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  1. LAW 16, now we know what happened to ARROW. @loll@
  2. I will go with Megatron's arm cannon in the animated movie. He really wrecked shop in the beginning of that movie. Even throughout the cartoon series, I always thought it was pretty intimidating.
  3. Feedback? I could do better with about 30 minutes in photoshop. It looks like a 3rd grader did that poster.
  4. Howard is a fool if he goes to LA. Just saying. Old team, on the downslide. Kobe's got maybe two years left. No Phil Jackson. In fact, a coach Kobe doesn't like and didn't want. It'd be better for him to go to the Clippers than the Lakers. Better, younger talent in the long run there.
  5. Dude, what island are you on? I know your pain with the PX's. I have two PX's nearby, an NEX, a BX, and an MCX. NONE of them know what to order, and the prices are often marked up. Bad thing is, I can't use the local retailers to price match, because often times, their prices are even higher. People are complaining about $9.99 for Joes at Target. They were $10.49 for about two months before I deployed. I'm sure they haven't dropped that much in two and a half months. I feel your pain. And yeah, their selection is questionable at best. The thing I hate about the clearance is that they'll keep an item way over retail for the longest, then when it doesn't sell, they slap a 75% off tag on it, and everything is sold out in one day. Then, when it's time to reorder, they don't because they think the line will only move on clearance. UGH.
  6. I could kinda agree with some of those. Not really sold on Statham as Gung Ho. Statham is more of the martial artist, quick moving type. Gung Ho always came across as the straight forward brawler. And Rock n Roll was always more of a grizzled veteran to me. Maybe that was just how I saw him, but if it is more the case, than the guy you have is too much of a baby face. I like the other choices though. Stalker looks a bit young, but could still work. Look what they did with Duke after all.
  7. The man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If he scored every Miami point in the fourth, people would be saying that he isn't a team player and he needs to share the ball. Bottom line is he went up against a team that was determined to play him tight on defense and really shut him down the whole game for most of the series. I can't remember the last time James was held to 8 points in a game. Not a quarter. A whole game. Dallas played D. This is not a sign of the player that LeBron is as a whole.
  8. Maybe future generations will look back on LeBron's flopping with the kind of rosy glasses that they do the way guys like Bird, Ginobli, and Miller, who made a living out of flopping for calls (and, yes, I know they made names for themselves doing great things in the NBA, too.). Until then, I just chalk it up as part of the game. It's easy for us to make calls with all the slo mo replays we get, but the refs have to make spur of the moment judgements. I see guys take advantage of that in all sports. I really don't think those fouls he got cost anyone an entire game. I've never seen so any people want a certain player to lose so bad. I think that just shows how good he is. No one in Cleveland said a thing about Big Z going to Miami. Quite frankly, because he didn't matter in the long run. But there's no doubt LeBron WAS the Cavs. You take him away, and that team is sitting in the bottom of the barrel. And I think it really shows how little class Dan Gilbert has when he has gone on record saying he is glad LeBron lost. Like there is some sort of justification there. The one owner you heard nothing from, surprisingly, was Mark Cuban. There's a guy known for his mouth, who decided to shut up and let his guys play for once, and look at his reward. LeBron is not going to end his career without at least a ring or two. Miami is still too good and those guys are locked in for at least 4 more years together. Unless Orlando gets CP3 to play with Howard, I just don't see anyone contending with them any time soon. Chicago took all those Utah Jazz players, and it shows. Great regular season, respectable playoffs, but always coming up short. They are the Jazz out East. Boston is getting way too old. And they traded away two of their biggest sparks in Robinson and Perkins for a very limited return in Green. Atlanta scares me a little, but Johnson isn't as great as his contract says he is. New York showed us what happens when you trade away half of your team for a ball hog. They just don't have it. And they lost out on so much by signing Melo to a huge contract. The bottom of the East is wide open year after year because no one is getting any better. LeBron will be back. And the haters will hate again.
  9. Ok, everyone come to my house for dinner. I'll be serving humble pie for dessert. I'll take the first slice. Hate to see my Heat lose. But Dirk and Kidd both deserve a title. Dirk especially for his play in this entire playoffs. He really took the Mavs the whole way. I'm no Mavs fan by any means, but if it had to be somebody from out west to win it, I could live with Dallas. At least it wasn't Kobe. I think Miami has many more chances ahead of them. The 'big three' are still young enough to matter for at least another 5-6 years, easily. And in those years, salary cap space is going to clear up, and they'll be able to add better pieces to the puzzle. Players that are superior to guys like Mike Miller, Mike Bibby, Joel Anthony, or Eric Dampier. If they made it this far with those guys, imagine if they had a player that was even marginally better at the point, or at the center. As for the LeBron/Mike comparisons, I think those people are stupid for trying to compare the two. Besides the fact that they could (until this series) score at will and fly through the air like it's nothing, there really isn't anything else that's even close to the same. Mike was smooth, athletic, and graceful. LeBron is huge, charging, and powerful. Even at the very root of it, they don't even play the same position. Mike was a shooting guard. And at 6'6", he was rarely guarded by anyone larger than him. LeBron is a small/power forward. And at 6'8", he often times is guarded by guys like Nowitzki and Garnett, who are both 7 footers. Their style of play has never been the same in any aspect. Everyone in the media has been looking for the next Jordan since before Jordan left the game. I don't know why. This causes these guys to live up to a legacy that just can't be matched again. Instead of the next Jordan, why can't we have the first LeBron? And going back to my dear, close friend Kobe, at least LeBron hasn't tried to be like Mr. Bryant, by trying to upstage Mike at every level. He has done some of the most petty things that no one seemed to notice, or bother to write about. Anyone ever wonder why he wears #24 now? One more than Mike. At the Olympics he wore #10. One more than Mike. He whined and cried to get Phil Jackson as his coach. Just like Mike. He's actually been in 7 Finals. One more than Mike. But only has 5 rings. One less than Mike. I don't know. Maybe it's just because I really don't like the fact that he is the NBA's greatest sidekick ever, and he gets treated like he's responsible for all of those rings he has. OK, rants over.
