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  1. Hey folks! Havent been on in a while, but been an on again off again boarder, so some of the old timers may remember me. Anways here goes! My real name is Paul Edwards, and ive lived in Florence AL my whole life. At the time Im typing this, Im still 29, and fearing 30 here in a few months. I work for Books a Million as one of thier truck drivers, so if you ever see one of our trucks in the eastern US, wave! It might just be me! Ive been a fan of GI Joe sense it conception. Having the toys as a kid and watching the show religiously, and then later collection the comics and collecting the brand as an adult. I love everything about GI Joe A Real American Hero!!! I cant wait for the movie, regaurdless of whos in it or how the scrip is, its still like a trophy of how great this thing we call GI Joe is! I cant wait. Ive totally loved the new 25th anniversery figs! Ive always been a die hard 3 3/4 fan, and I toughed it out when the line was gone, but now that its back, its better than ever. Ive even taken up army building with some success! Anways, always a blast to read on the boads and post from time to time. Its awesome to get other opionions from the fans, and interact! Ive yet to go to any of the joe conventions, but I regret not being able to go to the one in Atlanta last year, but I was at Dragon Con the week before. Always I good joe showing there as well. Ive been 7 times and counting now. Anyways, thats who I am. YOE JOE!!! Me and Micheal Bailey Smith Dragon Con 2007 Add me on Myspace!!!
  2. Nice Pics!!! Are these things supposed to be out yet, cause I found them at a local wal mart last night. Still need danger and Black Knight tho..... FAKEOR
  3. scored that box at the wal mart here in Florence today, and the wave 2 singles earlier this week! Wow the luck! Now im gonna hit our target in a few hours and see if I can round up wave 3 and make it a 3 for 3 week! FAKEOR
  4. Looks good, but damn them for making the current Firestorm the normal and classic the varient!!!! The classic was only Firstorm for 98% of the characters exsistance, why make him the norm? ah...matell will never learn..... FAKEOR
  5. I found them up in Mufreesboro TN yesterday. Got the Joe 5 pack wich completes my 25th stuff for now. They had pegs for the individual figures, but they had all sold aparently. It was the last 5 pack they had as well. On another note, I found some individual figures at a KB up there. FAKEOR
  6. OH MY GOD! I cant wait! woo! and 6 inch scale to boot! Gotta get ALL OF THEM!!!! FAKEOR
  7. Alright! I Finally scored some of the single packs in my area today! Woot! At K Mart no less! Ok, kmart, your not THE worst store anymore, but your still not great! Still missing cobra commander and flint, but did score both versions of Snake eyes and an extra for my brother! The hunt continues! FAKEOR
  8. Well, I have to agree with synch that there ROBOTS.... race.... comon.... always gotta be an issue FAKEOR
  9. I thought the movie was great. Great efects, great action. Was pleased as punch with Cullen as prime. Even thought it was probably the only way they could go in a live action version, I still thought it was too far removed from Transformers. All spark cube? I just didnt like that hole thing at all. But dont get me wrong, great movie! Worth every peney, in fact, im gonna see it again, no dobt. I actually had a bad seat, cause our advanced showing was crowded as heck! Fakeor
  10. yep, I figured someone would go nutzo about what I said, but as I said, its just an opinion. Thats all. It doesnt come out and wreak havok, its just here on this little board, where a very small portion of the world would even know to look. The reason why I say its not transformers, is cause its too far removed(im my mind) from the original concept. As I said tho, in my earlier post, its not canon in my mind, but if its your thing, then go for it. I can explain myeself and my view and opinion on what a transformer is tho to me if you like. Transform. Meaning to turn from one thing to another. Here's a robot, that looks like a nice humanoid robot, and it changes into something like a car or a jet, and it looks like a jet. You see how it transforms, it has some basis in reality. Something spinning into a cloud and then a car pops out is kinda..... away from the concept wheather you want to admit that or not. It might as well be called morphormers or something for the new show. Who knows whats happening in that cloud. Melting? Thats why I never liked Beast Wars being called Transformers. Were some of the toys cool, yea they were, were the stories good, sure, most were, but they(to me)were not transformers. Might as well have called them Beast Wars :Lazy boy recliners. Sure they looked good in beast mode, but when they were in bot mode, there was all this *stuff* hanging out all over the place. There was no completeness to the transformation. It looked half done. Like if I got dressed, but I had socks and pants legs hanging out of my regular clothes when I was done getting ready in the morning. Anyways, call me old school and whatever, but thats my idea of what a Transformer is. I mean after all the original is what made it what it is today. It was, IS, the mold that defines what they are...... but maybe I dont have a clue about what im talking about..... FAKEOR
  11. hmm, Ya know I dont get on the boards a lot these days, but this was just too hard to pass up. I know in the past I have expressed my hatred for BW, and such, but this just is not transformers. I mean, I am just expressing my opinon here, but no matter HOW BAD something/anything is, there is always someone out there that says I LIKE IT! Thats fine and great. Really, if the name Transformers makes you think of tin cans and plywood then great! Whatever makes you happy. But for me, this has hit rock bottom, and it makes anything Ive hated in the past (Beast Wars, action master, pretenders, ect...) look like gold. Im sure someone will say, give it a chanse, but I looked at it, gave it its half second chanse and it failed with miserable colors. The best I could say, is that its Transformers version of Spiderman and friends or something. Good for 4 year olds, but bad for anyone with a brain. Not even good story writers could even half way save this. Maybe they thought sense the movie was going to do sooooo well, that the franchise could handle something totally hidious and still come out on top. Maybe its some exec that wanted to see how bad of a product he could make and some kids actually like it still. I really dont know, but I do know I deject this from my Transformers exsistance, and that my friends is that. FAKEOR
  12. I picked up a booster myself. The figure looks great, but the one thing im dissapointed with is that they didnt end up including the decals for him they originally said he would have. They were supposed to be the sponsor patches. FAKEOR
  13. hey folks Dont know if anyone has see or heard, but I was just at a wal mart, and found a decent sized endcap for the Ravage and Frenzy Alternators. And yea, I know, it was wierd to see one for Alternators, but thats what it was. About three tiers of nothing but those, and each tier said Transformers Alternators on it. Probably about 18 total in the whole thing. Secondly I was at Steven and Barry's clothing the past weekend and noticed a big sign that had transformers on it, under it was about 4 or so different shirts. One had Optimus and the Autobot symbol, another was Megatron and the Decepticon symbol, one was just an Autobot symbol, and the one I got has the Painted Artwork from the old Transformers animated movie! Anyways, if this has all been covered already, im truly sorry, but hopefuly not and this makes someones day and they run out and get some cool stuff! FAKEOR
  14. Yup Yup! Colossus definately has the same thunder thighs problem that Apocalypse had. I really cant stand that more than anything thing else they could do wrong to a figure. FAKEOR
  15. well, I waited, and waited patiently, but now FINALLY comes the news that Sigma Six is going downhill. Music to my ears. The great and glorious return of the better than ever 3&3/4 line will be the final nail. How fitting. FAKEOR
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