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  1. I know there are definitely a lot of people that wanted Blackout and the only bad thing is that it needed to come out a little earlier. I think it might have helped make a decision for ordering wave 2 or not. Personally I am very happy to see him. I thought it was great to have a Cobra sniper when the character originally came out and another "face" character for that organization instead of some generic sniper viper. The release does make sense with Barrel Roll being in the wave, although I was expecting a less demanded character as the mystery figure. Makes me wonder what they will do for FSS Wave 2 now since I was thinking Night Force Crazy Legs. There are definitely several more figures worth doing from that era. Really hoping to see Cross Hair, Scalpel and some others.
  2. Pretty cool to see Grunt coming back, even if he will be in the role of a diplomat. It looks from the cover like the Joes dropped everything to take care of their own. Should be a good one.
  3. Well they did a great job recreating the original Marujo figure (with better accessories) but the figure was nothing special in the first place. Ar Puro looked pretty cool. The Tiger Force scheme worked with the Airtight costume but does not lend itself to Shipwreck. All the more reason I don't really believe the FSS is based on what fans "are vocal about being produced". Tollbooth looks awesome. The accessories are really fantastic with him. This is a great example of just how awesome of a job can be done with a figure that was bare bones to begin with. If they did all that for Tollbooth, the possibilities are really cool to think about. Can't wait to see what else Keel Haul will come with.
  4. I like the subscription service figures for the most part. Wave 1 had some interesting selections. I really liked the incorporation of Iron Klaw. As much as GI Joe Extreme and SGT Savage lines may not have been great successes, they did have some cool character designs and it is cool to see them done as 3.75 figures. I was hoping for characters from either of those lines for this wave but alas there is not. I do like the international figures and Oktober Guard inclusions for Wave 2. The one definite bad thing is the Joe to enemy ratio: you have Cesspool for individual bad guys. That's really it. There were 3 individuals in FSS 1. I also wish they would stop with the troop builders in these things. If they wanted to provide a great service, they would do a troop builder wave. They could release 12 (and bonus) unique troops at 1/4 the price and they would easily get the volume of orders to more than make up for the premium cost of doing a limited run. It would easily be 5 times the quantity of what they are producing for the current service. Plus a lower price point would get additional people to participate. I would certainly order 5 or 6 sets if they put that out. They could use baddies from Iron Grenadiers, Python Patrol, Red Shadows, Cobra, SKAR, IRON Army and Red Ninjas. I always loved the Desert Scorpion and would love to troop build it but no way will that be feasible financially with such a small run.
  5. Duke will return in GI Joe 3 as genetic material to create Serpentor.
  6. Link did have the fact that he was in the Navy going for him...but a combat veterinarian just sounds ridiculous. I have always leaned toward the more realistic side so as much as I have liked various designs, I prefer less science fiction and definitely not genetically mutated Cobras with Wolf or scorpion DNA infused into their cells. I thought they had some good stuff going on with Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom continued the adversarial aspect built into character stories but the whole genetic engineering premise kind of did a complete 180 from the direction they had been taking the line and was a turn off for me.
  7. Wait...Bruce Willis was dead the entire time? Oh, wrong movie! ;-) I remember you from when I had first signed up Chazz. You were always one of the bigtime contributors on these boards. I always enjoyed your posts. Welcome back.
  8. The best GI Joe movie ever made was Predator. Even if it is heavy on the sci-fi stuff...
  9. I remember Skarapz. Always had lots of great info and input!
  10. The ninja stuff gets out of hand not just for all the characters that become ninjas but all the ninja fodder out there. Think about how many red ninjas, night creepers and others have died over the course of the series when the ninjas were on the verge of extinction! Where do they all come from. At least in the new ARAH comics, Zartan and Firefly have mostly stuck to their more original portrayal showing signs of martial arts prowess but not being supremely dominant and unbeatable. At one point I think Firefly was basically unstoppable. He could have single-handedly wiped everyone out on all sides and took over the world. That was the most absurd part. How he was secretly a ninja was well explained but his near omnipotent ninja skill was not as credible.
  11. I was caught by surprise when I saw the Freestyle character. A female fighter pilot in the real world has not happened until recently and I think most people still believe women are not allowed to fly fighters. I think this was a nice move to reflect changes in the military and also to give the line another strong female character. Hopefully this can garner some attention. I just wish they would get a naval fighter pilot. The entire line is exclusively Air Force pilots/astronauts when the Navy has many of the most elite in the world. The whole premise of Top Gun was Navy pilots.
  12. Uhh, ScrapIron...are you the same ScrapIron that made me a custom "Devilbat" Joe figure years ago? If so, I also came to your house once and checked-out your numerous awesome collections. If not, then never mind...but welcome back either way! (lol) Unfortunately, no. I would love to see the Devilbat, though. Sounds pretty cool just by the name!
  13. Thank you. I hope I can bring some good perspective to the table and my enthusiasm can rub off on others. I remember when I was originally on a few forums, mostly as a lurker, things were extremely active and the buzz was insane until Valor vs Venom came out. The number of forums and fansites became too numerous around the same time and I think lots of folks got burned out which is a shame since the 25th line came out. I feel like the line is ready to explode again in a good way and look forward to seeing what happens!
