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  1. The one on Two Notch road near Sandhill has a few leftovers from the wave with Artic Destro last time I stopped in. Otherwise? Yeah, bare shelves.
  2. I actually ran across somebody who had posted a compilation of all of the ones done for the comic book and downloaded it with Realplayer. So I have it on my pc. They went all the way up to about issue #80 or so. I forget all the ones they did. I also remember seeing them all on tv. The compilation ran about 11 minutes or so.
  3. I don't drop by here often, but my Walmarts have all dropped Joe as well. I am in the south east USA. That's at least 4 of them that I have checked. The one closest to me has 2 Ice Cutters on the shelf and while they had 2 carded figures as well those are gone. These were shoved on what I would call an "odds and ends" shelf. No tags or pegs. Just stuff sitting there. This is the Walmart I found the new SE figure with removable head and a**load of gear. I got lucky and found 2 of them. That was a few weeks back. Another Walmart close to the hotel I work had the Doom Cycle and Ghost Hawk on the clearance aisle with the Cobra Gunship and Steel Crusher from the movie. (Yeah. They still had them.) My Kmarts and Targets are not even getting that much stuff in. So yeah...I tend to think the movie crap caused this and they ordered POC in limited supply.
  4. I picked up Duke and Snake Eyes for like $1.90 each at Kmart on clearance. I went back later and found a Cobra Commander, but he rang up the $12.99 regular price dispite the take an additional 50% off the yellow tagged price tag sitting on the clearance shelves. She still let me have it for $5. I saw Storm Shadow a month or so back at ROSS, but passed on him due to current in pocket funds at the time. Have not been back since so I guess I really don't need the complete set. The $1.90 price was what got my origional intrest anyway. Never was I gonna pay $12.99 for them.
  5. what was the price on the star trek movie figures? were they the 3 3/4 inch figures??? TM $3 each for the small figures. I forget how much for the larger ones. Bridge and Transporter playsets $10 each. They had a TON of them at the location I saw them at. I am tempted, but my action figure collecting has to be limited nowadays.
  6. I checked another local Big Lots and they had 0 Joes. Nothing but Star Trek movie toys. They had a TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning store across the street so I popped in as that TM was where I found my Crimson Command Chopper. They had nothing at TM and TJ Maxx only had Combat Heroes. I doubt I will find that Wraith at retail. I have pretty much given up unless people are still seeing him. I do have 2 other Big Lots to check that I know about. Feel free to post those TM finds as well. I don't mind.
  7. Are they still getting them. I only checked on one of these stores in my area and that was awhile back when I first heard about them getting them in stock. They of course had nothing I did not already have. Kinda sucks if Big Lots is not getting them as Wraith and Croc Master both are sandwiched between the ones they are getting on the back of the cards. So is this "Trakker" wave a specific assortment with certain figures in the cases? That sucks! Been a LONG time since Big Lots had ANYTHING I wanted in the toy department. I was also hoping they would get some of the excess movie product at some point. $4 a figure sure beats $8 and I still want a Steel Crusher and certain vehicles I would not pay the full origional retail for. I never saw them hit the clearance aisle at my Walmart and all they have now are Mole Pods. YUCK! The only movie vehicle I have to date are 2 Night Ravens at $19 each. That and a PIT, but my friend got me that as a gift. (Probably caught it on clearance. No way he got it for me at full price.)
  8. Are these the only figures being found? Zartan Pilot Scarlett Cobra Bazooka trooper Matt Tracker Flint in Cobra outfit Para-Viper I was hoping they might be getting the Wraith figure varient. I never found one and I do not plan on paying what the figure currently goes for on ebay. I also do not want to make the rounds if nobody has found anything other then the above figures. I also have to ask. No vehicles? That sucks. Can anyone help me out?
  9. That does suck! My closest Toy's R' Us options are both 1 hour drives. The one that was 30 minutes away has a long long time ago closed and I am not driving to a galaxy far far away to simply "check" and see if the other two stores have them. @grumpy@ Ebay is not an option either as I can no longer pay for items without a Paypal account and I do not wish to set one up. That and they would probably cost 10 times retail. :angry:
  10. I am not seeing this in my area. Still scanning $5 on all figures. The only ones I saw marked down were the Walmart exclusive 2 packs. Those were $3.50 each.
  11. They have been a long time coming. I got burned out on buying new versions of the same old characters and have been focusing on expanded universe figures. That last wave or 2 of comic packs was golden for me. Lumiya, Deena Shan, Borsk Felya, Sharad Hett, Darth Krayt, Sigel Dare, Yuuzan Vong warrior, ect. (Forgive spelling.) I just wish Jaina and Jacen would have both been in regular Jedi robes and this version of Jacen with vong attachments would have come out at a later date. Maybe as a 2 pack? Well...I guess you take what you can get. Now I just need to get out there and buy that Corran Horn and Whistler 2 pack. (Seen it. No funds at the time.) Hasbro needs to give the EU some more love then they have been that is for sure.
  12. I got one for Christmas that year. It was $99 at a local Roses department store. I remember that at the time my grandfather had an old Comet that he drove and no truck. Well my aunt and my mom or whoever that went to get it crammed it into the back seat and ripped the cloth on the top of the car interior. What sucks is I never got to play with it that much. My uncle at the time was going to do some project or another with it where he bolted it down to a long peace of wood and that was going to have wheels on it so I could roll it out of the garage to play with it whenever I wanted too. It would not fit in the storage buiding I stored the rest of my toys in. (It was not wide enough.) Sadly, I think it is still in that garage in less then presentable shape. As is a good chunk of my old Joe toys from the 80's. Poor storage on the part of my family members after my storage building had to be disassembled due to a leak. Sucks for me.
  13. I saw the bespin guard last night on my way to work. Got all excited only to find he was the ONLY figure on the pegs from this wave. Oh, well...I scooped a Cad Bane up one morning coming home from work and had a few weeks go by before I saw him again. I guess I will find these figures soon enough. All these EU figures are dragging me and my much resistant wallet into SW figure buying again. I can't afford everything. I dropped $15 each on those last comic packs because I found them at Kmart. Six total had me spending $100 that day. What's a guy to do?
  14. When will this wave start showing up at retailers? Anyone seen it yet? I no longer collect every single figure released and kind of stopped hunting the toy aisleS for the most part. I stumbled across the recent comic packs when I was not even looking for them and would like to know when I can start hunting for these 2 figures. Any help would be appreciated. I have not seen these on ebay yet so I assume no one has them? I am simply going by a Brian's Toys ad as to when they are due.
  15. My local Walmarts suck when it comes to clearance. We currently have 2 aisle over in the garden center. The most I saw stuff marked down was $4 and that was it. I saw a lot of red tags on the shelf, but the product was not reduced at all. The Joe Resolute 5 pack was still $25 with a red tag. Some of the tags say "WAS" X price and "NOW" x price to show a reduced price. The catch? 90% of the tagged stuff just lists the one price. What a rip off. Guess they think most customers will be stupid enough to think they are saving money just by seeing a red clearance sticker. Good thing I am not so gullible.
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