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  1. It's highly unlikely that we'll get as many female and villain figures as I really want, but here goes... Granny Goodness Vixen Dawnstar Dream Girl Shadow Lass Felix Faust Dr. Light (original male Dr) Dr. Polaris Elasti-Girl Ragdoll I'm sure there are more...but that would be a great start!
  2. I am excited about Platinum and Tin! Almost a complete Metal Men set! Just missing Lead. I'm a bit confused by Poison Ivy and Black Mask...they seem like they should be in the Batman Legacy line-up...my guess is there will be repaints of them in that line eventually. I'll stick with my DCDirect Black Mask for display purposes for now, thanks. The inclusion of Starboy/man is good news for us Legion fans. Maybe some Legion ladies eventually? Dawnstar? Shadow Lass? Dream Girl?
  3. Other than the combo red/green Hulk have any other exclusives been announced for NYCC 2011?
  4. I can't wait! I do hope that somewhere down the line we see some female Legionnaires (Dawnstar, Shadow Lass, Phantom Girl, and Dream Girl first please!)
  5. Update for 2011: January 12 Arkham Asylum: Series 1: Batman, Harley, Scarecrow, Joker w/Scarface Blackest Night: Series 7: Black Lantern Superman, Black Lantern Terra w/Scar, Red Lantern Mera, Arkillo January 26 Blackest Night: Series 8: Black Lantern Flash, Indigo Atom, Orange Luthor, Yellow Scarecrow February 2 Arkham Asylum: Series 2: Bane,Batman (armored), Poison Ivy, Mr. Zsasz February 16 All-Star Superman Set: New deco Superman, New figure of Bizarro March 2 Brightest Day: Series 1: Aquaman,Deadman, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl April 6 Brightest Day: Series 2: Firestorm, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Mera May 4 Justice League: Classic Icons: Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman June 1 Return of Bruce Wayne: High Seas Batman, Prehistoric Batman, Wild West Batman, Witch Hunter Batman July 6 Batman Inc.: Batman, Knight, Man of Bats, Damian as Robin August 3 Brightest Day: Series 3: Aqualad, Dove, Hawk, Jade
  6. DC announced at NYCC that they were cutting all books back to 32 pages and that they would make all (regular) books 2.99. This means no more back up stories, but all books would be "fairly" priced. Marvel announced the same deal the next day. Annuals and specials and deluxe books would naturally be higher priced, but most monthlies will remain at 2.99 for the foreseeable future.
  7. I wish they would re-sculpt the female body. It's so ugly. The men are great, but the women have a uni-boob that is up in their throats. It's not attractive. And the face sculpt/paint apps on the women's faces is not always great either. Wonder Woman was atrocious and Poison Ivy wasn't very pretty either. Zatanna was nice, though!
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through.
  9. Be aware that they do fill orders in the order they are received...so if they sell out of a wave and have to wait for a second shipment, you may be waiting longer than if you ordered them the day the pre-order was available.
  10. I asked for the head of the toy dept. and asked about the GL set and wave 14. All he would say was that they would be doing a major overhaul of the toy section "soon." When I asked how soon, he said "In August." I asked "around the 15th?" and he said he couldn't say. Jerk. He knows! and worse, he knows I know he knows!!! JUST TELL ME! I'm in a wheelchair for goodness sake! It's not easy for me to get to WM, let alone, once I get there, get all the way to back of the cavernous store to get to the toy section. Any WM employees willing to anonymously tip the rest of us off?
  11. We were supposed to get the Batman Reborn set on 7/14. To the best of my knowledge that set has NOT made it to shelves yet. Am I right? I also notice, it's WAAAAAAYYY past time this thread got updated again. Maybe I'll take it upon myself to do that tomorrow...
  12. I sincerely DO hope that Brightest Day last beyond the first 2 waves... Osiris Hawk Dove Aqualad Professor Zoom Capt. Boomerang Maxwell Lord Cheshire AND JADE!!! HOw could I forget Jade??? It's a shame they put all the "A-listers" in the first 2 waves...slows down the potential of continuing the line. And I still say that Deadman needs a trechcoat and an interchangeable head.