  10. I'm not sure why, but I got an Astro-Viper vibe when I saw this guy. Big ugly helmet? Check. Big bulky back pack? Check. Hand held controls? Check. Fly around in space taking out Joe satelites? Check. Maybe it's just me.
  11. You beat me to it. I was reading page one where everyone was talking about MCD, and I thought there has to be someone more fitting than that. Instantly, TC came to mind. His role in Expendables was what did it for me. I remember watching that, thinking it would have been cool to have him in the role of Heavy Duty. Roadblock would be even better.
  12. Two more to see Dirk and Kidd retire ringless.
  13. I think it's funny how a thread about ARROW has turned into one where people are arguing. Fitting. @loll@
  14. It lasted all of about 2 seconds, but in the Transformers movie (the animated one, not Michael Bay's explosion fest), when Prime is rolling through all the Decepticons, and then goes into his transformation, shooting all the way. That still gives me chills. Especially with the music in the background. @loll@
  15. Fixed? Maybe these are just the two best teams in the league, and they match up fairly well to where it could go either way on any given night in any given arena.
  16. While I thought Thor was a good movie, I think the storyline was quite weak. I mean, Thor basically learned his lesson in the course of one night by going out and drinking. OK, sure. No one else thought that was a bit weak? I liked the action parts, but felt like the earth based stuff was forced, and not all that great. Haven't seen the X-Men movie yet, just previews. I might have to give it a try, but right now, I'm just not liking the look of many of the characters. Maybe that will change when I see it.
  17. This time, Miami got hit with almost twice as many fouls. Those people that said the refs were on Miami's side for game 1 haven't said anything since.
  18. Yeah, Miami lost that game. It scares me. It reminds me of how Miami took over in the end of game 3 of the 06 Finals. They never lost after that, and I'd hate to see Dallas get that kind of momentum. Remarkably, no one is critiquing the refs after a Dallas win. I guess the same refs that were trying to fix the series in game one couldn't keep a 13 point lead in check to keep their fix. This is the Finals. The refs are letting the teams play as much as possible. The best team will win. And even if it is Dallas this year, I can live with it. They played their hearts out this whole playoffs. Both teams are deserving.
  19. Like him or hate him, ARROW did his research, and had the knowledge to back up what he said. And like it was mentioned earlier, if you didn't know your own stuff, he could make you look foolish.
  20. As far as the fouls go, both teams had almost the same, and IIRC, Dallas actually had two more. Also, the people that have been saying that Miami has been getting more calls, it really comes down to their style of play. They have two of the best slashers in the game. They attack the basket regularly, and that's where they are going to get the calls. They got more calls than Chicago because Rose was the only one attacking the basket while everyone else stood around watching him waiting to shoot jumpers. That's also why they lost that series. You can only fix a game so much. I know the NBA had their problems with a certain ref doing his best to fix games, but there's only so much you can do. Giving LeBron foul shots isn't going to help your fixing plans because he's not a great FT shooter. In fact, Miami is not one of the best teams in this department. I'm ready for people to get over this idea that the NBA fixed the playoffs for Miami, and admit that this team might be good enough to actually win it all.
  21. That Shaq was still a presence on the offensive side. And Zo was the biggest defensive presence of the entire series. Plus the collective team of the Heat that year was not a bunch of scrubs. While they may not have been in their primes, they still had some great players. Zo, Payton, A. Walker, even Jason Williams was still relevant then. I know it's hard to believe with how they are now. Heck, I would take the Christian Laetner of 2006 over the Juwan Howard of 2011 in any series. And that series made guys like James Posey seem like they were worth taking a chance on in free agency. And who can forget the only other guy that was with Wade on that team that's still there today, Udonis Haslem. He was a pain for Dallas. He could spot up at the top of the key and just reign jumpers all day while playing above his level defense. Wade took that team on his shoulders, and willed them to the win, but those guys were still viable players in the series.
