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  1. There was another site that was actually selling leftover figures and parts of figures for customs, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. The selection was limited, but they seemed to be adding to it fairly regularly. I'm pretty sure he was in the custom section here on TNI. Something about a junkyard or something in the title. I know what you mean though about finding that one part that everyone else is already using for certain customs. I'll get what seems like a crazy idea that no one has ever thought of, and then when I check the custom sites, I see that there are about 6 different customs using my same idea. So much for being original.
  2. I was really hoping to get this figure. But I am still holding out hope that she ends up in a comic pack with her brother before too long.
  3. This line doesn't really interest me all that much honestly. I'll have to wait until something is actually produced and in my hands before I pass final judgement though.
  4. True, but it would still have been easier than trying to go to San Diego and get them that way. As for the belief that these won't sell at retail, I can imagine with Hasbro's horrible case distribution, they'd probably pack whole cases of Zarana and then blame the full pegs of her on the fact that women figures don't sell. And that idea that the women figures don't sell is pure crap to me. It's more like crappy figures that just so happen to be women don't sell very well. I've rarely seen a decent looking female figure. And the ones that I have seen have sold just as well, if not better than other male figures. And I don't think this line of thinking is a good basis for designing future figures anyway. Here's a clue: Duke, Destro, and 40 different variations of Snake Eyes don't sell very well, but that doesn't stop Hasbro from throwing them in every wave over and over.
  5. My interest is starting to go downhill as well. I was super stoked about POC when it came out. And then there was nothing. The next few waves were harder to find and there wasn't much that really caught my interest. Now it seems like the first offerings of the 30th Anniversary are going to be fairly weak. They've really got nothing going on right now to keep my interest. Maybe it's for the best since I can't go out on the hunt until next year. I'm also thinking about moving out almost all of my RAH collection (minus my CGs, of course) to make room for the rest of my toys. My love for the classic stuff has really fallen off lately.
  6. Cool. I haven't gotten my bucket list together yet. Now I will have to.
  7. I think it's about time Randy bowed out. He still had the talent and ability to play, but he just didn't seem to have the desire to go through the motions. And I wouldn't be surprised to see Ochocinco have a killer fantasy season. Brady seems to have a way of making almost anyone look like and All-Pro. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats didn't turn Haynesworth around either. They rarely take gambles on players. They always seem to have a plan for their acquisitions. I'm interested in seeing what's up with Albert come this season.
  8. We just wrapped up the regular season of our NBA 2K11 fantasy draft association. My Magic have the best record in the NBA. We made an All Star Weekend trade, and it sent us on a 13 game win streak to wrap things up (our season is only 29 games). This has been a fun season. There were 8 of us playing. Four in the East, and four in the West. We didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened. We've all made the playoffs, so now we're getting ready for the real fun. I've got face the Nets in the first round who somehow found a way to draft both of the Gasol brothers to the same team. Those two have no idea what they're in for. @firedevil@ Anyone else out there do a fantasy draft association? What kind of teams did you end up with?
  9. Had you not mentioned that he was the kid from JP, I never would have known. I would have thought him to be just another no namer. Which really, he's barely above that now. However.... I have an idea about where this character might be going, though. Maybe not so much a mouse, but more like a Rat. @hmmm@
  10. I really think we're going to see that Zarana again. Regardless of what Hasbro says about female figures (which I honestly don't ever remember seeing a comment about, but I could have missed it), I highly doubt they would have gone through the trouble of making this mold without the intent of using it again down the road. Making a mold solely for an exclusive pretty much goes against the norm for Hasbro from what I've seen. Especially being a Marvel fan. Almost every SDCC exclusive for the MU line has found a way to work itself into the normal line in some form or another. It just doesn't make good business sense. Especially given the cheap cost of the figures at the point of purchase. And really, I don't care if the fanboys cry about it. They can have their 'exclusives'. I just want a Zarana to go with my Noks. I can see Hasbro easily doing a Zandar/Zarana comic pack. They'll be produced in the normal comic pack numbers which means they will eventually be pegwarmers and fanboys everywhere will cry their eyes out because there will be so many Zarana comic packs clogging the shelves that we can't get any new product. None of us will ever be happy with what we're given. We'll find a way to complain about something with the line. And ultimately, it's always Hasbro's fault no matter what they do to try to please us. I'm about ready to just give up on Joes for good. Maybe I'll use my RAH collection to help finance my vacation when I get home on R&R.
