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  1. This looks like it'll be a fairly easy custom to make. I could see myself doing one of these when I get back from the 'Stan.
  2. The wheels are more than a snap on swap job. You have to cut the part the original wheels connect to, and then drill a hole for the axel from the John Deere wheels to go through. It's a little more detailed in the Hisstank WIP forum, with pics too.
  3. I have had to deal with the hoarding situation with my local comic shop. They send their guys out to the ROSS stores, and buy up everything Joe related, then mark it up to crazy prices, and it sits there on the shelves for the rest of eternity. I hate to see what these babies are going for. All I know is my ROSS stores are bare.
  4. Probably better more and better job stability in SHIELD than the Joe team right now, what with a possible hiatus and all.
  5. I really don't care as long as we're getting Joes in stores and no one is claiming some figure took some imaginary 'slot' that could have been a 30th AN figure. I really just don't care anymore.
  6. I just don't see it. I think he's got a Funskool look to him. I wouldn't make a custom looking like that. And for the usual price of these sets, I won't have to worry about wasting money trying to track these down anytime soon.
  7. 8 - Lifeline, OK, a medic is pretty essential. I'll give you that one. 7 - Airtight. If there's no chemical threat, there's no use. And for that matter, if there is a chemical threat, everyone else is dead anyway because he's the only one in the protective gear. 6 - Tollbooth. If you're not crossing any self made bridges, what does he do? Sit in his bridge layer. Exciting. 5 - Shipwreck. Never really saw a use for a guy in a sailor suit and hat. He wasn't a SEAL, just some regular sailor. A good one, but if you're doing land based missions, he's just another dude with a rifle. 4 - Tripwire. Woulnd't be a bad guy to have if you're in mine infested areas. But for him to do his job with any accuracy, it would take forever, and you battles would have to wait hours for him to clear the area out. Then, he's just another guy with a rifle. 3 - Law. Yeah, patrol those bases. Exciting. It's good to know that we have a guy that can pull guard with a gun and walk a perimiter. Oh wait, anyone on the Joe team can do that. He's a useful as a real MP in garrison. 2 - Dial Tone. OK, so no one else on the Joe team knows how to use a radio? That's basic training stuff there. What, his radio is super special? How bout a 30 minute block of instruction so anyone can push the talk button and make a call? 1 - Mainframe. While this guy is a lot more essential now, computer warfare wasn't exactly at the forefront of battle in the early to mid 80's. So, his job would be more like it said in the article, tech support. "Fix my computer so I can play some pong." Just because you played with these guys as a kid, doesn't mean his reason don't make some sense. And don't forget, this is all supposed to be for fun. People need not take this so seriously.
  8. Wifey just picked me up Snake Eyes and Shock Trooper from our Target. She called me from there to see which ones I needed, and from the sound of it, there were plenty of each. I love my wife.
  9. Is there anyway of telling on the box itself that it's the black and not brown one. My ROSS had brown HISS tanks, not black. I was a bit upset. Not too much because they were half the regular retail price of other stores, but still.
  10. It's a GHOST TOWN I tells ya! Yeah, what he said. I admit, I don't come around these parts very much anymore. And I finally got that customizing monkey off my back. In fact, I recently sold off over 10 lbs of my custom fodder because it was just sitting there. But what can I say, I'll help cast a vote if ya need me.
  11. For those that are complaining that the colors don't match the originals, this is not intended to be the original set. This is Mission: Brazil II. So, some things, like uniforms may have changed since the first mission. That being said, I'm glad I don't feel a need to buy these con exclusives. This one seems way lame. Thanks for releasing a figure we already had at retail (which looked better IMO), as part of this set. I could totally see another AWE Striker being part of this set, and maybe an ASP on the Cobra side. Whatever, not like I'm wasting my money on this anyway. YUK.
  12. Those new wheels really make a world of difference. I thought it looked like some cheap toy you'd find at the dollar store with those other wheels. Maybe I'm just bitter because my steering wheel won't attach, and my rear gun doesn't fit well enough to be stable without leaning on the top of the truck. Amazing just how much better it looks with those wheels though. I'm going to have to find them and do a swap out.
  13. I really only want De Aco out of this whole set. Oh well, I'm sure someone will pop it up on eBay for about $75 by himself, with a tag of SUPER RARE VHTF! oh joy.
  14. Such a tender pic of a farther resting his nub on his son's shoulder. Thanks to you, I've become addicted to this comic. Though, I believe the TV show was actually better so far. I still can't stop reading it.
  15. I really do like this Snake Eyes. It's funny, I loved the POC1 version, but I found his gear made him hard to move and pose, so the City Strike version was still my definitive. Now, that is going to change. Couldn't agree more with you about some of the other looks. While I love the POC1 version of Duke, and use it as my Duke, it really doesn't look anything like a natural progression of the character we all know. As for Destro, I would like to see a revisiting of his look from SpyTroops. I really liked that look. I would like to see him get the POC treatment with that look as the base figure. But maybe that's just me.
  16. That's just cuz you're old VH. Get with the times.@smilepunch@
  17. Or take out "Sigma 6" and put in "Rise of Cobra", all three were proclaimed by fans to be the "death" of GI Joe. I said it in another thread and I still believe it: nothing that they do with Renegades will be the "death" of GI Joe. I really think GI Joe can not die. If it's survived this long, it's going to take something catastrophic to lose everyone. There will always be people that will say "I don't mind this new take on my old Joes." And things will naturally progress forward, and our favorite characters will evolve with the times, as they should. I really doubt there will be a death of the GI Joe brand. Of course, with Hasbro, we know 'hiatus' is a whole other story.
  18. Orange chicken makes me one happy panda

  19. Might have to dust off my FroJoe and throw him a nice party.
  20. UGH. It looks like from what I'm reading here (I still haven't watched 2 seconds of this stuff), they're using a lot of elements similar to my fanfic I was working on. Now it's going to seem like I'm ripping my stuff straight from them. Oh well. I guess I'll have to make my story better.
  21. It's for both. I plan on cashing in one that sale. Hopefully. There's only one TRU on this island, and last time, the line was about a half mile long to get in.
  22. Can't believe I missed this one. I love stories about Cobra grunts. I think there is a lot to flesh out with those guys, and you did a nice job with your back stories. It's good to see that Cobra soldiers aren't (for lack of better words) mindless zombies.
  23. wow. So not enough boobage in a post that's supposed to be solely about them. Of course, I can't contribute anything here at work either, so I'm not helping the problem.
  24. Just wondering. The search engine doesn't work, and on the side it has the whole 'hacked by..' so and so. Just thought maybe someone should know, so that it can get fixed and people can use TFieds again.
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