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  1. Yeah, as much as I wanted him to come out there during the triple threat match to help save Bryan, I knew in my heart it just wasn't going to happen. Oh well. Maybe they have something else big enough to lure him back soon.
  2. That is the word that is going around. Taker knew he wanted to lose to Brock back in 2010, and felt this was the right time to make it happen.
  3. Yeah, I saw that rumor before. But that seems more like a story that was made up to get more clicks to the site. All other accounts have Brock going over as the official finish. Some have said it was even leaked about an hour before the show, and that the Vegas odds shifted due to the leak in Brock's favor. Vegas doesn't like to lose money, so my bet is they knew what was up and Brock was indeed set to win from the get go. As far as grabbing subscribers, this will lead to a nice boost, but even without it, the network is going strong at over 600,000 in little over one month's time. That number is just here in the states as they have not yet released the network in the UK, Australia, and many other big WWE markets worldwide. They only needed 1,000,000 subscribers to break even on the network, and that number seems very likely by at least the end of the year. Now, while I really like Sting, and think he is a legend in this business, I don't think anything would have been gained by him breaking the streak. The rumors are that if they can talk Taker into this match with Sting for next year, it will be the last match for both of them. Having Sting end the streak only to retire himself would be a huge waste. Even if Brock is still on a part time schedule (which speculation has him wrestling something more along the lines of full time now, and possibly getting a World title run later in the year), at least he is still going to be on the show some of the time to benefit from a huge win like this. I really think this is a much better situation for the Sting match now that Taker has lost. These two icons can go at it, and the crowd won't be bored because they already know the outcome.
  4. Yeah, that one looked like it hurt pretty bad. I think that threw a minor monkey wrench into the plans for the match. It looked like Batista had no idea what to do to carry on from there. And for Orton to be able to finish with the flurry that he did was incredible. He may have the personality of a wet towel, but he really put in some good work last night. I was impressed with the overall match. Even Orton's face as Batista tapped out was well played out. He looked like a guy that just saw everything taken from him and there was nothing he could do about it. I think this Mania did a great job of focusing on story telling in their matches much more than the norm. The Cena/Wyatt match did a great job telling the story of Cena fighting his dark side. I think it did more in that match to tell that story than the whole storyline he had with Kane trying to get him to embrace the hate. Taker/Lesnar told a wonderful story with a huge twist ending. And that main event even did it's part, starting with the opening match. I was fairly impressed.
  5. I think with all that happened at Mania, this really got overlooked and it's a shame. Once they got rid of the also-rans, it was a really good match with the usual Royal Rumble type of eliminations and near eliminations. I think Cesaro's feat of strength at the end was more amazing than anything I've seen in a long time in WWE, and I feel it was totally forgotten just minutes later. I was anticipating Hulk Hogan being there to hand off the trophy, and maybe even have a mention about Hogan slamming Andre at WM3. That was a WM moment for Cesaro for sure, and it just kinda got tossed aside. I really hope this means he is going to be getting his much deserved push. His work in NXT and WWE has been top notch. I think it would be funny if he stole the Real American angle from Swagger, as I truly believe all the 'we the people' chants really picked up when Cesaro came in the picture.
  6. Could you imagine what would have happened if it had been Cena to end the streak? Or HHH for that matter? Smarks already ride those two guys about how they are only out to make themselves look good. Had either one ended the streak, I think there would have been a riot.
