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  1. Sat Oct 18 and Sunday Oct 19, Days 6 and 7: Took the weekend off from painting and awaited suggestions from the people watching my WIP. It was suggested he was too clean and needed to be dirtied up a little. Monday Oct 20, Day 8 One week later: Touched up the rough spots. Did a little drybrushing and gave him a gun. I planned on giving him a nonfunctional toolbox but it was sugested that it would be good place to store his gun. Tuesday Oct 21, Day 9: Made a toolbox from an ammo box from another toyline, a bubble gum container hinge, an eel gun handle, and sculpey. Wednesday Oct 22, Day 10: Painted the box, made decals for the box, and switched pistols. DONE!!
  2. Thursday Oct 16, Day 4: Changed out the waist and finished the sculpting. Started painting that night. Friday Oct 17, Day 5: Finished most of the painting and reassembled the figure. Waiting on touchups. I decided against going with the leg holster. And a profile shot because the height of the hat was questioned.
  3. I took part in Joecustoms Custom Celebration by creating Cross Country in less than two weeks from concept to final product. Let me know what you think. Monday Oct 13, Day 1: I decide to do Cross Country in V1 style with new sculpt parts (my favorite medium). Tuesday Oct 14, Day 2: Decided V1 was too goofy and based it off of the Battle Corps design. Didn't like it the more I looked at it so I changed alot of parts. Wednesday Oct 15, Day 3: Got a lot of trimming and a little sculpting done at work that day. Did a quick MS Paint mock-up of the final design
  4. Claymore is a figure I have wanted to do a custom of but couldn't figure out how to fit him into my world. And the mish mash look of his uniform plus the giraffe camo didn't set well with me. Until I figured out that he would be GI Joe's agent assigned in South America. As such his uniform is basically whatever he could get from surplus suppliers and from the black market in SA. So he wears out of date DBDUs (chocolate chip camo, a first attempt for me) pants and an OD flak vest and helmet. It actually reminds me of watching the soldiers in Iraq on the news in their desert uniforms with green vests. And here is Neurotoxin, the newest member of The Immortals. He is protected against the environment because he is a victim of the Fear Agent toxin that he invented himself that goes into the brain and provokes an unknown amount of phobias. Now that he has accidentally been injected he is the only one that will handle the stuff since it can do him no more harm.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Since I phased RAH from my display collection I phased out every troop that wasn't made in New sculpt form. Hence the remark about CC disbanding the Night Vipers. So since there are no CGI's in my collection that left the name wide open for use.
  6. Gallows is the team's heavy gunner. I stuck to his roots as a SAW Viper but changed his look drastically. My buddy told me he looked like a Dreadnok but I think Cobra needs a rough looking guy in the ranks. The double gatling gun is made from two of Roadblock's guns and is my tribute to Rock & Roll V2's weapon. I loved those as a kid and wanted something bigger and badder now. Still working on the ammo belts for it. Velocity was a standout in the issue he debuted in. Again I changed his look but kept the characteristics. Jetpack is made from a knockoff Undertow sled and an Eel's pack with JVC Flint backpack straps. I thought Razorclaw needed to be more than Razor Trooper leader and I loved the V2 blades. He is the team's answer to Snake Eyes. The headpiece plays into the bio I drafted where he underwent surgery to tie the blade operations into his brain. Gotta take that extra step to be in Cobra's elite. And there is Vanguard. I liked the idea of CC getting into the youth's mind. I took Vanguard the extra step and figured CC had him enlist in the Marines until he defected. Would have been a candidate for GI Joe but failed the psychiatrist's exam. Even more disenfranchised, he went AWOL and was given a spot in The Immortals. And I don't have pictures of Blackout and Guillotine but very little has changed on them. I cut the hoses off of Guillotine's helmet. Blackout got arms from a Night Creeper and Switch Gears' waist. More to come, let me know what you think so far.
  7. This is my interpretation of The Plague. That name never sounded right to me so I renamed them The Immortals as soon as I got the SB/Plague pack in hand. I had struggled to fill out my ranks until the GI Joe issue that introduced the rest of the team. Some of them I liked, some of them I didn't. Some I kept unchanged, some I altered a bit, and some got dropped altogether. So here is what I got so far. L to R: Envee, Skullbuster, Purgatory, Blackout, Guillotine, Gallows, Velocity, Razorclaw, and Vanguard Envee is a left over from my first custom team The Alley Viper Elite. I wrote them out of My GI Joe World except for two who came to The Immortals. Envee is the last of the original Night Vipers and moved into the Alley Viper ranks when Cobra Commander disbanded the NVs. Skullbuster is a custom that I finished several months ago and I posted it then. Nothing new here but I figure I'll post it with the rest of the team. Purgatory is the other left over from The Alley Viper Elite. I've posted this one as well and explained her name change from Baby to Purgatory.
  8. Thanks for the compliments everybody!! Parts Lists: Alexander: Head-Gung-Ho VvV Battle Helmet/Head-Crystal Ball Torso-Iron Grenadier Arms-Firefly JvC Waist-Tunnel Rat VvV Legs-Blackout Scarf-Major Bludd Sword-G-Force Microman Metalhead: Head-Monkeywrench Torso-Guillotine Arms-Stalker Waist-Guillotine Legs-Stalker Gun-Guillotine Launcher-Salvo Nullifier: Head-Salvo Torso-Hacker Arms-Dusty JvC Waist-Zartan VvV Legs-Coil Crusher Helmet-Heavy Duty Spytroops
  9. Finally got around to doing some IG stuff and damn I have seen enough black, red, and gold. So check them out. Alexander<--check the link for unmasked version Metalhead Nullifier,--unmasked pics at the link More to come, hopefully.