  22. Just got done reading another Yahoo comment (I love these guys). This guy says LeBron can win 10 rings, and it won't matter because he left to team up with his draft class in Miami. He says he didn't stay with a bad team in Cleveland like Mike did in Chicago and Kobe in LA. Yeah, I couldn't let that slide. Not that I'm a huge LeBron fan (but I stick with my Florida teams, Go Heat!), but that is just plain dumb to say something like that. Here was my reply: Are you serious? Jordan sticking with the Bulls? Like that was a bad thing? Pippen - one of the 50 greatest. I didn't say it, the NBA did. Horace Grant - All Star rebounder that could give you a double double on any night. BJ Armstrong - All Star point guard with enough control to facilitate the triangle offense. John Paxon - Oh yeah, the guy that hit more big game shots than Big Shot Rob Horry. Later 3 championships, Dennis Rodman - best big man defender ever. They don't even make it to the finals if Rodman doesn't get in Shaq's head in Superman's last season in Orlando. Toni Kukoc was Dirk Nowitzki before Dirk even picked up a basketball. Ron Harper - people thought he would be the next Jordan out west before his injury. They still thought he was going to be great. Chicago thought enough to bring him in after Jordan left to play baseball. Steve Kerr - Mr. John Paxon Jr here. Big shots when they were needed, good ball control the rest of the time. As for Kobe staying with the Lakers. He better have. Where else can he be the sidekick and get all the recognition of the number one guy? Kobe rode Shaq's coattails to his first three championships. And then he did the same with Gasol for the next two. Let's not forget, Kobe was demanding to be traded before they landed Gasol. Kobe was ready to quit on that Laker team without a second thought. And he never did it alone. He couldn't. Without an all star center taking the double teams, Kobe's Lakers were mediocre at best. NO ONE can win one on his own. The closest in recent history has been Hakeem with the first Rockets championship. But even his role players were looked at in a much different light after that title. Guys like Robert Horry and Kenny Smith. So what if LeBron teamed up with some other guys to win. Cleveland wasn't going to bring anyone there to help him. 7 years, and the best you could bring in was Antwan Jamison? Give me a break. I'd leave too. Cleveland is now a punishment destination. Just ask Baron Davis. Nobody wants to go there. It was hard enough to bring in help when they had LeBron, the two time MVP. Miami is a hot spot destination. And their management, unlike Cleveland, is top notch. Look how quick Dan Gilbert turned into the spurned ex wife after LeBron left. He had been kissing his butt just 24 hours prior. I'll take guys like Pat Riley over Dan Gilbert any day. I'm not a fan of revisionist history. Everyone has been trying to say that the greats can win it all by themselves, when it has never happened. The Celtic, the Lakers, how many guys from those Championships are in the Hall already? Come on people.
  23. In theory so teams wont throw games... We see a lot of that in football... Of course, this is also how San Antonio got Tim Duncan. David Robinson had been injured for most of the season. When he was 100% healthy, with about 20 games left in the season, they sat him with the intent on having the worst record. While they still have the lottery, the worse off your team is, the better chance you have at number. Sure enough, San Antonio got #1, picked Duncan, and the rest is history. And they call Miami the Cheats for getting players to agree to take less money to sign with their team to play together. No double standard there.
  24. It's funny you said that, because every where I look, I see the opposite from fans. I love reading comments on Yahoo Sports. Their articles are pretty much throw away material, but the comments are where it's at. There has been so much hate for LeBron and the Heat all year, especially in the playoffs. 1st round, all I heard was "Miami will fall apart because they don't know how to play as a team. They'll be lucky to get past Philly, but they won't be able to take on the Celtics in the next round." The beat Philly, and face the Celtics, all I hear is "The Celtics have real teamwork, and a much deeper bench. There's no way Miami gets past these guys. LeBron can't beat the Celtics. He'll choke and quit like he did last year." Five games later all you heard was "There's no way they can beat the Bulls. They're the best team in the league. They have the MVP. They have home court. Miami might get one down the road, but this year, it's Chicago." After the game one blowout by the Bulls, "See, Lebron has been exposed. He'll never be as good as Mike (a comparison, quite frankly, I'm sick of). The choke has begun." Four games later, "Dallas is going to stop LeBron. There's no way he can score on Dallas' defense. Dirk is going to shut him down (which totally baffled me, because one thing Dirk is not known for is his defense). Miami can't beat Dallas (which actually had some facts behind it. 0-14 in the regular season. But what they failed to mention was the 4-2 in the Finals during that same time)." I'm just ready for someone to say "These guys might actually be good enough to win it all."
  25. Yeah, that's how I want my TNI legacy measured. 1. Just the fact that someone would do a "Where's Crimson Twins?" post would make me feel like I left some sort of impression. 2. If it reaches two pages or more then I touched a good group of people. Or I just pissed off a bunch of people. One of those has to be true. But, this will never happen. Even while deployed, I find ways to post on TNI. I'm never gone for more than a week. I just can't stay away. I guess I'm addicted. I move from one forum to the next (I'm more in Wrestling now, where I used to be in G.I. Joe all the time), keeping myself interested enough to keep from leaving. Back on topic, though, I didn't mind ARROW. I never had any beef. There was even a time when I mentioned that I liked his comments because they were always straight to the point, much like his namesake.
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