  14. That would be a reasonable price point depending on the amount of accessories and such. You look at the Figure Subscription Service and con exclusives (not the convention set but the other exclusives) and the price is about that amount per figure. Unless they made a really big run, I imagine the price point would be a bit higher.
  15. Back in '04/'05 they were toying around with an "Unleashed" version of a few characters. The ones they shown had very low articulation but they did look visually impressive/dynamic. Star Wars had already done it with some amount of success and the Joes I saw in that form factor had a strong visual appeal. I wonder if that could still be a viable option if they insist on moving forward with a 6in line.
  16. I enjoy a great deal of the characers from the SpyTroops line and I even like a lot of the sculpts from VvV even if I don't like the character (eg Venomous Maximus). I really liked Cross Hairs. One of my favorite Joe characters without ever having been fleshed out. Faces was cool, Depth Charge had potential and the storyline with Barrel Roll was solid. He has gotten reissues through the Collectors' Club. The area they really seemed to shine with was the Cobras. Scalpel, Claws and Blackout were very compelling new characters. The troop builders were great. Iron Grenadier and Tele Vipers were done with awesome new designs. They took the BATS in an interesting direction and the Sand Viper/Scorpion, Snow Serpents/Wolfs, Medi-Vipers, Heavy Waters among others were really cool designs. The Night Attack Chopper/Crimson Command Chopper was a fantastic vehicle. Of course this period also has some major mis-steps like poor renditions of Recondo and some other characters, green shirts as an idea and forcing unpopular (flat out or relatively) characters such as Heavy Duty, Nunchaku, and Big Brawler along with too many Dukes, Cobra Commanders and a few others.
  17. My thoughts are somewhat mixed. I thought it was not completely awful as an action film if you take away the fact that it is supposed to be GI Joe characters. Some of the technology in it is so far fetched that it makes Battle Force 2000 tame by comparison. The biggest issue for myself, and I'm sure most of the long term fans is that the re-imagining of the individual characters and the entire team being international. If they wanted to mess the back story up, why not create new characters? It wasn't like they utilized the most popular characters. Instead they messed up Heavy Duty and Ripcord that both have low to moderate popularity over the course of the line at best. I did like Joseph Gordon-Levitt though. He is always good in whatever he does and I think he had a pretty good take on it. The individual actors were all pretty decent for the most part. My issues are less with the casting and more with the writing/plotting.
  18. I thought the movie was above average. If anything, I feel it was bogged down by keeping the continuity from the first film and referencing some of its plot devices. I can imagine that the nanomites and reversing some of the character deaths/incarcerations was not something they wanted to deal with. They wouldn't have probably included it had it not been part of the first movie and did the best they could to use it to close some gaps. I thought the casting was quite good overall but the blind master definitely was awful and cringe-worthy. I've always known the fan-community to have a lot of hatred for Duke and while I don't personally love or hate him, I can imagine those that wished to see him die did not feel it was a satisfying way to see him go. For such a major character to go out in that way was extremely anti-climactic and not as meaningful as it could have been.
  19. I have also just come back into the fold and glad to see this post as I can relate in several ways. I even was able to log in to this forum with my old profile that I haven't probably used since 2005! I couldn't believe I found it. Anyway, I fell on some hard financial times around the same time the 25th anniversary stuff was winding down. I was really disappointed with the direction they took the toyline and the back story with Rise of Cobra and I do not feel that I missed out on anything by avoiding those figures. I have gotten the SDCC stuff and just went to the convention. I like what I see the line doing in migrating back towards the classic RAH as getting attention. I am looking forward to seeing what comes and hopefully more balance between the movie stuff and the traditional line.
  20. This will be the best collection of all for the animated series. It's got the "Viper" and Cold Slither. Those were the funniest episodes of probably any cartoon. Jus
  21. A line based on John "C."Holmes? Sounds interesting!!! lol Jus
  22. I would love to see it become part of the line. I can already envision Hawk calling forth the Joes, Roadblock unleashing lead from his Browning, Leatherneck charging with a bayonet, etc. These figures could be very important to the line, if for no other purpose than to serve as "weenies" to draw people in. Jus
  23. Well for K-Mart there was a cancellation of the 12" Snake Eyes pack but there will be 2 K-Mart exclusives after all. They are called Battle in a box and the first will have a glider and assault quad with an Iron Grenadier, Snake Eyes, Dusty and Storm Shadow in Operation Avalanche. There will also be Operation Strifefire but no details yet. They'll both be 19.99 and come in July and November respectively. Jus
  24. They can't use the o-ring due to safety so it will be t-crotch. There will be a very noticeable lack of detail and and articulation. The "vehicles" will probably be either foldable cardboard or a piece of plastic that will be on par in terms of size with the smallest alpha vehicles. No articulation, no turning wheels, probably just a hollow shell for the figure to sit in. Jus
  25. At the con, Airborne was the pack-in for the repainted sky-sweeper and you'll notice that his "weapon" has the sound attack tab. Makes no sense since Airborne is not a pilot, but then again you have Wild Bill driving everything from copters to tanks. Jus
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