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  1. Tazzzman brought a 3 pack from his neck of the woods and he said he couldn't tell the difference when we got them at the table. The comic cover I believe is the art for the new GI Joe CC game. The actual comic is still Marvel #1.


    I was hoping that Vegas was going to be the site of the next con when I saw the cover of the comic. From Caesar's Place to the Mall of America....how polar opposite can you get?? @loll@

  2. I went over to the GI Joe CC board and pulled the rules to join DOB.....we should consider these and then amend them with our own. I replaced DOB with CFB.


    From the CFB membership:


    CFB Membership Guidelines


    1) A person desiring CFB membership ('CFB Wannabe'), must display the desire to have fun with the hobby and the ability lighten up and be just plain silly.


    2) The 'CFB Wannabe' must be an active member of the GIJCC and must have the sponsorship of one or more current CFB members in good standing. (Cmder's note: How do you want to handle this??)


    3) Sponsorship may be obtained by personal contact, incessant e-mailing and posting about CFB, contributing to the CFB website or participation in annual CFB events. (Cmder's note: Of course, we don't have a website......yet)


    4) After gaining a sponsor the applicant will be designated as a 'CFB Wannabe' on the CFB Website. The 'CFB Wannabe' will gain access to the CFB message board and be acknowledged on the CFB web site. They also will be included in the CFB Salute and any other gestures, songs, limericks, or rhymes related to CFB and especially Crystal Ball.


    5) The 'CFB Wannabe' must own a crappy figure of some type. A photo of the figure may be displayed on the CFB web site. (Cmder's note: Must the crappy figure already be inducted into our Hall of Shame?)


    6) The 'CFB Wannabe' will be considered a full CFB Member with all additional rights (if any), privileges and other dubious distinctions upon attending the annual CFB gathering. (Usually the National GIJOE Convention)


    7) After meeting the above requirements, full CFB Members will then be included in the CFB roster on the DOB web site and thereby be designated as a good member in standing of the Crappy Figure Brigade.


    8) CFB membership may be revoked due to displays of excessive seriousness. No...really...I mean it.


    Again, above is straight from DOB.....don't string me up if you don't like 'em! :)

  3. Can I join, without ever having been to a convention?

    That is a good question. I shared an e-mail with Tazzzman concerning this. My original line of thinking was that you needed to attend the last convention. I then I realized there were several who came in '02 and '03 but could not attend '04 for whatever reason. I dunno......how do the rest of you want to handle it.....and what about our fellow members on other boards, we don't want to forget them. The bottom line I feel is that we should be inclusive as possible.

  4. LOL that is a good idea- we need to all start a form or a chat room to discuss this idea and throw around some ideas, GenZoid, CmderinChief what do you think? Also GenZoid, has our new friend that you introduced me to joined the board yet- you were saying he had an idea about a ring?

    Yeah, we may need to get another means to discuss this so ideas won't get lost burried in a thread somewhere. E-mail me off line if you have any plans.


    GZod's friend is a heck of a nice guy. Right now I only know him by his real name, so I don't want to "expose" his secret identity :) He and I met at the SF con and is a welcome addition to any discussion.

  5. Who is Bulletman?

    - Bulletman is a 12" figure. He wears a red uniform with a chrome cone head mask. Think of Destro's mask just covering his eyes and having a coned head and wearing the costume of The Flash.....that is about the easiest way to describe it for small joe collectors.....or check out this link:






    Who is D.O.B.?

    - As described by Brian Savage during the Club Roundtable, DOB means, the Defenders of Bulletman. Apparently the 12" guys were downing some brews and decided that Bulletman got a raw deal in the GI Joe world, so they decided to ban togther to support the chrome headed figure.


    Their club handshake or greeting or whatever is like making the letter A over your head in the YMCA song. Like so: http://www.joeworld-online.com/images/news...ws/chipdale.jpg


    Yes, they do originally come off as a weird group, but once you know what everything is.......they come off as less weird :D


    They attend every year accompanied by hats, t-shirts and this year a repeling race down the side of the Convention Center.


    Savage suggested that 3-3/4" Collectors should start a group of their own. The first suggestion put forth by G Zod (I think) and Don and their idea was The Crystal Ball Club (CBC with Raptor - my suggestion). The group sign is making the letter C with your hand and placing it over your heart. Another idea for the CBC was for members to buy and customize their own CB figure and bring it to the next con. On the bus to Epcot the idea of GOB and the Crappy Figure Brigade (CFB) and amended idea of the CBC (Crystal Ball Club) popped up.


