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  1. Thanks to the OP, I scored a Cyborg Superman, black-suited Superman, and the "metallic" Steel at Kmart while visiting the parents in central Cali!!! It's been awhile since I hauled, ever since Hasbro took over the ML line, I've "sobered" up, ROFL!!!! I just need to find the blue suit Supergirl and the bat wave for DC Superheroes. Steel and Cyborg Superman are AWESOME!!!
  2. It looks like Best Buy has a lithograph, an exclusive boxed set, and some Transformers action figures for the release of the Transformers DVD. Circuit City has a baseball cap with the Autobot logo in silver(?) to the first 10 people in each store. And Target has an exclusive "transforming" DVD case. I'm leaning towards Best Buy and I'm surea lot of people are, with the Transformers figures they will be packing. These will last probably all of Tuesday, much like the 300 mini helmet exclusive!! ROFL!
  3. I know this is a strange request. But does anyone know of any reliable places to buy some old Dreamwave posters? I'm mainly looking for the Soundwave one, the Dinobots group shot, and the litho of Soundwave vs Blaster DJing at what looks like a rave? I didn't see any of these at comic-con last week and I've been meaning to pick them up. I know these came out not even 10 years ago and finding them is like a treasure hunt! Any info would help! Thanks guys and gals!
  4. There will always be collectors who will continue to collect a line created by the original companies. Look at the Super Powers line or the Marvel Secret Wars line. There are collectors out there who collect vintage stuff. Just like Transformers, there are a ton of bootleggers out there and people buy these knockoffs until they can find the originals at a price they can afford. Unless the reissues are just as close as the originals, which has been somewhat in regards to the Takara reissues over the U.S. Commemorative run. Either way, there will always be collectors of original lines by the original companies that produced them years ago. It's entirely up to the collector in regards to buying a knock off or a reproduction.
  5. I don't think it matters how many times a figure has been reissued. It won't be the same as the first run. When Toybiz was doing the X-Men toys in the early 1990's, Iceman was a clear white translucent figure. In later runs, he was changed to a clear blue tint. Same figure, different colors. Here's another analogy. I collect Air Jordan shoes. In the last 6-8 years, Jordan Brand has been reissuing original designs of Air Jordans. But to protect the originals, they made serious modifications, one of which is majority does NOT say Nike Air on them, rather they have the Jumpman emblem on them. If and when they reissue a yellow Daredevil, I would still consider the original rare. If prices dip on that for value, I wouldn't mind dropping $25 for it over a $10 reissue. That's just me. Look what it did for the Silver Surfer rerelease. It's the same figure except there's no sign of blue over the silver, the packaging is different, and no Howard the Duck or comic book pack in. It's a cool concept to help others fill their collections. I could care less if the value dips, I started w/ Toybiz and I will TRY to finish my ML collection within Toybiz's line with what I'm missing and is of reach within my budget.
  6. If it's just a sticker...anyone can scan it and make their own Silver Surfer "coins". Dang, that sucks! I was hoping they were minted and made, just like the Star Wars CIV medallions that are pure silver!
  7. I agree. There's no way companies will ever please everyone in regards to exclusives. I still think it's wrong that some of us pay admission and the opportunity to purchase these exclusives, then after the show, they are online for purchase to anyone? In my opinion, they should at least put on one day's worth of admission on top of the price they were selling the exclusive for. Again, some people may have attended a show strictly for the exclusives. You have people flying from all over the world, who have spent not only their money, but also their time, whether taking time off from work and waiting in lines.
  8. Honestly, if this keeps up, companies like Hasbro should just remove the "exclusive" and "limited" text off their marketing campaigns for all these figures. We all know the upcoming "exclusives" for the San Diego Comic-Con are going to be up and running online, so no one's gonna get screwed on these at retail unless they definitely sell out. They should just say that these products are making their DEBUT at the San Diego Comic-Con, rather than being an exclusive, when it's not. When a product is offered outside of a proposed event, that's when it does not become exclusive, it goes public. Most of the time, an exclusive to a show is what draws me to attend events like Comic-Con, but above that, would be the guests. What drew me to the Star Wars CIV event was the artists like Mark Brooks, Brian Rood, Tsuneo Sanda, the Darth Vader art gallery, and of course the exclusives. I wasn't expecting to see Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars, Jon Heder aka Napoleon Dynamite, and many others at a Star Wars event!! Those are just another incentive. I had a great time at CIV and I have no regrets, sure I spent a ton of $$$$, but that's just money, it comes and goes. I figured it's the 1st time it's out here in Cali and I took advantage of it. Back to the topic, again, companies need to take note and remove all that marketing scheme of trying to create hype on their products. Just set a production number and say it'll be available both at the show and online. Don't tell us it's an exclusive and that it's only sold at the show when it's not!!!! CIV was THE most expensive show I've ever attended, but it was worth it.