  7. Not to mention the amount of WWE Network subscriptions they will sell by having the Wrestlemania replay on the Network this week. I think this boiled down to a money decision for the WWE with Undertaker's best interests considered and respected. Taker seems like a guy that has always been about the business first. He has been a leader in the locker room for over a decade now. He has been with the WWE during the high points, and was by their side during the low points. This has me thinking that Taker didn't want to leave his streak intact. I believe he wanted to lose as a way to end his career. I think he wanted to lose against someone that the rest of the world would say "yeah, I could see him beating Undertaker on a given night." Beating the streak isn't going to make or break a rising star. If the fans believe a guy is capable of being in the ring with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, that guy is already a big enough star. The up an comer idea wouldn't work because Taker wouldn't let some new punk kid come into his yard and show him up on the grandest stage without there being a need for retaliation. That storyline can't end at Wrestlemania. That storyline has to progress past Wrestlemania. OR, that storyline needs months to build up to Wrestlemania, establishing a story and relationship between Taker and the up an comer that makes it believable that the guy stands a chance against Taker. And quite frankly, I don't think Taker has that left in him. The tank is nearly empty. Notice he didn't try his vintage over the top rope jump last night? With the condition he's in now, that move might have killed him if something went wrong. To me, this does nothing to tarnish his legacy, or that of the streak. If anything, this adds to the legitimacy of the streak. It makes it more believable that he very well could have lost any one of those 21 other matches. It makes him look stronger that he only lost the one, especially if that one is the last of his career. And if it isn't his last Mania, it takes the pressure off of him and the company for his future opponents. Now he could very well have a match with someone that perhaps he feels he wants to give a rub to, and there is no pressure on the guy to beat the streak. They can have a great match, Taker can still win, and the guy comes away still looking good having gone toe to toe with Taker. Fans would be more invested because now that they know Taker can lost at Mania, there is more mystery brought back into the equation. Undertaker is a 100% professional, and he did what legends are supposed to do at the end. He had someone put him away to cement his legacy and push the company forward. No one will come close to the streak again. Even a guy like Cena would now have to win 19 straight now just to tie it. Do you really think even Cena will be winning Mania matches 19 years from now? I was just as shocked as almost anyone else last night when I heard the ref count 3. But, almost instantly, I saw the logic behind it. Not everyone gets it, but I'm pretty sure this is exactly what Undertaker wanted. The pressure is gone. The boots don't have to be laced up anymore. The hat can be hung on the wall. The coat can be put away. Thanks to Taker for giving us all one last ride.
  8. This is my take. It had to be Lesnar. The idea of having an up and comer end the streak sounds fine and dandy, but there are few that can live up to that. That would be a huge shadow lingering over their head for their career. And who's to say that up and comer would still be around in a few years. Then WWE would have ended the streak to some guy that didn't quite pan out. Lesnar has already done it all. Not to mention, he brought a some legitimacy to the fight. Brock has stood toe to toe with real fighters in the UFC. Yes, the match was ugly, and a bit on the boring side. But that wasn't all Brock's fault. Taker's cardio was clearly not where it needed to be. Brock held back at times. While past WM matches had been better, the timing wasn't quite right for Taker. With the first HBK match, they made it look like the streak could be ended. With HBK 2, Shawn was the one that was going to retire, so the streak wasn't going to end then. With Triple H, it was more to signify the end of the era, and fans would have had an even bigger fit if HHH had won, saying he was using his power within the company to get the win. Punk may have worked as far as storylines, but I honestly think Taker has a bit of dislike for Punk, and wasn't willing to put him over for that. That brings us to now. Taker is done. He showed up at Axxess out of character this weekend, signing autographs and meeting with fans. He never does this in his Deadman persona. Only when he was the American Badass. The writing was on the wall. Like I said earlier, Brock makes this seem like more of a legit fight. I really don't see how this can be considered a squash match. Lesnar was getting beat down for more than half the match. And it took three of his finishers to do the job. Not to mention Taker reversed the kimora lock. Taker went out fighting against a guy that is a legit fighter. Taker has nothing left to prove, but as long as the streak was alive, there would always be the question of next year. With it over now, Taker can retire, WWE can release a 'History of the Undertaker' DVD, and he can go into the Hall of Fame at next year's Mania. Bottom line, if Taker wasn't ready to hang it up, he would be 22-0 right now. I personally believe the streak was a happy accident at first, and it eventually just got way out of hand. It became too big, and overshadowed the matches. The predictability of Taker winning took some of the fun out of his matches. Now, if the rumors of him and Sting hooking up at WM 31 end up being true, this will leave us with some mystery for that match. If it had been Sting/Taker with the streak still on the line, there would have been no doubt that Taker would have won. But I still think he is done, and these Sting rumors aren't going to amount to much of anything.
  9. There are no scheduled price raises right now. They are shooting for 1,000,000 subscribers within that first 6 months so they can break even. I think it is quite doable. I have signed up, and while I enjoy the insane amount of old PPV's available, I do wish there was more original programming. I'm sure that will come soon.
