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  1. Over on JBL someone asked a very similar question. We know the Conquest tool is still out there from the Sound Attack release they did about five years ago. We had someone try fitting Ace into a Conquest and he fit, so they could always release that if they wanted. And case in point to answer W-Jack's previous post, the SA Conquest was a TRU exclusive if I recall.


    However, I think the group would want something a bit new(er) (or completely new all together).

  2. I prefer brick and mortar, since most of you guys seem to buy online and by the time I would order something its already sold out. I like B&M cause you dont have to pay extra for shipping/handling and a fee for UPS/FedEx if you want your stuff delivered ASAP within 2 business days.


    This seems to be a common theme lately. I've seen multiple boards with people asking about ordering online vs waiting to find them in a store. Even I have asked this question. I have found that even when I pre-order online, I eventually find all. If the shortage is great, I will buy online; such as the W3 CPs I ordered from TRU.com. Then, I -AT LEAST- got one of everything. Now I can focus on army building if I wish or hooking up my fellow Johio collectors who have not got so lucky. Today is a great example of that. The pegs are finally full in my area. I built the army and hooked up a few friends. Unless I have a real hankering for a varient, I typically stay off Ebay. As for doing pre-orders, if I have buyers remorse or find all I need at the store, I can just cancel the pre-order, no biggie.



    Or worse, try Germany or Europe! I have to be very lucky to find any GI Joe's in Germany, and if i do, they're tripled in price. So i have to stick to the internet.


    I've always envied american toy-collectors, but after reading the posts here, my envy has eased a bit. Still, compared to America, Germany is a 3rd world country correlating toys.


    Btw, what are brick and mortar shops?


    Been there done that! I've been to the TRU in Kiel and a toy store in downtown Dusseldorf and saw nothing Joe. I have no idea how you find stuff locally. My friends there did get me a trooper off of eBay from some dealer in Hamburg.....but if it wasn't for them, I would not buy anything in Germany seeing how the dollar is stacking up against the Euro. Other than that, I love Germany and would stay if it weren't so damn expensive to live. PM me and let me know what you are looking for and maybe I can help you out. Still, shipping back to Germany is a lot from here too. I just sent a 2.2 kilo box back to my friends and it was $40 for a 6-10 business day delivery time.

  3. I'm actually looking at selling all my comics as it is. Just not gotten around to putting them ALL up on e-bay. (Shipping would be a killer.)


    Hey Kev, I may take you up on some of those issues. I still have to get some DDP back issues. BTW, I will be in your area on business at the end of March. I owe you a call anyway.......

  4. My local Target will get MAYBE two cases of them in...then never again. And for those 6 vehicles, there will be about 1300 collectors, scalpers, and eBay sellers vying for first shot at them. So I'm not even bothering trying to look for any of them.



    Well at least your looking at the bright side and not getting all negative.


    Nice one Don! @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@

  5. Yeah, you gotta love ol' Murphy. :D


    I am playing the odds. I have pre-ordered with BBTS for the time being. If I find it while out, I will buy it and then cancel the pre-order.


    Sometimes the Gods are with you. Thanks to the weather in the central Indiana area yesterday, a reported sighting of a W3 Trooper Comic Pack survived the night and into the morning....until I bought it. ;)

  6. I was about to order myself an IG Destro, another CG and Cobra Officer, but decided to let someone else get them. I figured I'd like an IG Destro to hang on my wall, but I can wait and see if I find him at retail. I hope the one I didn't buy went to someone that needed it.


    I think they are repacking Destro in an upcoming wave.

  7. The GIJCC did say that if we wanted the figs as-is, they would come out quick. All I can guess is that there were some changes that people wanted....and they may be a bit gun shy after the Mauler fiasco.

  8. I received my package from TRU today. Wave 3 is awesome! I might replace Scarface's webgear and legs with a regular Cobra Officer, but overall I'm very impressed. Ace doesn't have googley-eye syndrome and Wild Weasel is an utter badass. Also, this finally puts me at 6 Doc stickers - he's as good as mine!


    Anyone else receive their package yet?


    I got mine on the 27th too. I liked Scarface and I appreciate that they outfitted him with an appropriate weapon. Then they give the CG a WWII era rifle...... @bs@

  9. You know they could have given the troopers the AK-47! Scarface has it. I would have even preferred that they give them the Crimson twins guns even.


    Yeah, you beat me to this....I have been on the road and off the net all day. Anyway, I got my W3 Comic Packs yesterday. The Scarface figure is HOW a trooper should be done, and yes, they gave him an AK. What in the hell were they thinking about the WWII era rifle for the CG?!

  10. I really hope they wipe that dirt off of Grunt's face before they release him, but I know they will not.


    I think that is less dirt and more of a 5 o'clock shadow.


