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  1. I grabbed another Desert Humvee and the Hiss w/Pit Viper. Didn't see ANY 2 packs. They had some BTR stuff that I already had so I skipped out on that. Anybody know where I might could find a Quickstrike w/Bazooka?
  2. I just found all of the "Apocalypse" wave EXCEPT for X-23 and the Iron Fist variant at a Walmart I stopped into on the way to work. I was bummed out as she was the only one I wanted. (I stopped getting Marvel figures long ago due to money and space restrictions. Only picked up certain characters I really wanted/liked such as the 2 Ghost Rider figures.) I have NOT seen the wave with Vengance in it and that is the 1 figure I want from that wave. I stopped at my local,and closest to home Walmart, after getting off work and was lucky enough to find 1 of her on the shelves with Maestro and Sasquatch. I still want 1 more of her to open, but I am wondering what I am going to do with just the head of Apocalypse as I don't plan on getting the entire wave. Kind of a waste of an accessory to me. At least the Ghost Rider figures came with their bikes and were of more use to me. This thing is going to waste space in my collection.
  3. Well, most of the single carded figures anyway. I have been unable to order from Hasbro directly due to not having or owning a credit card. I also was hesitant on paying more then $5 for a single carded figure and $10 each for the comic packs. Adding in shipping to the "more then what I could get them for retail price and I was thinking I was pretty much done on the Joe toy collecting. Well, I saw a few places that had the single packs for $5 each and made a small order for 2 each of the Medi Viper, Mutt, and Scrap Iron at GIJOEHQ.com because of the free shipping he offers. (One of the main reasons I keep ordering from him.) He only had these 3 figures listed at $5 so that was all I could get from him. (His selection of other DTC was kinda sparse.) I ordered the rest of the figures I needed from Bullmarkettoys and now I only need 1 more Major Bludd and Footloose. So I am now getting what I can. The figures don't look that bad, but it is a pain to get them to hold the weapons.
  4. I can't believe people who pay prices like this for figures that can be found for $5 retail at Walmart. I need several figures still, but I won't pay a scalpers price to get them. I found my Tarkin, R4 P17, and the Seperation of the Twins packs just last week.
  5. Yeah, I missed the thread where it had been mentioned so I did not know. I kinda just dropped into the store last week and wasn't really expecting to find anything since all the Joe stuff is DTC now. I know I have been a member awhile now and I know about the "search" function and all that, but I don't figure an extra thread on the subject should hurt that much as I don't post that many. People who post that it is "old" news don't bother me so much. I simply did not know it had been mentioned. Now if I post 10 different threads in one day that are all on "old" news or stuff that has been mentioned THEN I see where I might start being annoying. By the way. Has anyone found any pack #7's at this store? I need 1 more of them for my collection.
  6. I found a comic pack #24 for $5.99. I did not need it, but if anyone is still needing the older comic packs, for whatever reason, might want to check it out if you have one of these stores in your area. I also found some of the last VvV wave of 2 packs and some BTR stuff. Happy hunting.
  7. I found Tarkin,R4-PI7,and the twins packs yesterday, but did not have the $$$ to pick them up. Going to go back tomorrow and grab them. They had plenty of each.
  8. I had a similar problem on getting the Texas Chainsaw Massacer remake on DVD at my local Walmart and Kmart. The one with the foil cover was marked $14.99 in the ad and Kmart would not honor it when it range up the $29.99 price it was suppose to be. The manager gave me some crap about going to the back and checking the computer to see if the head office had sent an email or fax about the mistake. After about 5-10 minutes he called the service desk where I was waiting and said he did have a notice about it and he would post it soon. Never did he actually come show it to me. Believe me if the CAN get out of honoring it they will. That is why they check the sale paper for the dates the sale is running and scrutinize every last detail. I went to another local Walmart later that day and was able to get the ad price as not all people catch things. Wish I could have caught that Battlefront price.
  9. I purchased the first VHS volume when it was released the 1st time and could not understand it so I never picked anymore up. It's too "deep" thinking for me.
  10. I need to get to Toy's R' Us soon. I still need to replace my Vader medical droid from the first batch of figures. (I noticed I misplaced him somehow when doing my inventory of single pack figures.) I really need to find the ones I am missing and that seems to be a cheaper way to do it as well. Who cares if they are packaged together. (I rarely open mine unless buying dupes of certain characters.)
