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  1. Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to adding some more mods on the inside. I'm wanting to add some blue LEDs under the dash and seats. I've also been eyeing an LED sound activated equalizer that's about the size of the rear window. I'm just not great at wiring stuff on my own, so I'm a bit scared to go that extra step.
  2. You'd be surprised. It's a 2012, but I got it used. Original owner only had it for 3 months. His loss was my gain. Got it for about 10K off the original price. Was super happy. The Charger has always been my dream car.
  3. Just got him about a month ago, and the badges came about a week ago. Finally got around to taking some pics. I'm going to do some work on the interior soon, to continue the Decepticon theme. Just thought I would share with you TF guys.
  4. You are correct sir. Bonus points if anyone can tell me who used the same music exactly one year before Kurt Angle's WWE debut.
  5. This is one time where it pay to be in Afghanistan. Got the whole season for $1 a disk. All in one nice looking package. If the other sets come out at a combined reasonable price, I might spring for the real thing.
  6. Awesome and incredibly wealthy. I had a lot of Joe toys as a kid, and multiples of many things, but this is just crazy! I wouldn't know what to do with half of that stuff.
  7. That is a horribly set up card. Looks like everything is slapped together. Really doesn't effect if I'm going to buy any one way or the other, but still, that is just ugly.
  8. Still say that Storm Shadow looks like a modern era VvV Night Creeper.
  9. Yippee! Guess it's my turn then. Who first used Kurt Angle's WWE theme music?
  10. Actually, most pre season games, they do play softer, and often not nearly as many minutes. It's more about getting timing down, and getting used to any new editions (players, coaches, different offensive and defensive schemes). Even during the season, guys were taking it easy down the stretch and resting guys. That's why they had to change the season to have divisional games at the end of the season. Those games could end up deciding the division in some cases, and guys would have to play more. Football is a very violent sport that doesn't really look after it's guys for the long term. They chew guys up and spit them right back out once they are done. You gotta stay healthy to stay relevant, or there will be a new guy ready to take your spot. I wouldn't mind if they got rid of the probowl game itself, and just named players to like an all NFC or AFC teams at the end of the season.
  11. As for the Pro Bowl, and All-Star game comments, I have to disagree about baseball. Keep in mind, the baseball all-star game was such a joke at one point that they introduced the rule of the winning team's league would have home field in the Series just to get guys to actually play. Before that, it was just as bad. And I really don't see how baseball players have more respect for their fans. That's something that would be hard to back up, and even harder to measure to say that one sport does care more than another. Sounds like you are a baseball fan. I'm not, and I just don't see it. I think baseball players are more money hungry than any other sport, and give back the least amount of effort than any other sport. But, that's probably because I am not a fan of a sport where more than 75% of the guys are just standing around for half the game. To each his own. And as for football, I can't see them ever going as hard as they did in the past any time soon. Your career can end on one bad play at any time in any game in football. And what does the Pro Bowl matter in the long run? It has no bearing on anyone's season. Heck, they put it the week before the Superbowl to get more players to actually show up because after the Superbowl many guys were headed off to whatever off season life they have. It's hard to get someone to give 100% for a game that means nothing to their team, nothing to them financially, and they could get seriously injured, or possible have their career's ended. All for what? For the fans? Isn't that what a 16 game season is for? Does that one extra game mean that much more? The NBA all star game is a whole different animal. You get 12 guys coming from different team, different offenses, different defensive schemes, you get about 3 days to practice together, and then you throw them out there to entertain the fans. There is seldom any defense played. Mostly because the offense turns into isolation offenses, so it's a one on one game with whoever is guarding them. These are the best players in the league, and one on one, they are going to score regardless of who is in front of them. But, basketball has been moving towards and offense driven sport for years now, and those guys give the fans a great offensive showing. In the grand scheme of things, again, the game doesn't mean anything. It is a showcase. A chance for people to pay crazy prices for tickets to see a ton of stars in one spot. They're not going to the game thinking it's going to be a defensive showdown with the score in the low 70's. They want to see flashy dunks and raining three pointers. So, the NBA gives the fans what they want.
  12. The Patriots really killed themselves. They had so many dropped passes, especially on what should have been a game winning drive. Guys were wide open, getting hit in the hands, and dropping passes. On the drive prior to the Giants TD drive, had the Patriots caught a very catchable pass from Brady, the game's over. Instead, it was dropped, Patriots punt, and the rest was history. Brady is not to blame for this loss. He wasn't spectacular, but his game should have given them the win if guys could do what they were paid to do and catch the ball. And don't even let me start on the stupid penalties that came back to haunt the Patriots.
