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  1. It got my story writing juices flowing again. And I actually pulled my camera out to take some pics of my toys.
  2. I think they both have their pros and cons. I do prefer the newer design personally. Since I've given up on customizing, the new design doesn't hinder anything for me. And while many have said how easy it is to replace parts for the older figs, one thing that bugged me was getting figs with rusted screws that wouldn't budge, or that would fall apart in the figure never to come out again. Also, the mid chest articulation makes sense to me. While I admit I would like a waist joint, I am happy with the way my figs work. And VH, my guys do go forward and back at that mid chest joint, not just side to side. It's a slight forward and back, but enough to make a difference for me. But hey, I'm just happy there are some good looking toys out there for me to buy. I can say I sure don't miss the last of the o-ring figures they offered us compared to the new stuff (except maybe MAJ Barrage. That dude kicks all kinds of butt).
  3. Right now, price wise I'd say it goes (from highest to lowest): Prime Megatron Ultra Magnus Starscream Hot Rodimus The Skywarp is actually a custom painted Starscream, and is usually prices a little more than Ultra Magnus. I was able to pick up Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and Hot Rodimus for about $120 all together. I got a great deal on Optimus though. About half what he normally costs. These babies aren't cheap, but since I got the money now, I figured I'd splurge and get what I could without breaking the bank. And I think they are so worth the money just because of their scale. They are great for pics with MU and Joes.
  4. Yup, this is the revoltech Megatron. He came in the mail yesterday. No transforming, but tons of articulation. In my little verse the tformers don't actually transform. They're just self aware robots. I wanted to do the foot crushing Iron Man's head, but couldn't get him to balance long enough for the picture.
  5. "Then you will DIE!" "These heroes will not stand in my way! Prime, I will find you! And your fate will be the same as Iron Man's."
  6. Ironman has bit off more than he can chew. "You will tell me where Prime is!" "I'll never tell you where he is!" "YOU FOOL" "If you don't give me his location, this will be your end!" "You can't make me talk"
  7. These pics are far more flattering than that last one. This figure actually looks like something I might want now.
  8. WOW. Never realized just how different those two vehicles are. Kinda like a VAMP and a Stinger. Same basic design, but still very different. I might be able to work with the Cap one. Depends how well it comes apart for a good paint job.
  9. There's a version of that vehicle already available in the Iron Man line. The back end looks really funny though. The wheels just look like they're floating there.
  10. I love the fact that Hasbro mentioned in one of the other sites questions that people need to move on from the whole 25th anniversary thing already, and how it's been four years and we need to get ready for the 30th anniversary stuff. Finally, someone in Hasbro is speaking what I've been thinking. All those people that thought that just because the 25th line was dead, it meant that their favorite iconic character from the 80's would never see a new plastic form, they can all calm down now.
  11. I don't mind this version, but I do think he needs a helmet. But I'm not for the Cobra symbols. I never pictured Bludd wearing a bunch of Cobra symbols on his attire. In fact most of his figure incarnations have no Cobra symbols at all. I always thought of him as more of a mercenary for hire type, and not a Cobra loyalist.
  12. NBA 2K11. Simply Awesome. Would love to get some gamertags of guys that would be interested in an online league.
  13. If I was the seller, I would have jumped all over $15K. If I was buying, I wouldn't have offered more than $9K. The market for those cars is a niche market at best. Sure there will be some interest once the anniversary of Back to the Future kicks off, but that will wane, and if you don't unload the car when it's hot, you could be stuck with it for quite a while. And when you're sitting on a product, you're not making money off of it. I would totally buy a Delorean if the price was right. I would want to make some mods to it though to make it look more aggressive. It just looks weird to me now without the extra stuff they threw on it in Back to the Future.
  14. That dude is never going to get anywhere near 30K for that car. Even in great condition, that's a reach. I hate when people quote what similar items go for at an auction house. Chances are, that was a cherry mint car that went for almost 40K. I think he was offering too much when he said 15K for it. He'd be luck to make much profit off of that offer. You want to quote some auction prices, check out eBay. Those cars sometimes go for less than 10K. That's the only thing I hate about Pawn Stars. The people that think their stuff is a hidden gem that's going to put their kids through college. I can feel for them sometimes, being a collector, but most of the time people just annoy me on the show. Every time they have an expert tell them what an item should be worth, they instantly want that much for it. Do they not realize they are trying to sell something to a pawn shop? The dude's not buying stuff for his personal collection (most of the time), he's trying to turn a profit. People just need to realize not every old thing out there is worth millions. I'll stop ranting now. On a side note, I'd love to have a Delorean. But not for 30K.
  15. Is it just me, or does he look like a lost Mario Bro? It's a me, Dial-a Tony!
  16. You and me both DH. I've actually started the next 'chapter' and should be adding it in the next few days. The title is "I still see their faces..."
