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  1. On the Dreadnok side of things, I was thinking Burnout would be the weakest link, but now I'm pretty sure it will be Zanzibar. Those Hi-Res pics have officially made my wallet angry at me. Now I have to buy these sets.
  2. Another pass for me. Figures like this are helping my decision making process with this subscription. I now have more misses than hits. I really hope it doesn't end up 50/50 for me. I might just be dumb enough to lay down all the money just to get the half I want.
  3. Never liked this take on the character. And this figure is doing nothing to change my opinion. They took what seemed like a cool, new character in Barrel Roll and when they gave him this look in DTC it made him seem like an older, boring, balding character. This line seems to be hit or miss with me. Dice - Hit Nano BAT - Miss Grunt - Hit (because I still don't have a Grunt in plain uniform) Jinx - Miss Topside - Hit Barrel Roll - Miss Iron Klaw - Undecided. Give me something worth while soon, or else I'm going to be sitting this out. Even with what's been seen, you're already looking at spending some where around $150 on just those figures. That seems a bit steep when I'm only liking 3 of them so far. That takes it from $20+ a figure to $50+ a figure. No thanks. At that price, I can probably get them on eBay.
  4. Is that a sword in your pocket, or are you just happy... oh wait... it is a sword. Oh. Nevermind. Worst possible placement for that sword. If it was removable, I'd be alright with this figure as a new take on the character. Not the best, but still not horrible to me. As it is now with that sword, it looks like this figure would almost be unposeable. And an unposeable action figure just doesn't make much sense for $20+.
  5. I'd buy it strictly for the accessories. Which just so happens to be exactly what I did with the first POC Taliban Storm Shadow. I still like the very first 25th version of SS as my default. At least until we get an accurate Devil's Due version.
  6. Original Alley Viper. I was in Germany visiting friends of the family. I was about 11, I think. We had just picked him up from a PX visit. I was playing with him outside, and I got this bright idea to shoot at him and my Snake Eyes V3 with a home made bamboo bow and arrow. Well, an arrow that was supposed to land to the side of Alley Viper (just to 'scare' him. I really don't know what I was thinking at the time) ended up hitting him right at the swivel joint below the bicep, instantly severing it. I was devestated. There he was, looking back up at me with half an arm. I had no one else to blame but myself (my grandparents made sure I knew that when they refused to get me a new one). Those were some dark days. To this day, I have not been able to get my hands on an original Alley Viper. I think it's my curse that I must carry with me for the rest of my days.
  7. I could really use some NBA preseason stuff right about now. @grumpy@
  8. I like the idea of them checking your bag as you leave better than them asking for it before you even start shopping. But there would have to be a posted sign that says all bags are subject to being checked for security reasons. And if they thought you were trying to steal something by using your bag, there would be people watching you and would ask to see the bag before you exited the store. Our PX is very strict about the bag policy. But then they are very strict about people bringing food or drinks into the store as well. The bag thing is a pain because they won't let you store the bags at a register either. You have to either leave it in your vehicle, or find someone to hold it outside of the store.
  9. Glad I was able to get my Pick'Em picks in with a few minutes left. This turned out to be a pretty good week for me. Only missed 4 games. Stupid Titans. And thanks to you Mr. Vick for pointing out the scoreboard on your way to the locker room. Had you not done that, maybe the Falcons wouldn't have realized they were still in the game. Argh.
  10. Only 9 more days and I should be home for some much deserved R&R.

  11. Got ya back if ya need me man.

  12. Shhh. Don't let the secret out of the bag. As far as my wife knows, I haven't played with toys since I was 12. This is just collecting and dio story stuff that I do now. @hmmm@
  13. Um, I'd watch them 1-6. What would be the purpose of going in the other order? Trying to have a three movie flashback? Seems a bit much. I think some of us movie nerds take things too seriously and we have to come up with our own spin on everything just so we can go against the norm to make us stand out more. 1 through 6 works just fine for me.
  14. I used to play out a Snake Eyes death scene over and over. Helplessly outnumbered, way out gunned, and the other two members of his team already dead, Snakes would go on a rampage taking out as many Cobra as he could before finally giving in to his wounds. Then I had to send in a rescue party to recover the dead Joes bodies. Usually it was Outback, Salvo and Backblast. I would give them other weapons though. Usually one of them died on that mission too before getting away in the Mean Dog's front vehicle. The Joes didn't win many battles back then. I've always been somewhat of a Cobra sympathizer.
  15. Will they please stop giving guys the .50 cal like it's a freakin' side arm? I'm so tired of seeing guys holding the M2 like that. Roadblock? Maybe. He's a pretty big dude. But still that would be a chore for him. But Kwinn? Come on! How hard is it for someone to do some research and realize that weapon is heavy as hell.
