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  1. I say just be patient and give these guys a chance. They might just be doing maintenance on the site, or updating their stock, or moving to a new site. These small things take a little bit of time. But if they say they will be back soon, give them the benefit of the doubt. You've been giving them your business, why stop now just because you might have to wait an extra day or so? There are other sites out there, but I find cobrastickers to be the best of what is available. I'd wait it out a little and see what happens.
  2. Well, the shipping costs aren't too crazy if you sell them in smaller lots. Trying to sell the entire lot would be a huge shipping cost regardless of where you were shipping from. Looking forward to seeing another TNI collector in the Aloha state. I won't be back there until the early part of next year, but I'll look you up when I get home if you did end up moving to Hawaii.
  3. Bring them with you to Hawaii, and sell them to me. At least the leftover stuff. I'd handle picking them up. =) But seriously. You'll find once you get to Hawaii, that finding Joes is a bit of a chore, and your collection would actually sell pretty well there on the second hand market. A place called Jellies is big on Joes. They'd love a chance to mark up prices on whatever they get from you. And like I said, the stuff you can't get rid of, I'd love to have a chance to pick through. Some stuff just never made it to Hawaii, or the quantities were so limited that I missed them. Even easy to find stuff like the Matt Tracker, EEL, and Zartan that made the rounds to all the dollar general type store. Well, there's no stores like that in Hawaii, so it never made it there. Sad face for me.
  4. Sure, why not. I'm down for whatever. Made a few more friends, so maybe I'll stick around for a little while when it comes to the voting.
  5. God yes! I am so tired of the praise he gets because he is tall and can shoot. I picked him up in our 2K11 fantasy draft league we're playing, and ever since he joined the team, whoever we play against lights him up every night. Can't believe I traded Duncan for his sorry butt.
  6. This dude must be stopped! Feed him to the dinosaur!
  7. I'm a Florida guy through and through, so I have to pull for Miami now that Orlando was bounced early on. I like to call myself one of the original Miami Heat fans. Anyone remember the days of Rony Seikaly and Glen Rice? Then we got Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway. That team should have made the Finals at least once. It really was a shame. Anyway, I am so glad that it looks like the Lakers and Celtics are on their way out of the playoffs. Out with the old and in with the new. I've NEVER been a Kobe fan. I think he makes the perfect sidekick for a great big man, and his record proves he can't win without a great big man by himself. And I don't even want to get started on the old Celtics. How is it Rondo, one of their youngest players, is already having back problems that keep him sidelined in the middle of the game? A rematch of the '06 Finals would be fine with me. Especially if the outcome was the same.
  8. So, if the Hawks win tonight, is Dwight Howard calling his real estate agent asking about Shaq's house in L.A.? Why would Howard want to go to LA? In order for LA to get Howard, they would have to either wait for him to become a free agent after next season and offer him a max contract that they can't afford, OR they would have to give up someone decent or several decent guys to get him. So, best case, they don't give up anyone, wait another year, and try to sign him away from Orlando. With the promise of what? A Kobe Bryant that is way past his prime? Another two seven footers waiting to gobble up all of his stats and playing time? No true point guard worth a damn? No coach since Jackson is retiring after the Mavs sweep them this year? There is no reason anyone is going to want to go to LA in the next two years. LA, along with Boston has too many aging eggs in their basket. They geared it up for the past three years, but now it's over. The youth is taking over, and those two teams will be fighting for playoff births by the end of the 12-13 season. Howard should just stay where he is. The one person that does need to leave Orlando is Van Gundy. His style of play is ridiculous. The live by the three, die by the three is going to get you killed more times than it will get you to the finals. They tried that with Shaq and look where it got them. They need less shooters, and only one decent slasher to be back in contention for a title.
  9. Honestly, I'd like to give up my M4 and go back to the M16. I was far more accurate with it, and the weight difference is not that much that it was a big deal to me. I've never been a fan of the M4. If they do come out with something new for us, I'm sure it won't be the best thing out there, and it's highly likely to be made cheaply by the lowest American bidder. That last part rules out any foreign made rifles. The Army has to buy American. I know the Army Times did an article a while back talking about possible M4 replacements in the near future, and not too many of them seemed very promising. Time will tell though.
  10. Well, with Playstation network, you get what you pay for. Oh yeah ...
  11. Those poor dozens and dozens of PS3 owners. LOL

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    2. spystreak


      that's why it's always good to have Falout 3 or new vegas on hand I spent a whole 48 hours playing Fallout 3 when I first got it

    3. spystreak


      that's why it's always good to have Falout 3 or new vegas on hand I spent a whole 48 hours playing Fallout 3 when I first got it

    4. EvilHayato


      Its times like this that Im glad I have other video game systems to play if want to play online but I dont HAVE to play online. Also they are now rumoring to actually be hackers. Basically there have been others that have custom exploitative firmware that allows said user to put infinite funds in their wallets and download anything they please for free.

