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  1. Honestly, both companies had their faults, but Hasbro has done more good for me in terms of what I look for in toys.


    Toybiz complaints:


    - I wasn't sure if the toy was going to break right out of the package. You just never knew! I had one instance where I took 'em back THREE times before I got one that didn't break! The rest of the time I just kept it because you CAN'T find the figures again so you have to take what you can get.


    - Did I mention I couldn't FIND any?


    - RANDOM JOINTS. Why not make what makes sense for the character, or perhaps just use a standard amount of joints for all? And why did it take so long to get rid of articulated hands? Did no one try to get the figures to hold accessories with those hands? You can't!


    Hasbro complaints:


    - ONE store has these. Target. Toybiz had them all over the place and I STILL couldn't find them! Target JUST stocked the newest stuff (and I bet I'll never see Thor).


    I tried to find more stuff that Hasbro is bothering me with, but I just don't care that much about paint jobs. The only other thing is hand sculpts so far (lack of fists for folks who need them) but it doesn't really faze me too much. They've already taken care of the breakage problem, which I think was a very important part to fix. Next, the articulation is closer to a "standard buck" option and we're seeing a lot of the same thing so I can be sure that a figure is going to move pretty much like the rest without have to research it. Granted, that's still got a way to go since some of it is a bit restrictive, but it's better than Toybiz was doing.


    Anyhow, the other stuff that people talk about never really bothered me. The figures I'm interested in are pretty much the same: some are good, some aren't. Exactly like Toybiz. I've never liked every single figure, and I still don't today. I do notice the change in paint jobs, but I just don't care. I wasn't buying Toybiz figures because of paint jobs, I was buying them because I like Superhero figures, and they just so happened to still be making them. Now Hasbro does. I just don't care.


    I agree. I mean i didn't start collecting them cause they were super possible or well sculpt i bought them cause i wanted to collect Marvel super hero and build up my marvel universe collection. I still do. i think (no offence to anyone, just my opinion) people who want the Artculated and better paint apps are just being spoilt.

    Please explain to me how wanting articulation or better paint apps is being spoiled.
  2. These suck. The cloth clothes are cheap, make little senses, and the glasses look like goggles. Total Repaint garbage. Lazy, cheaply made Hasblow bootlegs. A total waste of money. And no suprise that Hasblow managed to sneak a Spider Man in somehow.




    every post u make is the same!god,have even bought a hasbro figure,or bash them for no reason?



    He's only doing that to get on peoples nerves to have a laugh and by the way you reacted it working.

    Totally agree. His intentions are getting painfully transparent at this point.

  3. How about a "Rainbow" Themed Wave ?? It would include the following characters:


    1. Northstar


    2. Ultimate Collosus


    3. Rawhide Kid

    4. Moondragon


    5. Quasar (the new one...Captain Marvel IV...Phyla Vel...)


    6. Living Lightning


    7. Vivisector (from X-statics)


    8. Phat (from X-statics)


    9. Sunfire (from EXiles)


    Alternatively (no pun intended!), HASBRO could include re-issues of Hulkling and Wiccan to save $$ on molds...


    I have no idea what the BAF would be...



    Why are they all openly gay characters? Electro is openly bi, I remember reading somewhere. A wave like that wouldn't sell in the red states... at all. It would move no faster then an all black and hispanic wave. No offense to anyone but I'm sure somewhere some point in time these things have been suggested to company executives and then everyone sits around listing all the detractors to the idea. Hell I bet an all female wave wouldn't even move much units.


    Wouldn't sell in the Red States?? Are you kidding????


    I'm as Red a Red-stater as you'll ever find, and I'd buy each and every one of these characters as LEGENDS...


    ...and besides, there's lots of Toy-collectors who live in "red states"...so I don't think that would have any impact whatsoever.


    And the publicity!!!! The media would fawn all over Marvel for being "SO BRAVE!!!!"...I can see it now...


    Yup, the m ore I think about it, the more I think it's a good idea.



    You'd only buy one of each? I'd at least buy two, maybe more!

    Long live the rainbow wave!

    Long live the south!

  4. Just, PLEASE, do NOT blame the returns assiciate at whatever store you saw it at. They cannot, nore are paid to, have intimate knowledge of the thousands of products stocked at their place of employment.



    (Home Depot returns associate for 6 years)

    Thanks for saying this. When I saw this thread I was afraid people would be slamming the clerk for the mistake when he or she probably had no idea what the figure would look like. As you said, they don't have the intimate knowledge of this hobby that we have.
  5. 2. venom is purple. just repaint him! ITS MAGIC ISNT IT! now the face i dont like but sharpen the teeth and repaint the eyes movie acuratley and its not that bad. tongue needs to be chopped of tho.
    Although I agree that these figures aren't quite as bad as people are making them out to be, I really don't agree with you here. It's not my job to correct what should have been done right the first time. Hasbro ought to know that Venom isn't purple. They PAY people to get these things right. It's rediculous that they would even make a mistake like this.
  6. I wasn't expecting much to begin with so now I can say that they're actually better than I expected. I was originally going to just get MJ, but now I'm also getting Harry and maybe black spidey. The rest are pretty ho-hum. Both Sandmans pale in comparison to the TB version. Three re-issues don't help either, especially when Doc Ock and GG were already re-done in the Origins line. How many times are these figures going to have to rot on the shelves before someone realizes that nobody wants them? Anyway, I'd give this line a C- overall.

  7. Am I the only one who could care less if the things can sit down?!?! I really could give a rats ass, I will just display them on a shelf standing or in a action pose anyway.


    I care a little bit but it's not that big of a deal to me either.
  8. I'll have to check. My WM is so slow at getting stuff. They have like 2 pegs for Sigma Six stuff.
    You mean your Wal-Mart gets S6? Mine hasn't even heard of GIJoe (or Marvel Legends for that matter).
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