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  1. Wave 1 Ironman. And the stealth version at the same time. I was so excited they finally started making Marvel in Joe size. I remember I was home on leave from Iraq and I was buying up what I could find before I had to go back.
  2. So are we now able to determine which Sentinel we got at retail? Also, could some of you guys seeing these great discounts on stuff like the GB packs and the Task Master comic pack hook a brother up? I can't grab anything right until I come home in Oct, and I'm scared everything will be gone by then, and I'll be forced to pay eBay prices.
  3. Do these tag titles even mean anything anymore? Are there even tag teams anymore? I guess there's still the Usos, right?
  4. For some reason, I feel compelled to cheer for this Crimson guy. @hmmm@ Can't quite put my finger on it.
  5. Agree 100% with the Kofi thing. But at least now it seems they brought back JoMo to take the jobber to the stars title from him. Or at least share it. Which is funny, because if you had told me 6 months ago that WWE was going to push either JoMo or Truth, I would have totally guessed wrong. Also, who else read: " bloated transvestite Wonder Woman lookalike " and thought Chyna? Anyone? OK. *puts hand down.
  6. The only problem is that Rey and Cara aren't quite interchangeable. Sure they have the mask and high flyer thing going for them, but Rey has been cashing in on the 'little guy' thing for his entire career. I think kids eat that up. They always look at him like the underdog. The whole David vs Goliath thing, even though David's been getting win after win after win after win after win. He's still looked at like the underdog because he's kid sized. And I think that is where a great portion of his marketability comes from. From what I've seen of Cara, he doesn't seem nearly that small, and often times is bigger than the average guy out there. Plus, Rey may be masked, but you see a ton of his face. You can still see his eyes and his usual cheesy grin. It humanizes him on so many levels. Cara comes across as almost a superhero type. He doesn't look like an average guy that trained hard to be able to do above average things. He looks like he was born with those abilities and has always been better than us average people. I might be looking way too deep into all of this, but I just don't feel like those two are interchangeable. That's not to say that the WWE can't find another guy to fill that role. I'm sure they are looking for one at this very minute. It's just not going to be easy to do. While I'm not a fan of him, he does have a lot of charisma, speaks english, appeals to a younger crowd and doesn't try to break away from that, all the while still maintaining his relevance in the 'sport.'
  7. Let the fans decide. You never know how it will play out until the match happens. Remember Hulk vs. Rock? Hogan was supposed to be this huge heel that the fans hated. I remember the boos on the way to the ring. And when he left, the fans were giving a standing ovation. Let them have a match, and if Cena delivers, the fans will respect that enough to give him cheers. If it stinks, then the fans will give him deserved boos. Bottom line, this match will put the butts in the seats. Cena fans and haters will want to see this. One side will want him to win, while the other will be hoping he loses. Either way, when Cena is involved, the fans give their all. I think this match will blow the roof off the building regardless. Let them fight, I'm sorry, entertain.
  8. Never been a fan of WWE Rey. They can cut him off the roster if they want, and I won't be the least bit concerned. I think he is far below World Champion material, and he only got pushed the way he did originally becuase of his ties to Eddy, and now more recently because of his marketability. WWE will likely try to keep him around as long as they can sell masks to little kids. I'm sure they'll find another role for him on TV if he can't wrestle. And once the cash flow stops, WWE will send him off on his future endeavors.
  9. I don't know why so many people want Goldberg/Austin. Sure, they are both bald dudes with black trunks and goatees. But their styles are way different, and Goldberg has always been a high impact guy where Austin has been more of the brawler. Personally, I don't know if Austin's body could take a match like this. Goldberg, for all his glory in the WCW era is still very green in the ring. I really don't want to see Austin/Goldberg. I could think of plenty of other great match ups for each of those guys that I would find far more entertaining. Just because the two shared the same fashion sense doesn't mean they'd make a great match.
  10. Oh, yeah, for sure. The Elway card is an easy one to pull on him, so I just went with some of the other less obvious ones.
  11. Good deal. I'd be more willing to help you out myself, but sadly, me and my collection (my collection and I?) are currently separated by a few thousand miles. @grumpy@ Now I know what they meant by 'War is Hell.'
  12. One can hope. Shannahan won't have success in Washington for a number of reasons. His success in Denver came from a few things, most of which he doesn't have in Washington. 1) A great offensive line. That line he had in Denver made average running backs a threat. They made the running back by committee mean something because they would get the initial push and the RB could just fall forward for 4-5 yards. 2) An above average secondary. Which they got thanks to the Redskins, ironically. That Bailey for Protis trade was a steal for Denver. Having a shut down corner in the NFL puts a ton of pressure on the opposing QBs. Do they force it at that shut down guy? Do they try to get their #2 and #3 receiver the ball instead and hope they can make the plays of their #1 guy? Is that whole side of the field cut off now? Tons of things to process while you have lineman and linebackers breathing down your neck. And that's not even counting when he had Lynch back there at safety. 3) A team that bought into the concept of team. Let's face it, the Redskins have had issues with the team concept for many years now. Whether it's Portis trying to get his multiple personalities air time during interviews, or last years hype with McNabb, Shannahan, and Haynesworth. Washington has been about spending big money on names, and not on the best pick at a certain position. And those names think they're bigger than the team because they get paid that way. Denver was never really afraid to trade away anyone. And the players that they did have usually played within the team's concept and accepted their roles. Bottom line, Shannahan is not going to relive his success from Denver unless there are some serious changes within the organization.
  13. So, using the link from I AM SCI FI, all of us Mikes out there would be Maiku. Don't let my wife see this. I'll have a new nickname that I can't stand. Mikey was bad enough.