  10. Yet, now he has a role with the WWE Network on NXT Arrival.
  11. It has for sure been those two. Only now Punk is gone, and Bryan has fallen right into the role that they had planned for Punk. Which, in all honesty, is a dead end role. This is obviously setting up a Bryan/HHH match for Wrestlmania, but that has no benefit for Bryan as it stands right now. Unless there is a title shot on the line, the storyline doesn't help Bryan progress. He gains nothing from beating HHH. HHH is well past his prime, and while he'll put on a good match, he should not be able to hang with Bryan after a year away from the ring. And smart fans know there's no reason for HHH to win because it makes Bryan look bad and does nothing for HHH because he is not a full time wrestler. This was a dead end for Punk which is part of the reason he walked out. All these part timers getting face time at Wrestlemania is a slap in the face to those that put in the 300 days a year and still can't reach the top. On your other point, I get what you mean about it seeming like there are less wrestlers now than there were in the old days, but it is quite the opposite. The reason it seemed like it took forever for someone to wrestle the same person again in the old days was because feuds were months long with build ups to the handful of PPV's WWE had at the time. Now, there is a PPV every month, sometimes less than three weeks apart. The stories are made shorter because they believe the fans can't hang on for a longer, drawn out storyline. So, stories get recycled much fast now. A guy will go through three feuds in the time it took the old WWF to go through one. That creates a huge turn over, and guys end up fighting some of the same guys again. The roster is much deeper now than it was back then. I think we tend to look at the rosters back then with nostalgia and think guys were much greater than they really were. Truthfully, there were usually only about 3-4 guys that seemed like a legit threat to Hogan and his title. And usually only about 2 guys that gave the IC title any legitimacy at any one time, and more often than not they were guys that gave you the best quality matches. As for titles, I did a whole post on titles a few years back. I've had mixed views about them, and what they mean nowadays. I wouldn't mind if they had four titles honestly. But there would have to be two distinct brands with no crossover for them to mean something. One World title per brand, and one secondary title per brand. I really don't know how they could work out the tag titles unless they have all the tag teams on one brand or have the tag teams belong to both brands only for tag team matches. The instant they try to split up the tag teams into singles, they would have to go to their respective brands. It really is tricky when dealing with titles. If you want one brand, then you would think that you would downsize the number of titles you have. Especially redundant ones like the US and IC titles. But doing so leaves you with likely only two titles for a huge roster of 40+ guys. Unfortunately, unlike the old days where the man made the title, these days the title makes the man. i.e. Dolph Ziggler without the World Title is a guy that we all believe can lose at the mid card level. You put the World Title on him, and we believe he can hang with anyone at the top level. An old school guy like Undertaker was believable as a top guy with or without a belt around his waist. So, those belts mean something right now. Big E isn't just a hired gun anymore, he's a legit guy that could end up in the main event on Raw. The IC title gave him some legitimacy. Same with Ambrose at the time. However, he has brought that title down, and defended it so little, that it doesn't seem to matter to the Universe anymore. It didn't help that it was originally a WCW title. Those have always been regarded as lesser titles within WWE, but that's a whole different rant for another day.