  13. Anyone else think the new Storm Shadow would make a better VvV Night Creeper if you added a little paint?
  14. I really hope the vehicle drivers are only prototypes and the ones we get will actually have articulation. Right now, it looks like none of the drivers have articulated arms, and they suffer from T-crotches. Also, even the bikers seem to have preposed arms. I don't see an elbow joint on any of them. As for all the talk about no ankle articulation, there is actually some. The ninjas seem to have it on most of them, and the Joe Trooper does too. It's hard to see because of the design, but you can clearly see the rivet on the side of his leg. The vehicles aren't much to write home about. I don't like that we're getting another AWE Striker, but I do like that they at least changed it up a bit. Same goes with the VAMP. The Water Mocassin is no biggie to me. I've got enough already. I know I am not liking the retooled HISS treads. I'm sure it's a cost cutting measure, but it just really looks like a huge step back now. If they had released it with those treads first, and then gave us the rubber treads, I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune, and would have a reason to buy this new HISS. As it stands now, I have no use for it. Same with the HISS Scout, or whatever it is they're calling it now. That vehicle has never been a winner in my book, and a canopy (that doesn't even fit if you look at the pics) won't change my mind. Overall, it looks like Hasbro is trying to make as much money off of these figures as possible, and is taking some serious cost cutting measures. Most of the figures don't have double knees. Some don't even have the torso swivel. The new wrist articulation is only on a handful of the figures, but at least the rest at least have wrist swivel (minus those ugly drivers of course). To me, even a big name character like Roadblock looks more like a redone MAJ Barrage than he does the newer Roadblock mold. But maybe that's just me. As for the exclusives, I'm tired of guys that we want in the regular line that have received no modern figures yet showing up as exclusives. I get it, they want people to buy them. But it seems like these days, you could put out any crap figure, slap 'exclusive' on it, and there will be a line a mile long for people wanting to buy it. Why couldn't we get Jinx in the regular line, or the 30th line, or thrown in with the Renegade set? She could have been given to us multiple times before, but instead she will go the way of Slaughter and Zarana. But that rant could be a whole new post, so I'll just stop now. I think Hasbro finally told the collectors to take a hike on this one, and geared most of the toys towards kids so they can rake in even more money. I'm not mad at them for that. They are a business and should cater to their largest demographic. I'll just pick over the line like I did with ROC and grab what I like. No harm done.
  15. From wikipedia, for what it's worth: On October 19, 2007, Luger suffered a nerve impingement in his neck that led to temporary paralysis. He underwent intravenous antibiotic treatment and was expected to make a full recovery.[88] Nearly a month after his spinal stroke, Luger was still in a quadriplegic state, having no movement in either his arms or legs. As of June 2008, Luger was said to be able to stand on his own for short periods of time and walk using a walker. As of 2010, Luger has stated in an interview that he is able to walk more comfortably, and is able to drive around after being paralyzed from the neck down before. Luger has stated in an interview he now resides in Atlanta,Georgia and loves his family
  16. Surprised no one has gotten back to you on this one. Did a little bit of research because there was no way I could remember the number. Jaqueline Moore. 1993. #249. This would put her before her big days in WCW and then WWE, when she was wrestling as Miss Texas.