  9. I saw a dealer at C4 selling the albums alone for $5 each w/o Vader! LOL!
  10. Yea, I agree. It defeats the purpose of an exclusive. While I agree it's good business practice for a company to make a product, even exclusives, available online to those that can't make it, don't bother w/ that limited to 2000 pieces crap if that's the case. How do we know you aren't making more pieces after the show? I went to C4 to score the so called exclusives and pick up some of the prints that were also to be destroyed if they weren't sold, to support the artists and their work. On the last day, there were a few pallets of cases of the Droids exclusives and the starwarsshop rep said that a "distribution" company bought them all out, which happened to be Toyrocket. And I know for a fact that attendees were walking around w/ cases of these figures, either Luke or the Droids or both, and it made me think how "exclusive and limited" these figures are. I look at the CIII VAder and how it went from three digits to $20/each at CIV.
  11. I had to resort to the forums from some down to earth boardies for these at C+S. No way in hell I will see these at retail out here in San Diego. Congrats to everyone who actually finds them on the pegs!!!!!!!!
  12. Those are long gone out here in San Diego. I picked them up when they were $4.68!! Congrats on the haul, stuff like that never lasts in the home of the infamous San Diego Comic-Con!!!
  13. I was there for the second presentation of that panel and it was awesome! I'm a Family Guy fan and it was GREAT to see the creator Seth McFarlane present it. It was hilarious and just as funny as South Park's parody of World of Warcraft! I can't wait!!!!! BTW, Biglebowski9999, I ran into your brother in law at C4 and he's a cool dude!!!! I got pix of his booth that I will upload soon. I took over 500+ over the weekend and I'm gonna watermark them. He signed my Star Wars print that I copped from the California Science Museum two months ago that was an exclusive.
  14. Saw the shelves fully loaded with these at two Walmarts out here in San Diego. I doubt they will be hard to find, unless people are scooping them up like gold. They look exactly like the Toybiz version as far as I know, I never had the TB version. $10.97 isn't a bad price, wonder if it will cause the original TB to drop in price?! Anyhow, he's out there, so cop him!!!
  15. I believe the OP. I was with Namco a few years ago at E3 and I've seen a lot of people in the game industry hook each other up w/ swag such as copies of unreleased games, t-shirts, and other stuff. Basically, even though people work for various companies and even rivals, the employees are all friends with each other. It's like high school, different groups but everyone is well connected as far as the industry goes!! Looking forward to this exclusive and many others in two months!
  16. An even bigger bonus is if the Stan "the Man" Lee is there at Comic-Con to sign!!! He was there last year, unannounced, at the Marvel booth. If Hasbro is offering this, it would be a great incentive to attendees, to draw even more sales if he was there!!! What's HASBRO?!
  17. Thanks for the info!!! Appreciate it!!! Yea, Brian will be making noise w/ his work definitely!!! Thanks again!
  18. I never knew who he was until I saw his print at the California Science museum out here in LA. It's a really great print and I'm still debating if I should head out to LA tomorrow to have him sign it!!!! I'll have to get it framed soon!!!! Anyhow, that's awesome you will be related to him!!! And that's great he's on his way, he's gonna be a legend!!!! BTW, how did he land work? Through network/contacts or submitting work to companies? I'm kind of in the "literally starving artist" point of one's life, LOL!!!
  19. It's a gimmick but I think it'll be cool to have! And it's official!!! Info is in the latest SDCC Update. Here's a PDF version http://www.comic-con.org/common/assets/upd2007_2.pdf It looks like there's gonna be some GREAT SDCC exclusives after all!!! Can't wait!!!!!