  16. I had been in the Army for little over a year at the time. I had just come home from doing PT that morning when my wife told me a plane hit one of the towers. I turned on the news and almost instantly, the second one hit. I knew that was no accident. It was only a few minutes after that when I got a call telling me to get into work as soon as possible. I got cleaned up and before I left, the other two plane crashes happened. I headed into work, but the lines leading on post were backed up for miles. Before then, they used to just wave you on post if you had the right sticker on your windsheild, but now they were checking everyone's ID cards and it was ridiculous trying to get on. Usually it only took me 15 minutes from my front door to my office, but that day it took me over 2 hours. I remember we were all nervous, and we began hearing rumors about us deploying in a matter of days. Those rumors didn't pan out, but we were on a plane less than 6 months later on our way to Afghanistan. If you could have seen the fear in those kids eyes, it's something you'll never forget. People that sign up for the Army now know they're probably going to end up deployed. Back then, the worst we thought would happen is we would go the field for 30 days or so. This was a real eye opener, and changed a lot of people in many different ways. The patriotism that followed in those months is greatly missed today. I doubt we would have rappers talking bad about our soldiers that are over here ten years ago. But the times, they are a changing.
  17. So, is this the explanation for your avatar? Hope you did well. I might be able to do this if it were over the course of about 3 days. Otherwise, the run would kill me. Congrats for even trying! That takes guts.
  18. Another day, another dollar. Maybe. Don't know if we got that raise or not.
  19. Just got done playing a game of Madden. I gotta say, IMO, Madden 11 is still not on par with NFL 2K5. Madden is a very broken football game on a ton of levels. But I had some of those moments where I thought my guy had come down in bounds with a catch, and it was called out. I challenged it, and from every angle, it was obvious that he was out. So, what does the ref do? Call reversed. I won the challenge. Then later on in another challenge, it was obvious that my guy had landed in bounds. They said I made the catch. Was challenged. Refs overturned it saying I was out. The refs on that game are far worse than anything in real life. And why have fumbles become a button masher's dream? I'm no masher. Even when my guy is clearly the first one on the ball, it's lost to someone that can mash 1000/sec. This game is officially on my no play list. I tried to avoid playing 2011 this entire year, and I got sucked into a tournament with some friends because they needed someone to fill a spot. That will be the last time I play that game. It's obvious to me now why EA lost the NBA battle. They continue to try and live off of their name without ever trying to make a better game. Eventually this crappy product that they put out year after year is going to catch up to them once their exclusive license runs out. rant over.
  20. Sadly, no TRU's in Afghanistan. I missed out on all of these sales.
  21. As long as I have a house, you will always have a place that you could permanently display it. @loll@
  22. The SEC has said they aren't adding A&M to their league. This might me a smoke screen until next year while they try to talk to FSU, Clemson, Missouri, as well as A&M to get to sixteen teams. Yeah,they aren't expanding now. They're leaving the door open for later on down the road. If Clemson and FSU were to go to the SEC, the ACC would raid the Big East. I think it would be the other way around. I think the Big East would try to scoop in on the ACC and clean them out of anything good they had left, and the ACC would be no more.
  23. The whole so mad you can throw a controller thing? Yeah. 2K11. There are times when it is so blatantly obvious that the computer doesn't want you to win. Guys are missing wide open shots under the basket. Your best rebounder jumps up and lets the ball roll down his chest for the other team to get a rebound. I even had a foul called against one of my guys that was just standing there. Not even moving. Not going for the ball. Just standing there. I've never broke a controller, but I've gotten quite verbal towards a game before. I keep my language clean, but I can get loud. My 10 y/o daughter loves to mock her daddy by yelling "c'mon! Are you serious?" She knows how those games get to me. Especially when there are playoff implications on the line.
  24. I'd get one. Right after my divorce was final. @loll@ But seriously, I would get one. I've got garage space, closet space, and if the kids keep moving out, a whole room to set something like this up. The price isn't a stopping point for me. I really wouldn't want to spend that much money on any toy, but if it looked like they weren't going to make it to the clearance aisle, I would spend the money to own one. Ultimately, I am a cheap skate and would try to find the best possible deal before I plunked down one measly dollar. At the same time, I'm not going to miss out on this playset a second time.
  25. Totally agree. The .50 cal is NOT a personal weapon that one dude carries around, regardless of how big he is. That weapon is meant to be set up on a mount, not held in two hands. Especially since with the new 25th figures, they implied that Roadblock should hold the gun by the barrel. Now that's not very smart. The M2 might be more iconic for those that are wanting to relive RAH memories, but it makes absolutely no practical military sense.
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