    Personally, I don't care what route we go, as long as we're unified and it is fun. I would like to drown out the DOB guys....besides, the 12" numbers are shrinking, so now is a good time for us to step it up! My guess is that we'll start a poll or another thread to see what everyone thinks.


    Hoped everyone enjoyed the knowledge on Bulletman and DOB.

  6. Did you have the baby with you while in line Cmder, because if so that had to have been hell.

    Yup card, that was me with the 8 month old. She was real good about all the people surrounding her. There were some kids there that needed to be beaten to a pulp as they ran all over the place. I guess one of the little !@#$s sliced his shin up running up and down the escalator and WDW security had to step in.

  7. Well, I thought the idea of the Crappy Figure Brigade (CFB) is so we can incorporate Crystal Ball, Raptor and Golobulus and showing favortism to none, unlike those that support that Bulletman. I think we agree that Crystal Ball, Raptor and Golobulus were pretty crappy so we ain't defending them! :D


    As for the high pitched lalalalala.....it kind of reminds me of the TV news shots of women in the streets of Palestine following the 9/11 attacks. I would personally shy away from such a battlecry, but, if the group wants to go with it, hey, I am all for majority rule!


    Let's start another thread to begin getting input and feedback.


    Another bad acronym:


    Bulletman Is Old And Dead.......that ought to ruffle some feathers with the old timers. :)

  8. I bought a Thunderwing from him, but only after he lowered it to $35 from $50. $35 is what I was paying from Amazon with shipping, so it was OK.


    I had a chance to let Brian know about his prices, but I decided not to get into it with a girl that works for him on the monorail platform. She overheard me and Adroq from the joesightings forum blasting his prices. She yanks on my shirt at the monorail station in the Contemporary and tells me that she "appreciates my comments" and then basically tells me to go to hell. Here I am with my wife and other friends in tow and I saw very little point to let the girl have it over something as trivial as Joe prices, so I let it go. I decided just to flame them on the boards every chance I get. @firedevil@


    Who is the better man now? lol!

  9. Funny how you should mention Brian's Toys. Another attendee and myself were raking them over the coals (ie $50 for a Thunderwing) while riding the monorail and one of their employees was in the same car as us. She came up to me after we got off and told me her name and that she was an employee of Brian's Toys and how she "appreciated our comments and have a nice night." Like she was trying to stick it to me or something. I ws like, "Oh, OK" and walked away. A crowded monorail platform is the last place one needs to pick issue with all things, GI Joe figures.


    Aw come on now, we're just talking about GI Joe prices....it wasn't like we talking about their mothers or anything. Get over yourselves. You won't see me buying your stuff.

  10. Yo Fellow Conventioneers, CmderinChief emerges from lurking to give his thoughts on the convention.


    First a funny encounter......

    I was riding the monorail back from Epcot on the 4th with a regular poster on the joesightings forum. The topic of prices of the dealers popped up and almost in unison we mentioned a well-known e-tailer of Joe stuff who runs their prices extraordinarily high. Well, apparently when we stepped off the train at the Contemporary, a girl tugged on my shirt and ID'ed herself as an employee of said expensive dealer. "Hi, my name is (DELETED) and I work for (DELETED). I just want to let you know that I appreciate your comments and have a good night." Ohhh, I think I touched a nerve with them, don't you think? :)


    Other thoughts:


    - 3-3/4" collectors unite! According to Brian Savage, we outnumbered the 12" collectors 2 to 1.


    - How long did you stay in line on registration night for the Club Store? Myself, I spent 2 1/2 hours and missed two priority seating arrangements for dinner. I think next time, I'll send my wife over to that line while I am in line for registration if I can get away with it.


    - The dinner was definately a step up from San Fran. The 3-pack gift from Hasbro and the club was a extremely nice gesture.


    - The exclusive figs and vehicles were very cool, albeit pricey......but I got them anyway! I hope there is no shortage next year!


    - Who wants to get the ball rolling on the Crappy Figure Brigade? Should we start another thread with more ideas and details we can build upon for '05. I really want to drown out those 12" Defender of Bulletman guys. :)


    - Who has made up their mind to go next year who has not attended yet?


    Now since I met some of you, I'll try not to lurk as much anymore. See you all face-to-face again next year!

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