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  1. that simply would not work. characters may not age in comics but they do in movies, and if SE's is supposed to be a Vietnam vet that would put him at least in his 50's...hardly the age of a military commando. the story idea is good, the exectution is weak. and there really isn't a great amount of action in the script, only 3 significant action scenes (the opening, the chopper attack on the USS Hyperion after Cobra hijacks it, and the final battle at area 59, with the Super Soldiers, the nanomites, SE and SS, and the train), the only which is even remotely visually exciting is the nanomites at the end. the rest of the action scenes are pretty boring and unimaginitive. I have always thought That Cobra should have an Egyptian background. The way I would like to see the script written is have Destro funding an archeological dig. As the Dig is taking place one of the Scientist accidentally uncovers some sort of body or DNA transfer thing and is transformed into Cobra Commander. I would like to see Destro as one the descendent of the original master builder of Egypt. This would be the main reason for him to funding the dig. He would be trying to unearth his family heritage not knowing he was releasing a curse upon the Earth and himself. As for G.I.Joe, I think it should all start With Duke being the Under Study of LT Joseph Colton. On Duke first Command Mission, Colton get mortally wounded by an ambush that was set up by one of his on men while trying to apprehend the Crimson Guards Commanders. The one that betrays Duke is actually Fire Fly in disguise. The twins take Duke and Colton and dump them at sea living them for dead. At the same time, the twins tell Duke that he will not be able to make it back in time to save his base, and warns him this is what happens when you mess with the Crimson Guard. After what seems like day at see a cost guard cutter picks up Duke and his barley alive friend Colton. The cost Guard Cutter Captains named Cutter tells him he has to get his friend to the Hospital. Duke then tells him he has to get back to the states it is a matter of life and death. He tells him there is only one copter and that is carrying his friend to the hospital. That he would try to get him, another ride and finds a nearby Army Chopper that happens to be piloted by the One and only Wild Bill. When Duke Arrives in the US at his Black Ops Base he find it Destroyed and swarming with Feds. He then runs into an old Friends of Colton’s, Named Col Abernathy. Abernathy tells him he was looking for him and was glad to see him alive. He tells him he needs him to command a new team to get back at the one who did this. He then teams him up with his top commando Code Name Stalker, and starts forming his new team. #US1# On the other side of the World Cobra is being born... That is how I would start my movie if I were going to make it. The scene with the Crimson Guards would be the first big action scene. @popcorn@
  2. Can you really call DTC RAH line action figure. My son who is only 9 put to this to me the other day. He considers an action figure something that can be bought in a stores, and available to the general public. He consider anything you can only be bought online a collectable. He also considers an action figure is something you can play with and you do not have to worry about replacing if it get broke. I thought that strange coming from a kid age 9. To me that would make G.I.Joe Real American Hero an action collectable and Sigma 6 an action figure.
  3. Ok this has to be some sort of a Hokes. Who in the write mind would return a "BLEEPING" Crimson Guard figure? I have been trying forever to get my hand a decent set of "BLEEPING" Crimson Guards. There are always two problems when trying to get hand on some Crimson Guards, either I do not have the money, or I the have money yet there sold out. It is like a "BLEEPING" curse. The only Crimson Gourd I got is Tomax, Xamot and 2 agent Faces in Crimson Guard disguise. @smilepunch@
  4. "Heck Yea" I would buy them. I would like to see them with a DVD showing some of there old Episodes.
  5. I am just drooling at how awesome the Fig is. I just Hope someone at Hasbro is looking at this. It would be easy for them to make this fig, if all the part are from Sigma 6 line.
  6. This will never make it to the theaters "sorry". It has the Action but lacking in story.
  7. Here is the Original link. http://adctalk.com/index.php?showtopic=2003921&hl= Does any one remember my post about the Future of G.I.Joe? I do, and went and found it. What is weird about this is how some of my predictions look like they are coming true. To Start with the Closing down of some Toy R us stores. That was in the first part of my predictions. The second thing I predicted was the return of Joe to mainstream stores. If this rumor about single pack returning to mainstream store are true. That would make the second part of my predictions true and a little scary. I just wish I could come up with some lotto numbers. @$@ @smilepunch@ Maybe the Blue Alley Viper was the Viper that is in wave three.
  8. My wife has been going nuts. She thinks it is going to be Clarks Mom not his Dad, I not sure my self. My wife did make a good point it is supposed to be some one he cares about, and I am sure it would have to be either his dad or mom. If Jonathan were running for Senator, would he not have a Flag on his coffin? As for spike being Brainiac, I did not catch that one. At first, I thought he was Zod and surprised that he was Brainiac. "Hey" Did anyone think it may be Clark that gets killed? This would be the only way his real father could get his son back.
  9. Making a Cool Sigma 6 fig "Priceless".
  10. So let me get this strait. A couple of DTC wave one has shone up at a Toy's R Us and every one believe it is a return that some one has bought at Amazon .com. I hope it is more like Hasbro has came to there senses and has decided to let Toy r Us do an exclusive.
  11. Agrevane

    Episode 8

    Is that not the same Glasses the Terminator had in T3 movies, after coming out of that strip joint?
  12. The helmet should be grey like it is on the cartoon.
  13. Agrevane

    Episode 8

    Hey People Sigma 6, Episode 8 can know be watched at Hasbro Video Action Page. Here is a link just scroll down The Big Video List. http://www.hasbro.com/action/default.cfm?page=video&id=704
  14. really where ? Her at Hasbro. http://www.hasbro.com/action/default.cfm?page=vidhome Just search threw. The Big Video List
  15. "Umm" What peaces cannot be taken off a Sigma Fig? I do not want to break something. These things are bit to pricey to go broken things.
  16. don't blame the show, blame the network. What is really bad is the fact you can watch episode 1-7 on the web.
  17. Its cool just need to die the blue vest thing a olive drab green color.
  18. Agrevane


    It would be nice if Twenty First Century toys came out with some cool 8” toys so we can swap gear with them like I use to do with there 12” stuff.
  19. Agrevane


    That’s it I am burning my son Sigma 6 figs, as soon as my eye sight returns to focus. @smilepunch@
  20. @hmmm@ You're not REALLY offended by all this are you? Not buying them is certainly ONE recourse, but making fun of them is ANOTHER, and I like that one just as much, so I found the post funny. I was hopping everyone would kind of find this funny, with just a little on the serious side, It just as bad as people being upset about there being a UN flag in the Cartoon and not a US flag. @firedevil@ From what I was taught as a kid, the UN, AKA one world Government was supposed to imposing the mark of the beast on everyone. @smilepunch@
  21. "Ooops" You can watch episode 1-7 on the web. You can check them out here. http://www.hasbro.com/action/default.cfm?page=vidhome
  22. I know! Who would have guessed that the horrible visage underneath CC's mask was Martin Short! As for the Sigma Cobra Commander, I have always thought him to be Sam the Eagle off the Muppets.
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