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  1. Are the con vehicles usually this much of a problem, or does my luck just suck?

    This was the first year they gave us vehicles that needed to be assembled. The Crimson HISS, the HISS II and subs came all assembled in years previous.

  2. I consider myself a fan of the comic first and the figures second. I love the comic and I look forward to every new release. Although the Marvel run had its moments with some badly written issues toward the end, I think the DD guys have done a fantastic job capturing the good parts that the fans enjoyed the most. The best part is that they continued the story from where Marvel 155 left off. It isn't a rehash like the Battlestar Galactica TV mini-series. I feel confident with DD that we will not see Megatron, Neon Ninjas and any of the other bad plot elements that eventually killed the Marvel run.....aside from the Joe v. TF comics naturally :D

  3. NEVER NEVER NEVER again repaint Roadblock, Duke, Cobra Commander, SE, SS. How many of these guys do we need.

    Bad news on that front.....Hasbro specifically said in the roundtable that there are A, B & C Level Characters. A level characters are Duke, CC, SE, SS, Firefly, etc. They said they will always produce these mainly for the kids. They said something along the lines that it will give the kids a jumping on point for the 3-3/4" line in almost every wave. Kinda bums out the adult collector. The audience made it clear that they want more of the B and C level figures. I just toss the multiple repaints in a box so my 8 month old daughter can chew on those instead of a more significant figure in my collection. :)


    So in other words, we'll always see repaints of level A no matter what we think or say.

  4. I think I have to get stoned before getting more into this club...

    @Smoke2@ .... hey man.... I am soooo right there with you @drsuez@

    Ok lets clear the air really quick. First off we are not a bunch of elitist. We are trying to get stuff set up really solid before we start inducting members and such. Once we get situated and set in place then we will start doing that. So keep checking on that. Those that emailed me about joining I have your info and you have either been contacted or will be contacted by me or a charter member.


    Some of you may be wondering what this entire CFB is all about. Im going to give my take on it and then let other charter members give there's. First of we, the charter members, all went to the convention so thats where we all got to know each other. The CFB stands for crappy figure brigade. It is in response to a dare or challenge Brian Savage gave the 3 3/4 collectors to start a club that rivaled the DOB, which is the defenders of bulletman. They love Bulletman....we do not love crappy figures. It is by no means a love for crappy figures at all. Its a play on words, plain and simple. We just want to show that no matter how many crappy figures Hasbro makes for the 3 3/4 line, we will still love Joe. Not the crappy figures...just joe. We are gong to try to do alot of stuff, such as shirts, trading lists that work, get togethers and more. When the convention roles around next year we want to be in full command. Now let some other member fill in the details about the chant, how we came up with Crappy Figure Brigade, and so forth. Just make sure eveyone who helped start it gets credit ;). Oh and if you dont want to join its cool. We just wanna unify as many 3 3/4 collectors as possible. Us collectors who went to the convention are much closer now than before, and have tons of stories to how for it. I believe if we all work together CFB can be mucho grande and rival the DOB. Alot of members especially Flint have given some good ideas on some of the things he wants to do. I think CFB is the catalyst for these things. Somethings that binds us collectors together in a real way. Im getting off my soap stand...later.

    Yup, I am right there with you Zod. Tazzz more than anyone else knew of my concerns about membership. I cannot speak for the others, but I certainly did not want to come off as elitest either. Believe me, I know not everyone can make the con. I know it takes a significant investment to attend....and for some that exceeds more than they want to spend on action figures. That is totally, 100% cool. I have floated some suggestions to Zod (and I will share them with you as well Flint) to accomodate this.


    If you can, start considering now if you want to make the MN con. It is a heck of a good time! WE ARE THE SHOW! We outnumber the 12" collectors......and that is huge because the club was started by those collectors.


    I am figuring it should be cheaper in '05 due in part that we are not staying in a Hyatt or Disney resort and MN is Northwest Airline's main hub. Oh yeah, and it shouldn't be as friggin' hot either. I expect the con sets to go up a few bucks, but I am willing to live with that considering the quality we are getting. So '05 would be a perfect starting con for those who have not attended yet.

  5. I FINALLY got a chance to check out my own Hydrofoil today. Luckily, everything was complete (unlike my Stun) and I took extra care piecing it together. I guess the application of the decals are left up to your imagination (also like the Stun). No complaints......I like it. Also got my Thunderwing. The sound feature can be a bit annoying, but it is a great vehicle! The Slipstream figure is fantastic. Heres to more cool figures and vehicles like this!


