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  1. I think reboots happen because the times change. And with a line that has to do with a cutting edge top secret military group, you have to keep up with the current times. Do you really want Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow to have been together in Vietnam? Snakes would be at least in his 60's now. Origins based off of specific time frames, or specific events in time don't stand up to the test of time. Star Wars doesn't need a complete reboot because there is no time reference to it. It all happened 'long ago, in a galaxy far away,' so we have nothing in our current time or galaxy to compare it to. So, you need to change things up a bit. You don't have to totally rewrite it like it seems they're doing, but you need to update it, similar to how the A-Team movie update the Vietnam time frame to the current Iraqi war time frame. I believe their looks need to change too, to blend more with current times. While the '85 Snake Eyes is one of my favs, I think it would be pretty silly looking to see a guy running around in basically a skin tight spandex suit. I think his current City Strike look is leaps and bounds better than the '85 version. Do we really think that in today's elite special units, the First Sergeant would be running into battle in a tan button up shirt with his medals pinned on? Highly unlikely. There's a ton of stuff that was cool during it's time, but looks rediculous now. 90's neon anyone? For the toys, I wouldn't mind the waves being mostly new characters, but as was mentioned, you need to throw in repacks of the classic characters too. I hate it when I miss out on a character because I couldn't get to the store that particular week it hit shelves, or I just didn't have the money at the time. The times change, and so our lines need to change with it. Nostalgia is great, but I really think some of the 80's cannon was fairly dumb, and in need of a reboot.
  2. If a 30th line comes out I'd like to see people stop asking for the 25th line to come back. @loll@ I am just tired of hearing how we didn't get a 25th version of so and so. What if we get a 30th version of them? Will that make it better? @smilepunch@
  3. For some reason, our Wal-Marts never had the Night Ravens. K-Mart had them and clearanced them out a while ago. My local PX still has them for $38.95. And they wonder why they're not moving.
  4. I went back and checked through all of your WIP pics, and the level of detail just floored me. I had no idea looking at your pics that there was so much on the inside. Truly a masterpiece.
  5. Beautiful work dude. That APC is perfect. I'm so glad you didn't just try to take a RHINO and make it the APC. This is so much better.
  6. Mine are still hovering around $5-$6.
  7. I'm down for it. I like the look of the figure. I could really use that body for customs.
  8. Cap/Wolvie/Hulk were the three I saw. Passed on Hulk and Baroness, but got the rest of them.
  9. Didn't see it mentioned before, but ROSS has Joe Mighty Muggs (along with some Marvel ones) for $4.99. They have Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Baronness, and Destro. Fairly good deal if you missed out on them at regular retail before.
  10. I find it funny when I remember back to how much we all drooled over some of the VvV stuff like ol' Wave 7 Snake Eyes. And the newer Viper in old Viper colors. I was trading those babies away left and right and people couldn't seem to get enough of them. Now, if I were to offer them up here for $1 a pop, I'd probably have zero bites. Times change. Our expectations have changed due to what we were given at the time, and what we have now. I find it hard to look at most of my ARAH collection the same way anymore. It just looks dated and weak in comparison to some of the new stuff. Regardless, my Crimson Army will remain the RAH molds and VvV Crimson Strike Force molds. I'm not totally sold on the 25th version of the CG. Too gangly for me.
  11. I gotta say after seeing the XBOX conference at E3, I am super excited about the future of the gaming biz. There seems to be a lot of potential hits on the horizon, and even the hardware is taking a turn for the better.