  12. Does anyone else find it interesting that since Triple H and Stephanie have become the "Authority" on television, their friends have been the ones benefiting? Randy Orton and Batista, two former Evolution members, and good friends of HHH, are main eventing Wrestlemania. The New Age Outlaws, formers members of HHH's DX, and good friends of HHH, are the current tag team champs. Is Vince really green lighting these decisions? None of these decisions are 'good for business.' The WWE Universe has made it painfully clear that they want Daniel Bryan. The Universe has also made it clear that they really don't want Batista in the position he is in. It has been made clear that they believe Randy Orton has grown even more stale than before. This is what supposedly cause Punk to walk out of the WWE recently, and quite frankly, I don't blame him. There really are some issues that need fixing. -Orton as champ is just not getting over anymore. I realize the business is usually better when the heel has the belt, and the (pardon the pun) faces of the company are chasing him, but Orton is coming across as weak and cowering. If he had gone back to his Viper ways, or his Legend Killer ways, he could have been a heel champ I would be happy with. That persona could have fit better with a Daniel Bryan chasing him. Bryan has to seem like the underdog to make the story have some bite to it. Right now, Orton looks like the underdog between those two, and that hurts your brand when the champ looks weak. -Batista having a main event role at Wrestlemania is just plain wrong. Unless he plans on being back on a full time schedule and ultimately becoming the champ and wrestling on Raw and Smackdown weekly, he shouldn't even be involved with the title. Part time guys should not be champ. I wasn't thrilled when Rock did it, and he has ten times the star power of Batista. The fans are clearly not happy with him now, and can't even get behind him in a feud with ADR. To ADR's credit, he played the heel role very well, fans just weren't that thrilled to see him in a match with Batista when the outcome was painfully obvious. Batista wasn't going to lose his last match leading into Mania. -Please stop with Roman Reigns already. WWE obviously has big plans for him in the future, but he is getting too much of a push right now. And the commentators are really irritating when they call him the big man, the heavy, the big guns, or whatever other big guy metaphor they can come up with. He is NOT A BIG GUY. He is not even a really strong guy. I would put him at above average on the size and strength scale. But there is no way he should have gotten a squash match over Mark freakin' Henry. There is no way he should already hold a record for most eliminations in the Royal Rumble. There is no way he should have been the last guy in there with Batista at the Rumble. That just gave the outcome away right away. Did the Universe really believe in the Shield that much that they thought Reigns could headline the biggest event in the business? No one that's watched wrestling for more than 6 months thought that. This guy is getting such a huge push, and most are saying it's because he is related to the Rock. Let him stand or fall on his own. -The unified title is a bad idea for the current roster size. Former world champs are now chumps. Ziggler, Swagger, Henry, Miz, ADR, Sheamus and Christian were all at the top of the food chain not too long ago. Now, they're just being fed to mid or lower carders. Without that second title to fight for, the midcard is a muddled mess. Too many people are building up in the middle of the roster with no real agenda. And when one of the midcard titles (the U.S) never changes hands, and is rarely defended, those names just continue to build. Where will guys like Sheamus go now that his little shot at Elimination Chamber is over? Orton is going to be focusing on Batista, who wasn't in the chamber, so that leaves five guys that need a new storyline to keep from getting stale. There really isn't even a need for the brands with only one world title. The wrestlers already appear all over both shows. -Stop favoring HHH's buddies. Vince needs to grow a pair and get the tag titles on another deserving team. The Outlaws were a great blast from the past, but it's time to move on. They should not have gone over the Uso's. That is the hottest tag team right now, and they should have left with the gold. The tag team division was finally starting to come together there, but they really need to take those titles off the Outlaws and focus on the hard working guys that are going to be here for a while. And I already talked about Batista and Orton, so I'll just leave that alone. I know this is an awfully long rant, but this stuff seems like it is so obvious to me. Are the big wigs so focused on the launch of the WWE Network that they have just let HHH have the reigns for the TV stuff? What is going on? What would you do?
  13. I will be signing up for it as well. Keep in mind though that you have to sign up for 6 months at a time. But there just seems to be no down side considering you get all the PPVs for free.
  14. You know, for all the flak Warrior receives (deserved and otherwise), that Mania main event was a pretty good match. I think it really gave each guy a chance to showcase their stuff and made it seemed like either one would be a legitimate champion. Having gone back and watched it again recently, I remember thinking how nice it was to have a story told in the ring back then. I also think that was one of Hogan's best Mania matches, probably only second to the one with Rock.
  15. Not even close, size wise, to the MCC. That's actually smaller than the ROCC would be as well. Those tires aren't that hard to change. While heavy, usually two guys can get it mounted fairly easily. We used to use those size tires for tire flips during our work outs. Now that will wear you out. The back side command center is roughly the size of a typical 20 ft. container. Some have the ability to expand out, but either way, it's not actually 'mobile.' I've never seen anyone working from within while the vehicle was in motion. It's a bit awe inspiring the first time you see something like that, but when when you've been around the Army block as long as I have, it's just another truck you have to do checks for on motor pool Mondays.
