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  1. How soon can you post comparison pics with the Legends 2 pack Iron man and other ML figures? Anyone know when CD is due?
  2. Great score, but I hope you did not pay anything TOO crazy for them. I would definately pay a little bit extra to get them early, but not ALOT extra. Either way, thanks for posting the pictures. Paid LCS price for each figure. Seller wasnt trying to retire on this sale like some upcoming ebay auctions. I guarentee that when these start to hit, some people will be selling them for a lot more than I paid. lol
  3. I was the person who bought the wave 13 lot. Pics posted here http://www.thefwoosh.com/
  4. Anyone have any info on if there will be any new Transfromer Masterpiece issued in 2009/2010? Who and when?
  5. Looking for DCUC Walmart 5 pack for cost + shipping. If u can help, email me at steventjames@msn.com
  6. Looking for help with this set. If u can help, email me steventjames@msn.com
  7. 2 pks are supposed to be 1 every quarter, so I would guess the dates would be; Starfire Adam Strange = Mar. Ultra man Vs. Alex Luthor = June Sinestro Corps = Sept. Animal Instincts = Dec.
  8. Anyone know what the story is with the Joker in Nurse outfit? Will it be released? If yes, when? If no, Why!
  9. Just keep in mind that when they go on sale on Mattycollector.com and when you get them may be 2 different times. I have had this problem with 2 online stores with wave 6 and 7. They put stuff up for pre-order and dont have it in stock. You pay upfront and it takes weeks or months for the seller to ship the items. Even if Matty dosent charge until the items are in stock, it may be a while before they get the stock to ship out. Other etailers and maybe even retailers will have gotten their shippements before Matty starts shipping their oders, no matter how far in advance the put them up for sale on their site.
  10. How much for that custom? Offering $100 cash!
  11. Sorry, but this is not wave 10. It could be the bonus wave that was spoken of at NYCC, but not wave 10. Wave 10 has been comfirmed to include Man-Bat and possibly Joker.
  12. My wave 10 picks are; Joker (Alfred variant) Man-Bat Creeper Batwoman (Huntress variant) Robin (Dick Grayson) E2 Batman (E2 Robin variant) Posion Ivy Collect to Connect Bane
  13. I don't know but it better be someone good and interesting and large enough to be worthy of the BAF spot. Wave 8 & 9's BAF have me pretty uninterested. I am also getting really fed up of the Quality Control on these figures. I found case assortment Wave 7b this morning at Walmart and all of the new figures either had glaring problems with paint application or the seem in their legs was so wide that it looked as if you touched the figure it would fall apart. "Wave 8 & 9's BAF have me pretty uninterested". Really, Giganta dosent float your boat? If I were you I would seiously consider getting a check up. Cause your SICK!
  14. What are your feelings on the following as a wave? Zan Jana Wendy Marvin Samuari Black Vulcan Wonder dog & Gleep C&C Apache Cheif
  15. Yeah I agree with the last line, I'm a collector myself, and everyone's feeling the pinch these days. Although 14 dollars for Amazo loose is a REALLY good deal. Considering each fig is 13 total from Wal-mart, and shipping loose is probably around 4 bucks. It cost me 2 dollars today just to ship a loose Metallo leg USPS first class to someone here on the boards. I think a lost of the cost gets confusing due to shipping. Maybe we should set a standard in this thread, 4-5 dollars shipping for loose and 7-8 for MOC USPS? My point is arguing over those last couple of dollars is really petty to everyone. For what it's worth if someone sells it to me for 20 dollars loose, I wouldn't mind, because to me, those couple of dollars is just for that person's time and convenience. I guess my mistake is making that the standard for everyone, although at the same, I believe the person doing the favor has a right to charge a small convenience fee if they want (like a tip if you will), which is the leap of faith thing SupremeQueen is talking about. And no, I'm not a scalper, I've been collecting since DCSH days, and intend to continue. Also, I'm a college student, so "scalping" isn't exactly my trade. The whole cost + shipping idea is good in theory, however it does not play out in reality. Sure there are those who are willing to go the extra mile and help out a fellow collector, just for the joy of doing good and helping. Yet I believe there are too few of those types among us one these message boards and even fewer in the collecting community. When a buyer is willing to pay a little extra (refering to the monetary tip you spoke of) it prompts more peoeple to be kind hearted and willing to try to help. It offsets the helpers cost and inconveinence they incure when they condider being helpful. I for one would love helping people out, but is depends wholely on how incovienent its going to be for me. If its just a matter of picking up a figure I know someone wants and collecting the money (at cost) when I see the person, then no problem. However if your talking about going through the trouble of buying the item, packaging the item for shipping, going to the P.O. and waiting for payment. Then it begins to be a little out of the way. What I just described is the ideal situation. What about lost shippments, lost payments, no payment, and damaged shippments? It can become very exhustive. This I believe is why more people dont go the extra mile for cost + shipping. With all the other things in life we have to deal with on a daily basis, it is no wonder why the idea of cost + shipping is only a nice thought, but is in some ways another form of being selfish if we expect or try to establish it as a standard practice. True cost + shipping takes into consideration not only the cost of the item, but of the helper's time, travel expenses, and the packaging materials, processing, and effort of the person.
