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  1. I think it's just time to move on. I'm sure Mr. Green will take this as a victory in his book using whatever logic he likes, but at this point it's just no longer worth the argument. It's not like he's a major contributing member here on TNI, and it will likely be a long time before we see another one of his flame bait posts here in the Wrestling forum. I am going to take my 33 y/o teenage @$$ and go in the opposite direction. I'm sure Mr. Green will be happy to have one of those not real wrestling fans, despite having been a fan for 3 decades, out of the argument. I do think Mr. Green has a job waiting for him in the Mattel Public Relations Office. I've never seen someone defend a toy company with as much passion, even to the point of blaming the consumers. Usually it's 100% the opposite on these boards where we all are quick to blame the company for any 'deth of hte line!!1!' While it has been entertaining, I am bowing out, tipping my hat, throwing in the towel, tapping out if you will.
  2. Yeah, that could have been worded better. I don't think he meant for it to be read in a belittling way, though. But that's the problem with writing something instead of saying it. You can't really tell the emotion behind it. I kinda too kit as a proud older brother seeing his bro make it big finally. Sure, you know lil' bro might not have got the look that he did if big bro hadn't put in a good word, but now lil' bro is shining on his own merits, and big bro's proud. But I could see it the other way too, going back and reading it again after seeing how you saw it.
  3. Gotta say, after seeing that it's turned into about as a productive conversation as talking to a wall, I will have to agree with you, sir.
  4. Well, I decided to check out wrestlingfigs.com and see what all the hub bub was about. From my wandering through the site it seemed about 50/50 with teens and those in their 20's or above. No official numbers to base anything off mind you, just what I was seeing from visiting some posts like 'Does your family support your collecting?' For every 'yeah, my mom and/or dad do' I saw a 'my wife and kids really get into it too' type answer. Not too terribly scientific, I know, but I couldn't find any stats on their site to get actual numbers. But there were some other things that bothered me about what you had said. "If you didn´t like Mattels legends then I would say you aren´t real wrestling fans" I really don't get this. True, the Dusty figure looked like he came out of the 90's. But that was such a small part of Dusty's overall career, and really no where near the best part of it. So, do I really want that Dusty as my 'definitive' Dusty? Hell no. Dusty's career was made long before he ever wore that outfit, and really his WWF days didn't do anything to add to his legacy. His most memorable moments came in the NWA days in epic battle with Ric Flair and Harley Race. So, to say that I am not a real wrestling fan because I don't like the legends we've been given is a gross exageration. I don't like that Dusty figure because for the most part it's irrelevant in the big picture of his career. "Ten, Fugly Slaughter huh? Yup...I can gather to say that you were not watching back then when he wore that. You probably just know him from the whole Iraqi affair..." Seriously? How can you gather that? Of all the looks Slaughter did wear, I would say his GI Joe crossover look was probably his most iconic. I've watched a ton of Slaughter's stuff over the years. I didn't watch it much as a kid because he wasn't on the big shows, and we didn't have the smaller stuff in our area. When he hit WWF, I was watching him. When he came back to WWF and did the Iraqi thing, I was watching him. When he wasn't on TV, I wasn't watching him. But, being the wrestling fan that I am, I did go back and watch older matches featuring Slaughter and I only saw that outfit maybe 10% of the time. Much like Dusty, it wasn't his iconic look. And much like Dusty, it wouldn't be my definitive look for Slaughter. So, much like my opinion of Dusty, it would be irrelevant to me. "So I DO blame them for not understanding nor wanting to know the history of wrestling" Why? Personally, if I ran a toy company, I wouldn't rely on people wanting to do research on a toy that I put on shelves. Toy sales are often time impulse buys. Kids see something in a store, they like it, tell mommy they want it, and then mom decides to get it for the child. True there are collectors out there that buy them, but that market is not nearly as large as the general public. And they can't carry a toy line on their own. At least not in the numbers that are released at retail. Maybe enough for an online subscription, which is why lines are turning to those to cater to the collectors. But expecting someone to want to know the history of a wrestler that they've never seen before just so they can buy a figure seems a bit odd. Does a car salesman expect you to know the history behind the Corvette name when you're buying one? The sad fact is Dusty was an out of shape slob physically, and his figure doesn't make him look much better. It's not an appealing figure to the casual buyer. It's ugly. True it's very accurate, and a good representation of his look from that era. But Dusty was ugly in any era. So, I would venture to say that this figure was aimed at the collector and not so much a casual WWE (not WWF) fan. Which then goes back to my point of why do a Dusty figure from this era, in this outfit? They're making it irrelevant from even a collector's point of view. "Those are my facts. Teens and others were the death of the legends line" Which is exactly my point. To blame the death of a line on one demographic is absurd. A line dies because not enough people are buying it. Like I said, for every teen that passed on Dusty and Slaughter, I'm sure there was an 8 y/o that passed on the same figure. And I'm sure there was an adult collector that passed on that same figure. Teens might have helped kill the line, but it took more than them to make Mattel make that decision.
