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  1. AGENT HELIX!!!!!!! Someone please get that girl out of Hawaii. She is everywhere. In huge numbers. Every Arctic Destro out there has an Agent Helix girlfriend, and there are still more of her left over. At one time, my TRU only had Helix on the pegs. There were about 25 of them. @grumpy@
  2. Short answer to that question, JayC: Nope. Basically, an SDCC exclusive figure would be cheaper than these once you figure in all the additional fees and memberships.
  3. Not too bad. Kinda looks like he has some reactive armor there, just opened up. Gotta love seeing the multicam, too. At least they're keeping on top of current camo patterns.
  4. Last bed I bought was a pillow top, and I regret every minute of it. It was wonderful at first, but it quickly began to sag, and now we have to dips where me and the wifey lay. I really think it is partly responsible for the back pain I had for so long. We even got to the point where we flipped it over and used the non pillow side. But, after a small amount of time, the same thing happened. Then, we got one of those memory foam mattress toppers. Now, it's a chore just to get into the bed. It's not nearly as comfortable as I had imagined it would be. If you're someone that doesn't move alot in bed, it works out nicely because it really does conform to your body. If you're a mover, then it can get bothersome trying to break out of your 'mold' just to roll over. But as some have said before, you've really got to try them for yourself. I would also do some research with Consumer Reports. They have tested probably 1000's of mattresses. They know which ones will last, and which ones will leave you hating them after only a few short years. With the (over inflated) prices out there, you really need to know everything before you go to the store. Otherwise, you'll have a salesman throwing a lot of vague terms at you to get you to buy whatever bed will get them the greatest commission, or will help alleviate their overstock in the back. Know what YOU want before you go. I think it's hard for us to recommend a bed to you without knowing what you're looking for. Me, I need a firmer bed. You might not. You might like the softer ones that do gobble you up, like the one I actually have. Even knowing what you want still opens the door to people's personal opinions which can vary based on their own preferences. Someone might have the same bed as me and think it's not soft enough. You're really the only one that can make a decision for something like your bed. I just suggest you get as much information as you can before you make that decision, because it really is an investment. Research, pick a few that you would be interested based on that research, try them out at the store, and make your decision. Good Luck!
  5. At work, waiting for some late night emails. I'll probably go watch some movies and just check my email in the morning.
  6. There it is! That's the orange stuff I was talking about in my first post. I thought it had 'orange' in the product name, but I guess now. Works great. I highly recommend.
  7. I hear ya about the Joe headquarters. I really lucked out when I got mine a few years ago. I found one on eBay for about $40 and it was 95% complete. Once I put it together, I had to fill it with Joes. I wish I had more room to display it though. And I'm dreading breaking everything down when I have to move, trusting complete strangers to not destroy a box labeled 'toys.'
  8. Just coming in to work now. I'll probably waste about 1-2 hours online before I get anything done. Also, has anyone noticed what an easy way this is of getting posts counted for the giveaway? Who's at work? Me. One more contributing post. @loll@
  9. My power is to consume Japanese electronics and decrease the size of my wallet.
  10. THANKS FOR DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY Yeah you guys are the real JOE'S.Mad Props!!! Thanks guys. Actually posting this from Afghanistan right now. I'm hoping there's still some good MU stuff left when I come home on leave in a few weeks.
  11. According to his ad, it was 'cheap.' I was trying to get pics of it to give him an accurate estimate of what I wanted to pay, but I offered hime $150 up front completely unseen. From his descriptions it was about 90% complete. I could live with that. I can clean stuff up as needed. And just being able to add that piece to my collection would have totally been worth it.
  12. This, sir, FTW. My wife loves that I collect toys and don't use that money to drink, smoke, or do other habits that would otherwise be bad for me or others. There have been countless times when she has called me from a store in front of the Joes and began reading off names for me. She is a keeper. When we go to stores, I start to tell her that I'll be in the toys, and she just waves me off before I can finish because she knows where to find me. Thank you Wal-Mart and Target for putting toys right next to electronics. I don't need the other 80% of those stores. My daughter just turned 10 last month, and she loves daddy's hobby. She gets a kick out of showing her friends daddy's closet. She gets some of my toys to play with too, so she likes that. Also, she knows anytime she goes to the store with me, we are both going to end up in the toy aisle, which is always a plus for her. I'm sure in about 3-4 years she'll start to get bored with toys, get more into girly stuff, and think daddy's toys are 'cute.' I'm prepared for that. I just recently turned 33, so I hope I'm no where near a midlife crisis. I'm scared that when mine comes, I'll do like I did my comics, and just sell off everything just for the sake of getting rid of it. We'll see. As for the obsessing, you have every right to. @loll@ I hate missing out on stuff. Being deployed bugs me for a few reasons. One, most importantly, I'm away from my family. Two, the living conditions are a bit tougher. Three, I can't buy any toys! OK, that might be bumped up to number two. I can live with my current conditions, but hate not being able to go out there and 'hunt' for toys. It's killing me that people are finding stuff on clearance at WMs (MU stuff anyway), and I'm stuck with no way to get them. My wife is great, but I'm not going to send her out looking for things. If she sees it, she'll get it for me, but I won't send her on a wild goose chase. That's the part I love. And I'm missing it. Even if I find nothing on my hunting days, the thrill of the hunt is enough for me. My name is Michael, and I collect toys. I can live with that and the rest of the world better be ready to do the same.