  11. My guess is that if it's something you're looking for, someone else might be looking for it too. So, it's highly likely he wouldn't just make one, and would put the rest of the batch up on the shop for the rest of us to pick at. Least that's what I would do to cut down on costs.
  12. When I first joined the Army, I was administration (that's what happens to us red/green color blind guys). When I got to my first unit, they put me in my section, and I was the only male. Guess what happened any time there was a heavy lifting detail? Or any other crappy detail for that manner. They were all friends that go together after work and hung out. I was just the hired help.
  13. You know, Amazon has some Zarana's for right around twice the retail price. Still, that's not that bad. I thought about getting it, but I have a sneaky feeling we'll get another version of her down the road. I don't see Hasbro not using this mold ever again, and there really isn't much else it could be used for. Maybe a comic pack version some day. I'll take my chances.
  14. You mean you left before? @hmmm@ Didn't notice.
  15. iPad is the bestest thing ever! I just wish I could take mine out of the office when I leave, but the ghost must have music playing all night or he gets cranky and throws stuff around. @hmmm@
  16. I'm with ya man. There is a work version of me, and a home version of me. Unfortunately, neither version of me was available on HTS for more than a few minutes before it sold out. @loll@
  17. It's been so much easier for me in the past (minus the whole Slaughter incident last year). This year I think there was too much out there that everyone wanted. I just think there was way too much traffic and too little product. I can't really blame Hasbro though. They at least gave people a chance to own something that they otherwise would have had to go to SDCC to get. So things didn't work out for everyone (myself included), I know there are still plenty of people that are happy because they were some of the lucky ones. And while I'm sure there were plenty of scalpers that got their hands on stuff, I don't think we can blame all the eBay adds on guys that bought stuff on HTS. There were also scalpers at SDCC racking up on stuff using their hook ups to get way more than they should have. But I don't want to open the scalper can of worms today, so I'll just leave it at that.
  18. Good to Go was the beginning, then the store became Tri-Gate with it's own forum(right?), while the original forum split off and remained as GTG. Then, as far as I know, when the contract for the websites weren't renewed both GTG and Tri-Gate shut down. That's when Slayer Design Studios came in, offering everything from Tri-Gate. I don't know for sure if there were management changes or anything like that. Oh, and +1.
  19. I really would like to get some of the actual sales numbers for the different lines before I make an accurate assesment on this situation. To say that the 25th line was a smashing success without any raw data to back it up is just as absurd as saying that any other line was a failure without the same data. Just because something was a peg warmer in your area does not reflect the overall sales numbers. I am not going to go out there and say that Joe has sold better before or after the movie. In my area the sales have been the same. 25th turned into clearance peg warmers just as easily as any other line. And honestly, the movie product moved faster in some stores. I don't think we can blame a movie for anything sales wise just yet. Like I said, show me some good data, and I'll make my decision. Until then, it's all speculation on any of us based off of what we see in our area. And those are often skewed views based off of our personal feelings about the line or movie in general. Show me some dollars and cents and I'm pretty sure we could all make a reasonable decision without our emotions getting involved.
  20. I'm just going to go ahead and say it now before it gets out of hand. NO, Hasbro will not give us a FLAGG, so please don't let these pics get your hopes up.
  21. Yeah, my work day was supposed to be over 2 1/2 hours ago, but here I am. Might as well enjoy myself while I'm here.
  22. While I do like this, I'd rather just get a Skystriker at clearance after they sit on Target shelves for a while and make my own.
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