  5. Anyone else getting tired of seeing pics of figures we've all seen before yet still NO pricing info? This just comes across as the guy at the pawn shop showing you a nice watch. They keep showing it to you, showing the little features, and the 'quality craftsmanship', and then they dump the price on you and it's beyond ridiculous. But you've been looking at how great it is for so long, and you think you can't do without out, so you go ahead with the 'it's a bit more than I wanted to pay, but it is a really great product' line and you convince yourself to buy it. Then you get it home and show your friends and they're into it, so you feel great about the purchase. And then about three days later, you're looking at it again, wishing you had money for something else saying to yourself 'why did I spend so much on this piece of crap? My Timex was doing just fine.' I'm sure we'll get some more close ups for the next few weeks to help win us over, and then they'll drop the boom on us. I'm pretty sure someone out there will be posting 'it's a little more than I wanted to pay, BUT...' @loll@
  6. Funny. Looks like this was the dumbest trade ever for the Clippers. A future All-Star shooting guard, a serviceable back up small forward, and a starting level center, not to mention a likely lottery first round pick. All for their fourth point guard on their team now. Really? You already had Billups, Williams, and Bledsoe at the point. Now you've given up any depth you had for another point guard. Did you really think no one else could throw lobs to Blake Griffin? They seemed to do a pretty bang up job of it last year. I think the Clippers took a step back overall with this trade. It seems like they did it just to get a star name on the floor with Griffin. It's not as dumb as what the Knicks gave up to get Melo last year, but it's pretty close.
  7. One, you want to bring up your seniority, yet you've got less than 2K posts. Way to contribute over the past decade. Get over yourself and your seniority because... Two, who in the bluest of blue Hells are you? Three, it doesn't matter what your name is! Four, more seriously, if you look back at the Hasbro line, you still had more than one version of the popular characters. Five, you got negative feedback because your post was more of a rant with little to no facts to back it up. You're blaming teens for not buying your favorite legends when most likely there aren't that many teens buying any action figures these days. Six, you were calling the general public reading your post pissants by the second sentence. Seven, Not everyone on here is a teen. In fact I would be willing to bet that most of the guys (and gals) on TNI are well past their teens. And especially those that post in the Wrestling sub forum. Eight, speaking of those of us that post in the Wrestling sub forum, we're the ones that are saying we didn't like the legends that were given to us so far by Mattel. Not the pissant teens you speak of. Two of us have told you we're over 30 and didn't like the offerings so far. Nine, wrestlers change more now than ever. A wrestler's look is outdated by the time his action figure is released (I feel like I'm repeating myself now. Oh wait, I am). So, the toy company has to keep up and give us a new figure of the same guy with his newer look to keep the buyers happy. Ten, it's all about those consumers. Mattel will keep giving us what is selling for them. That is the bottom line with toys. Money. So, if they are giving you the chance to get their characters online, consider yourself lucky. They must have sold well enough to make that minor investment in them. Do what you have to to get them. But don't try and single one demographic out for why your favorites weren't selling when you have no hard facts. For every pissant teen that walked by that fugly Slaughter, there was an 8 y/o that did the same and a 30 something collector that did too. You keep on hoping for Jakks to get the line back. There's nothing like having Rey Mysterio looking eye to eye with the Big Show. Great work Jakks. There's a reason they lost the line.
  8. Yeah, Jakks did it, and look where it got them. My TRU STILL has tons of Jakks figures it can't even give away at $5 a pop. This includes several of the legends from that line. Bottom line is you have to sell what's hot right now. Since there is no season for WWE, the toy makers are already going to be behind the power curve when it comes to figures and how they look compared to what's on TV. CM Punk (since he's one you mentioned by name) has changed his look several times just since Mattel has had the line. And people don't want to buy a figure that looks like Punk looked last year with long hair, they want his new look, so Mattel has to put out a new figure which will likely be outdated by the time it's released. Legends figures are great for those of us that know who these guys are, but the majority of the WWE audience doesn't. And while you might have wanted to find out who Bruno Sanmartino was when you were younger, I didn't until I got much older and was interested in the history of wrestling. I have several friends that are in their early 20's (I'm 33), and if you talk to them about guys from the past, there is a blank look on their faces. Most of them think Sting only wore Crow face paint, and really don't care about anything before they started watching. So, to try and blame this on one sole demographic is a bit of a stretch. I think the teens had far less to do with the Legends getting canned than you give them credit for. Especially when the target audience for these figures is a much younger crowd. And, even if kids today were huge wrestling history buffs, as was mentioned before, the selection of legends to date has been less than stellar. Sub par figure choices will kill a line regardless of how much people are into the original concept. There is only so long that you can continue to put crap in my hand before I finally get tired of the crap and walk away.