  12. He's probably kicking himself more for his role in the GI Joe movie.
  13. I actually talked to the worker at my local (and only one on the island) TRU, and asked if there were anymore MU in the back other than the ugly ones they had out (Electro, Ironman, and Spideys galore!). She used her handy dandy scanner thing and found that there were two more cases in the back. She brought them out and let me have first dibs. I realized just how dumb the disto is for the cases. 1 Black Widow, 2 Thors, 2 Bucky's, 1 Green Goblin, and the rest Ironman and Luke Cage. It was pretty ridiculous. I grabbed a just one Widow out of all that mess. I had just found Thor the day before, and didn't want Bucky, and had no need for the others, so I helped her put everything up on the pegs. I'm sure if I went back tomorrow, there would only be those same sorry figs that were there before she brought out the cases. Oh, and two more Green Goblins. I guess long story short, it could never hurt to ask the employees for some help. The worst that can happen is they tell you there is nothing else left, and then you're no worse off than you were before.
  14. Yup noticed that too. Thought it was my connection.
  15. I've really grown to like Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
  16. And why weren't Walt and Michael part of the group? OK, Michael I get. That whole, you shot two people, sold us all out, and left the island to do your own thing. But Walt seemed to be trying to help. And seemed to have a connection to the island. Also, was anyone dissappointed with Widmore's death scene? It was like 'oh, yeah, we gotta kill this guy, let's just kill him off quick.' Why were some people from the island (like the dude from the freighter) in the purgatory only to die? And what happens when they die in purgatory? Ouch, my head hurts. I didn't expect answers to everything in this season, but I just felt there was room to tell more.
  17. I didn't mind the whole religious part of it. That wasn't the story that bothered me. It was the island story that had so many questions left unanswered. We still don't know why the island was special in the first place. We don't know anything about the numbers. Where did they pop up originally? Why those particular numbers in so many different instances? How exactly did Dahrma find the island? Why did pregnant women die on the island? I feel they just were told they had to wrap it up to keep the viewers from losing interest next season. So, they just focused more on the afterlife part of it, and the island was a small side effect. @grumpy@
  18. Mine's pretty boring by comparison with some of these great names. I liked the Crimson Guard from GI Joe/Cobra. And I've always liked the Twins characters since I was a kid. When I joined here, I wanted a Joe type name (since that's where I spent most of my time) that wan't already taken. I also didn't want to exclude one of the twins by only picking one of their name's, so I went with something that stood for them both. And it's stuck ever since. Every board I go to, I use this name. My Live Gamertag is the same. My PS3 name is the same without the space. Heck, even my PC is named that. It has become me.
  19. I just picked up Modnation Racers for PS3. It looks like a lot of fun. I haven't had more than 15 minutes to try it out though. I would have had more time, but the PS3 takes forever to install updates, so I had to wait around 15 minutes waiting on that. But, this is the first game to get me to fire up my PS3 in about 2 months. I don't even use it for BluRays anymore now that I bought a BR home theater. So, this is quite an accomplishment for a lil' kart racer. I've also been trying to finish out my third season on NBA 2K10. I'm in the middle of the playoffs right now and it's looking like it might be a championship year for the Orlando Magic. Here's hoping. Thinking about picking up the Halo 3 ODST/ Forza 3 twofer from Gamestop. Those are two games I know I would play. I just hate that I barely have time to play anything right now. Let alone a game as deep as Forza.
  20. Actually, I would say they might be left.
  21. Crimson Twins


    huh? Now that makes perfect sense. @hmmm@ So, basically, Ares died to fill a splash page. And what is the fascination with hurling bodies into the sun? And how accurate do you have to be to actually thrown someone into the sun without hitting any other space debris or object? First the Red Hulk thing, now this? Who are these writers nowadays. Did they hire a bunch of 13 year olds? Let's get our pool going on how long it'll be before Sentry shows back up with some lame reason as to why he's not dead. I give it 6 months. Tops.
  22. Thanks. I'm not even 100% sure I will be going next year. If my extension isn't approved, I'll be moving on to another post come January, and we're currently scheduled to deploy around April-May timeframe, so I might be getting out of it. I'd really rather stay here in Hawaii and deploy again. This will be my third time in Afghanistan. Right now it's an even 2-2 with Iraq, so that next one will throw off the balance. @loll@
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