  17. I've been enjoying WWE 12 since it came out. But, I have to admit, once I unlocked everything, I don't actually play it anymore. I watch it. I make all my CAWs for the guys deployed out here with me, and we set up storylines and matches and let the computer fight it out. I love the creation part of the game. I'm constantly getting more people to sign up, and coming up with new characters, moves sets, finishers, and entrances for them is always a constant challenge for me. Some cool features that sets it apart from previous WWE games: Create an Arena - you can do a lot here, and you'll see that people have created nearly every Wrestlemania arena in the online community. Create an Entrance Video - Finally! Now you can pick from many preset themes to make an entrance video for your CAWs without having to worry about the Highlight Reel. Controls - They've revamped them some this year, putting everything back to the face buttons on the controller. It's not quite as simple as No Mercy was, but it feels better than last year's offerings. Create a Superstar - What I really liked about this year's version is that it basically starts off exactly like last years. That might sound like a bad thing, but have you ever created a wrestler on one game, and then been ticked off you had to start from scratch on the next game because everything changed? All the face and body formulas from last year's game will work on this year's. Plus they added some more goodies to make it deeper than last year's and not just a carry over. Music - There is a lot more original music for your CAWs now. And they're labeled by theme not the usual 'MUSIC 01'. It's much easier to find the right stuff when you have titles like 'Billionaire' and 'Perfectionist.' Unlockable Stuff - If you were a WCW, or even a wrestling history fan, the unlockables should make you happy. Among them: Arn Anderson, Hawk and Animal, Demolition, Vader, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Ricky Steamboat, WCW Nitro Arena, Clash of the Champions and Starcade Arenas. Not to mention the storyline in RTW where all this is unlocked. I know there's probably some much more important ones I'm forgetting, but those are a few that stand out to me right now. Character's scale - I think they finally got better at this. In older games, you would have issues with the smaller guys not looking quite small enough, and the big guys almost looking TOO big. They seem to work much better now. Crazy Glitches - If you've ever played a WWE game on the current consoles, you know they have had a ton of issues in the past. Like DH mentioned, the focusing can still be a problem, but it seems a little better than past games. Also, in the past, guys punches would be able to knock down two or three guys at a time, and would often interupt predetermined animations. This has been cut down drastically. It flows a lot smoother now, IMO. The Matches Themselves - One thing I had grown tired of in past WWE games was the one minute match. You attacked a guy constantly, not giving him a break, and the match was a squash in about one minute. That will rarely happen now on the normal or harder difficulties. It took some getting used to, but I enjoy the match having a little back and forth in it before I put a guy away. If you're used to the old way, you may not like that at first. You'll get mad when you're seemingly on a roll, and the guy pulls out a very timely reversal and goes on a small run of his own. To me, that just helps sell the story of the match, and I like it. You can always turn down the difficulty, or the reversal rate if you want to go back to the old ways. The Creation Community - I haven't been connected to XBOX Live yet due to being in Afghanistan, but if you check out any of the many CAW sites online, you can see that many of those great creations are available for download. (Many of them exclusive to download as guys are trying to get their achievements.) But they are there for the grabbing. It's easy to download, and once you add them to your hard drive, they are yours to do with as you please (assuming the original creator left them unlocked). This feature has been around for a few years now, but it is such a big part of the game, I couldn't leave it out. DLC - THQ seems determined to get our money with some awesome DLC. One, if you can get one of the original copies, or a code from someone, you can get The Rock, which is always nice. I've also heard they added a Diva's pack, and have some legends on the way, like Macho Man. Also, guys like Brodus Clay are supposed to be coming, and they're always adding more attires for guys. I would recommend getting the Axxess Pass. From what I've heard, it will save you a ton of money in the long run, unlocks everything from the get go, and gives you the ability to edit the stats on the WWE roster. That last one might not sound like much, but when you've got Daniel Bryan in the low 80's out of the box, he's not likely to make a run at the WWE Title in your Universe mode. Bump his stats a little bit, and he'll win more matches, gain momentum, and be headlining WM in no time. Overall, I love the game. I think this is THQ's best WWE game on the current generation's consoles. If you like to create like me, this is a must have. If you're a fan of the ol' WCW days like me, this is a must have too. If you just want an OK wrestling experience in a video game, this should be good enough for casual and hardcore games alike. I'd give it a solid 7.5/10 straight out of the box. Once you've unlocked more, and downloaded more, I'd easily bump that up to at least 8.5/10. Your actual experience may vary. Hope this was somewhat helpful, and not too much of a data dump.