  17. Wanted to try and integrate my Marvel Universe ever so slightly into my Joe universe. The new POC Duke was my inspiration. I had to come up with a story for that guy, and here we go: Duke’s unofficial letter of resignation: To whom it may concern, This used to be my country. I would proudly defend her to my dying breath. Not anymore. Times have changed since I first took my position within G.I. Joe. Now, our government has become corrupt. Now, we’re in bed with the snakes. We’ve given up on what made us a proud nation. We’ve lost any sign of honor, duty, or respect. We’ve gone too far out of our way to be ‘friends’ with everybody, that we’re no longer feared by anybody. We were responsible for making it all too easy for Cobra to strike right here on the home front. I tried to warn you. I tried to tell you that we were spread way too thin. However, none of the politicians wanted to hear advice from ‘an old soldier stuck in his ancient ways.’ These were the same politicians that all but handed the nation to Cobra instead of letting their ‘old soldiers’ stand and fight. And when I tried to stand with my team, they took that away from me. G.I. Joe used to be my team. I fought side by side with the best men and women this country has to offer. I watched way too many of those good soldiers die in combat, serving the country they loved. I knew my time with the team was coming to an end soon. I could see it happening when they sent in their new found enforcers, X-Force, to complete missions I deemed too dangerous for my troops. I was being looked at as weak because I was becoming less willing to allow for necessary sacrifices. The answer to that? You brought in Captain America to run the team, and used S.H.I.E.L.D. to supply it with all of their latest tech. We went from being a small covert infiltration team, to being an in your face, head first, strike force whose missions had little to do with strategy, and more to do with firepower. Your inclusion of the super powered beings into our ranks gave Cobra no choice but to do the same. We’re not going to win this time. Cobra has taken advantage of our weaknesses. They have practically taken over the government, and more cells are popping up throughout our once great nation. I volunteered to create my own G.I. Joe side team to combat Cobra with precision attacks, but I no longer have the support of the one person I never thought would turn on me. General Hawk used to be my General. More so, he used to be my friend. Hawk would back my decisions because he knew they would get results. That changed when he decided to put Captain America in my place. I am still unsure as to why Hawk had the sudden change in heart and felt he could no longer trust me to get the job done. What I do know is that Hawk is no longer a friend of mine. He has become a stooge to those that pull the strings around here. The Joe that fought by my side so many years ago is no longer. Maybe the desk jobs made him soft. Maybe the years of working with the brass changed his views on things. I will never know. I do know that Hawk is not only losing me, but many of the troops that were loyal to me as well. Together, we will carry on the G.I. Joe name. We will distance ourselves from what you have come to call G.I. Joe. The name will live on. The heart of G.I. Joe still beats. We will survive in these trying times. We will make the people remember what it is to fight for our freedom. We will bring down Cobra. We will succeed where your team will fail. We are G.I. Joe. Let me know what you guys think. I had it posted over at Trigate, but they're gone now, so I thought I would bring it home here for some criticism.
  18. Never seen an Archangel in the wild. And my TRU isn't getting a cube, so who knows if I'll ever be able to get one.
  19. So not going to watch this. Don't care about WWII Cap. We all know how that story ends. Cap ends up frozen. Once he's found later on, that's when I'll be interested.
  20. Really love that Zarana. Looks spot on. Great job on the rest, too.
  21. Ah, I miss Big Lots. So much.
  22. Anyone that can scoop up a Stinger and Flak for me, it would be greatly appreciated. My ROSS stores around here seldom get the good stuff. And when they do, I swear it's all gone in one day, and being sold for inflated prices by a local comic/book shop. Very frustrating. I saw the movie vehicles there. Actually, I saw the Ice Sabre and the Dragonhawk, but not the Steel Crusher that I wanted. I just can't win these days. @grumpy@
  23. What about that Bat Bot dude? What did you use to make that? I could so see that thing going toe to toe with an Iron Monger.
  24. Was able to pick up Snake Eyes, Duke and Beachhead at my local TRU. They had Storm Shadow, and as much as I like his weapons, I just didn't care for the figure, so I passed. I plan on popping the head off Snakes and popping someones else's on that body and making a whole new character. I already have CS Snake Eyes as pretty much my default, so this guy's gonna be someone else. Similar to my plans with Duke. While I won't remove any body parts, that character is not going to be Duke. He seems to cool to be Duke to me.
  25. Every time I do a ROSS run, I end up dissappointed. I've never seen the Assault/Defense of Cobra Island sets. I'm sure I'll never see these sets. All I see to run into these days is a VvV Viper/Alley Viper 2 pack for $12.99. Not exactly the Joe deal I was looking for. I picked up the Mighty Muggs, but never can find the 4" figs. @grumpy@ I really want that Joe set, too. @grumpy@
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