  10. I see the Lara Croft resemblance now that you mention it. I was aiming for an Ellen Ripley toughness to her. The shield is from the G-Force microman wings. Its was the piece that fit in the middle and I just glued a handle from a Widescope shield on it and painted it up. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Thank you all for the compliments and I'm really glad yall are digging them. DavAnthony of True Grit customs was where I got the idea for the Stalker head: http://www.loserville.us/~truegrittcustoms/dialtone.htm Of all the figures Dialtonae may get redone simply because he is quite a bit shorter than the rest of the team. I am keeping the head though.
  12. Alpine--A mountain specialist would be a good idea when the team is traveling and researching around the world. Ya never know what kind of environment they will need to traverse to find their next clue. It could be up the side of a mountain or down a deep gorge. Either way a rope specialist is handy. Bazooka--Just like peanut butter and chocolate Bazooka goes with Alpine. He's the muscle of the group and the weapons specialist when they run into trouble. The flop hat is a throwback to his Battle Corps fig while the jersey is an homage to his V1. Now the token team shot: And if you noticed that none of them are carrying weapons that is for a reason. I wanted the team to go into every assignment in the name of GI Joe but not as a military operation. So I was meticulous in parts choices to stay away from molded guns and grenades. Knives I let slide since a good knife is a helluva a tool in the wild. Not to say they don't have weapons available but they are hidden in the team Command Post (ROCC--waiting on HTS right now) and HUMVEE (gonna customize a desert strike HUMVEE)
  13. This got off the ground as my backup entry in JoeRhyno's contest just in case my Night Creepers didn't meet the criteria. But the team kept growing so I was glad I could finish them all before posting them over here. So I finished Alpine and Scoop this weekend so now here they are. Based on Sigma Force from James Rollins' novels if any of you have read them, you know what my Adventure Team deals with. Joe Colton--The team leader of course. I originally intended to use the Viper Lockdown figure(which is why they all have green tiger stripe camo and the burgundy headpiece) but after finishing the first couple teammates I thought it looked like crap so I knocked out this custom. Tollbooth--Been wanting a new sculpt update of this guy for a while. Figured the team could use a military engineer to help them around the world. A man with his kind of knowledge can be very handy in the field. Dialtone--Every team needs a communications guy so I went with someone who is used to special assignments. One of my favorite figures as a kid and a true shame that the only updates he ever got were repaints. Scoop--The military journalist that has been reassigned to document the team's findings around the world. His pocket filled uniform is based on the hippie newspaper photographer back home.
  14. I nev liked the fact that Destro and Baroness were an "item" and even married in the comics while Destro ran MARS and Baroness was employed by Cobra. So I set out to distance her from Cobra by removing the Cobra sigil from her chest. In My GI Joe World she stands beside Destro at the head of MARS. The glasses are removable and I used Beav's technique to make them except I used a straightened spring out of an ink pen instead of a paperclip since it was a smaller diameter. This was the third pair I made since I did it while at work. I work in a machine shop and if you drop something this tiny in the floor it disappears into the rest of the chips. So by the time I made this pair I was getting pretty good at it.
  15. This is a revamp of one of my first fully painted customs. When I first joined the boards and the whole dot com world I chose the name alleyviperelite becasue I thought it sounded good and Alley Viper was already taken. So when I introduced myself I was challenged with "what is an alley viper elite anyways?" So I whipped up a quick team and called them The Alley Viper Elite. Well now that I look back at that original team I think that they are kind of cheesy but I think that two of them can be savaged. So in My GI Joe World The Alley Viper Elite were caught in an ambush and when they fought back three of the members were killed. Only the members Envee and Baby escaped with their lives. Cobra Commander declared the team a failure and informed them that it would not be rebuilt. Instead he focused his attention on putting a team together to counter GI Joe directly. It was to be formed by exceptional members from his Viper squads and he called them The Immortals. Baby was chosen as The Alley Viper Immortal. She is still the only woman to have ever passed Alley Viper training and did so while making the other recruits look bad. After the death of her teammates she chose a new codename to reflect how she feels about her life. Her life has been a living hell since that day and it was the day that Purgatory was truly born.
  16. Yeah I got the bag o' casted stuff and already put one of the helmets to use. It was a life saver because on the day the package arrived I was trying my hand at hollowing out an Alley Viper helmet. I take a break and go to the mailbox and there were two cast oversized helmets on there. Flippin' sweet! Now to post the custom. Thanks Joe!
  17. Now that is what a f'n cyborg should look like. I like how Hasbro expanded on Overkill's character in the new sculpt line and this figure is the perfect interpretation of him. Sweeeeeet!
  18. Please resize your pics before you post them. The sizeis killing my dial-up. I like seeing everyone's customs but when I have to wait several minutes for your full sized photo to load then I'm not going to wait to see it.
  19. Check out his bio here. And I have Mortal's and Abutre Negro's pages up on The Estrela Family's page. And its already been pointed out on another board that Ninja Ku was made by Plastirama and not Estrela but I'm keeping it the way I have it now.
  20. I like it, nice tight paintjob on that trim.
  21. That wave is still floating around the DGs here too and I saw some of them at ValueCity yesterday so DG must have a warehouse full of them.
  22. The head look great on that body, I might have to try that myself.
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