  13. I don't quite get why pretty boys can't be in action movies. Are you implying that there are no pretty boys in the service? Does a guy's looks imply what he can or can not do in combat? If that's the case, we're in for some real trouble out here in the 'Stan because we have plenty of pretty boys doing the real GI Joe stuff each and every day. And I have a feeling this Bruce role will be about as large as his Expendables role.
  14. I might let the Mouse thing slide if he was more Mainframe with a different name. Of course, MF had combat experience and although he liked video games, still seemed a bit more mature than 18 going on 11. And he wasn't southern. Why does there always have to be a southern new recruit. It is becoming so cliche. Yes, we get it, you have an accent. Because you're from somewhere in the south. UGH. @grumpy@
  15. USS Flagg. Even to this day it eludes me. Had a chance to get one on the cheap on Craigslist. Even in Hawaii! Was so shocked. It was about 10 minutes from my front door. I tried emailing the guy almost every day and got nothing in return. Then, about two weeks later, he reposts it saying his computer had died the day he put it up and didn't know if anyone had tried to contact him about it (because we don't live in a digital age where you can get your email on just about every electronic device you own @grumpy@ ). I immediately sent him another email and he wrote back saying it had already sold. Right through my fingers again. Wife probably would have killed me anyway.
  16. Don't be too surprised. To me, all my Joe memories start with that Christmas in 82. I just think that we've become so used to constantly going to the store now, that we don't realize just how little we did when we were wee ones so very long ago. I do remember going to the store with my grandparents every time after that Christmas though with the idea that I could talk one of them into getting me a Joe.
  17. Hmm. I would start with a good dusting using a micro fiber cloth. Those things pick up dust like no one's business. Then, for the grime, I used a product that was orange something or another. Sorry I can't remember the name, and I'm not exactly at the house to look at it. It's great if you're looking to remove stuff like old sticker residue, so I imagine it would work nicely at removing other types of grime from the plastic. Be sure to test it out first in less exposed spot to make sure you don't get any kind of chemical reaction to the plastic. There shouldn't be. I used it to clean up an old WHALE before, and the end result looked like a brand new hull straight from the box. Another thing that I would do is take the entire thing apart first and clean each of the parts individually. That might just be my OCD kicking in, but that's how I handle most of my cleaning. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  18. http://www.actionfigurejunkyard.biz/ I accept +1's Payment sent. That's the site for sure. Thanks.
  19. Wave 1 Ironman. And the stealth version at the same time. I was so excited they finally started making Marvel in Joe size. I remember I was home on leave from Iraq and I was buying up what I could find before I had to go back.
  20. So are we now able to determine which Sentinel we got at retail? Also, could some of you guys seeing these great discounts on stuff like the GB packs and the Task Master comic pack hook a brother up? I can't grab anything right until I come home in Oct, and I'm scared everything will be gone by then, and I'll be forced to pay eBay prices.
  21. Oh, yeah, for sure. The Elway card is an easy one to pull on him, so I just went with some of the other less obvious ones.
  22. Good deal. I'd be more willing to help you out myself, but sadly, me and my collection (my collection and I?) are currently separated by a few thousand miles. @grumpy@ Now I know what they meant by 'War is Hell.'
  23. One can hope. Shannahan won't have success in Washington for a number of reasons. His success in Denver came from a few things, most of which he doesn't have in Washington. 1) A great offensive line. That line he had in Denver made average running backs a threat. They made the running back by committee mean something because they would get the initial push and the RB could just fall forward for 4-5 yards. 2) An above average secondary. Which they got thanks to the Redskins, ironically. That Bailey for Protis trade was a steal for Denver. Having a shut down corner in the NFL puts a ton of pressure on the opposing QBs. Do they force it at that shut down guy? Do they try to get their #2 and #3 receiver the ball instead and hope they can make the plays of their #1 guy? Is that whole side of the field cut off now? Tons of things to process while you have lineman and linebackers breathing down your neck. And that's not even counting when he had Lynch back there at safety. 3) A team that bought into the concept of team. Let's face it, the Redskins have had issues with the team concept for many years now. Whether it's Portis trying to get his multiple personalities air time during interviews, or last years hype with McNabb, Shannahan, and Haynesworth. Washington has been about spending big money on names, and not on the best pick at a certain position. And those names think they're bigger than the team because they get paid that way. Denver was never really afraid to trade away anyone. And the players that they did have usually played within the team's concept and accepted their roles. Bottom line, Shannahan is not going to relive his success from Denver unless there are some serious changes within the organization.
  24. So, using the link from I AM SCI FI, all of us Mikes out there would be Maiku. Don't let my wife see this. I'll have a new nickname that I can't stand. Mikey was bad enough.
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