    Ok, my nit pick...and I can fix this on my own, but why doesn't Hasbro equip the troopers with the AK assault rifle? It is just like the troop builder 6 pack back in '04....wrong gun choice. Does Hasbro not have the tool anymore to press these out? I can at least order from Maurader, but it just adds another stop to the process as with all the other troopers I got. Heck, Hasbro even managed to equiped the 'Toon troopers properly judging from the Toy Fair pics. Why can't they pull this off? Is it that hard??


    Hey Kevin.....how many of these did you snatch up? :P

  11. I can quickly see this thread become yet another comic canon v. 'toon canon debate. Give it another 18 months and the point will be moot with the movie and more than likley the new comic will be rebooting both, so....... ;)


    Whitewolf, I am like you in some aspects. I started Joe first with the toy, then the comic and then the toon. So naturally, my road to Joe started with the filecards and comics. Where I am like you is that I accepted the cartoon never ever questioning it. All the coolness of being a kid I guess. However, when I played, my playtime reflected the comic world, the file cards and some of my own imagination. Some of the toon made its way in, but not much. Fast forward to my late 20s to mid 30's, I too watched the toon again and asked myself what the hell was I thinking. I remember being a kid GLUED to the set. Now I was fast forwarding through the scenes to avoid bad dialog. Also in this time period I re-read all the the comic issues and migrated over to DD and was still totally digging it! As an adult, there is no way that CC should be a part of an alien snake cult, but I sure as hell could buy the fact that he was a pissed off used car salesman.


    In the comic I also seem to remember CC not necessarily wanting to Rule the World, but when they formed Cobra Island they were looking more for client states over world domination. As for CC being on par with bin Laden, I don't know about that. But it may be of interest that I did put Al'Qaeda in my Joe universe and let's say UBL and CC are not on good terms.


    I am not afraid to admit I am an unabashed fan of the comic canon and I love to give the 'tooners grief, especially about Cobra-La.....but remember, for every Cobra-La there is a Raptor and Crystal Ball (CFB REPRESENT!) on the comic side. ;) But hey, look at them, they got some huge love at Toy Fair so Hasbro is hearing them. This debate will continue........ @lol@

  12. I just don't get the whole facination of female character figures at this point. There are so many others I would like to see before the we start getting into the likes of Cover Girl, etc. Sure, we need the staples: Baroness, Scarlett, Lady Jaye (with or without the damn hat - that never mattered to me anyway too), but beyond that, I simply don't care. I will buy them if they are offered, but I want to see other characters first before I need another freaking Cover Girl....and yes, I am still sore from the Hasbro DDP "Fans Choice" set. That vote was rigged!! @lol@


    Actually Cover Girl is one of the "staples". It is amazing on how many episodes of the cartoon she is in. I think even more than LJ & Scarlett.


    You're mistaken my friend.......Cover Girl was hardly ever in the cartoons......Lady Jaye is second to episode appearances to Cobra Commander. The top 5 characters appearance wise are 1.Cobra Commander 2. Lady Jaye 3. Flint. 4. Duke 5. Shipwreck. Thats total appearances on the cartoon in any form. If you go back and watch season 1 its pretty much the Lady Jaye and Flint show. (I'm being a little sarcastic but I think you know what I mean)


    I know thats not basis for anything but I've only really seen demand for Cover Girl on the forums.....like I said earlier I don't get it. I mean I don't dislike her or anything I just don't see why she's so "wanted" as a figure. I still think the Wolverine makes or breaks her.


    Thanks for making me look somewhat better Robbie. @lol@ I had a feeling that Cover Girl wasn't in as many eps as Jaye or Scarlett....I am just not a big enough fan of the 'toon to go back and rewatch. @firedevil@


    And I am in 100% total agreement on the Cover Girl figure. I don't get it either.

  13. I plan on getting to the con Thursday night. Quick question for you Joe Con vets, is there a cost for the con itself or just if I plan on staying at the hotel? Thanks in advance!


    You might want to come earlier than Thurs night since that is registration night. You don't want to miss out on the exclusives other than the con set. Last year they were sold out of most everything rather quickly.


    As for your question, the cost for the con includes the set, admittance onto the sales floor, convention dinner/game night and all the seminars and roundtables....this is all regardless if you stay in the hotel or not. It is not out of the ordinary for people to find cheaper lodging and walk or drive over. If you just want to show up to get on the sales floor, that is like $10 or something. I don't know how many con sets are available for the general public. I think this about covers it, but GG and Kev or one of the other vets might have something to add.

  14. Pish posh Gary! TRU.com had them up for Pre-order, to ship on 3/20/08, in the middle of January. :) I ordered my "minimal amount" then. So, I should have them the week after St. Patties day!




    True....you don't have a wife and kid to worry about so you naturally would have picked up on this sooner. :P


    You have no idea how much I worry about your wife... :)




    Says the man who got CB'ed by JayC. @hmmm@

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