  11. I completed my set just recently. (Was also able to grab another Vader because the set the box of Bail Organa on counter and I saw him.) What is this I hear about the Yoda watch being shortpacked and "rare"? I have 2 of them, but is this true? I only heard the employees at one BK mention anything about this and was wondering if it was true. Anyone know?
  12. Hey, I just want one of each figure. Is that too much to ask? Hopefully I can find him soon since he is in those Seperation of the Twins cases. If not I might want to get him from one of you guys. I picked up about 5 figures from the 50-69 batch that I had been holding off on just recently. Need to start looking more then I have been. (I had a X-Box 360 to get paid off so figures took a back seat.)
  13. I can't find a single one in my area. I also can't find the 2 after him pictured on the back of the cards. Menna Tellis and whatever that other character is. Who is the guilty party that I am looking for? Makes me want to... @smilepunch@ I'm sure things are only going to get worse the closer to Xmas we get and I can't layaway a bunch of figures at a time, like I usually do, due to holiday layaways all having to be out on December 15th. (What's the point if I have to get them out a week or so later?) Now I have to resort to one or two figures at a time to keep from overspending. What's a guy to do right?
  14. Well that just sucks. They pulled it from the Saturday night lineup. Now I will have to get the other episodes during the week some how. Kinda hard to catch them during the week. Are they still airing on weeknights?
  15. I got the Darth Vader watch this morning. Only need the last 4 toys now.
  16. The MAJOR reason I passed on these figures was because they were due to come out in November and I had an X-Box 360 on reserve that would be a big chunk of $$$ to shell out for both and keep up with my stack of weekly comic reading as well. I might try to grab them at a later date, but I fear the longer I wait the harder they will be to find and they might cost me more due to rarity. Man I want these figures. I also am a bigger fan of the origional BG Crisis although the new hardsuit designs in 2040 look sweet.
  17. I agree that the Infinities comics should have continued. They should bring them back and do a seies based on the prequels. None of the first 3 Infinities comics that DH did were connected from one series to the next so they don't have to fit together with one another. I enjoyed seeing Vader in the white armor at the end of the Jedi one and would have liked to see where they went from the end of that series. Someone should send this thread in an email to Dark Horse.
  18. Grabbed the Leia watch last night. Only one more watch needed.
  19. Picked up 1) Kit Fisto 2) R2 D2 3) The Emperor 4) Arc 170 starfighter Still need 1) Luke 2) Yoda 3) Bail Organa 4) Vulture Droid and 2 of the watches. Almost done except for the random kids meal purchase I usually make after getting my 2 sets.
  20. Thank you for that info. Now I have to see where I started vs. where I left off in taping them.
  21. Some BKs will let you buy the stuff sans food. It's the ones that will not let you that are the ones who don't want to be bothered by us. I scored most of the first batch with no food purchase and this batch is the same. It all depends on which store you go to.
  22. I STILL have not read this series. My shop did not get #1 in and can't even get Diamond to send a 2nd or 3rd print after many attempts to do so. I have #2-5, but don't want to read them out of order. (I'm picky that way.) Guess I will have to wait until that trade comes in that I ordered this month.
  23. I missed several episodes on adult swim and within the past 2 months have been watching the Saturday night airings again trying to catch up on what I missed. I was wondering what episode we are on out of the 160 or so that aired in Japan. I was trying to keep up with the dvds and buying them as they came out, but I fell behind. Hoping to buy them all eventually, but I was hoping I could find some preowned at a local game store or something to help out on cost. So far I have found very few that way and unfortunatly already had all the episodes contained in the season 1 boxed set that came out so I skipped it. So does anyone know where we are at currently and how long before they have shown them all? Thanks!
  24. I just recently was able to see pics of some of these and they don't look half bad. I just can't afford to buy Transformers anymore and only pick up the occasional Optimus Prime depending on how he looks. (Passed on the Energon Prime, but I do want the Cybertron one.) I may try to pick up one or two of these if I can.
  25. Yeah, I went to one BK that had old stuff mixed in with the new. (That lady manager pulled out the Emperor when I asked who that black one was she just had in her hand.) The BK that I was working as a security guard for had 12 cases of the old stuff left over and of those was only missing one wave out of all of them. Some employees and managers are nicer then others and some of them are total ***holes.
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