  9. I don't think Brock / Austin would be a good match. I'm personally not interested in it at all. The outcome would be too predictable, and wouldn't help to promote anyone that is actually still in the organization. As for the Hardcore title, I don't see why they couldn't bring it back. It was already a watered down version of hardcore before. I've see chair shots on the current programming. I've seen plenty of foreign objects. I don't remember the hardcore title being much more hardcore than that back in the day. They usually saved the thumbtacks and the like for stuff like PPVs anyway. This title has pretty much been a joke for some time now. And the 24/7 rule while intriguing, helped to make it more of a joke with a guy like Crash Holly being champ and running around in playgrounds. If they bring it back, it'll basically just mean no DQ matches with falls counting anywhere. Not too much about that to put it over the PG rating.
  10. Guess that singing career didn't quite go the way she wanted. Good to see her back though.
  11. Sometimes I think Jericho takes these breaks just so he can have some big build up returns.
  12. I have no idea why they went with a ladder match for him. I get the whole sledgehammer above the ring, and that it's the TLC PPV, but they could have done something different. I don't think people would have had a fit if they had just made this a street fight between the two of them, regardless of PPV name. You already know it's going to end with HHH using the sledgehammer on Nash, so why not just have that spot in a street fight? If I worked for the WWE I would hear warning sirens the minute Nash was mentioned in a ladder match. Oh well. I guess they must not have any real long term plans for him now.
  13. Unfortunately, I could see this being omitted in a movie, or just touched on briefly. I remember I used to have the Benoit documentary on disk, and he seemed like a guy that was so into family and the business. I don't condone what he did, but I think a lot of factors led to him doing what he did and I don't believe him to be some sort of monster as I'm sure he'll be portrayed in a movie like this. You can just imagine the scenes where it looks like the evil is brooding inside him until he finally snaps. I really hope if they do go through with this, that they don't take that route.
  14. Can't access a link here on a gov't computer, but the Wrestlemania with Rock vs. Stone Cold set to the Limp Bizkit song "My Way" has always been one my favs. They really did well on that one.
  15. I saw a Marvel Universe Giant X-Men set that was filled with nothing but GI Joes. They were nice enough to reduce it to $36 for anyone that wanted someone's casted off custom fodder.
  16. Online is the way to go this year. Most of the deals available at the brick and mortar stores are also available online. I'm telling you, Amazon is the way to go for those video game deals. All of them are the same as the stores, and they have free shipping in most cases.
  17. This is NOT the retailer's fault. This is the fault of a woman that did not take the time to do any sort of research, and thought this Wal-Mart deal was the one and only chance at this XBox. Here's what makes it even more sad. The same deal could have been had ALL DAY on Amazon with free shipping. She could have stayed at home, ordered her X-Box (I saw the same deal still available HOURS after this report had hit the news), had it shipped to her house for free and been good to go. Not to mention, Wal-Mart.com had the same deal available at the same time as well, with free ship to store. Just like the people fighting in Best Buy for the $200 42" TV. Do your research people. That particular model has been notorious for problems for a while now. There's a reason they are practically giving it away. Also, many deals very similar to that are going to be coming in the next few weeks. All it takes is about an hour's worth of research, and you will see why Black Friday isn't the end all be all of deals this holiday season. Research people. Research. Don't blame the retailers because you were not informed.
  18. Personally, I don't see the big deal about Thanksgiving. I know plenty of people that don't really care one way or the other about the 'holiday.' I give thanks on a daily basis, so Thanksgiving is a little redundant to me. I use it as an excuse to eat a little too much and watch some football. It is fairly easy to request time off if done far enough in advance. And those that do work on Thanksgiving should be compensated anyway with at least time and a half for working a holiday. Those people that get dragged into working on those days either didn't voice their opinion to a manager, or request the days off in advance. I've worked retail. And I always had my holidays off. Why? Because I asked for it that way. It's not like when they decided to work at these places they didn't know that these stores would be open for days like this. Guess what? They're usually open on Easter, July 4th, Veteran's Day, MLK Day, Labor Day, New Year's, and some even on Christmas. So, it's not that these guys are mad that they are having to work on a holiday, it's that it's Black Friday and they're mad that they will be super busy on retail's busiest day. Don't like working retail, get another job. If you are having trouble getting another job, then you aren't marketable enough. Improve you, and the jobs will come.
