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  1. Companies in power started sculpting children to give them endless funds in the early 1980's when they bought out our government and had the law overturned that previously did not allow companies to market directly to children. The following ironic steps then followed... U.S. Military helps fund television programming directly marketed towards children in order for them to be more accepting of the military and perhaps will be more likely to join when they are of age. Toy and Television show uses slogan "a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world." Some years later a real terrorist organization attacks our country. Toy and Television show then refrains from using the word "terrorist" in their slogan.
  2. With this analogy I can add that we're not really people. We're consumers. Hasbro and Mattel have designed us to buy toys in mass year after year.
  3. I read some where that someone picked it up at Walmart on sale for $40ish. Walmart.com had them on sale for about that price with cheap shipping as well. I haven't read any reports of people picking them up for 50% off though.
  4. I'll pick these up for TRU retail if it's not $15. They can't sell the other batman figures for 2 for $10 and they expected people to pay $20? They caught on that was FAIL... hopefully they'll catch on that $15 is still FAIL. Especially trickling them out as slow as one per month. This is like Chinese water torture... drip... drip... drip... Let me at all 4 Ghostbuters already so I can be done. I can't wait until they get the Thundercats license and trickle them out one a month... oy...
  5. Good for you Lady Jaye. Mattel sucks and doesn't deserve your support. Glad to see a fan with a backbone.
  6. I am an opener but for some reason I've only opened a few of my DCUC figures thus far. Out of all of the figures released thus far I think I only have 3 or 4 loose. This is partly because I recently moved and I know I'm moving again within the next year so they're all boxed up but it's also partly due I think to being on the fence about collecting Mattel's goods. Every time I collect one of their lines I end up feeling burnt by Mattel and give it up. They're currently living up to that by now charging $5 for a die cast Pixar Car and $15 (after tax) for a DCUC figure. They're gouging their fan base and destroying their brand longevity. There's always hope of Hasbro buying them out.
  7. Wave 8, 9, 10 and probably 11 have all been a pain to track down but doable. Weird how over shipping a wave or two can pretty much kill off a toy line.
  8. Don't forget that DCUC figures don't cost $12-13, they're about $15 with tax. This is an expensive hobby.
  9. 1 X Katmai Tui with constructs 1 X John Stewart with constructs 1 X Shark 1 X Cyborg Superman in Sinestro Corps uniform 1 X Steppenwolf (Red) 1 X Steppenwolf (Green) 1 X Deadman (standard version) 1 X The Question - fan choice! And of course all the parts you need to make Kilowog! ==================================================================== This is what I see on Matty's facebook page... No mention of Dessad or Darkseid.
  10. Wave 11 already? *head bangs against desk*
  11. Exactly. I'm always reading complaints (which in general gets old - focus on the positives in life) about how someone saw someone outside of Toys R Us waiting before they opened and that enough is qualification to be labeled a scalper. I spend a lot of time, too much time perhaps, being at stores at opening and now at closing for DCUC Wave 10 just so I don't have to pay inflated ebay prices. The thrill of the hunt is fun but sometimes I wonder how much I spend on gas just looking for toys and wonder if I'm actually saving or losing money compared to if I just bought those toys online. This was a much larger possibility when gas was over $5 a gallon. The key to me is communication. If you see someone that in your head you've labeled a scalper then strike up a conversation with them to find out what the truth is. You never know, you might make a toy hunting ally. If you find out they are indeed a scalper then you know you'll have to work harder perhaps to get what you're looking for. One last thing that I'm also tired of reading about is the doubt that employees call up their buddies saying they got the latest assortment or that they stash merchandise in the back for themselves. It happens. I've seen it at almost every store I frequent. I understand that every area is different but the chances of one person working at your local store having an interest in one toy line and asking someone in the toy department for help obtaining those items is probably very common. If you witness legitimate unfair practices happen you can always call the store's customer service number and report what you saw.