    Speaking of cool vehicles, has anyone seen the new F-16C coming out from BBI? Check it out!


  6. Hey guys, take a look at this. Suggestions are welcome. This is a first shot at a Mission Statement:



  7. So is this basically a club that just bitches and complains about crappy figures?

    Well, I don't know about complaining. Thus far, the first inductees into the Hall of Shame have been pretty celebrated. So, whoever said CELEBRATING has hit it right on the head.

  8. What exactly will the CFB do? Besides picking poor figures to be in the "Hall of Shame"?

    Go question.....but then again, what do those Defenders of Bulletman do? @loll@


    Mostly I see it is a banning together and organization of the most loyal 3-3/4" collectors. Picking figures for the Hall of Shame is one duty to perform, so I guess that leaves a lot open for additional suggestions. I suppose it would not be a bad idea to come up with a Mission Statement. I'll work on that.......

  9. I participated in the survey and I have no doubts that they'll get it in their hands.......(here's the but), BUT......I got the real impression from the Hasbro Roundtable that while they enjoy the feedback from the collectors, everything is driven by catering to the kids. They even mentioned that the playtesting data collected is from the kids.....with no representation from the collectors. It is almost like they assume we'll get it anyway.....and let's face it, a majority of us do. This is why we see Eels with backpacks that light up, Purple.....er, I mean "midnight purple" colored Fireflies, yet no Flagg or big set that the collectors would like. Did anyone else who attended the roundtable get this impression as well??


    I could complain, but personally I am happy the line is go so stong and the 3-3/4" stuff is driving the brand. I am sure that there is a happy medium that Hasbro strives to meet and I they are giving it their best. I do want to give credit where credit is due......Props to Hasbro for coming out with the Hummer, Thunderwing, Crimson Sabbatoge set and Classic Comic Three-Packs (the latter two no doubt as a result of the collectors). I mean would a 8 year old now-a-days know who Kwinn was? I doubt it.....but us 20/30-somethings sure as heck do!


    I think this survey can only serve to help our hobby and not hurt it. #US1#

  10. Wow, sounds like there were some great deals there! Nice pickups all you guys; did you all bring extra bags to haul all that back home?

    I brought an extra suitcase.....which then got filled with baby diapers the day before the trip. Thankfully, the Contemporary had shipping services. Next year I am planning on bringing an extra-extra suitcase! :D


    My Haul:

    GI Joe Special #1 (McFarlane Cover) - $50

    12" GI Joe Indiana Jones Figure - $40

    Thunderwing - $35 from my most "favorite" GI Joe dealer. @loll@

    DD GI Joe Sketch Book - $10

    DD GI Joe Convention Exclusive Comic - $10

    Crystal Ball and Raptor following the formation of the club - $2

    Dragonfly Canopy - $1

    Skystriker Canopy - $1

    10 Joe Laser Rifles (as seen in the cartoon) $2

    Convention Set

    Dreadnok Cycle



    Dreadnok Drivers Set

    Mobile Dreadnok Command Center - just for giggles

    Two Convention Dinner Exclusive Three-Packs

    Lots of fun a great memories - PRICELESS

  11. Is GIJCC that $36 Membership thing on Master Collector?


    So, if you aren't part of that, then you can't join the CFB?

    yes u can join still lol, why couldnt you?

    "2) The 'CFB Wannabe' must be an active member of the GIJCC and must have the sponsorship of one or more current CFB members in good standing."

    Those "rules" are just a rough guideline ripped off from the DOB forum. I would say our "rules" are still a work in progress. :)


    However, I never discourage you from joining the club. If you got the free cash, go ahead and do it. Last year you got the glow in the dark Heavy Water figure free for renewing or signing up.

  12. We don't need to go around yelling "CRAPPY FIGURE BRIGADE"......we'll leave people guessing by just leaving it at CFB.  I mean, how many of you asked what DOB stood for? :D

    What does DOB stand for anyway?



    I have done some research at YoeJoe.com and I have decided to vote for Robo Joe. This guy sucks so bad, Dirt Devil doesn't have on him.

    Check this link for an FAQ I posted earlier about DOB and Bulletman.



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