  16. ok let me see if I'm understanding you right. you say a collector NOT SCALPER buys a set for $115.00 & then comes to boards like this one & sends out PMs to various members asking if they want to buy it for practicualy the same price? is that what your saying? If so then I'm not buying that tall tale by any means! a collector would never buy something like this & turn right around & hock it days later (mind you I'm not saying its impossible) just extreamly suspect & dubious. Mama didn't raise no fool. If so then I'm not buying that tall tale by any means! a collector would never buy something like this & turn right around & hock it days later (mind you I'm not saying its impossible) just extreamly suspect & dubious. Whoa there partner. I can and does happen. Let me tell you how and why. I think this whole thread started partly because I saw a post by the modirator of this site in a thread that stated that he/she was looking for an loose Eradicator. I pm him/her with an offer to trade or buy one that I won on ebay. I like many others had bid on several ebay auctions at one time for this figure. Most times I am outbid at the last moment. However this time I won 2 of these on ebay. Rather than take a non-paying bidder strike I paid for both figures. Now I have 2 that I paid $25 for including shipping. Wanting to recoupe my ebay expense I offered the figure for exactly what I paid, only adding shipping for the figure. I am a collector and not a scalper. But what burns me about this thread is that someone would want to dictate how much a figure is bought or sold for. No one makes a buyer pay a price for an item, and no one should be able to tell me or anyone how much I can pay for a figure. When I bid on ebay, I have my price set. Sometimes I go over my limit and sometimes I get it for less. However the choice is still mine to pay it or not, to go through ebay or not. There is no one one ebay sensoring how much I have to or can not pay. If it were, then ebay would not be a place for anyone to buy anything because the items would not be made available there. I can understand and accept that the moderator want to controll the DC board, and he/she has a right to do so. Im appauled that he/she choose to go on their own personal feelings and not consider those who differ in opinions on the subject. He/She seems to think that its all about the seller. Well I understand your intentions, but what about buyers who get hard to find items for cost and then turn around and scalp them at inflated rates on ebay? Where does the control end? You cant tell people what to do with items purchased here. Or can you? If you really believe it is ok to legislate transactions on this site, then I am sure you will find a way to controll what we do with figures we purchase from others on this boad. What's next? Maybe a no customizing rule? A no opening rule? Where does the control end?
  17. So I guess you are the authority which will dictate how much a person can sell or will pay for a figure (at least on this site)? If that makes you feel supreme then by all means knock yourself out. But I still belive that here in America, a seller can ask for what ever price they want. It is up to the individual buyer to decide if he/she will or will not buy it. Sorry that this makes you mad. At least you have a message board where you can do something about it. As for the rest of us Americans we are thankful that this is the only place you have such power.
  18. Also have set of DCUC 5 MOC for sale or trade. LMK.
  19. **munches on carrot, leans over and says** eeeehh, whats up doc?? mind if I ask why ya need all thoes stands? I am doing a Justice league display of the Satalite era JLA which consists of 17 members, so I need 17 Justice League America stands.
  20. I have a loose DCUC Eradicator if you are still looking for one. LMK.
  21. I have Despero's right leg. LMK.
  22. Need: Metamorpho: Orion part, Etrigan part, Batman part Grodd: Torso & Black Manta part Grundy: Torso and left arm
  23. Yea! DCD October solicitations = money saver month for me.
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