM truly know what we DCU fans want out of a line based on DCU characters: the perfect amount of articulation, scale compatibility (LOBO, Sinestro, Doomsday being the lone exceptions), affordable price point, no over saturation of Superbats, great generic, vanilla pose , non artist specific renderings of my favorite characters & best of all, unlike DCD, they love to hear feedback, suggestions & run fan polls. Let's not forget their online site that will now sell 2 packs & other DCUC figs that stores might not want to carry. Overall, DCUC blows DCD out of the water. DCD's piss poor showing at SDCC clearly proved that they are done, stick a fork in em!
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