  14. Been thinking about getting a new laptop, but mine was ahead of the power curve when I got it in late '08, so it's hardly outdated. I got a Toshiba a long time ago (like 06-07), and that baby is still ticking. It's a bit slower than the new stuff, and it's still running XP, but it is a great work computer and a testament to Toshiba's quality. I've never heard people complain about their Toshiba's dying on them prematurely. Here's hoping yours continues the trend.
  15. I'd say I've noticed a significant upswing the amounts of posts recently. Not sure if it's solely related to the contest, but it's nice to see people get their post on.
  16. Yeah, some things never change. Like me being at work and on here. Here I am again!
  17. Yawn. I'm sorry, did anyone notice that he was on the roster? Here's hoping he stays off the juice for his own good now that he has no one checking up on him.
  18. Can't say I hope she goes to TNA, as that means I'll never see her again, but I do hope she finds work. And gotta agree that Kelly Kelly with the belt is boring and dumb. It's not a beauty contest people. And why would people -1 for that comment? +1 to you, my friend.
  19. Another JR blog, and still no worthy information. Does anyone really care about the relationship between JR and Cole? Really? When people watch WWE, is that the question that is ringing in the back of their head? "I wonder if JR really hates Cole?" More JR self promotion. David Von Erich? Who brought him up? And why? Multiple time NWA Champion? @loll@ Sorry, but more often than not, if you didn't have the charisma to get over, you weren't going to be the champ. It wasn't just about having great in ring talent, you also had to have the charisma. And in a time and era that had the likes of Flair and Dusty going at it, you better bring a ton of charisma or you're just going to be another flash in the pan that put on a good match with the champ but went away as a loser, or one of the guys that took the champ to a time limit draw. Great match, sure. But not the champ. Will JR and Michael Cole have a ‘blow off match?’ Again, does anyone really care? Sure, no one wants to see it, you got that much right. But who was even asking about it? Why was it brought up? Just because broadcasters are bickering, doesn't mean there's going to be a match. Otherwise we would have seen about 100 Heenan/Monsoon matches. More self promotion from the slobberknocker himself. Vince buying a pro team? One, he probably couldn't afford to buy one outright without risking a great deal of WWE's profits. Not that Vince isn't a stranger to failed business attempts. A minor hockey league. A pro body building league. His body building magazine and supplements. The XFL. Vince made his fair share of big money mistakes. I think he's looking at his retirement now, and might be looking to hold onto those profits for himself and his family. But it is Vince, so who knows for sure.
  20. Of these firings, I think the Kozlov move is the one that makes the most sense. Maybe it was the crappy comedy acts that just wore on me, but it was time to let him go. After that act, it would have been hard to bring him back and make him a believable monster again. Just look at Khali. People still don't think he's a monster type character even after dropping the comedy act. I really am starting to get tired of comedy characters. Maybe it's because they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. I don't know. All I know is I'M tired of it. I think DH Smith had a larger upside than Tyson Kidd, but WWE likes jumping beans and big guys. DH Smith really wasn't big enough to cut it as a larger character that Vince loves so much. Masters? eh. Whatever. When he first showed up, he had more muscles than charisma. Once he was off the juice, he didn't even have that. He wasn't much more than filler on the roster, and those guys are a dime a dozen, so he won't be missed. Melina and Gail Kim were two of the best workers of the Divas. From what they said, Gail quit, she wasn't fired. So I wonder if WWE is trying to go in a different direction with the Divas and that's why she left. Purely speculation on my part. Overall, it looks like a wash to me. WWE trimmed some fat, but also cut some of the meat. But this is big business, and someone will either step up to take their place, or a new guy will be found to take it.
  21. That's good to hear. Now I just have to get my hands on a Skystriker or two and get to work. I might just try an entire Decepticon fleet if I can get them at a ridiculous discount like the Target exclusive planes from a few years ago.
  22. I think what's cool about each person's set up is that it tells you a lot about the person that made it. You can tell xhairs likes customs because he has a ton of them in his displays. You can also tell he's a hands on guy with his stuff because they're not set up still MOC or in statue like poses. The figures are telling a story. Those are the displays I like personally. I like looking at others too, but if it's all boxed up or just set up in statue like formations by year or whatever, that just doesn't do it for me. I wanna see some action out of our action figures. Great set up man. Don't sell yourself short. I would have more fun in your toy room than in Dan's. No offense to Dan, MOC just isn't my thing. Both rooms still look awesome and really show two different views on collecting, and how diverse we all are. I love it.
  23. I'll see what I can do DH. Hey VH, any luck getting the parts you were looking for?
  24. Well, congrats on your museum like collection. Now, give me about 2 hours alone in your room and you'll have one of the most complete loose collections. @smilepunch@ I couldn't do it man. I could never be a MOC collector. I've got to play with my toys. I wouldn't have the discipline to keep from opening each and every one of those.
  25. Not bad. I may pick some of these up. I'm still pretty set on some of my characters though, so I'll probably pass on guys like Snake Eyes and Duke. I'll give the Stalker a chance since I never got my hands on a Resolute version. I'd be interested in seeing what he looks like in a group pic. And what's the deal with two different versions of the Cobra Trooper AGAIN. Do we really need a 15th variation of the Cobra Trooper with a three year time span? That is getting old. I'll likely pass on them. Hazard Viper is OK. I liked the color scheme better as Volcano Viper. I'll be using those instead of buying these. Really can't tell if I like that Firefly, but I'll give it a shot. I'd buy the IG stictly for the accessories. Anyone ever wonder why Iron Grenadiers don't have an actual grenadier? Not a single 203 or any other type of grenade launcher for that matter. I'll have to see CC up close before I decide wether or not I need him. Steel Brigade is a pick up for me, simply because I haven't been able to get one yet. Vipers can always be used to flesh out some of the ranks.
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