  18. I was thinking the same. But if it stayed vertical, big Kev would have a nice reach advantage. Of course, since neither one of these guys have any real MMA experience, it would probably end up looking like two high school girls rolling around on the ground pulling at each other's hair. That said, I'd still pay to see it. @loll@
  19. I went back last night and watched his WWE documentary, Breaking the Code, to get a better feel for this question. Not counting his early days in Canada, Mexico, and Japan, because I'm pretty sure the question was meant for his WCW and WWE days. So, this was the timeline I came up with. Jericho went from fan favorite squeeky clean guy to cry baby Jericho to heel Jericho (which just had less crybaby anctics and more comedy anctics) to WWE Jericho (which was really no change (whether he was a face or heel) until he left to do the Fozzy thing) to Returning Jericho (which started off the same as WWE Jericho,) but then changed to Suited Jericho (more serious version of the heel Jericho. Even at times going back to some of his sillier anctics) I think this version was the biggest change for him, as he tried to portray a more serious character. The problem with this was the fact that he still reverted back to some of the more silly games, and it was hard for some fans to take him seriously as this straight laced guy now. So, he's wearing a suit? He's still using these larger words that sound more silly than serious when coming from him. I know he was really trying to make a change there, but it never really caught on to me. Some of you may feel differently, but that's why we have our own opinions. I am intrigued about this new Jeritroll version. However, I have a feeling it is going to be very much like his WCW run as a heel. The smarky attitude and over the top comedy stuff. I could be entirely wrong, but it just feels like it's the same ol' same ol' all over again. I really don't feel like much has been reinvented with him. It looks more like an evolution of the same guy. Much like I wouldn't say Triple H has reinvented himself since his blue blood days. To me, HHH is the same guy whether he was with Stephanie, or in DX, or the game, or the cerebral assassin, or the king of kings, or even when he was the COO. Sure, his character evolved some, but it was basically the same guy giving us the same spiel all over again. That's what I think of with Jericho. On a side note, I will give Jericho credit, he looks to be in great shape this time around. Perhaps the best I've seen him in. I know he's going to get a lot of spotlight one way or another, especially if he's in a fued with CM Punk. I just hope he can run with it. Now with Sting, I think there was some serious reinventing with the Surfer to Crow Sting. AT FIRST. However, as Crow Sting became more popular, he kind of reverted back to the same character as Surfer Sting, just with different paint and tights. This was about the same time he went Wolfpac, which I didn't think was a reinvention at all, and honestly hated it. But when Sting had first become the brooding, bat weilding, rafter stalking, Crow Sting, that was a complete 180 from his original character. I enjoyed that. I have to admit, I've only seen bits and pieces of him in TNA, but from what I saw, it was still the Surfer Sting character with Crow style paint, or that evolution style mixed up paint job. Not much of a change. But when he went Joker Sting, and started to add the crazy tone to it, it did seem like more than a paint change. It's a shame it didn't get to last too long. I think it could have progressed into much more. Overall, I think Sting represents two character reinventions, while Jericho represents an evolution of the same character over time. Just my $0.02.
  20. I know the two had to hash out the numbers to have Brock in the latest WWE 12 video game. They went with his current likeness, and the little bit that is mentioned of him in the game has him 'coming back to WWE.' I can't remember if they actually mentioned UFC. I seem to remember it simply saying MMA career. Anyway, White and McMahon are like two mafia bosses when it comes to the talent and money. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Wrestlemania matches in the near future involved McMahon and White going at it in some form or another. Maybe White using Brock as his representative the way Trump used Lashley so many years ago. This stuff just writes itself.
  21. Mine's pretty simple. Minus my CG collection, and most other army builders for that matter, rid myself of my RAH collection. I find myself using their modern replacements, and the figures just sit in containers never getting displayed. I think it's just time I moved on. Also, I'm going to be moving soon, and got to cut some weight somewhere.
  22. Dana White has gone on record saying that even though Brock retires, he is still under contract with UFC. In order for him to show up for WWE in any way, it would have to be worked through White right now. At least until Brock works out a buy out of his contract. I also don't see him coming in and doing the job right away. It's bad enough he went out the way he did in UFC. I don't think his ego would let him show up in WWE just to job for a pay check. Brock had also said that if he had won the fight, he would have challenged for the title. Had he won the title or not, he said he would have retired then. This is said to have upset Dana White a little, having a heavyweight champ want to retire with his UFC title and then possibly try to go back to WWE. That would have been a huge marketing ploy for McMahon, having the UFC champ on his show, having not lost the title. But now, having been beaten pretty bad in his last two fights, White seems more likely to accept a buy out and let him go where he wants, thinking his momentum is pretty low right now. We'll see. I don't know if I'd take the gamble on anything long term with Brock if I were McMahon. He seems to have a form of career A.D.D. He tries something for a while, makes some news, and then moves on thinking he'll be a bigger star somewhere else. I've heard rumors about him and attitude problems, and that his wife doesn't help matters either. But, with Brock, it's always 'you never know.'
  23. The one dude on the planet more boring than Johnny Ace. Really?
  24. I was looking back on the last two Royal Rumbles and happened to notice something interesting. In both of the Rumble matches, CM Punk was in the ring with Daniel Bryan and Zach Ryder at the same time, for the most part, only those three (this was actually in the 2011 Rumble as I don't think Bryan was in the 2010 one, but Punk and Ryder squared off in that one as well). Sure Ryder didn't amount to too much in the match, but I found it interesting. It seems like Punk hasn't minded working with him in the past. It just seemed a bit odd looking back on it now.
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