  16. Well, a little update for my friends here at TNI. I started selling a good little portion about two months ago. Again, time, space, desire all played a part in me downsizing. But then something happened about three weeks ago. An opportunity popped up for me to nab a loose FSS Big Boa. Now I could never buy one MOC because I would fight with myself to take it out, but knowing how much I would have paid for MOC, I just wouldn't be able to open it. So, when I had a chance to nab a loose one, I took it. Big Boa has always been one of my favorites. I think that stems from my life long love of professional wrestling, and Boa sure seems to look the part of a wrestler to me. I used to use him in my wrestling matches as a kid against other Joes. He was favorite for a long time, and so I kinda developed a soft spot for the over the top Cobra trainer. Getting this new one in my hands might have ignited a small spark. I find myself looking for more Joes on eBay, and I'm looking to add another shelf in my back room to display some more of my Joe stuff. Granted, I'm still in the process of downsizing (wifey just doesn't see the need for duplicates of so many of my vehicles. C'mon, I need to build up that Night Raven army!), but I'm slowly sneaking in some smaller pieces here and there, mostly figures. So, thanks to my old friend Big Boa, I am sorta back in the game.
  17. That is sweet man. I really like the look. A great throwback. This is one of the rare instances where I think the pic actually does do the figure justice. There's no way it could be cleaner than this in person. Nice pic taking technique as well. Pic #8 there really looks like it's underwater looking up at the surface. Great job!
  18. Is Vince Russo still employed by TNA? @hmmm@
  19. This is NOT the entire roster. Go to wwe2k.com for the actual roster. I don't know why WWE posted this on their own site when it wasn't even complete.
  20. JR has never been one of my favorite ... well anything really. He's not my favorite commentator. He's not my favorite 'talent scout.' He's for sure not one of favorite people. I really can't stand the guy. I always heard about him being a talent scout, but never heard of him actually finding anyone on his own. And his sorry excuse for a blog was more frustrating to read than it was helpful. He always made sure to keep things vague enough that he wouldn't have to retract anything later. "This guy could be a star someday if he plays his cards right." What kind of rainbow fluff is that? I really don't think JR brought enough to the table for all the love and attention he got. I especially don't think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame by any means, but we all know what a joke that has become lately. I just don't understand a big announcement for a guy that hasn't contributed much of anything in the past few years. For most of the current generation of fans, JR is that guy they heard yelling at them when they were 3 sitting next to daddy as he watched that bald guy fighting HHH's father in law. He won't be missed by me.
  21. I actually don't see them going the Cena route anytime soon. I think they are using classic storytelling right now to make Daniel Bryan appear weak, and seem like he hasn't got a chance to win the title. This will likely continue until the PPV, when Bryan should get the win. If he does win, I could see him being champ for a fairly decent run. Nothing close to CM Punk's run, but still a fairly long time by modern era standards. He would play up the underdog card even as champion, helping him connect with the fans. OR...they can have him continue to chase the title until the HHH regime is ended, and then have him win the gold. He could be that little thorn in HHH's side that just won't go away no matter what gets thrown at him. The possibilities are fairly obvious, but I'm sure WWE writers will find some way to kill all of Bryan's momentum.
  22. I'm pretty sure they are just writing him off of television for his wedding and honeymoon. By the time he returns, HHH will be out of power, and whoever the new corporate person is will want to right his wrongs and bring Cody back.
  23. The modern rich bad guy role went to Del Rio. That would have made Dibiase kind of redundant. They still could have pulled it off, but it's clear Del Rio was going to use that to get his main event spot.
  24. Not to mention, pound for pound, he has to be one of the strongest athletes in the WWE. The brute strength that he uses to end that match is ridiculous.
  25. I have to disagree with you on just about every point you made. I think it is still about the matches, and that is what the fans want to see. Unfortunately, WWE executives have their heads so far up their butts, the think the fans are brainless puppets that just want to see flashy entertainment. Very rarely, we find a wrestler that has enough of a combination of the two to really become something, but chances are they don't get to showcase everything. I think Cesaro could be wildly entertaining given the right direction, and the right opponent. He needs an over face to give him a good rub and let him get some wins to really establish himself, and he could become a top heel. He's got the smug attitude, the in ring ability, and the overall look. I think he just needs the right feud to get him over. I'd easily take Cesaro over a guy like Fandango any day. But because his theme music caught on one night with probably the most live crowd I've seen in a decade, they pushed him on us. Now, he doesn't get the same reaction, and he's sent down to mid card jobbing. WWE needs a restructuring. They really need to get the reigns away from McMahon, and let someone else who is more in tune with the fans give it a go. They have way too much talent for us to continue seeing Cena and Orton increasing their Title reign numbers.
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