  12. It's funny when people say just give him what he can carry. At least it's funny to me because I deployed with 2 rucks, and assault pack, 3 duffel bags, my laptop case(for work purposes only, of course), a patrol cap, a boonie cap, my helmet, my full sized body armor, my plate carrier, my NVG's, and my weapon. Use the extra stuff to gear him up differently from what everyone else is doing. Give him some variety. Change up your display every now and then (unless you're a MOC collector, then that really doesn't matter). I think if Hasbro thinks we don't want the extra accessories, they'll cut them down for sure. I don't think that means we'll get more figures in the line. They're already reusing molds to help cut costs and we're still only getting about 5 per wave. Like Clam said, I think that's just how Hasbro plans on doing their business for the forseeable future. In the meantime, pass around those accessories to some of you more accessory challenged figures, and keep track of all those little Low Light bullets. I can't wait to see the eBay descriptions in about 15 years. "POC Low Light with HTF Bullet MINT!!" Buy it Now for $799.99
  13. You know, Joe, when I get back home on R&R, I might just have to box up the TnWo stuff and send it your way. I had thought about doing that for some time, but never got around to it. Then prepping for deployment got in the way, then time with family took precedence. And I'm already bad enough when it comes to sending off packages. Bottom line, if you want it dude, it's yours. I might have to hold on to Black Cobra though. For sentimental reasons.
  14. I think you would be pleased with the digital version of Draven that I came up with. If I can find a way to get the screen capture on to a computer that I can get online with, I'll post it for you. Very Crow/Sting like, but with a harder edge to him. And the music I came up with for the entrance was pretty wicked. Man, I'm going to get back into this as soon as I get me a 360 out here.
  15. Will do TM. I am really looking forward to putting some good stuff together while I'm over here. So, I'll have to keep myself safe so you guys can get the updates. I'm in a pretty sweet area anyway, so things should go well. One can hope right? Now, does anyone know if HTS ships to APO AE addresses? Hmmm. I might be having to play catch up once I get back. I hate that.
  16. WOW. Never thought this would come back up. I still have so much of the stuff from this project. And most of the first show had already been shot when I deployed to Iraq. Somewhere in Iraq this idea turned into a video game ran fed with the guys out there creating their own guys on SvR 2009 and me creating more than a few shows that way. Once I got back home, it was all about family, and this time consuming idea ended up in a box. Shame really. I just might have to start it up again. If only I wasn't once again in Afghanistan. I might kick up the video game version of this once again with this new crew. I brought SvR 2009, 2010, and 2011. I figure I can get plenty of good footage between those games to really make it work. I've already created video versions of guys like Joe Rhyno, Olaf the Crusher, Black Cobra, and many more that were part of the original idea. My time and resources are a bit limited this deployment, but I'll keep you guys posted if anything ends up happening.
  17. I'll keep my eyes peeled too. If these other stores end up getting any, I'll buy em up for you guys like I did those internet BAT packs a few years back.
  18. Nevermind guys. I found a hidden ROSS on this island and struck gold today. Even got me a Sand Serpent too. Woot Woot!
  19. I've got every Revoltech Transformer, minus Ultra Magnus, and I love them. The poses you can come up with these figs are great. And they come with the different hands and heads to add to your display. While I am a fan of the look of the MP Megatron, I couldn't see myself putting down that kind of cash for a figure I can barely pose or transform. At least I knew going in that I wouldn't be transforming the Revoltech figs. And I'll gladly give up that feature for all the awesome posability.
  20. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out with the Whirlwind and Ram. I don't think these are ever coming to Hawaii. Either that, or they have and the local comic store has grabbed them all to sell them for $40 a pop again. So, yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Not a fan. I think they should keep those guys in their own scale. I've got enough sea worthy guys in my scale to keep me busy.
  22. Maybe it's just me, but the Croc Master's head looks different this time around. Something about the eyes. Either way, not enough to warrant buying another. I could see me buying: Storm Shadow Sci Fi Stalker Crazy Eyes er Legs Blowtorch (cuz I missed the first one) All Vipers That's probably about it. Nothing else really blew me away.
  23. The cartoon messed up Sci-Fi for me. He was a laser guy, but according to the cartoon, everyone had lasers. So, he wasn't that needed. Never had him as a kid (nor wanted him), but I might pick him up now. That's not a bad looking figure.
  24. Open em up. Play with them, pose them, appreciate the sculpt and articulation up close. I love the people that complain about how some figures don't have enough articulation or accessories, and then you find out that they're MOC collectors. What does it matter then if the toy's just going to sit in one position for the rest of it's life with you? Anyway, open them.
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