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  1. “EWWW,” Talking about disgusting, I have never been a fan of guts and gory films. Yet if it is being don to Sigma 6 I am down with it. @smilepunch@
  2. I totally agree with you, it is much to do about nothing. Then you have to look into the fact that Marines are called Devil dogs. @smilepunch@
  3. You know what is really bad about Sigma 6 cartoon. You can watch episode 1-9 on the web.
  4. Know I am scared @loll@ I did make a mistake when counting Sigma Joes, as for the toy line there is Duke, Spirit, Heavy Duty, Tunnel Rat, Kamakura, Long Range, and Snake Eye's. That comes out be eight. Then if you look at the TV show you can add Jinx, Scarlet, and High Tech.
  5. I was going to buy that set the other day. They had it at Target for $19. I turned it down when I got to looking at Storm Shadow arms. The grey rather reminds me of a cyborg arms. It looked as if someone had cut off Storm Shadow arms and replaced them with a couple of dead grey skin robot arms.
  6. Does anyone know how to take apart Sigma 6 figs?
  7. Has any one ever looked into the numerical value of Sigma 6? At first, I thought that sigma translated into 600, and was trying to tie it into the mark of the beast 666. When I did research, I found out that Sigma has two meaning. The numerical value of Sigma is 200 and in business, Sigma stands for excellent. The only way you might be able to tie in Sigma 6 with the mark of the beast would be to consider these facts 1. There are 6 members on the Sigma team. 2. The mark on there chest is the number 6, 3. There is a 6 pointed star shape thing around the number 6 on there sigma suits. If you looked at it that way, you would come up with 666. To me putting those thing together would be a kind of a stretch, especially if you are trying to tie Sigma 6 into any thing having to do with the mark of the beast. If I did that, I would have taken into account that the Hebrew Letter for 6 is W and every time you went anywhere on the web you would be typing WWW.com or if you use your imagination 666.com. @firedevil@ You can also take into account that the order to kill all Jedi’s in the Star Wars Movies was 66.. I have some times wonder if this was attempt by Lucas to make the Sith lord more evil, by trying to tie them into our real world religious culture.
  8. I got Cobra Commander today; I figured CC would be rare find in the future. My main pet peeve I have with CC is the changing chest. It changes to easy if you barely touch it. Other than that, CC is a decent figure. I also wanted to ask a couple of question to Sigma 6 Collectors. 1. Why does Storm Shadow not have any accessory pegs? 2. What Sigma Figure is the Hardest to find? 3. Has any one figured out how to take them apart?
  9. Agrevane


    He looks more like Beach Head to me. Just a little to much gear for him to be Fire Fly.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. It did advertise Transformers Cybertron at the end. I would be nice to get to watch some of the 97ish G.I.Joe Cartoons.
  11. #WTF# Are you really comparing what Hasbro did in the 90`s to todays figures? Not even the same people working on them. "Umm" Do I dare add Sigma 6 to there latest Screw up, yes I do dare. @smilepunch@
  12. The only thing that really comes to mind is the last part of that Article. We all have seen how Hasbro can screw up things, have we all forgot about neon colored Joes.
  13. You didn't read the article or pay attention to what it said. Toybiz will retain complete control of all DESIGN and MARKETING of the Marvel Legends toys, while Hasbro is simple having the stuff MADE in their factories. Hasbro has NO say is what get's made, how it looks or what the features are--they are just the factory in this case. Its like having a Chrysler car built in a Ford plant--its still a Chrysler car. If anything, this should help with the QC in the Marvel Legends line, because Hasbro has excellent QC. When it comes to Hasbro, they have a way of changing every thing they touch. I remember Jeep being bought out by Chrysler and know Jeep is not as durable as it use to be.
  14. I agree with you on the extra gear packs. I to though that was what they where going to do. Sigma 6 is really a cool toy for kids; my son has not stopped playing with his Sigma 6 toy yet.
  15. Greetings Some people have been wish that either Sigma 6 was Marvel legend size or that Marvel Legend was Sigma 6 size. From what I have read in another forum, Marvel is to go to Hasbro in 2007. This could be a completely new style of Marvel Legend figures. We could see the evolution to Sigma 6 stile when it comes to Marvel legends Figures. It really pays to be careful when wishing for thing when it come to Hasbro. We may get what we wish for either we like it or not.
  16. Have you seen Hasbro Sigma 6 G.I.Joe line?
  17. Ich würde Michael Jordanien sagen müssen. @smilepunch@
  18. I was just wondering what it would take for people that hate Sigma 6 to change there minds. For me it would have to be a Zartan that changes colors, and some really cool vehicles.
  19. According to My kids, I gave My Joe collection to them along time ago just don’t remember that. I am with you on that one.
  20. It was the only one I could find, and did not have time to go across town to Target. I did go to Target and buy the 15$ Storm Shadow.
  21. The other day my son asks me if he could have a Sigma 6 toy. The first thing that came out of mouth was "It will be a cold day in hell that I buy any Sigma 6 toys in this house." My son did not say any thing just went about his own business. Later that day I said to him that I had been think about selling my entire G.I.Joe collection. He then turned to me and said, "Has Sigma 6 really turned you against G.I.Joe?” I just nodded my head yes and did not say any thing. Later that day I got to feeling bad and explained it to my Wife what had happened. She then explained that other Kids in school had Sigma 6 Toys and my son was just wanting to fit in. I then begin to feel two feet tall. That afternoon after my son got out of school, I set my son down and asked if he still wanted a Sigma 6 Toy and he replied "yes". I then asked him what the kids at school had bin playing with and what he wanted. He then told about how he wanted Duke so he could become his friend’s leader. That afternoon my son and me went to the store and bought Sea Commando Duke. Tomorrow I plan to go look for some more Sigma 6 toys. I have finally realized that Sigma 6 is the toy of my kids Generation and need to be glad that G.I.Joe no matter what shape and size will always make someone out there happy. "You say Potato I say Pototo".
  22. It was great having a chance to own Joe figs, It sad to see them don away with by the company who makes them. Thanks Hasbro for all the good times you have gave us over the years, and best wishes on your new endeavors.
  23. I would love to get a hold of one of those Osprey's. The way the wings turn side ways is the way they are loaded into Aircraft Carriers. Maybe I can find a pic with V22 being loaded or unloaded into an Aircraft Carrier.
  24. Since the discussions have sorta dropped of a little, and we need something to stir up debate and speculation? @lol@ I have ran in to them at Toy R Us, and remember Thanking them for bringing the Joe line back, then Getting a look like this guy just escape the funny Farm.
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