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  1. I still don't see the appeal in this guy. They can compare him to Goldberg all they want, but Bill had more moves and, even as a two word monster, more character. He always looks like his mind is one step behind the action in the ring.
  2. I hear ya, DB. I'm not getting rid of everything. I couldn't get myself to do that. But do I really NEED 8 Cobra STUNs? I'm downsizing for sure. I will hold on to the ones that mean the most. I think a lot of this has stemmed from our latest move to Georgia. In Hawaii, I had a huge closet for my stuff. It wasn't quite a man cave, but it was big enough to display a good portion of my stuff. Now, I've been relegated to one shelf unit, and there came a time when I had to ask myself what did I want to display, and what was staying in a box. I found myself looking at some things wondering why I had them in the first place (JvC vehicles, I'm looking at you here) I couldn't find the love for the RAH era Joes that I once had either. When I had to choose between an RAH version, or a newer more modern version, I always ended up leaning towards the new stuff. I had already sold some of my older stuff earlier this year, and I've had minimal regret. I just think it's time for me to move on. Maybe in a few years, Joe will have a resurgence, and I'll get back into it. But for now, I'll just let Joes sit on the back burner. Oh, and sorry Draven, that Kamakura is one of the ones that's staying. I haven't had an adequate replacement for him yet. And I'll always be hanging around here. This was my second home when I was deployed all those times. Now then, anyone know what I can get for 250 Crimson Guards? @loll@
  3. I hear ya FUGAYZIE. I'm not done with TNI. I know I don't post as much as I did back in the day, but I'm still lurking and will still comment from time to time. There has been some stuff that has really excited me, but nothing to make me doubt my decision. I'll still be checking in, and seeing where GI Joe is going, but I think there are dark days ahead for the line. Not the end of the line, but I foresee a pretty big lull. Now just seems like the right time to get out for me. And don't worry Joe, that's not totally dead (although it has certainly been on life support for quite a long time). It may have just gone in a different direction. One with a little more freedom and action. I'll have to send you some videos.
  4. Forgot about this one. Bad time for me to get out of GI Joe. The original was one I always wanted, but never had. Oh well.
  5. I used Goo Gone on all of my restorations. I swear by it. Recently, I used it on my car to remove some left over 3M tape from some badges, and it got it off without a hitch. That stuff is powerful, but doesn't harm the plastic. I haven't seen it do anything for discoloration though. My second Night Raven has a badly discolored bottom, and the Goo Gone did nothing to it. As for the original topic, I remember my parents/uncles putting together my vehicles when I was younger. I wanted to put my first vehicle together, and thought I would start small with the Ferret. That was not a good choice. For such a small vehicle, those parts and the blueprints might as well have been alien to a 7 y/o. It took me what seemed like hours to put it together, but when I did I was the proudest kid on the block. The Ferret became my favorite vehicle that day, and still holds a special place in my collection. This is one of the vehicles I will be holding onto when I sell my collection. Maybe not all 8 of them, but at least a pair. Maybe three.
  6. I know as collectors, we all come to that point where we think about walking away from the game. It's been bugging me for a while now. I haven't had the same desire I had before. I haven't enjoyed the thrill of the hunt for quite some time. It's not just because of the current product. I actually liked some of the movie stuff. It just doesn't put a smile on my face like it used to. Most of my collection remained in boxes after I moved last October, and I haven't had to fight any urges to break them out since then. Maybe I'm just moving on to something else now. GI Joe will always be a big part of who I am, but I think my toy days are coming to an end. It's just time for me to move on. I just don't have the time, money, space or love for it anymore. I'll probably be putting up most of my collection for sale, keeping only the things I have an attachment to. I'll give you guys first crack at it because it was this community that really brought me back to one of my greatest childhood memories and loves. Thanks for all the good times. I'll still pop in to see how things are going, and I'll still talk about Joe from time to time. Ironically, most of the money from the sale will go to mods for my car which is named after a Transformer, and Transformers never grabbed my interest back like GI Joe did.
  7. They looked so happy in the Orton documentary, Apex Predator. And that can't be much more than a year old, can it? Guess things change. At least his career doesn't seem to be suffering. Or his financial life. I wish I could say that I had multiple six figure bank accounts. Dude makes more in a month than I made over the last two years.