  19. No kidding. And then having to fight in a fatal fourway to earn a chance at the title? Isn't that what MITB was all about? He beat seven other guys to earn that right to fight for the title whenever he wanted. So, now he will most likely lose to Henry next week in the cage and then what? Hope for Big Show to come out and knock out Henry again? They keep making it look like Bryan is going to be the first MITB guy to not cash in his briefcase for a title.
  20. So I guess that means he'll be changing his tights soon too?
  21. While I did think the Punk / Dolph match was probably the best of the night, and it was a good solid match, there were just too many botched moments to give it a 4 1/2 star rating. That seems more than generous. You could even see the frustration on Punk's face when he knew they blew those spots. Still, a fairly good match. And whatever happened to main events on Raw? It seems like these days we always get someone on the mic at the end. And having that Barrett match as the final match just seemed like a let down. You would think there would be another big match coming, but we got the Awesome Truth split instead. And that segment could have been done at any point in the middle of the show. Don't know, just seems like their pacing and writing is a bit off lately.
  22. Spot monkey! I love it. I now have a new nickname for Jeff Hardy. Thank you so much. If WWE couldn't make this guy a star, I'd really hate to see what TNA does with him.
  23. Very under whelming from my point of view. Dolph vs. Morrison - Not too bad. One of the better matches of the night. Beth Phoenix vs. Eve - A JumberJill match where the outside participants only got involved once for either side is pretty pointless. I really have a hard time watching these divas nowadays. Team Orton vs. Team Barrett - OK match. The 'botched' move by Cara looked less real in slow mo. I think they just wanted a way for him to get eliminated without being beaten outright. Took a while to get flowing, and things like the Sheamus elimination just hurt the pacing. Overall though, not horrible. Mark Henry vs. Big Show - Got a boring chant from the crowd and it was justified. I really hate two big guys going at it. The matches are almost always slow paced and rarely entertaining. The ending made Henry look weak, and perhaps even scared of Show. Then the aftermath kinda killed any momentum Henry had going in his favor. And not having Daniel Bryan cash in at that moment of weakness seemed like a real waste of a golden opportunity. Punk vs. Del Rio - Honestly, I thought it was the match of the night, but that's not saying a whole lot. Their match had the best story telling with both guys trying to work the arm for their finishers, and the way Punk finally got it locked in was pretty awesome. Rock/Cena vs. Awesome Truth - This was basically a handicap match with a run in at the end. Rock worked about a total of 90 seconds in the ring. The rest was Cena getting his butt handed to him with the Rock not really doing anything to help him. For what it's worth, Cena did put up a good fight in the ring and made the most out of carrying the load for his team. And Rock got huge pops for his finishers, so WWE got what they wanted out of it. If the Rock is coming back long term, Wrestlemania might be the perfect time to turn Cena heel. Even along the same lines as what the Rock did when he first changed, blaming the fans for turning on him. It would be great, but I fear Rock is only trying to get some more publicity, and then will be back off to Hollywood, leaving the WWE back in Cena's hands. Overall, I would rate this about 2 and 1/2 stars. It wasn't horrible, but it certainly didn't have the flare of a 25th anniversary for a big time PPV. And was in some cases, quite boring.
  24. Big Boa and Dice for me. Mostly due to nostalgia. Those guys were some of my favorites growing up. And I think they did a pretty good job on the figures too. But I can't see myself paying all that extra just for those two.
  25. Thor didn't change because of all of those things. Thor was still the same arrogant bastard all the way up until he couldn't lift the hammer. And then he was moping around for about an hour, had a drink or two (dozen) with one of his new earth friends, had a cuddly moment with a hot chic that same night, and the next day he was all about selfless sacrifice for the human race. That is why I said it happened in one day. And yes, I did watch the movie. Him getting "stripped of his goddly power, exiled from his home, hit by a hot chick in her beat-up van (twice), tasered, drugged" didn't do anything to change who he was. The Thor that went into the SHIELD compound was no different than the one that went after the frost giants. And then "only to learn he isn't worthy to lift it, being told his father is dead, said death was his fault, and oh yes, learning his beloved brother was lying to him from the get-go, plans to start a war, destroy an entire realm. and has sent The Destroyer to kill Thor and everyone around him" this all takes place in the span of 24 hours. So his epiphany of "the poor fragile humans who despite their powerlessness are capable of the very acts of bravery, selflessness, and kindness that Thor seemed in capable of showing" came in one day's time. Which was my point exactly. I'm not saying it's impossible. As was noted, the whole idea behind the epiphany is that it's almost like a light swith turning on. But it just seemed rushed that he went from being solely focused on trying to get his hammer and get back home, to being so concerned about the well being of earth realm with very little true interaction other than one night's campfire book reading session.
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