  20. Brian Rood's a dope artist! I got one of his Star Wars prints out here from the California Science museum!!! That guy has MAD skills!! If anyone's curious, google his name and his website will come up!!!! Exactly. My finace's brother is an artist...Brian Rood. You may not know the name, but I gurantee you have seen his work all over the place because he does a lot of work for Marvel (I think the most recent thing was the cover art to the Spidey 3 Sorry game and possibly also Monopoly). Anyway, I got the low-down from him years ago on this because I wondered the same thing. This is why you only see the artists selling cheaper copies of their originals...anything really beyond that has to be cleared w/ Marvel. However, they are allowed to sell the one-of-a-kind original without a problem, as well. Glaken is dead-on here. This won't work...Ebay has rules against this and this would probably get you caught even faster, lol. Sellers use this to circumvent their Seller fees and they crackdown on this very tightly.
  21. Great to hear there are female collectors out there!!!! Welcome to TNI and the world of action figures/comic books!!! =)
  22. Wow! That's some news!! So custom one of a kind action figurse are illegal, yet you have comic book artists creating prints/posters of licensed characters who make color print runs of about 500+ that usually sell at conventions and websites? What's the difference? I highly doubt a customizer will create a run of 50 customs of one figure, for example a custom Professor X in his Jim Lee hover chair or even the ultra rare never released to the public variants of Luke Cage and Psylocke. It still puzzles me when I go to conventions on how artists can get away w/ selling prints of licensed characters like Spiderman, Batman, and the X-Men. I know they put all the fine print that they belong to Marvel or DC and that they created those prints for "educational" or "for portfolio use" only, but the bottom line is, the artist is making money off these characters. I've seen prints range from $20 to $100, depending on the material it was printed on and the print run number. I'm not trying to narc on artists in general, but I see it as no different than when a customizer makes only ONE custom of a figure and it sells for $100 or something and that's it. It's not like the customizers have access to the molds or a factory in China to mass produce a custom. We're talking about regular people who BUY the figures companies like Toybiz and Hasbro put out, add some modeling clay and paint, then sell it. I don't know. I think it's messed up. What about those people that create characters out of other materials like soda/beer cans, copper, or other stuff like that? I don't see George Lucas going ape sh** on these guys at conventions who created Stormtroopers fabricated out of metal. I've been reading in other forums about how Lockheed Martin, an aero space company, has also been cracking down on 3D artists and concept artists in using their design work from planes to create prints and 3D models. Anyhow, sorry to hear all this legal crap. Good luck to all the DOPE customizers. Keep up the GREAT work and practicing your craft, don't let this kill your talent!!!!!
  23. I guess it started with the cartoon, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends from the '80s. It was a cool show for its time and I used to remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to catch it. That and other shows like Dungeons & Dragons, the Incredible Hulk, Turbo Teen, Wheeled Warriors, and many other classic cartoons. Through animation, I got the interest of drawing, drawing things like Voltron and Thundercats. Then somewhere in the late 80's, a neighbor of mine showed me some comic books and ever since then, I've been reading comic books. All my lunch money and allowance went to comic books. Then in the early 1990's, Toybiz comes out of nowhere w/ these X-Men/X-force figures. A friend of mine told me they were at the local Kmart, the very first wave in which Iceman was translucent white rather than blue in later releases, and I scooped them all up! I still have those same figures to this day MOC at my parents' house!! Over the years, I would pick up reissued Tranformers figures, more X-Men figures like Ninja Wolverine and Ninja Psylocke, and of course the huge Marvel figures from Toybiz in generic boxes, I think they were like 10" or 12". I didn't get into Marvel Legends until series 3, while working at Toys R Us. I remember opening tons of cases of series 1 and shrugged them off, I was in college at the time and I was more worried about paying my bills on time while trying to finish college and making it out here in San Diego. Getting interested around series 3 wasn't too bad as far as catching up, KB's had their own "Best of" wave of ML's and I scooped up the Human Torch, both the regular and variant ripped shirt Hulk, Iron Man, and the Thing!! I guess I've always been a fan of superheroes and giant robots. As of today, I've got about ten 30 gallon bins of MOC stuff ranging from Marvel Legends to DC Superheroes and Transformers!!!
  24. Looks great! Not sure if it's worth $60, but then I'm CHEAP like that! LOL!!! I bet it will sell out. It's Captain America and he's been put on blast by the media, so non-collectors will pick this up as well.
  25. How are we supposed to find them? Go to all the banks and laundry mats, exchanging bills for quarters?!?!?!
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