  8. Cody Rhodes also had stitches above his eye. This sounded like a real bruiser of a PPV.
  9. It's a shame. You know this is as close to the main event spotlight that MM is ever going to get. A return to the WWE is never out of the question, but he won't get pushed nearly as far.
  10. He looked like he was struggling just to get through that commercial. I'm a little excited, only in the fact that I will have one CAW slot saved now by not having to DL a Warrior. Maybe. I'm hoping that was just a rough template of the Warrior they showed, and not anything close to a finished product. Otherwise, this 2K thing might be a bad move.
  11. So, in order for him to put a stop to spoilers being leaked, he is leaking spoilers?!?
  12. I was not thrilled with this Raw for a number of reasons. Mostly, it seems pretty obvious that the writers are still reeling from Rock being out. The Rock/Brock set up never happened, so now we are getting HHH again. Cena doesn't get to give Rock his rematch at the PPV, so now we get Ryback forced into the 'heel' role, though he still doesn't feel like the bad guy. WWE just seems lost right now. Cesaro has been jobbing for weeks, and now they decide to drop the title off him for no real reason than to make Kofi relevant again. Barrett loses to R Truth for the same reason. And where the heck is Miz now? No rematch clause for the former champ? Lets go straight to a battle royal, which never makes the winner look as strong as WWE thinks it does. And then there's Dolph. How in the world is a World Champion the third wheel in the Del Rio/Swagger feud? I think the writers painted themselves into a corner with Ziggler, and now the 3 way is supposed to make everything better. I'm not buying it. And I truly think the writers are totally lost on what to do with The Sheild now. There really is no rhyme or reason to their tactics anymore. And I don't even want to go too in depth on their pacing and match line up, but come on guys! A crappy diva match should not be the last match of the night. And how many times must Team Hell No beat the PTPs before they set up something else? Oh, and how are we supposed to believe that the Big Show match was a smart idea? Is Show really going to benefit from that match in anyway? WWE writers can't seem to get any of their stories straight. I know so many people say they could do a better job, and we usually say that's not true, but nowadays I just don't know. It's getting pretty dumb. I feel like they are insulting me as a fan. We will see where this goes.
  13. I didn't get purple, but I did go with blue. So, I'm going to say its energon flowing. I'll post those pics once I pry my pc from my daughter. Here we go: If the first pic was a little clearer, you would be able to see that the screen says "I am Megatron" and below it, "Megatron is Online".
  14. Some updates: More to follow when I can get to my PC. For some reason, photobucket doesn't like the iPad.
  15. Oh well. Maybe I can get one made then.
  16. Is there one for Megatron? I would love to find a way to display one in my car since I have the Decepticon theme going on and I call my car Megatron.
  17. Honestly, I like Taker, but if he is looking that out of shape, then he can stay home this WM and I'll be just fine with it.
  18. Don't know for sure now. The more I compare it to the old one, the more the differences seem smaller. I would really like to see it side by side with the original. I probably will end up buying one now. Argh. Now , how am I going to convince my wife that I need yet another large Joe vehicle?
  19. It is easily more narrow than the original. And the side wings with the missiles look off too. And it looks shorter as well.
  20. I was expecting more from the Tomohawk. It looks a little Tonka-ish. Especially when compared to the original. It looks much smaller too. I really wanted to like it, but was hit hard with disappointment. Maybe it's because I never had an original and I thought this would be my chance. Who knows, I might change my mind when I see more of it in better detail.
  21. I got a little chuckle out of the crowd chanting " you still got it," and Jericho saying " I never lost it baby!". He did put on a good show though.
  22. I could see the Shield taking on those three in an Elimination Chamber tag match. Almost a throwback to the old War Games.
  23. Don't get your hopes up. Elimination Chamber is likely just a filler on the way to Mania. I don't see them throwing a big swerve in there.
  24. Yeah, but it was never as popular or used as much as the smoking skull belt. This one I can do without. He's really not even using the brahma bull thing any more, so it seems a bit silly for that to be the main feature.
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