  12. I love things that Glow-in-the-dark. I'll definitely hunt for this one.
  13. I'm on the verge of giving up this line and Mattel all in one swoop. For some reason I've never opened any of my DC Universe figures which I guess is now a good thing if I decide to pull the trigger and dump them of all. One Target in my area already sells the figures for $14.29. There is no way in hell I'm going to pay that price considering the price for a highly articulated 6" figure was $7.99 just a few years ago and $10 within the last 18 months.
  14. I have one spot left in the league I'm in if anyone is interested or so kind as to fill the league. PM me your email address if you're interested. It's free and through yahoo. The draft is this weekend.
  15. He's 14 what did you expect? I live in the Bay Area as well so I heard about this. It's been a while since I've been to Great America but is Invertigo the ride where you stand up and the track is below you? Did those people hang upside down for that long? From the video it looks like they're sitting with their head near the track but that design is the ride Top Gun... ??? That kid in the interview said they only got 12 free tickets and free food... are you kidding me? He was probably so happy to still be alive that he was like whatever but as a person looking in on that situation having not experienced I think I'd contact a lawyer or something before accepting a whimpy 12 tickets. Back when they had a ride called the Edge, which is like the current ride Drop Zone, I was there when some people got stuck at the top of the drop.
  16. I currently collect the Pixar Cars line, Justice League figures, DC Universe Classics and a few of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures. I've gone to thinking nothing about Mattel a few years ago to becoming aware of so many mistakes they make. I have no confidence in Mattel at all any more and am on the verge of boycotting their products all together. I will not be buying the Wonder Twins on Monday without Gleek and when the DC Universe Classics figures hit $15 each as they are rumored to do I will no longer collect any Mattel product nor will I buy any for my children.
  17. Sounds as if these are indeed fake.
  18. There has been no other reported sightings of Indy figures at SDCC '09 other than those photos which were taken down from the original source. If nothing new comes up about it before the end of the weekend I'll chalk it up as bogus / not happening. There is an updated Indiana Jones Lego game coming out so perhaps that is the video game that is referencing? Is there a chance these were taken in a "no photos" area at Toy Fair or are just customs?
  19. I need wave 8. I need a few of the two packs.
  20. Pretty much agreed - If I had to keep buying Supermen or Batmen to complete a BAF, it'd get pretty tired pretty quick. That's why I like this line - the unique 'lower tier' character possibilities! I had picked about 4 figures before the Killer Moth wave came out and for whatever reason Killer Moth was the "trigger figure" that started me on my way to completing this line. At one point in the time frame of wave 7 my Walmart had 10-12 Wonder Woman's (w stand) but it seems like they're selling through ok still as I don't remember seeing many on my last visit. They still have the same ol' wave 7 on the pegs but apparently they're still putting out cases of it. I have not seen wave 8 in my area yet but I haven't been looking too hard lately. I hope the rest of the waves are as easy to find as wave 7 was though. As far as Target goes... mine have not really had any changes at all over the past few months since the sales that were going on after the new year. They've had a few Cyborgs for a long time mixed in with an extra figure that will pop up now and then and sell within a day or two such as Harley Quinn this past week. I don't remember seeing any wave 7 at my Target. And to those protecting Mattel... give me a break. There is a difference between whiny fan boys and a company that doesn't rise to the level of excellence that we'd like and seems happy being a second rate company. If the current rumors about what they're planning to do to the Pixar Cars line is true then there is another example of their lack of brilliance.
  21. Did the He-Man movie break that franchise? I thought this was a silly thread topic and am surprised to see so many moderately serious responses. From my point of view G.I. Joe was practically dead to me before the 25th stuff started to come out. The 25th line was a huge success to me in how I view the Joe brand. I have no intention of buying more than 4-8 of the movie figures but since they're based off of the 25th line's style I think these will be quality figures. This lemon is no where near being squeezed dry.
  22. I would open it. I don't really buy MOC stuff (I DO have a few MOC TFs, some of the first Classics). Did these ever show up in stores? I pound a lot of pavement looking for my toys and I never saw one in stores. I was lucky enough however to get one in the cases that came from BBTS. With that said it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch that this figure could fetch up to $30-40 but I personally wouldn't pay that or anything higher. Not for this figure...
  23. i'd be on this line if the figures didn't have big ass goofy hands and they improved articulation.
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