  13. I'm loving the new costumes on Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Firestorm. I wish Deadman came with interchangeable heads. The one I'm most excited about it Mera! It's about time! Geoff Johns has made her cool again and has an interesting story set up for her (that last pasge of the mnost recent issue had my jaw on the ground!) I'm hoping the line is successful so we can see Hawk and Dove and the new Aqualad as well as Antimonitor? Capt. Boomerang? Prof Zoom? Maxwell Lord? There are a bunch of characters that could fit into this as the story progresses.
  14. I have to agree that this list was weak. Where's Elasti-Girl or Granny Goodness? Anti-Monitor or Neron or Alloy (The Metal Men all together as shown in Kingdom Come?)? Where's Colossal Boy or Krona or even a C & C size Spectre (it was a mistake to make him normal size in the first place). I voted for the Shaggy Man but Blockbuster was a close second. There are still plenty of others I'd rather see first, though.
  15. I love Dex-atarr and Scar as pack-ins, but where is the Green Lantern Ganthet? We have the complete other color lantern corps (Red Mera, Orange Luthor, Yellow Scarecrow, Blue Flash, Indigo Atom and Violet Wonder Woman) but no Green Ganthet? He needs to be packed-in with someone...maybe with Hal?
  16. I use BBTS all the time. I like them, for the most part, but their communication is a bit lacking. However, when wave 9 was shorted, I still got mine. I had to fret and cry and worry a lot, but DID get them.
  17. Brightest Day figures could start immediately since there are 12 characters already tagged as the main focus of the story...Aquaman, Osiris, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Deadman, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Hawk, Prof. Zoom, Capt. Boomerang, Max Lord, and Jade. That's not even counting their secondary/support characters...already there's Mera, Isis, Black Adam, all the Hawkman/woman former lives, Atom, Guy Gardner, Dove, Flash, Soranik Natu and Kyle all of whom were featured strongly in the Brightest Day #0 issue. There could easily be 5 or 6 waves already being worked on! DC editorial (and Geoff Johns in particular) had known for at least 6 months that these characters would be heavily featured in Brightest Day. So, assuming that DC Direct is working in concert with editorial, they will be announcing a Brightest Day line very soon...maybe for a January solicitation?
  18. oh, dear...how to answer this??? The JLU line is SUPPOSED to be at Target only nowadays...however, some of the last wave of 3 packs never made it to Target and have shown up at close out stores like Big Lots, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Jack's and Meijers too...anywhere else I'm missing? Be on the lookout for Cheetah/Shade/Lex Luthor prison jumpsuit and Batman Beyond/Warhawk/Old Bruce Wayne at the closeout stores. And singles of Superwoman and others (?) Apache Chief/Black Vulcan/Samurai did make it to Targets. In some areas that set was abundant and is still available, while in other areas it came and went. On the shelves currently at Target you may find the Amanda Waller/General Eiling/Batman pack as well as the Fire/Ice/GL pack, Wonder Woman/Flash/Question, WW/Superman/Blackhawk... IF you find the Flash/Captain Cold/Capt. Boomerang set GRAB it...it is VHTF and is collector gold as is the Superman/Silver Banshee/Metallo set. Coming any minute now is the Superman/Live Wire/Weather Wizard 3 pack and the Nightwing/Batgirl/Penguin set. As for singles...currently out there are Plastic Man (with I-Beam), Superman with Kandor, Martian Manhunter with goggles, Ryan Choi Atom, Firestorm, Aquaman (classic), Deadshot, Barda (with Megarod), Star Sapphire (with purple lightning bolt), Deadshot, Green Arrow and various Batman figures. Coming soon from Mattycollector.com will be LOBO. The only way to get him will be thru the website and he will probably sell out very quickly! If you want him, you better buy him the day he's released.
  19. This is AWESOME news! Now...when do we get to hear about the Brightest Day line of figures???
  20. Love me some DC toys

  21. It has been announced that they will be at C2E2 mid-April. And the last con of the year this year NYCC is also run by the people who are doing C2E2, so maybe there too??? (that last one is just a guess though. C2E2 is for realz!)
  22. My local Target NEVER got them...They re-designed their whole store and never got any more Public Enemies. A friend in Chicago found them for me and then I actually saw them at another Target. I ALMOST picked them up, but decided I didn't need to get a second set that I might want to sell online to someone who might need them. The next time I went to that Target, they were gone. I hope the person who did buy them was a REAL collector who really wanted them, not a scalper.
  23. Do we know anything more about these yet? I've been looking online, but haven't seen anything.
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